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avatar Ariel ButtercupFunny2011-10-29Yesterday at 21:273004Send private message
avatar CalvinYes2011-10-2925th November 2018, 19:511288Send private message
avatar MissAusten2011-10-2914th October 2018, 17:351028Send private message
avatar Maeglin2011-10-2914th September 2018, 14:161188Send private message
 Caitydid2011-12-2924th June 2018, 21:55129Send private message
avatar PA NPC2011-12-1112th March 2017, 21:3712Send private message
avatar beeayymadcap, witty2011-10-299th October 2016, 23:43388Send private message
avatar SPN NPC2011-10-293rd August 2015, 20:36131Send private message
avatar LaL NPC2012-04-2212th April 2014, 00:086Send private message
 Greyias2012-06-262nd April 2013, 02:341Send private message
avatar nikavia2012-08-012nd April 2013, 00:152Send private message
avatar Rawson2011-11-0427th January 2013, 22:0377 
 MerlinNPC2012-01-1229th December 2012, 05:5315Send private message
avatar DW NPC2012-01-0827th December 2012, 23:088Send private message
avatar Adeneth2011-10-3122nd December 2012, 23:2676Send private message
 Rikua2012-09-0229th October 2012, 21:202 
avatar Chocolate Honey ApplesLaughs at everything that isn't funny, and everything that is!2012-04-1529th October 2012, 17:0121Send private message
avatar freki2011-10-3115th October 2012, 22:3925Send private message
avatar Lady Kiarayes2011-12-146th October 2012, 11:4013Send private message
avatar Lycurgus_Annuluslike a heart attack, what do you mean heart attacks arent funny!?2011-11-2612th June 2012, 20:5823Send private message
 Auntie Em Knits2012-04-1919th April 2012, 21:580Send private message
avatar RokhalAqueous2011-12-1231st December 2011, 18:191Send private message
avatar Lily2011-11-016th November 2011, 13:1829Send private message
 Admin2011-10-29unknown3Send private message
avatar Brink2011-11-29unknown5Send private message
avatar Alison2011-10-31unknown176 
avatar Caleb2011-10-31unknown125