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Merlin Character Plot Arcs

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1 Merlin Character Plot Arcs on 31st March 2012, 02:26

A place for character plot arcs....


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2 Lancelot and Galehaut on 31st March 2012, 03:16

Checkpoints for the Relationship and how we will accomplish this

Galehaut is OBVIOUSLY gay. The result is Lancelot is friends with Galehaut, knowing he's gay.
Galehaut is gay for Lancelot. This is the bar scene where Leon finds out and Gwaine tries to sleep with him.
Lancelot makes brazen overtures at Gwen and Gwen and Arthur talk about it.
Galehaut hates on Gwen. This is the bar scene that results in a challenge to a duel. Gwen tries to get them together in the duel and fails. Galehaut shows him that he's gay for him unintentionally
and apologizes. Lancelot finds out Galehaut is gay for him, feels a little bad.

Galehaut is confronted about his hate for Gwen. Galehaut grudgingly starts to like Gwen. Gwen tries to get them together, plan 2. Telling Galehaut how to bait the hook. Daisies for the allergic Lance? Leon, Merlin and Gwaine involved--each have something that Lancelot likes only because Lancelot knew they like it. Daisies for Gwen, weapons/horses/hunting for Leon, Gwaine travel/culture/music/tequila, Merlin peasant life or background. But Galehaut hates being false. Lancelot figures it out behind Galehaut's back. The screw-up is part of Gwen's plan! Fails?

Lancelot starts to have feelings for Galehaut. Gwen tries to get them together and SUCCEEDS! Lance and Galehaut confused for a while. Galehaut gets captured and Lancelot saves.

Lancelot must rescue Galehaut from some fate worse than death--marriage to a foreign princess.

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DW: The Bachelor
Sandbox: Elinor Dashwood
SG: Agent Double-Oh-Negative
Merlin: Sir Leon
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3 Kilhwch on 2nd April 2012, 02:37


- K arrives in middle of feast, gives Arthur gnome
- Arthur very glad to see his cousin
- K and Arthur reminisce at dinner, Gwaine thinks v. funny
- Leon knows this guy from having to babysit K and Arthur as teenagers
- K and Gwaine continue to hit it off
- K likes to give Gwaine stuff: gives him a fancy scabbard
- Gwaine likes causing trouble with K and not getting in trouble for it for once: drunken carousing, perhaps?
- Leon thinks this is hypocritical and stupid, Gwaine thinks Leon is wrong
- K replaces Merlin as Arthur's best friend
- Also, K knows/finds out about Merlin's magic
- K and Arthur go hunting a lot
- K pushes Leon into a thorn bush, Leon gets to take his shirt off in front of Elaine, ow, ow!
- Gwaine enlists K's help in the prank war vs. Merlin--K is *too* good at this
- Something goes horribly wrong which K thinks is funny, and as a result Gwaine breaks with K, goes from thinking he's good craic to needing to eviscerate him in his sleep

- K blackmails Merlin about his magic
- K continues to give stuff to Gwaine even after he knows he hates him, so it makes Gwaine look bad
- Gwen only one who can deliver smackdown vs. K
- K is scared of her
- Gwaine starts trying to protect Leon, Leon gets self-conscious.
- In the end Leon will stand up against K when K does something to Elaine

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