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Sarasine 'Sara' Tekri

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1Sarasine 'Sara' Tekri Empty Sarasine 'Sara' Tekri on 10th January 2012, 05:46

Sarasine Tekri
DOB: 2/12/2512
Age: 23
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Weight: 130lb
Height: 5’10”
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark brown
Build: tall, thin and wiry
Hometown/planet: Demisiv/ Thahit B
Profession: Terraformer

Played By: Pauley Perrette
Image of Character:
Sarasine 'Sara' Tekri Pauley-Perrette-NCIS_367

Personality: Sarasine is very much the embodiment of a much, much older generation. Being a terraformer, she’s often on the frontier planets, and it’s led to a very “frontier” kind of attitude in the young woman. She’s slightly suspicious of any new person, but she warms up to them quickly when she’s sure they’re not out to make trouble. Once she’s used to a person, she’s gregarious, sarcastically funny, and generally pretty loyal. If she has to fight, she’ll fight on whatever terms she’s been given, with whatever weapon is handy, although she’s better with some than others. It’s generally her last resort, though, to use violence, more out of an instinct of self-preservation than anything. If she gets in a fight, she’s likely to get injured, and if she gets injured, not only can she not do her job, her job is likely to be the end of her.

She’s also resourceful, although book knowledge mostly escapes her. If a job means doing, she can probably build something that will get it done, but it might take her awhile, and it might only work once. She’s no techno-genius, just good at surviving. The only technologically advanced machines she’s really good with are the ones she uses for her job, and that’s only from having to use them a LOT. They also took her a long time to learn. New machines interest her, but it’s less that she wants to actually use them, and more than she just wants to see them work. She’ll poke things and break things and try to put them back together to see what they do, just because knowing might someday come in handy. As far as she’s concerned, the more practical things you know, the less likely you are to be caught off guard.

Skills: She is a jack of all trades, and a master of none. She is especially ingenious, able to see how things might fit together in a way someone with a more traditional education might not. As a result of her job, she knows the wherefors of a variety of weird environments, and might come in handy even on a planet she’s never had anything to do with. She’s been around to many places and met a great many different alien races, but her contact with them has mostly been short because she usually has to get to some tiny planet orbiting a no-name sun on the outer arm of some backwater galaxy.

History: Her own upbringing was actually on a very crowded planet, but she and her family lived in a less populated area, with lots of land between themselves and the families on either side. As a result, she lived an odd kind of higher tech version of our early pioneers. They had holo-screens for communication, but the reception was bad and the antenna didn’t always work, and other technology was notoriously unreliable. So mostly they made do without.

Anyway, while her brother wanted the hell out of dodge and took off for the city as soon as he could, she stayed behind. She liked living in the country, and she liked seeing how the land worked. Her fascination with the land eventually led her to terraforming, for which she went to a precious two years of school before giving up on THAT and starting at the very bottom of a terraforming lab. She worked her way up faster than she had quit college, and once she was proficient, she was left mostly on her own to do her own projects.

This was all going quite well for her, until she got caught up in the time storm. On landing, she was thrown around a fair bit, and when she finally came back to herself, she couldn’t remember much of anything- not her name (which I’ve just provided because it’s a COOL NAME. Or, heck, if you guys want to give her that name, that’s fine too- Maeglin and Beeayy and I thought that might be amusing), nor where she’s from, nor what exactly she was doing before she ended up where she is now. She doesn’t know right now, but there are a few things she does remember- the look of Terraforming machines and how to tinker with all kinds of things. If you hand her something broken, she’s still ingenious enough to figure out how to fix it.

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Sarasine 'Sara' Tekri Caitydid

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2Sarasine 'Sara' Tekri Empty Re: Sarasine 'Sara' Tekri on 10th January 2012, 13:10

The only thing is about you’re arriving in the Time Storm. Most of the others will be just arriving in the base, but if you want you can have been there for a few hours/days. It will mean the amnesia and arrival plot for you will be a bit more streamlined. Or you can arrive with the rest of us, your call.

Oh, and played by should be the actor in question, we know it’s you! :p

Aside from that: Approved.

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3Sarasine 'Sara' Tekri Empty Re: Sarasine 'Sara' Tekri on 11th January 2012, 02:47

Har har, I'll go edit that played by. If I can have her having arrive a couple days before the others, I think that would also be a great idea!

Also I love that seal of approval. It cracks me up.

Sarasine 'Sara' Tekri Caitydid

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Doctor Who: Sarasine (Sara) Tekri
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