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Georgina Gilmore

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1Georgina Gilmore Empty Georgina Gilmore on 30th October 2011, 12:21

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Character Information
Name Georgina Gilmore
Date of birth: 4th July 1983
Age 22 (fall 2005)
Sex: Female
Hometown: Boston
Religion: Christian
Profession: Hunter, independently wealthy
Theme song: 'Mr. Brightside' (The Killers), 'Girsl just want to have fun' (Cyndi Laupner)

Physical Description
Race / Ethnicity: American
Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 5'7
Hairstyle and color: long, straight, blonde hair
Eye color: greenish blue
Physical build: slim, long legs
Identifying Markings: Always wears something pink
Portrayed by Rachel McAdams

Georgina Gilmore Tumblr_liujneaNvg1qi4iobo1_500

Medical History
Generally healthy (except various injuries from hunting)

Went to an elite private school in Boston and studied two years pre-law at Yale before she left for hunting
Languages (spoken, written) English, French

Skill Strengths: Apart from running incredibly fast, being both head cheerleader and fencer at school turned Georgie into an athlete. Due to her family’s high status in society, she is well-connected and can always count on support. One of her most impressive skills is her ability to run and shoot in miniskirts and high heels easily.
Skill Weaknesses: She is definitely not an outdoor person and would barely survive a camping trip. Her indoor survivor skills are not much better either, since she does neither know how to cook nor to use a steam iron without burning her fingers. She is overly concerned with her appearance and afraid to get dirty.

Personality Strengths: She has good people skills and cooperates well with others. Since she’s friendly and outgoing she attracts all kind of attention. She’s confident and knows how to gain respect.
Personality Weaknesses: She has a hard time connecting with people of lower class (although she tries). She tends to be hasty in her actions and gets prejudiced easily.

What makes you happy? Pink, pink and more pink! She doesn’t feel like herself without pink. She loves shopping and can’t stop buying designer clothes, purses and shoes. She’s a big Red Sox fan and likes men in baseball uniform or tuxedos.
What scares the crap out of you? She’s more scared of spiders than anything else. Just mentioning the word to her is enough to freak her out. She also gets scared of unsanitary people, especially if they get too close to her.

History / Background
After her parents were killed by a demon when she was nine, Georgina grew up with her wealthy aunt and uncle, a successful public prosecutor in Boston and former hunter. She got spoiled and enjoyed the life as an only child next to being popular both in school and among Boston’s high society. Since her parents didn’t keep their life as hunters secret from her, she was introduced to hunting at an early age, and after they died her interest in hunting increased. She also learned that she had another uncle, Richard, whom she met many years later on a hunt, which was a pure coincidence since she didn't know about him at all.

How and why you became a Hunter
After her second year in college she decided to turn her back on law and follow her parents’ footsteps instead.

Hunting specialties (anything you’re particularly familiar with and good at killing) Georgie prefers anything she can shoot.
Hunter contacts (anyone important you know?) Mainly friends of her parents.
Hunter assets (what’s in the arsenal in the trunk of your car?) Various handguns and knives. (and, of course, a make-up box…just in case)
Your character's "Patron" God from the Greco-Roman Pantheon. Aphrodite/Venus

Georgina Gilmore MissAusten

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