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Welcome to Supernatural

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1Welcome to Supernatural Empty Welcome to Supernatural on 11th November 2011, 17:07


Welcome to Supernatural Supernatural-logo
Welcome to the page for the RP based upon the hit CW series Supernatural.

Supernatural (abbrv. SPN), is a universe much like our own but with a very different cosmology and the intrusion of almost any supernatural being from any lore, religion or mythology you could hope never to imagine. Chock full of gothic monsters (vampires, werewolves, vengeful spirits), urban legends (Bloody Mary, alligators in the sewers), mythical beasts (Wendigo, Bigfoot, and shapeshifters) and gods from Loki to the Judeo-Christian Almighty (with a few angels thrown into the mix) are all fair game, and definitely should get their own planet! It’s a world high on the body count, but when the stakes are high, the pay is even higher.

The show has a very specific feel to it, which is primarily what makes it fun, that we would like to maintain, including a Hunting subculture all its own, so players should familiarize themselves with the series as much as possible. Also, especially since there is so much competing lore on any supernatural entity in existence, we need an end-all-be-all to be able to stick to, therefore we will stay as close to “canon” as possible. To that end, we include links!

If something you’re looking for isn’t found in the Supernatural universe as it stands, then by all means feel free to make it up! Smile

Welcome to Supernatural 500px-Spnbooks

The Villain:

The game will differ from most conventional RPs in that the villain, the supernatural entity (entities) for each different adventure will be played by one of you. There is a SPN NPC account expressly for this purpose, the codes for which will be given to those playing the villains as needed. The villain then can describe his/her/their actions as the rest of the players actually role-play through figuring out how to track, hunt, and kill this evil SOB before it hurts any more innocents. We will rotate as people wish, essentially mimicking a GM-of-the-week type of play style, where players will take turns organizing and initiating the action in a given adventure. As far as I’m concerned the villain may also play their own Hunter simultaneously, but it’s up to personal preference. Obviously, the villain has to be prepared for their eventual demise. This doesn’t mean, however, that they have to play nice. Wink

If you would like to play a villain in an upcoming episode, fill out the SPN Villain Template and PM it to Maeglin, Ariel Buttercup, and MissAusten.

Welcome to Supernatural CastielHasWings3-1


The bulk of the players are Hunters. Ordinary humans make up the bulk of Hunters in the world of SPN. However, being able to cast a few spells, medium a conversation with a dead spirit, have premonitions, being clerically ordained, having a past as a con-man with a box full of forged official IDs, or having a spirit guide are all viable options, and just the beginning—and provide for lots of conflict! Just be prepared that other hunters (including other PCs) may try to hunt you down, and maybe, by all rights, they should. Wink

Welcome to Supernatural 350pxgrandpentacle

Just like any party, balance is the key: brains, brawn, banter and band-aids are all valuable assets. A history of familiarity with the supernatural is usually a plus (like having a granny who was into hoodoo, being formerly possessed by a demon, coming upon a secret government document dealing with the supernatural in your computer-hacking days in college, or being raised in the Hunting life as your father quested for revenge against the thing that killed your mother), but not necessary, as even the most seasoned hunters regularly need to open up a book or a laptop to figure out what they are hunting and how to kill it.

Everyone, however, has a reason, a turning point, if you will, during which you A. realized that the things under your bed were real and B. you decided you really wanted them dead. This may be your family getting devoured by ghouls or your child getting snatched by a changeling, or even just getting a crazy idea that the hunting life is full of romance, danger, and action and you want in on it, but whatever the reason, it’s big, and an important part of your character’s history. You may want to be new-ish to the hunting realm, which is why you all stick together in a team rather than heading out on a solo gig.

Welcome to Supernatural 270px-Malleus

If you would like to join, either as a Hunter or a Villain, or both, check out the Applications section and fill out a bio!

Supernatural: Reanimated is what we like to consider a spin-off series, running concurrently with the Winchester-centered Supernatural story beginning in 2005. Its members are not related by blood but are committed to each other as if they were. They are centered around the home of Tex Mosley, based in Protection, Kansas at a Bed & Breakfast/Safehouse for Hunters. Our current team is heavily entangled with the Law and most are Wanted Criminals. They are additionally on the radar of SWORD (Supernatural, Witchcraft and Occult Reconnaissance and Defense) because of the members who exhibit unconventional supernatural abilities and SWORD believes they must be contained.

If you have a supernatural problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can join…The B-Team!

We also call ourselves the X-Men, because we're a bunch of freaks saving the world before dinnertime who are trying deperately to fit in!

But seriously, though. Happy Hunting.

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2Welcome to Supernatural Empty The Details on 21st November 2011, 19:30


Here are some more specific details you should know about the Supernatural: Reanimated game and gameplay!


We organize our Supernatural game into “episodes,” just like the TV show. There is always one person (at least) in charge of an episode: this person is called the Story Lead. The Story Lead is responsible for inventing the monster/villain and crafting the plot in a general sense. Any questions about a particular episode should be directed at that person.

Episode Structure and Outlines

The best way to understand how an episode works is to read through old episodes. But there is a lot going on in the background, too: we usually have an “Outline” for each episode, in a separate forum, where all the players can discuss with the Story Lead what is going on or should be going on in the story. The Outline will be titled “Outline: acronym of title.” That way, people who want to be surprised about what happens in the stories don’t accidentally stumble upon the Outlines where we’re discussing the fate of the characters and giving away the plot.

Sign-Up Roster

Since we are a large group of players for only one game, we have to limit the amount of characters along on each hunt. To facilitate this, we have players sign up (example) before each hunt, limiting either the number of hunters (to say, 5 or 6 characters) or the timeframe during which people can sign up (anyone who signs up within 48 hours), sometimes both. Therefore, it is to your benefit as a player to check the site often, so you don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for a hunt.

The Story Lead decides how many players they would like on their hunt. These sign-ups will appear in the Outline for the given episode (see above). If you are going on leave (or likely to go on leave), please do not sign up and take a spot on the Roster, as per the Rules. Also, players for whom SPN is their primary (or only) RP will have priority for joining in on the hunt, the idea being that most others will have SG or PA or some other equally fun game to devote time to.

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3Welcome to Supernatural Empty The Rules on 22nd November 2011, 18:16


Supernatural: Reanimated Rules.

(Yes, well, we know it does. Here are the rules you should follow to ensure fun for everyone.)

These are in addition to the sitewide rules found here.


Stick to it. This is why we want players to have seen the show.

Signing Up For Hunts (see above)

1. No one else can do this for you: you must log on to the site and sign up for a hunt yourself within the allotted time.
2. Please be conscientious about signing up. If you know you're beginning finals week or moving house, DO NOT sign up for an episode and take a slot that someone else could enjoy if you're not around enough to actually participate. Additionally, if you need to drop out for any reason, please
* Post a leave, and
* Consider either allowing other players to ragdoll your character, or even taking yourself out of the game for an in-story reason, which would allow someone else to join in.

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