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Cafe Layout And Staff

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1 Cafe Layout And Staff on 5th January 2012, 23:28

The Crossover Café

The Crossover Café is an inter-dimensional meeting point. People, creatures, beings and deities from across the multi-verse come here to relax and to meet. Even some mortals find themselves there, though exactly who organising there trips to and from varies. Due to the severe time and space displacements of traveling to and from the café, not to mention inside the café itself, means that Mortals who visit have a difficult, if not impossible, time remembering what occurred there, or even the entire visit. At least until they return again. From the outside the café looks like a large Victorian house, a sign hanging above the main door. The setting on which it sits varies depending on which door you leave by. The main rule is that any fights are to be taken outside, failure in this rule results in at best a permanent ban, and worst erasure from existence.

The reception is a large area just inside the front door. As well as the receptionist, there are two cloak rooms, one causal and one secure. There are a number of comfy seats available here for people waiting for taxis, though most people prefer to wait in the bar of café. The Taxi rank is outside, which resembles a long endless road. The taxi’s themselves are capable of moving to any point in time, space etc, and can be flagged down by anyone who is aware of their existence. Union rules prevent them entering during any conflict however.

Ground Floor – Restaurant
This quiet restaurant has several alcoves, in different sizes, for groups to enjoy meals. The room is brightly lit and has several landscape paintings around, enough to be tasteful. Almost any meal from anywhere is available, though menus are often limited to what is palatable to the customer. There is a veranda outside leading to a lakeside beach. There are massive mountains visible across the lake, and a few water sports are available.

Upper Floor – Café
This wood panelled café has several comfy chairs, some single, some in groups around tables. From the windows the view is a massive multi-coloured nebula. There are a couple of airlocks if those patrons who can survive in space wish for a more closer look. Space suits are also available on request. There are further rooms to the café that can be used as private meeting rooms.

Top Floor – Bedrooms
There are a number of bedrooms here, they can be ordered in varying styles depending on the wishes of the guest.

Basement - Bar
The bar is dimly lit, though comfortable enough to see by. There are varying styles of seating around. The bar itself takes up two walls, the surface is steeped for customers of very varying heights. Most people hang around the corner area. In a similar way to the restaurant, any form of alcohol is available here, although certain drinks are banned depending on age and species. Smoking is permitted, but the filtration system is able to whisk away any harmful vapours. As it’s the basement, there are no windows.

Sub-basement – The Library
With a layout that would make even M. C. Escher gape with horror, this library could be described as filled wall to wall with books, except the extra dimensions make that description impossible. Wall to wall to floor to ceiling to wall. Almost every single book ever written is contained within, except for those out on loan. Although it looks a chaotic mess, you will always find exactly the book you are looking for with ease.

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2 Re: Cafe Layout And Staff on 5th January 2012, 23:28


Date/Place of Birth: Unknown
Age: 731
Sex: Male
Profession: Café Owner/Bartender. Former Agent of Fate
Theme song: Main theme: The Crow, the Owl and the Dove, Nightwish. In memory of his wife: Broken, Sonata Arctica. To his daughter: Hurt, Johnny Cash.

Physical Features
Race / Ethnicity: Former Human
Eyes: Blue
Hair: messy sandy brown
Skin: tanned
Physical Markings: Two tiny budded horns just behind hairline on forehead

Portrayed by: Joseph Fiennes
Image of character:

Personality Profile
Personality: Calvin’s personality is a mass of contractions. He comes across as boundlessly animated and impulsive, yet is prone to dour moods and can often temper his impulsiveness with almost plodding caution. His personality can also vary from enthusiastic young man to wise old mentor, which makes him ideal for the role of a bartender. This mix is mostly due to his immortality; parts of him never grew up, while others have been tempered with age. Exactly why he chose to set up the Crossover Café he has never told to anyone. One thing praying on his mind almost constantly is his daughter Amber, who is now out exploring the multi-verse as he once did. Calvin does his best not to keep checking up and keep tabs on her, but that doesn’t stop him worrying.

History/Background: Calvin is a former Agent of Fate, a fancy name for an Inter-dimensional policeman. This is odd in two ways. First, as the Agents are immortal, none of them have ever quit or retired. Second, they are forbidden to have families, though technically Calvin had his family before he was recruited. The other odd thing about Calvin is that he refers to himself as human, despite the fact he clearly isn’t in anything but appearance. Although a skilled magic-user, he doesn’t tend to actually do much spell-casting. Instead he uses technomancy, an obscure branch of magic that combines magic with technology.

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