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Welcome to A Tale of Lords and Ladies

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1 Welcome to A Tale of Lords and Ladies on 8th June 2012, 13:23

Once upon time there were ladies and lords, fancy dressed ladies-in-waiting, kings and queens and of course servants, maids and the poor citizen living in the country side and cities of England. At least that’s what taught us the movies about people of those times.
But was it really like this?
What if you could go back and see it for yourself?
Would you want to come back home into your time?
Or would you stay and live the simple life of the people in the Medieval Time?

You lived a rather comfortable life in America, had a TV, air conditioning, central heating, a computer, internet, an iPod, a phone and a cell; there was always something you could have done to pass the day in a pleasurable way.
Everyday there are new things you can keep yourself from staring blankly at the wall, so would it surprise you if one day you go into a Coffee shop very much like Starbuck and Costa’s (not that it was one of those brands) enjoy your Double Mocha Skinny Vanilla Triple Shot Decaff Latte and suddenly the world around you goes blurry and when it comes back into focus you are in the middle of wilderness, and you just know you are not at home anymore. Something in this wilderness reminds you of your History class textbook and you are certain that you must have hit your head the moment a man on a horse-drawn carriage drives to you on the dirty path and greets you. “Dear Heaven’s have you been mugged?” Because you are wearing ripped Jeans and a washed out T-Shirt.
Is there a way back out of this nightmare? Or is it really a nightmare, or maybe a blessing?

Find out more and enter the wondrous world of A Tale of Lords and Ladies.

Farewell my Lord, farewell my Lady!


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