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SPN: Reanimated Character Application Template

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The following is the Supernatural: Reanimated Role Play Application and should be the only format used for the SPN:R RP. Please copy/paste this into a Word Document and fill in the blanks then paste it into a post with your character name as the title. We should get back to you within 24 hours regarding receipt of application, but please allow up to three days for character approval (providing no changes need to be made).

Note: Only fill out the first section (Player Information) if this is your first character at Reanimated. You may, if you wish to retain your privacy/internet anonymity, submit this section (only) as a Private Message to Maeglin or Ariel Buttercup.

Thank you and good luck! bounce


[u][b]Player Information[/b][/u]
[b]Age:[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Contact information (Skype/MSN preferred):[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Time Zone:[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]What attracted you to Reanimated?[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Do you have any role play experience? What kind?[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Do you have any creative writing experience?[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Are you at all familiar with the world of the CW Series Supernatural and its canon?[/b] TEXT HERE

[u][b]Character Information[/b][/u]
[b]Name (Surname the name of a gun is fun, but optional)[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Date of birth:[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Age (Keep in mind our game is currently set in early 2006)[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Sex:[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Hometown:[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Religion:[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Profession:[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Theme song (something from Dean’s cassette tape collection)[/b] TEXT HERE

[u][b]Physical Description[/b][/u]
[b]Race / Ethnicity:[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Weight:[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Height:[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Hairstyle and color:[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Eye color:[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Physical build:[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Identifying Markings:[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Portrayed by (since we structure our game like a TV show, what actor “plays” your character? Optional, but fun)[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Image of character (optional)[/b] [img]IMAGE HERE[/img]

[u][b]Medical History[/b][/u]

[b]Languages (spoken, written)[/b] TEXT HERE

[b]Skill Strengths:[/b] AT LEAST 3
[b]Skill Weaknesses:[/b] AT LEAST 3

[b]Personality Strengths:[/b] AT LEAST 3
[b]Personality Weaknesses:[/b] AT LEAST 3

[b]Interests:[/b] AT LEAST 3
[b]What makes you happy?[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]What scares the crap out of you?[/b] TEXT HERE

[u][b]History / Background[/b][/u]

[u][b]How and why you became a Hunter[/b][/u]

[b]Hunting specialties (anything you’re particularly familiar with and good at killing)[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Hunter contacts (anyone important you know?)[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Hunter assets (what’s in the arsenal in the trunk of your car?)[/b] TEXT HERE
[b]Your character's "Patron" God from the Greco-Roman Pantheon.[/b] TEXT HERE

[i]Choose one of the following scenarios and write—in character-- a (two-paragraph minimum) scene in which your character deals with the problem. Feel free to go any direction you like with this. Your application will not be invalidated even if you screw with canon or it is full of mechanical errors, but a good submission casts a favorable light on your application, so please try to provide a professional-looking writing sample.[/i]
[b]* You have stumbled across a cursed artifact. It’s not attached to you yet, so you have options. You could destroy it, use it for its power and then destroy it before the curse gets you, or you could sell it. Which (if any) of these options do you choose?[/b]

[b]* A poltergeist traps a small child in a refrigerator. You have almost finished the banishing ritual to expel the ‘geist, but before you finish, the child may suffocate. It you break the ritual now, your work will be lost. What do you do?[/b]

[b]* A dear family member or friend has been acting weird lately. Maybe it’s locking himself away three days per month, complaining of weird nightmares, or sneaking around at night and returning smelling like blood and sulfur, but whatever it is, you’re sure something is very wrong. What do you do?[/b]

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