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A strange place

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1 A strange place on 9th January 2012, 21:09

Lenna got off the taxi -the weirdest ride ever- it was a very strange place.

"Where on earth am I? It is a strange place."

She thought about getting back in the taxi but her curiousity won as usually. Slowly she stepped into the recption.

"Welcome in the Crossover Café, you look like a girl who would really like to have a coffee. I am Calvin."

Lenna looked rather confused and the not bad looking guy, but she knew to be careful. He could be anything.

"I'm Elenna, what the hell is this place?"

It was akward to be somewhere without Rome or Goergie. The last time she was alone her crazy ghost of her brother tried to kill her.

"Is this heaven did I die?" She was worried and not sure what to think of this place.

Calvin chuckled. "No this is certainly not heaven and you are not dead, but this is a mysterious place."

Lenna had followed him upstairs to the cafe and was now sitting in a big red comfy armchair, wait for calvin to bring the coffee. Strong black coffe with a little bit of milk, just the way she liked it. He seemd to be a nice guy. SInce she was the only one in the Cafe so far he kept her company.

"So when this is not heaven where are we?" Lenna looked out of the window into the massive multi-coloured nebula. "Christus!"

He didn't react so at least he was no demon. "Let's just say we are at a safe place."

She did feel safe and weirdly calm here, just as if there was nothing she had to worry about. It was a long time she felt that calm.

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2 Re: A strange place on 11th January 2012, 20:48

The suddenly sound of an explosion outside let Lenna jump up. "What was this?"

"I don't know stay here." Calvin said while he was running down the stairs.

"The hell I am staying here." Lenna mumbled and followed Calvin. Outside of the CC was a person -it was a person right?- standing. She was burning.

"Holy shit. She needs help." Lenna yelled and was looking around to find water, a blanket or a fire extinguisher.

"No I don't need help, I'm fine. Where the hell am I?" The burning girl asked sounding annoyed.

"Welcome at the Crossover Cafe, I am the owner Calvin." Calvin didn't over her his hand since she was still on fire. Lenna came interested closer to the girl.

"You are not burning, right?"

"No I am not I contorl the fire, I create it, I am fire but I'm not burning." The girl said. "I'm Jennifer." Within a blink of an eye the fire went off and the two girl could shake hands. "I'm Lenna."

"Girls come on inside, and have a drink. Lenna you look like you need something stronger than just coffee." Calvin smiled and went back inside the house, this time down the stairs and the two girls followed him. They sat down at the bar and took the coloourful cocktails Calvin had made them. Lenna nipped careful at it and started coughing, Jennifer took a large gulp and got surprised. She felt as if someone had kicker her right in the head.

"So thats how you feel when you drink alcohol?"

Lenna looked confused at Jennifer.

"This is a weird place."


"I hate witches! Spewing their bodily fluids everywhere. It is insane! No, downright unsanitary!"
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