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Doctor Who Episode Guide

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1 Doctor Who Episode Guide on 7th January 2012, 22:50

Here is the Episode List for Doctor Who. Originally when this game was mooted no one else was willing to come up with story ideas, so I went a bit crazy and came up with outlines for a number of adventures. If you see a tag below you like the look of, feel free to claim it. Further story ideas are more than welcome, Maeglin has already provided some, you are free to rename or change completely the episodes you wish to run. Even the order of the episodes can be freely moved around (except for the first three episodes of season 1, and the last 2 in each series). Each series does have a meta-plot running through it, if you’ve watched the new series you’ll have an idea how that works.

Season 1 – Echoes In Time

Episode 1 – Time Storm (Calvin)
A remote research outpost is conducting experiments in Time manipulation. But their experiments have gone wrong, dragging into the base individuals from across Time and Space, a strange man with a blue box, and something very hungry.

Episode 2 – The Undying (Calvin)
A man is seen jumping off a cliff, then alive and well the next day. Many more people have gone missing. The local wildlife has started acting strangely hostile. And the Doctor and his friends have been arrested.

Mini-series 1 – The Court of Camelot
The Doctor doesn't believe in magic, except in one place. Another dimension that occasionally overlaps with our own, where the Doctor is known as a different name: Merlin.

Episode 3 – Restoration of the Daleks (Maeglin)
The Dalek race is on the verge of destruction. In order to survive, a group of Daleks are sent on a hunt. A hunt for something in the Doctor’s possession.

Episode 4 - The Stellar Compass
Three rival expeditions are searching for an ancient artefact known as the Stellar Compass, said to allow instantiations travel between worlds. The travellers get embroiled in the race, but why have all the expeditions set off at exactly the same time? Who are the backers of the different expeditions? And what is truth of the Stellar Compass?

Episode 5 – Doctor Who and The Beatles (Working Title) (Maeglin)
The Doctor and his companions "Meet the Beatles," only to discover a clone army and one alien's scam to become the richest being in the universe! When the real Beatles are endangered, it could threaten Earth's entire future!

Episode 6 - Robot Dreams (beeayy)
The planet Malkadus IV is home to a number of mining domes beneath a poisonous sky. But several of these domes have been damaged or destroyed and the miners killed. Are the mining robots malfunctioning, or is there something out there on the toxic surface?

Episode 7 – When Death comes a-knocking
The Doctor receives a communication from UNIT and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. A number of scientists working on a secret project are dying one by one at their homes, but there is no apparent cause of death or evidence of foul play. The scientists were quarantined at the hospital, but overnight one went missing, and turned up the next day dead in his house. Just what is killing the scientists?

Episode 8 - The Sword and the Cross (Maeglin)
The TARDIS arrives in 782AD, in Lower Germany, where Charlemagne is about to issue his infamous decree: the death of 4,500 Saxon’s for refusing to convert to Christianity. According to the Doctor this is part of history and cannot be changed, but can the Tardis crew really just stand by when their own get involved.

Episode 9 – Enigma of the Cybermen (Calvin)
The industrial world of Chevus is in a state of terror. Several important members of the population are being murdered brutally. Evidence unquestionably points to the Cybermen being behind the murders, but the methods of the attacks are completely out of character for this normally logical race. What could make the Cybermen act… irrationally?

Episode 10 – Odin’s Children
Arriving in Scandinavia, the Doctor is mistaken as Loki by the inhabitants, and the companions as other Norse gods come to exile Loki to Midguard. Things only get more confusing when the Master, under the guise of Odin, shows up, and claims the gods are here to prevent an imminent invasion by giants.

Episode 11 - The Shades of Possibilities
There are those who could have existed, whose lives and existence were erased from time. Some by evil creatures, others by their past being altered by time travellers. Normally the shades are fed on by the Weeping Angels, but the surviving Angels themselves have been erased from time. And now these Shades are spilling back into the Universe, and many have the Doctor to thank for their nightmarish existence.

Episode 12 – Passing of Eons (Part 1)
The TARDIS arrives at Project Eon, Mankind’s first true experiments in time travel, but something isn’t right. The travellers soon find that the project has been infiltrated by the Daleks, who are using it for their own ends.

Episode 13 - The New Lords of Time (Part 2)
The Dalek’s plan nears completion, but Davros has his own scheme: his new master race. But this time it is different, this time the template will be based on the most unstoppable force in the Universe: The Doctor.

Christmas Special

Rest You Merry Gentlemen (Calvin)
It is almost Christmas and the TARDIS crew have joined in the celebrations in an old Victorian mansion. But then the murders start, each accompanied by a ghostly verse from ‘God Rest You Merry Gentlemen’. Is it a serial killer or something more mysterious? And what happens when the song reaches its end?

Season 2 - The Centre of the Web

Episode 1 – Scientific Process
The TARDIS crew have escaped from the Daleks and Davros’ plan. But parts of Darvros’ experiments still remain, and one has travelled to 20th century Earth. Straight into the hands of a group of amoral scientists, who are interested in the potential possibilities of regeneration.

