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Tatiana Alexandrovna Romashkova

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1 Tatiana Alexandrovna Romashkova on 20th December 2011, 22:19 goes ^_^


Real Name: Tatiana Alexandrovna Romashkova
Alias: Tempest
Date/Place of Birth: Petrozavodsk, November 1st, 2000.
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Profession: Musician, flute and piano.
Theme song: Cursum Perficio by Enya (the music and translation really capture her personality)
Race/Ethnicity: Russian
Height: 5’8
Weight: 9.5 stone 133lbs
Eyes: light brown
Hair: Shoulder length brown with a soft natural wave.
Skin: Pale Caucasian
Build: Curvy hour-glass figure.
Physical markings: None
Portrayed by: Rachel McAdams

Tatiana is a rather composed woman most of the time. She is a logical thinker and planner and will often consider the best move before committing her resources, and many often consider her cold or uncaring because of this prudence. However once she has made a decision she will use all of her power and skills to completing the task. While to most people Tatiana appears indifferent to the fates of others the truth is she has a strong personal code of honour in which she strives to do the right thing. She will consider all options and choose that which will cause least harm and where possible protect all innocents. However she is practical enough to understand that sometimes people get hurt or even killed and sometimes that is the choice that must be made to protect the greater good. She is a level-headed and composed person most of the time but she does have limits and once those limits have been reached she will reveal a temper that can often have devastating effects, she will try and avoid situations that might cause this or use techniques that she has for managing her emotions. For while she is the picture of self-control on the outside, inside her emotions are as quick to change and weather.

Empathy and weather manipulation. Her strength in weather manipulations are strongest in the areas of air manipulation and thermal manipulation. However she is skilled enough to conjure storms out of nothing, though this can leave her unable to do anything else for a long time afterwards so she has a tendency to monitor local atmospheres and keep enough small changes happening that she can easily turn them into something bigger if necessary.

Composure and logic are her greatest strengths. She can think and plan in the most difficult situations when it is needed and is not prone to rash decisions or actions. She will reserve judgement on others until she has enough evidence to justify her opinions and is a skilled actor when the time comes for bluffing.

Her temper is her major weakness, when she loses control everything becomes a maelstrom of emotion and she is powerless to control her abilities and this can be a danger for civilians and those around her as well as those she would lose her powers upon willingly.

She is passionate about music and is a skilled musician in her own right having studied the flute and piano from age 11. She has studied in the Moscow Central Music School and the Royal Academy of Music as well as various other schools when traveling with her father. She is also proficient at the piano but does not enjoy this as much. She is also a skilled chess player though has no desire to play competitively; she prefers trying to unravel her opponents thinking skills while playing.

Languages: Russian, Latin, French and English.

Tatiana presented signs of post-human abilities at a very early age, though these were not fully identified until she was older. Her father was a Russian diplomat often sent to other European countries to represent Russia’s interests. Her mother was wealthy and so lived the life of a rich housewife who travelled the world with her husband. Being in the diplomatic life meant Tatiana was taught from an early age that no matter what she felt inside she never let anything show outside that she did not want others to see.
One winter when they had been due to return to Russia a small diplomatic incident took place meaning that they were diverted to northern Africa to resolve it. Tatiana was furious when she learned she would not be home for her birthday and threw a temper tantrum that resulted in a freak snow storm hitting. Tatiana was exhausted after this great feat but her parents were concerned for they deeply loved their daughter regardless of the new laws, and after discussion with her and learning she also knew how people felt (through her asking why her mother was frightened for her) it was decided she would be taught to use her powers to aid their country and complete their jobs while training her to control them and keep them hidden at all costs.
Tatiana’s life changed after that, her childhood had ended, she was put through tests and activities that stretched her emotional control to their limits, and she did lose it on a few occasions and these storms have made history. But she grew stronger, and much of this came from her love of music, she was able to channel rage and passion into notes that danced through the air mesmerising and changing the atmosphere of those around her. The more she learned about the powers she held within the more she realised they were linked to her state of mind and emotions. She learned control and incredible focus using her music as a tool to measure and vent when necessary but what she enjoyed most was as her powers grew she found she could sense the emotions of other and could actually ‘feel’ her music touch her audiences’ emotions. As she grew more confidant in her powers and skill in music she asked for permission to travel to some of the best music schools when she was old enough and her parents, once convinced she had enough control permitted her to train anywhere she chose.
Tatiana now performs freelance with some of the best orchestras in the world. Her acts of good may seem mercenary to those who do not know her reasons but Tatiana strives to help all she can on her journeys, viewing her own actions as more chivalric than mercenary. She has no need to work because of her family’s money and power. Her family have returned to Russia during this time of political change but she is still free to travel anywhere the winds may take her.

