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Table of Contents

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In a land of myth, and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young man. His name…Merlin.

Still a young man, Merlin has been working for the young Prince Arthur as his servant while King Uther rules Camelot. Magic is outlawed, but Merlin has often used his magical gifts to save Arthur’s life in secret. Recently, Lady Morgana (a sorceress) tried to take over Camelot, but thanks to Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table her efforts were thwarted. Uther has died and Arthur has been made king, with Gwenivere as his queen.

These adventures take place in an AU which begins at the conclusion of season 3 of "The Adventures of Merlin," a TV show by the BBC.


Episode 1: The Odd Couple

By-the-book Sir Leon and renegade-made-knight Sir Gwaine are left in charge during King Arthur's honeymoon. Trouble ensues and personalities clash as Gwaine accidentally spies the Lady Elaine bathing and Leon tries to keep the weekly knight band going. Will they set aside their bickering in time to defend Camelot from a goblin infestation?

Gwaine confronts Merlin about his magical abilities. Meanwhile, Leon discusses the most recent attack on Camelot with Acting Steward Sir Lancelot.

Gwaine and Leon are starting to get the hang of running Camelot while Arthur is gone. How will the knights react when the castle itself begins to rebel against them? Meanwhile, Gwaine begins his quest to unite Leon and Lady Elaine in holy matrimony--or at least in a double-date.
Arthur's cousin Killhwch comes to Camelot and is presently knighted. This is a problem since the new "Sir Kay" is a bully, a liar, and secretly courting Lady Morgana on the side. At the same time, Arthur begins to collect a very deadly variety of lawn ornament. Can Merlin, Gwaine, and Leon put a stop to this revenge of the forest before Arthur ends up on the gnomes' dinner menu?

Episode 4: The Tapestry

Lady Elaine's hobby causes problems for Camelot when the figures she weaves in her tapestries magically come to life. Gwaine must deal with the arrival of his long-lost siblings. Leon must gather up his courage and become an effective leader of the knights. Merlin must address how he can maintain his relationship with Arthur and fulfill his destiny.

Season Finale: Vita Merlini

Sir Kay sells Camelot's defense secrets to Morgana, who stages yet another attack on Camelot. This time, however, the attack is slow and insidious, and its a race against time to evacuate Camelot's citizens while the knights stay to defend it. Leon experiences a crisis when Elaine must leave Camelot. Gwaine must prove himself to his younger brother to atone for his past. Merlin reveals his magic to Arthur. Leon's supposed curse of immortality is manifested.


Webisode: Last Friday Knight (TGIF)

Leon's stag party goes horribly wrong, and Leon, Merlin and Gwaine are left to retrace their steps...


Episode 1: Friday Knight Live

The Friday Knights acquire some magical instruments which make them famous--and immortal.

We don't know what the next season will hold, but here are some ideas:

Episode 2: The Knight of the Cart

Lancelot must rescue Galehaut from some fate worse than death--marriage to a foreign princess. A seedy merchant shows up in Camelot, selling magical beasts to the highest bidder (who ends up being Sir K).

*Arthur makes Merlin his royal loyal adviser, causing some of the council members to hatch a plot against him.

*Gwaine wants to get serious with Morgana, but she freaks.

*Percival falls in love with Gwaine's sister, and Gwaine tries to ignore the age difference without much success.

*Someone's been kidnapped by an alchemist who swears that with her help he can turn lead into gold.

*Sir Leon is given title and land from Arthur, and may leave Camelot forever!

*Gwaine kills Caerleon against Arthur's wishes and may pay for it with his life.

*....And much much more!


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