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Dirk Rogers

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1Dirk Rogers Empty Dirk Rogers on 30th October 2011, 02:09



Real Name: Dirk Rogers
Alias: Red Alert
Date/Place of Birth: Oct 4 2002, Boston, MA
Age: 26
Sex: male
Profession: Shortstop (Red Sox) from 2020-2027; Police Officer by day, Superhero by night from 2027 on
Theme song: "So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin.
Also The Black Halo album by Kamelot artistically guides the story of this poor man's life.

Physical Features
Race / Ethnicity:
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190
Eyes: blue
Hair: sandy brown
Skin: fair
Build: very athletic, fit
Physical Markings: scars near base of spine where inhibitor chip has been inserted and removed

Portrayed by: Matt Damon
Image of character:
Dirk Rogers Matt_damon_in_a_red_sox_jersey-5652
Shortstop for Red Sox (Sports Illustrated, 2025)
Dirk Rogers Matt_damon_the_departed-11514
Graduation from Police Academy (family photo, 2027)
Dirk Rogers Dirk_r10
At full power (PHMA file, taken in 2028

Personality Profile

Personality: Dirk represents the ultimate in Good Guy character types. He doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, always does the right thing, and never swears. He's a big-time square (he's used to hearing his teammates telling him this), but don't assume he doesn't know how to have a good time. He likes to see the best in people, but has no patience for meanness or evil. He actually wishes he could be an outright naive idealist, but he knows better (and sees this as unfortunate). He is always genuine, but not necessarily serious, and his determination borders on stubbornness.

Powers: His powers are a high-energy field that he can project and control. He can create a shield, shoot laser beams, or create a suit around himself which grants him super-strength and heightened reflexes. The smaller the manifestation, and the fewer things he tries to do with the energy, the better: because he did not grow up dealing with these powers, he is not able to control them. The more he pushes the power level, the more likely the energy is to destabilize catastrophically. The field can be highly unstable, additionally, and massive damage to the field or to himself can result in an even greater reaction. Because of their unreliability, he tends not to use his powers to such an extent unless a situation is dire enough to risk it. (His powers kinda look like Armor from XMen, except he's not Asian or female.)

Strengths: His powers are definitely handy, when they're not acting up. He is a very skilled athlete, and a skilled combatant. Dirk is also a natural leader: skilled at delegating, organizing, making tough decisions, and of course dealing with people. People tend immediately to trust him, even if they don't like him, but he is of course very likable, if slightly annoying for his aspirations to perfection. When he sets his mind to a task in the service of what is Good and Right, he will carry it out or die in the attempt.

Weaknesses: His powers, depending on the situation, can be just as much of a liability than a help. Although he is basically intelligent and got great grades in high school, he never attended any college. He is also very trusting of people--but when you betray that trust, his sense of justice is intense and nearly irreversible. He is semi-famous, and is easily recognizable by a small amount of people (anyone interested in professional sports). Because of his commitment and determination in doing the right thing, he has trouble anticipating bad guys' moves. Also, he'll cave pretty much immediately if you threaten his family.

Interests/Skills: Loves playing baseball (obviously) and loves spending time with his family (he is quite fond of taking his children hiking, rock climbing, swimming, fishing, etc.). He also, in his youth especially, adored comic books, and has quite a collection stored in his garage. He also is quite a good cook, although he rarely has time for it anymore.

Languages: English

History/Background: Even before the onset of puberty, Dirk displayed post-human abilities. Because he had a very normal, un-super, middle-American, apple-pie childhood, he did not dare tell his parents. His only confidant was Jennifer Wilson, a girl from his school who also displayed powers. After her death, Dirk met her father, Mark, who was also Post-Human, and who helped him control his unruly and frankly dangerous powers.

In 2018, Dirk was found by the PHMA and, while attempting to escape, exploded almost a full city block with his powers on overload, including the building Mark Wilson was in. Believing his mentor to be dead, and at his own hand, full of regret he gave himself up and and was fitted with an Inhibitor Chip. Resilient to the last, and determined that the world was a better place now that his powers were inhibited, he went on to perform well in high school, take up baseball, marry his high school sweetheart, and start in the Major Leagues at the age of 19.

One year before our story begins, Dirk's peace was shattered when his wife, Joan, also a Super, after picking the children up from school, stopped in front of the First National Bank, produced a weapon she was not registered to own and, leaving the children alone in the car, proceeded to rob the bank of $700,000 and fly away before being shot down somewhere over the ocean. Dirk was at the scene too late, and his traumatized children remembered very little of the incident--except that his youngest chose this time to telepathically project "Momma, come back!" into the minds of everyone within a hundred-foot radius.