Episode 2 – Deadly Cargo
The freighter Magenta is carrying urgent medical supplies. Unfortunately, not all the supervising scientists are working on the same experiments, and one has used the opportunity to smuggle out his experiments. Which then break loose in transit.

Episode 3 – The Curse of Bones (beeayy)
It is 1881 and the Natural History Museum in London is about to open its doors for the first time. But things are not well behind the scenes, especially when the curator of the dinosaur fossils is found fossilized himself!

Episode 4 – Return to Infinity
The Arc of Infinity is opening. The Gateway between Worlds is wide enough to allow passage. But something has already come through and is seeking to close the Gate behind them. Which would have disastrous consequence for its world and this one.

Episode 5 – Moonlight
The TARDIS crew are taking a well-earned rest on a peaceful planet where it is bright night at all times. But a second Moon appears in the sky above, its light driving the inhabitants to strange actions. Can the travellers discover what is happening before they fall prey to this ‘lunacy’?

Episode 6 – Under the Sands (Calvin)
Egypt 1935. Archaeologists have stumbled upon an ancient Egyptian artefact said to grant great power. The thing is, the Doctor also knows of this artefact, and it is defiantly not Egyptian, not even Human.

Episode 7 – Atonement of the Daleks (Calvin)
Two Dalek strategists have come to the conclusion that should the Daleks every become the sole life form in the universe, they will stagnate and decay, and will no longer be supreme. They are searching for a way to remain superior, even if it means colluding with other races. The Doctor is convinced the Daleks are hiding some master plan, but is he correct this time?

Episode 8 – The Second Law of Time (Maeglin/beeayy)
The travellers step out of the TARDIS to find themselves in Regency Belgium before the battle of Waterloo, where they meet Napoleon and become embroiled in political intrigue which spans across the centuries!

Episode 9 – He who walks in Darkness (Calvin)
The Doctor’s altering regenerations slip into the form of the Valeyard, the personification off all the darker sides of the Doctor. Unlike the other regenerations, he is aware of his unstable form, and seeks a way to stabilise it. With the companions scattered though the TARDIS, can they stop the Valeyard and his evil plans?

Episode 10 - Sleepless Nights
With the Valeyard defeated the Doctor is slipping rapidly between his regenerations, and needs time to recuperate. But when they arrive in a small village they find it caught in a temporal loop, the night-time festival repeating over and over again. But every time it cycles another villager disappears, and the rest of the villagers refuse to let anyone sleep during the festival. With the Doctor in a coma and fighting their own fatigue, can the travellers discover the source of the Temporal loop?

Episode 11 – Little Green Men
The planet is in a state of panic. Strange lights have been seen in the sky. Radar and radios suffer random blackouts. People claim to have been abducted by aliens and subjected to experiments. Just a shame that in this case the aliens in question are the Humans.

Episode 12 – Shadows of Gallifrey (Part 1) (Calvin)
Gallifrey, the home of the Time Lords, now lost in the Time War. But something of that world still remains, and the TARDIS is drawn into what remains of the Matrix. But they are not alone…

Episode 13 – The Eleven Doctors (Part 2) (Calvin)
At the centre of the Temporal Vortex sits the man who has been manipulating time for his own gains. But who is he, and just what are his goals? And why does he need all eleven incarnations of the Doctor?

Mini-series 2 – The Empire of Zagreus
“Doctor, do you know who the nearest thing that I have to a friend? You.”
“We’re not friends Davros.”
“No. No. But, I often think that in some strange dream of history, we might have been.”

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2 Re: Doctor Who Episode Guide on 7th January 2012, 22:50

Time to be a little bit selfish I’m afraid, and call the episodes I would like to run. They are also listed on the main guide above. They are:

Season 1
Ep1: Timestorm
Ep3: The Undying
Ep9: Enigma of the Cybermen

The Christmas Special

Season 2
Ep6: Under the Sands
Ep7: Atonement of the Daleks
Ep9: He Who Walks in Darkness
Ep12: Shadows of Gallifrey
EP13: The Eleven Doctors (at least plot wise)

And I think Maeglin will want to run s1ep2 ‘Restoration of the Daleks’, s1ep5 ‘Doctor Who and the Beatles’ and Maeglin and Beeayy on s2ep8 ‘The Second Law of Time’

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3 Re: Doctor Who Episode Guide on 8th January 2012, 19:37

may I run 2x3 and 1x6? (I want to run 1x6 like 3th Doctor's "Robots of Death"!!!)


DW: The Bachelor
Sandbox: Elinor Dashwood
SG: Agent Double-Oh-Negative
Merlin: Sir Leon
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4 Re: Doctor Who Episode Guide on 8th January 2012, 19:54

Done, they're both yours. Erm, wasn't robot's of death the 4th doc? Thats the one with the green coloured voc robots with glowy red eyes?

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5 Re: Doctor Who Episode Guide on 8th January 2012, 21:51


I feel I should also run 1x8 and put this Medieval History degree to good use...

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6 Re: Doctor Who Episode Guide on 8th January 2012, 21:55

And done!

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7 Re: Doctor Who Episode Guide on 10th June 2012, 21:25

Edited the episode list to include the two mini-series

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