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Leo Gailstone

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1Leo Gailstone Empty Leo Gailstone on 8th June 2012, 15:16

Name: Leo Grailstone
Date/Place of Birth: 31st July 1988/Valentine, Nebraska, USA
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Profession: Mechanic
Place of living: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Family status: Orphan

Physical Features
Height: 6' 4" (1.92 m)
Weight: 220lb (100kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond rather long for a man
Skin: Fair
Build: Athletic & Muscular
Physical Markings: Several scars from his fork with heavy broken machinery, but he got one distinct 4 inch long scar on his left forearm.
He has a tattoo right above his heart saying Hail my fathers
Portrayed by: Chris Hemsworth
Image of character:
Leo Gailstone Snow-white-huntsman-chris-hemsworth2

Personality Profile

Personality: Leo is rather quiet man. He is not trying to make friends. But Leo is not shy he just doesn’t feel like talking to people. People that grew up the way he did feel sory for themselves and people from intact homes try to understand when thay actually understand nothing. He is rather impatient, but generally friendly. Since he knows how it feels to be hungry and helpless he is always helping people that have less than he does. He dreams of the day when everyone in the world has enough to eat, but of course he doesn’t say those thoughts out loud. It would sounds like one of those beauty queen girls wishing for world peace. He wished he could have a huge family but he would never ever let his children go through the pain of losing a parent.

Special ability: Leo is a good hunter and survivor in the wild, he also has a large knowledge about midwifery to honor his mother.

Strengths: Leo is calm even in moments of danger that brings the job as a mechanic of big machinery. He can speak in front of people and knows how to use words. He is very loyal and generally caring for the people in need.

Weaknesses: When Leo was younger it was more obvious even though it got better with time, but he never stopped being impatient. When things don’t go the way he expect them to go or all possible outcomes of a problem actually were wrong and a completely new outcome occurs it is not unlike him when he throws whatever he is working on in a corner, mostly breaks it even more and returns to it a few hours later.
His mother often said that he learned everything as a boy on his own, he never asked for help. And this is still the case, he rather tries something a couple of times in different ways as showing the weakness needing to ask for help. He truly thinks needed help is a weakness, but doesn’t understand that asking for help is actually a sign of strength to admit that he can’t do something.
He grew up in the poorest corner of Valentine other children got once in a while a tiny bit of candy, but not Leo. He never ate such a thing as candy, now that he is older he often goes out into the wilderness collects eatable plants, vegetables and fruits but not candy. And because he never had the slightest thing of luxury he can’t stop himself as seeing his glass half empty. He is the biggest pessimist you can think of. No, all he can see in his future is his death one way or another.

Interests/Skills: Leo loves his machines, they are easy to fix. Leo generally distrusts the authorities simply because he knows how much the system can fail you. He is planning ahead and always considers every possible worst outcome of a problem.

History/Background: Leo’s father was a farmer and got killed by an accident with the mowing machine when Leo was just 10; it was Leo who found his father more or less shredded to pieces in the field. Leo’s mother was a midwife and nurse, she devastated and couldn’t take care of him anymore. Not soon after his father died his mother died of a broken heart. Leo was too young to stay on his own, he got send to foster families and soon he entered a program for mentally trouble children in Tennessee where he stayed until he was eighteen. He managed to survive somehow after he left the program but he never was the same happy boy he was before the accident of his father. Leo lived in the small house he bought in the poorest corner of Nashville with the little money his parents left him, it was just one room but it is enough for him. Leo didn’t have any other family. He had helped a few neighbors with food. Leo never knew how to ask for help since he learned it the hard way that there is none in poverty. Since some time he started to go in the wilderness and collect fruits and plants to eat.

RP Sample of a moment that clearly characterizes you:
Since Leo lived on his own he had a small amount of luxuries his parents never had. Every morning he went to the same coffee shop to get a large black coffee, he could have made friends there but he barely talked nor did he acknowledge anyone. He then walked to work and started working in the garage on some kind of machine. They not just fixed cars, they fixed everything even things that didn’t had an engine as long as the customer could pay.

It was a typical morning, coffee, walk and then work. His college had a breakfast break as usual and they invited him to join them but as always he didn’t see the point in sitting outside in the sun and smoke half a pack and complain about their wives and kids while he can be inside and take care of real problems.

The son of his boss had started just a few weeks to work full time in the garage when there was suddenly a horrible crashing noise and the wrench that was supposed to hold the huge truck up broke and let the truck crash on the boy. Suddenly all workers were screaming and no one really did something useful, except Leo. He took the crane they used to lift the engine out and into cars attached it to the truck and lifted the truck. “Dude in the blue shirt, call 911 and come back to me!” Leo said calmly. He had the first aid box nest to the boy. “Move your feet and hands!”
The boy did as he was told, and Leo nodded. “Tell me about the old Mustang you are fixing up for your girlfriend!”

Everyone was staring at Leo as if this car was now important, but no one realized that keeping the boy talk about something he really cared would keep him awake and probably alive. Leo put on some pressure dressings on cuts the boy had and let him talk he nodded once in a while to acknowledge that he heard the boy but he didn’t speak.

Not long until the ambulance came and the paramedic told Leo that he saved the boys life. The boss of the garage gave everyone the day off, but Leo went back to the big farming machine and continued his work as if he nothing else done as blow his nose. Afterwards he finished the truck the boy was working on and cleaned the floor off the blood that in the end of the day no evidence of the accident was left. He walked home and did whatever fixing his house needed to be done until he went to bed.

The seconds before he drifted into sleep he thought about how nice it would be to feel the gentle touch of a woman on his skin, but this thought didn’t stay long because as long as he had no one he would not get hurt again by losing someone.

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