While still getting over the shock of what his wife had done ad what had happened to her, when the PHMA literally kicked in his front door and all but abducted his youngest to be fitted with an inhibitor chip, Dirk had had enough. He quit the Major Leagues, hid from the media, moved to New York, and became a police officer. He paid off the right people to sign papers saying his daughter had been fitted with an inhibitor (when she of course had not been). Also at this time his eldest son told him that his own inhibitor chip had never really worked, but he had been too scared to say anything. As of now, his middle child has not displayed any Post-Human abilities, although he is incredibly keen at school and is especially interested in the sciences.

The vast majority of the rest of his savings went into getting his own inhibitor chip removed. For the past year, Dirk has led a double-life, as a Police Officer saving people by day, and a Costumed Superhero saving people by night. The doctor who removed his inhibitor chip was a member of the Resistance, and informed Dirk of a contact he would be very interested in meeting at the Bellevue Hospital...

Wife, Joan C. Rogers (powers of flight complete with angel wings, inhibitor chip, MIA, believed deceased)
Son, Scott Rogers (Age 7, super-speed, fitted with an inhibitor chip that never worked)
Son, Alexander Rogers (Age 5, no powers manifested)
Daughter, Anna Marie Rogers (Age 2, limited telepathy, no inhibitor chip)

RP Sample
You are pursuing a Post-human villain. During the chase some passers-by are endangered. If you stop to save them the villain will escape for now. If you continue the chase, the civilians will likely die.

It wasn't much of a choice.

No matter how much this sleazebag-super had actually stolen, and who he had hurt to do it, Justice always warmed the benches for Protecting the Innocent. The villain knew he didn't actually have to escape: he just had to put a innocent passerby in between himself and Dirk's pursuit. It wasn't her fault that the young mother had chosen this park, at this time, on this day, to take her child for a walk, and she shouldn't have to pay for a game she didn't want to see in the first place. It also helped (or didn't help, Dirk couldn't quite decide), that the boy looked like a lot like Scott when he was a baby.

So, laser beams were out of the question.

The woman screamed, as the Super shook the ground, wrenching the pram from her grasp as the earth began to crack and re-form. Trees were uprooted, pedestrians fled. And the child also started screaming.

It took a moment of concentration--dang and blast it that these powers took so much focus to control!--before a sheen of energy embraced him from the waist down, only after which Dirk could run with due speed and agility over the rippling turf. He scooped the child out of the pram just as it fell into a crevasse, and, protecting the kid against his chest, went for the mother next.

"My baby!" she screamed again, even as the earth fractured and widened, separating them further. A tree began to topple, and she, heedless, backed right into its path.

"Come on, come on, come on!" Dirk shouted to himself as he picked up into a running leap. The world slowed as he cleared the widening rift, so, taking a deep breath, he dampened the field which encased his legs, and, putting everything of himself into focusing this one beam of energy, blasted the tree with a ray from his hand.

He had meant to knock it off its trajectory, only, to protect the distraught woman. But, as usual, his powers quite independently of his wishes determined that the best kind of kill was overkill, and more exploded the tree than anything, knocking the woman forward with the blast.

Then he landed--hard; something gave in his ankle--but on both feet, holding he child's head, all three of them alive and well. Considering. He knelt by the woman and placed the child in her arms. Misunderstanding, she snatched the child from him and eyed him with suspicion, but Dirk immediately scanned his surroundings for any sign of the malevolent Super.

Nothing. As expected. He was gone. No, no, there was something: sirens. That was his cue to hit the showers. Jogging was a bit out of the question with his now decided limp, but he made good time nevertheless, and stopped to peruse a newspaper just as Enforcers and PHMA goons ran past to the scene.

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Dirk Rogers Joan_r11

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Dirk Rogers Dirk-r10

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Dirk Rogers Dirk_p12

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Wow. Okay, so I'm a fangirl. We knew this. And I have too much time on my hands, thanks to my speed-grading skills!

So! I found out my official proper superhero name for Dirk!

...from an article about Matt Damon! *g*

By the way, Matt told reporters that his wife’s nickname for him is “Red Alert” because of how he fusses over their kids. Matt said: “I’m probably more protective than I’ve ever been now that I have children. My wife [Luciana]‘s nickname for me is ‘Red Alert.’ I sometimes check to see if the kids are breathing. I tend be a little overprotective without trying to be a helicopter parent.” Aw… is it possible that Matt is really and truly this nice and decent? Is it possible that he loves his wife and kids, that he has a great marriage and that he’s truly the exception to the “Hollywood douche-cheater” rule? Fingers crossed.

So how do we like the name "Red Alert"? Very Happy

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6Dirk Rogers Empty Re: Dirk Rogers on 15th December 2011, 03:41


Helena possessing Joan:

Click Here

Because of course she goes brunette when she goes darkside!

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