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The Canon Rules

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1 The Canon Rules on 30th October 2011, 12:19

Since something like the supernatural can always have new rules and addendums, with plenty of competing or downright contradictory lore out there, here are a few rules you need to follow so no one gets killed due to some bad intel...

1. Canon first. Before posting anything, make sure it does not contradict standing Supernatural canon. Basically, since there's so much lore/legend/myth out there, we need one version that is just plain "right," and need to stick to this.

2. Other than that... On the other hand, there's plenty of the supernatural, metaphysical, mythological, urban legend that the show does not address, in which case, feel free to make it up, again, so long as it does not contradict any previous lore.

3. Convenient links. If you're going to post something that you didn't write but found on the internet’s somewhere, please post it under Convenient Links, along with, preferably, a brief synopsis about what the link details.

4. Organize. Yo' momma don't live here, so clean up after yourself! If someone has already started a thread on "Demons," and you have a new demon you'd like to add to our canon, please tack it on to the previous post instead of starting a new one, just so it's easier to find things later. Organization by theme takes precedence (so, if you have a convenient link, but it's about demons, post it on the "Demon" thread instead of under "Convenient Links").

5. Happy researching!


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