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Nicola ‘Nikki’ Sanders

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1Nicola ‘Nikki’ Sanders Empty Nicola ‘Nikki’ Sanders on 8th January 2012, 01:30

Nicola ‘Nikki’ Sanders
DOB: 1st February 3384
Age: 26
Species: Partially Cyber-converted Human
Sex: Female
Weight: 95 lb
Height: 5’1/2”
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Build: Small and unassuming
Distinguishing Marks: Mechanical implants on forearms, small handle shaped radio antennae hidden behind ears.
Hometown/planet: Colony 12 on Marinax
Profession: Computer Technician and Astronomical Researcher

Played By: Amber Tamblyn
Image of Character:
Nicola ‘Nikki’ Sanders Amber_10

Nikki is uncomfortable around people, especially in large numbers. She doesn’t say much socially, and when she does she tends to waffle on at a mile a minute. Asked about science, Nikki will be a little less awkward, and while she won’t ramble, she’ll still speak far too fast. At best, and normally, she comes across as shy or having her head in the clouds. At worst dismissive or possibly arrogant.

When nervous Nikki is given to tugging slightly on her ear. She uses problems as a way to distract her mind, focusing completely on them. This can work too well sometimes, as coupled with her high degree of curiosity, means being presented with a puzzle can lead her to focusing solely on it, at the expense of everything else.

She is petrified by Cybermen after her experience with them. Nikki tries to hide the signs of cyber-conversion, wearing her hair long and always keeping her arms covered. She also clasps her hands behind her back, another attempt to keep her arms hidden. Despite this she tries not to dwell on the experience, mostly attempting to loose herself in her research. On the other hand, it has obviously caused some physiological issue. Not much of a fighter in any sense, being in any form of combat scenario often triggers traumatic flashbacks, causing her to freeze up.

Nikki is extremely intelligent when it comes to science, especially in her areas of expertise. Beyond that her knowledge is limited at best. While she knows there are other races and places out there, she’s doesn’t know anything about them. She also has detailed knowledge of the Cybermen, having been Converted. In order to prevent her falling under cyber-control, as well as keeping some implants such as the emotional inhibitor dormant, Nikki has an AI implanted in her head. Unfortunately this AI serves no other purpose than to argue with Nikki, often at inappropriate times.

What Nikki is unaware of is that her conversion by the Cybermen went further than just a few implants in her arms and brain. She is a new type of Cyberman, a cyber-infiltrator, designed to look and act human. Most of her organs have been exchanged for bio-mechanical replacements, which are indistinguishable from normal except by very advanced scanners. These give her some resilience to damage, at least any damage occurring to the organs themselves. She still feels pain and would bleed as normal. There is also some resistance to environmental conditions such as radiation, electricity, heat, cold etc. The implants in her arms give her heighted strength and hand speed. However, she is unaware of any of these abilities currently.

As a result of her conversion she has an allergy to gold, any contact longer than a minute is uncomfortable, though not harmful. However, if she inhaled any gold dust it could be fatal. EM fields also have a disorienting effect on her, possibly even knocking her unconscious if powerful enough.

Marinax is most famous for its military and its heavy industry. It wasn’t a good place for any cleaver person to grow up, even worse that she lived in a small semi-isolated town. Nikki’s father was unsupportive of her schooling and intelligence, and her mother deferred to her father. At school she was bullied by the other children. They only exception was her older brother Garry, though he was at first the worst of her tormenters until she ran away from home for a week. After which he felt guilty and tried to support her. It was he who gave her the nickname ‘Nikki’. Later, Garry would join the military, but his ship was destroyed with all hands by the Cybermen. With Garry’s support she was able to make it through primary and secondary education, but whenever Garry wasn’t around the taunts would start again.

By the time she reached Marinax’s sole university, despite being surrounded by people of similar intelligence, the damage had been done, and she remained she and somewhat introverted. When Nikki graduated from the Marinax University, she had her choice of any number of posts in the system and space fleet. She seriously considered a shipboard post, to get away from Marinax and wanting to explore, but she wrongly assumed that all those aboard a ship would be the same kind of people who tormented her during her school days. Instead she took a post on a research outpost at the fringes of the system, in an attempt to get some secluded area to perform her research.

When her outpost was attacked by Cybermen, she was one of the first to be captured. Thankfully a rescue attempt for her and the other researches at her outpost was mounted, but they didn’t get to her until after Conversion. Nevertheless she was taken home in an attempt to study Cyber technology and de-program her. The latter was far more successful than the former, thanks to a AI being implanted and overriding the Cybermen software.

With her knowledge she was taken by the military, who tried to use her knowledge of the Cyberment to help fight them. A job she was not particular good at, having no knowledge of military tactics, and came to despise as she was treated more as a computer than a person. When she could she tried to return to her research, but inevitably she was continually pulled from it. With the war proceeding badly for the humans in the system and re-enforcements still days away, the military planned to send her back to the Cybermen space and subject her to Cyber-control, in an effort to discover details of the Cybermen’s plans and spies. On route she discovered this plot, and rather than go through with it, attempted to escape the ship. Unfortunately, her sabotage just left the ship helpless as a Cybership moved to intercept.

And that’ll be when the first episode starts for her, as a time storm will whisk her away in the nick of time, only to put her (and everyone else) in worse danger.

Nicola ‘Nikki’ Sanders Nikki_10

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2Nicola ‘Nikki’ Sanders Empty Re: Nicola ‘Nikki’ Sanders on 8th January 2012, 01:31

I blame Maeglin and Beeayy for this! They put me up to it! Razz

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3Nicola ‘Nikki’ Sanders Empty Re: Nicola ‘Nikki’ Sanders on 14th January 2012, 21:34

Added a paragraph in personality to show traits demonstrated in posts.

Added much more detail to her early history.

Added the siggy for giggles!

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4Nicola ‘Nikki’ Sanders Empty Re: Nicola ‘Nikki’ Sanders on 24th January 2012, 22:41

This is what happens when I get bored and spend a weekend browsing YouTube!

Being a BBC show there isn’t the budget to have theme ‘songs’ for characters, they can’t continually pay the licence fees! But nothing stopping theme music.

Originally I was hoping to find a remix of one of the cybermen themes to use for Nikki, but for some reason no one has done a cyberman remix! So instead I decided to use a remix from… erm…. an old Sonic game! Ah well, ignore the screen shot and I think it may work. I’m sure you’re yell at me to take it down if not!

So, Nikki’s Suite:

0:00 – 0:46 Intro
0:47 – 3:06 Nikki’s Theme
3:07 – 4:20 Cybermen Theme
4:21 – 5:00 Breakdown
5:01 – 6:07 Nikki’s Theme (Heroic)
6:08 – 6:31 Outro

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