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The Doctor

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1The Doctor Empty The Doctor on 11th January 2012, 23:13

The Doctor
DOB: Unknown
Age: 1103… possibly
Species: Gallifrayan
Sex: Male
Weight: Varies
Height: Varies
Hair: Varies
Eyes: Varies
Build: Varies
Hometown/planet: The Citadel, Gallifray
Profession: Traveler

Played By: (deep breath) William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith
Image of Character:
The Doctor The%20Eleven%20Doctors

Although his personality changes somewhat with each regeneration, there are some very strong constancies. He has a strong moral sense of right and wrong and abhors violence and killing. He will rarely use any weapon, and almost never use a gun. He is extremely intelligent but given to talking too much, and in terms most people have difficulty following. There is a strong sense of compassion for others, especially the companions he travels with. The Doctor also comes over as eccentric to greater or lesser degrees depending on his regeneration.

Although the Doctor is slipping through his regenerations. He isn’t completely aware of it. His current regeneration will remember the events of later regeneration as if they occurs in his current body. However, the events he is most likely to call to mind will be those that were actually experience but that regeneration. If it is somehow critical that the Doctor remembers that he has regenerated 10 times, that will resurface in his memory.

The First Doctor
A crotchety and selfish old man, traveling with human companions eventually mellowed him into a more caring man, though still crotchety. He is possibly the wisest of all the Doctor’s incarnations, as the later regenerations will generally use his judgment in the occasions when he meets his future selves.

The Second Doctor
Almost a polar opposite from his first regeneration, the Second Doctor was a clown like character, happy to travel wherever he happened to go. His almost buffoonish behavior caused many to underestimate him, but he still had his keen intellect and sharp mind. And in some cases, normally when the Daleks or Cybermen were involved, he could become very serious.

The Third Doctor
This incarnation dressed and talked like an early 20th century dandy, and retained some of the arrogance from his first incarnation. Far more action orientated than other regenerations, using martial arts to incapacitate enemies. He is has a greater affinity for machines, often building devices to help him defeat his foes, though they do tend to have a short lifespan.

The Fourth Doctor
The Fourth Doctor was the most eccentric, with a love of Jelly Babies. He was given to make big toothy grins at the slightest opportunity. Despite being easy to get along with, he was the most aloof and alien of the Doctors. In many ways, this incarnation is an amalgamation of all of his personalities. Both an action hero like the third, and a plotter like the seventh. A light joker light the eight, but given to occasional broods like the tenth.

The Fifth Doctor
Filled with boyish enthusiasm and a love of cricket, the fifth Doctor came across as a much gentler individual. His foes would often underestimate him because of this. He was also softer spoken than other incarnations.

The Sixth Doctor
The most egotistical and arrogant, the sixth, like the first, eventually mellowed as he travelled. He was the one most given to using large words and pompous speeches, but he still had the Doctor’s moral code and, even if not obvious, his compassion.

The Seventh Doctor
Although he came across as a clown, the seventh regeneration was actually a devious chess player, weaving his plots so his enemies could fall into them. He had a darker, harsher streak to his enemies hidden under his buffoonish guise. Often, even before he landed on a word, not only would he know the threat and have a plan to stop it, the plan would already be in motion.

The Eight Doctor
A happy-go-lucky individual, eager to get involved in things just to see what might happen. He is probably the most compassionate incarnation, and given to act seemingly irrelevantly in tense situations. It was this regeneration who fought in the Time War

The Ninth Doctor
Having just regenerated from the Time War, the ninth carried the pain of that conflict, but was looking to put it behind him. He appeared to be the least eccentric of the Doctor’s, and for once sensibly dresses and with short hair.

The Tenth Doctor
Having begun to recover from the pain of the Time War, the Doctor began his mid-regeneration crisis, with a younger from who was given to get closer to women than any of his other incarnations. He was also one of the most vocal. Occasionally he would laps into dark moods, whenever he was reminded of all the loss he had suffered and caused.

The Eleventh Doctor
The Doctor’s mid-regeneration crisis continued with his youngest form yet, and consistently insisting that the clothing he wears is ‘cool’. Like the seventh regeneration, he has a clownish exterior with a harder personality underneath, but unlike the seventh his is less prone to planning ahead, though he will do so when the need arrives.

While there are many who may be better than him in a particular area, the Doctor can do almost anything. Except, ironically, medicine and healing, which he has never really demonstrated beyond the basics and the science behind it. Despite disliking firearms and other weapons, he is nevertheless an expert shot and swordsman.

Far, far too long to go into detail here. Suffice to say he left Gallifrey in a stolen TARDIS, and travelled around the universe fighting monsters and writing wrongs. He fought in the Time War between the Time Lord’s and the Dalek’s, and in the end both were destroyed. Now the Doctor is roaming again, believing that he is the last of the Time Lords.

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2The Doctor Empty Re: The Doctor on 11th January 2012, 23:13

Let me know if i've missed anything.

The Doctor Drpcalvin
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