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Mark Wilson

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1 Mark Wilson on 29th October 2011, 22:57


Real Name: Mark Wilson
Alias: None currently
Date/Place of Birth: 3rd November, 1953, Perth, Scotland
Age: 74
Sex: Male
Profession: Car mechanic, former aircraft designer/engineer
Theme song: Misunderstood, Dream Theatre (A little bit too emo, but it fits far too well otherwise!)

Physical Features
Race / Ethnicity: Scottish/American
Height: 15 stone
Weight: 6’1”
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Messy Dark Brown, just starting to grey
Skin: Pale Caucasian
Build: Muscular
Physical Markings: None, unless you count the almost ever present cigar.

Portrayed by: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Image of character:

Personality Profile

Personality: Mark comes across as a gruff and grumpy chain smoker, who has little interest in anything or anyone. This is mostly a front, depending on how much he likes someone. Although he will remain gruff, he will lighten up over time, and is fiercely loyal to his friends. He has an overwhelming dislike of costumed superheroes, often muttering that they do more harm than good. Despite the fact Mark acts like an uncaring anti-hero, he is still at heart a hero. He may complain, but he won’t hesitate to do the right thing.

Powers: Human Plus. He is stronger, faster, smarter etc than the average human, but not every human. He is also a skilled inventor, though his inventions tend to be built from household materials and are completely unsubtle in their design and function. He normally carries around a modified taser, a force-field belt and a few EMP devices, most of which are designed not to show up on scanners or metal detectors. If the situation calls for it, his preferred weapon is a home-built plasma rifle, and a good old fashioned jet pack. Mark used to wear a battle-suit, time will tell if the suit will be dragged back into use.

Strengths: He has a lot of experience, not just life experience but also crime fighting and evading the law. Given the right materials and a bit of time, Mark can create a device for almost any occasion, though they tend to be somewhat direct in their approach. In the same way he can quickly analyse and disable mechanical devices.

Weaknesses: While he may be skilled with mechanics, his computer skills leave a lot to be desired. His gruff manner can easily antagonise people, as can his dismissive attitude for superheroes. He is also prone to underestimating those who run around in flashy outfits. Those who know about his family background, or his loyalty, can use it against him.
Interests/Skills: Anything mechanical. His old job had him designing new fighter aircraft and weapon systems, and he still retains a lot of those skills. He also has a strong interest in cigars.

Languages: English

Although born in Scotland, his parents travelled to America shortly after his fourth birthday, a move which did his accent no favours at all. As such he was right in the middle of the arrival of the Post-Humans. As his own abilities were subtle he wasn’t aware of them, except that when taking his university degree he was able to grasp advanced technological ideas far more easily than his peers. This lead him to design a few interesting gadgets, which he used to become one of the early superheroes.

Mark took on the pseudonym ‘Mr Steelman’, and primary used a battle suit in his crime fighting career. He became part of the Elite Champions, one of the most famous super-groups. Together they fought against almost countless villains. After graduating he took a job with KB Defences to fund his double life, at first designing new fighter aircraft, then redesigning aircraft and other vehicles to work with the new Power Crystal technology. In 1999 he married Amanda Harcourt, and a few years later they had a daughter Jennifer. At this point Mark retired from active superhero duties.

Unfortunately in 2016 Jennifer was involved in a fatal accident. Mark and Amanda’s marriage broke down completely, the couple divorced six months later. Due to a superhero being involved in the death, Mark began to take an active hatred of the job that he himself had once done. The war with the Brotherhood, the PR campaign, the rise of PHMA and his failure to prevent his daughter's friend Dirk Rogers from being Inhibited almost drove him into an alcoholism. Had he not been a Post-human it would have been unlikely he’d had survived.

He was not fitted with an Inhibitor chip, mostly due to the fact no one was entirely sure if he had any post-human abilities. When by chance he heard about the Resistance, he took a chance at doing something worthwhile, sobered up, and has been helping the Resistance since then, usually helping smuggle people out of PHMA’s reach. He has set up his own car garage and repair business in New York.

RP Sample
Mark swore as the cop car slammed into the side of his own vehicle. The reinforced frame took the impact, but the cops were out of the race. Ahead, in another police car the Yakuzza agent, Derek Simons, was speeding ahead, with no real regard for traffic laws. As they weaved through the traffic, Mark noticed an arm reach out of the window, and three circular objects being thrown out.

He yanked on the handbrake, watching as the concussive waves from the bombs through the car on the road in all directions. Mark was about to resume the chase when out of the corner of his eye he noticed one of the buildings was starting to collapse. A car was wedged in the front of the building, a family trapped inside.

“Damn it!” Mark kicked the door open and ran to the crashed car, in time to see his quarry disappear round a corner. The car doors were stuck, wedged by the rubble, and the family inside were stating to panic.

“There’s never a superhero around when you need one.”

There wasn’t enough time to smash the windows and get them out one at a time. Something a little more extreme was needed. Running across the roof of the car to the front, Mark drew out the plasma pack on his rifle, pulled out the emergency fuse, and lit it with his cigar. With luck it should blow the car out of the building, rather than just blow up the car.

“Hold on tight in there.” The plasma charge was placed, and he had barely enough time to jump clear as it detonated. The car lurched out back onto the street as the roof of the building caved in. Spluttering, Mark emerged from the rubble, seeing the family pulling themselves free of the car. The mother looked at him, then hurried her family off in the other direction.

He sighed, and slowing limped back to the pick-up.


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2 Re: Mark Wilson on 14th January 2012, 21:21

Added to Powers and Background to include information revealed in D&I.

Changed picture because the origonal wasn't working.

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3 Re: Mark Wilson on 9th June 2012, 21:45

How on earth did i miss this song for mark?

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