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Sweet child 'o mine: A Georgielenna adventure

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1Sweet child 'o mine: A Georgielenna adventure Empty Sweet child 'o mine: A Georgielenna adventure on 30th October 2011, 12:32

Welcome to the forgotten adventure of
Supernatural: Reanimated Sweet child 'o mine

Starring: Wee!Georgie Gilmore and Wee!Elenna Fee
Guest Stars: Josephine and Adam Gilmore and Lorelei and Chirstopher Fee and Nick Fee

21th July 1988

Christopher was carrying his little girl in the room the blond girl showed him. He was taken aback. The entire room was an explosion of pink and looked more like the room of a princess Sweet child 'o mine: A Georgielenna adventure And looked very different from the room his daughter was used to. The long drive was exhausting for Elle, she had looked at her books and Nick was even that nice and had read to her. Well and it was late.

“And you are sure it is okay when you and Elle share your room? I’m just worried she is scared when she wakes up alone. She never slept in such a big house and she hasn’t been here.” Christopher looked at the blond little girl, she looked so sweet.

“Yes sir, I will take good care of her if she wakes up. You don’t need to worry my room is safe.”

“Yes about that, Elle doesn’t need to know that there is evil in the world she is too young for this. She is already very obsessed that monsters are real. So promise me that you don’t tell her what you know.” He pushed Elle’s hair out of her face. She looked so peaceful.

“Okay.” Georgie nodded and looked determined at Christopher. He had to bite his tongue so that he wouldn’t start laughing. “Okay Georgie, your mom said not to keep you up so time for bed. Sleep well sugar.”

“Okay. You too, Mr Fee.” She climbed next to Elle in her bed and snuggled into the pillows. Christopher turned off the light and left the room. It didn’t take long for Elle to wake up. The movement of the car was missing that was what woke her up. With a small and frightened voice she whispered. “Papi?”

“It’s okay. I’m Georgie you fell asleep in the car on the way to my house. We are in my room.”
Georgie spoke very calm and sweet.

“Big bed.” Elle understood English but she had trouble speaking it.

“Yes I have a big bed. Hey you are shivering; don’t be scared you are safe. Come here...” Georgie moved closer to the little girl and took her in her arms. Elle’s little hand grasped her pyjamas.
“Bitte stay.”

Georgie was a little confused about some of the things Elle said, but her mommy told her that Elle spoke German but understood English too. She hummed a made up song and made sure the little girl was warm enough. Georgie was holding her close and fell with Elle in her arms asleep.

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Georgie was sound asleep when she heard someone sobbing. She quickly turned on the light and saw little Elle pressing her stuffed Tigger tightly against her chest. Her cheecks were wet from the tears that came running down her face.

"What is wrong?", Georgie asked softly as she stroke Elle's wet cheeks. Elle looked at her with a big brown eyes, her lips pressed together. "Are you scared?"

Elle slightly nodded her head.

Georgie smiled at her. "You don't have to be scared. There's nothing scarry in this room, and I'll protect you anyway." Georgie thought about the scarry things she heard about in legends, and she knew there were scarry things out there that her parents tried to destroy, but she would never tell Elle about it.

"Papi?" Elle whispered. "Mami?"

"They are here, don't worry."


"What?" Georgie didn't understand the language Elle was speaking. Her parents had told her that the Fees came from Germany, but the only German word Georgie could understand was 'Hallo'.
"What is it, Elle?"

"Nass." The little girl's eyes seemed to widen a bit, and she looked like she was about to start crying again.

"It's okay, Elle." Georgie sat up straight and looked for something she could give Elle to calm her down, but when she saw that Elle was wearing dipers she suddenly realized what the younger girl had tried to tell her. Georgie tried not to make a face, after all, Elle was so little and scared.
"Do you need to go to the bathroom?", Georgie asked. "Well, I think it's too late now..."

"Sowwy...", Elle mumbled.