RP Sample
Cursing at the damage caused to her new shoes while attempting to run after her quarry, Tatiana strove to quell the fury within her. She needed calm for anger would not avenge the poor woman.

It was perhaps unfortunate she had dallied after the performance with a few of the other musicians, for had she left but a few minutes earlier she might have been able to save the victim. A woman she neither knew nor felt any particular connection for, yet for a moment as she left the building she had shared the woman’s fear and pain as her life’s blood was spilled. Tatiana had been connected for less than a second but it was enough to wake the storm and call forth her rage. She had struggled to maintain control and but for the reduction in the immediate area’s temperature and humidity had managed. The murderer had noticed her appearance but something about her mood kept him from attempting to make her his next victim. Perhaps he had seen the tempest begin in her eyes for he turned from her rage barely noting the static discharge that hummed in the air.

Now she was hunting him down the dark city streets, in the distance she could hear the rumble of thunders and feel its power respond to her call. However it was not the time for anything so overt, instead she would use subtler means to complete her objective. Her quarry was not far ahead now, cutting through the park, a couple of prostitutes wandered along the outskirts hoping for a late night client to fund their next fix. The park had been perfect and Tatiana began summoning the night mists to grow, becoming fog as quickly as she could manage while maintaining complete control, as she extended her senses she was briefly aware of the brief break in the prostitute’s boredom as they notices her chase. Ahead she watched her target slow and turn, directing a frown at the women, Tatiana sensed his disgust of the women briefly before her senses where overwhelmed by another’s pain. She stopped to see one of the prostitutes holding a bloody knife while her ‘companion’ lay bleeding from the wound, a look of horror on her face before she turned the knife on herself. For a moment Tatiana considered continuing her pursuit, for she could sense his movements through the night air’s gentle breezes, however the fear of the two women almost overwhelmed her concentration and she knew she could not leave these frightened children to die when she had the power to help them. Reaching into her coat she withdrew her phone and dialled for an ambulance, while whispering ‘Run you coward, for when I see you next you will suffer.’ Knowing her words would be carried on by the wind to his ears Tatiana focused on stemming the wounds and trying to heat the air slightly to bring more comfort while directing the emergency telephonist on where to find them. Inside she desperately wanted to lash out at something but knew the dangers that would bring. In the distance thunder roared ominously toward them.

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2 Re: Tatiana Alexandrovna Romashkova on 20th December 2011, 22:37

It is not me who has to approve your character, but just so you know in the Supernatural game is a character using Rachel McAdams (Georgie). I'm not saying you can't use Rachel McAdams to portray Tatiana but just that you are aware that there is another character using her.


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3 Re: Tatiana Alexandrovna Romashkova on 20th December 2011, 22:59

Given the proviso that Ariel mentioned above I think i can bring out the stamp of approval here. As for the acteress, provided both you and MissAusten are ok sharing it shouldn't be a problem (cross-over not withstanding)

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4 Re: Tatiana Alexandrovna Romashkova on 21st December 2011, 03:52


Oh snap, yeah, I forgot about the crossover, which may complicate things... (we have a crossover planned for Supernatural and Project Angel, but then again brunette Rachel McAdams meeting blonde Rachel McAdams might be it's own brand of cool.)

Either way, it is entirely your call.

And YAY for weather control!!! Very Happy Soooooo cool!!!!

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5 Re: Tatiana Alexandrovna Romashkova on 21st December 2011, 08:33

Hey Lady Kiara,
I'm absolutely okay that you chose Rachel McAdams, after all, yours is brunette and definitely not at all like Georgie, so it's actually really funny! Smile


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6 Re: Tatiana Alexandrovna Romashkova on 22nd January 2012, 14:17

Thanks everyone,

Sorry not been on for ages but the Christmas chaos and new term have finally returned to a level I can cope with and manage to do other things! Looking forward to joining.


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7 Re: Tatiana Alexandrovna Romashkova on 23rd January 2012, 17:36

No worries at all. Just jump in whenever you want to.

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