"Don't be sorry, it's okay." Georgie stroke her short brown hair. "I'll go to your parents and ask if they have some dipers for you." She was just about to get up when Elle grabbed her hand.

"Nicht dehen."

Georgie didn't know what she said but she guesed what the little girl meant. "I will be right back."

Elle shook her head. "Mitkommen."

"I'll be right back, really."

"No, mitkommen!"

"Do you want to come with me?", Georgie asked. Elle nodded.
"Okay." Georgie got up and helped the little girl out of the huge bed, then held her hand tightly. "Don't let go, okay? I don't want to lose you in the big house."

Elle nodded, clasping Georgie's arm. They left the big room and walked through a huge corridor. Georgie turned on the lights because she knew that the dark corridor might be a bit scarry for Elle. The little girl stared at the various framed pictures hanging on the wall. Georgie stopped in front of a door and knocked. After a couple of seconds the door opened and Elle's father stood in front of them.

"I'm sorry to bother you, Mr. Fee, but we need a new diper for your daughter", Georgie said with a smile on her face.

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It was like 6 in the morning, and as much Elle was like her mother she wasn’t a morning person just like her dead. Christopher rubbed his hand over his face. And looked at the blond girl, she looked crazily awake, whereas his daughter looked scared and still half sleeping. He didn’t do it on purpose but he needed some time to realize what Georgie said.

“You are not bother us sweetie, you want to come in while I change Elle’s diaper?” asked Lorelai Fee with a heavy German accent, she had just appeared behind her husband. She picked up her daughter, which put her head on her shoulder closed her eyes and breathed in the scent of her mother. She smelled as usual like vanilla. “We have chocolate and cookies.”

“Okay. Thank you.” Georgie smiled and followed Lorelai in the guest room. Christopher was slowly awake enough to get the chocolate and cookies and sat down next to Georgie on the little couch, but he still wasn’t talking. So Lorelai who had put down Elle on the bed and started changing her daughter’s diaper did this as well. “I’m sorry she woke you up, Georgie.”

“That’s okay Mrs. Fee.” Georgie was eating some chocolate and looked away while the diaper was changed.

Lorelai had given Elle a piece of chocolate too, she was sucking at it very slowly. “You can call me Lorelai if you like.”

“Mami, mehr Schoko…bitte.” Elle smiled up at her mother who gave her another piece. “That’s the last one, after that you go back to bed sweetie.” Elle nodded and turned her head she was looking for her new friend. “Wo Dordie?” Lorelai chuckled. “Someone has a new friend, Georgie she is asking for you. She has a hard time saying the letter ‘g’.”

“Dordie?” Elle asked a bit more desperate.

“I’m here.” Georgie stepped closer and took the hand of Elle, which started smiling. “Hi.”

“Sweetie, you have to speak English with Georgie, she doesn’t understand German. Okay?” Lorelai had dressed her girl again and put her on the floor. “Girls you want to go back to bed? Or do you want that Elle sleep here Georgie?”

But before Georgie could answer little arms slung around her. “No, no not wed. Bitte Dordie. Please.”

Elle was used to be around other children, as the minister’s daughter there were always children in their home but most of them thought she was weird. Starting with the little English she knew, being scared of so many things but at the same time she was satisfied with the things she learned, she had a never ending curiosity about everything. But all this made her more careful in making new friends.

“Elle you have to ask Georgie if you can stay in her room nice, maybe she doesn’t want to share her bed with you.”

Elle let Georgie go looked a long time on the floor before she looked at her mother. “Wie?”
Lorelai kneeled down next to her and whispered in her ear, what to say and Elle repeated it as good as she could. “Dordie, can I leep in room wit you?”

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Georgie wasn't used to kids Elle's age who showed so much affection for her. She sure was used to attention from adults, and she was especially used to be the center of attention, but it was a whole new experience for her to have someone so small and so attached to her. Elle didn't even know her, and yet she wanted to be around her.
"Of course you can sleep in my room." Georgie took Elle's tiny hand. She was surprised that the younger girl wanted to stay with her rather than with her parents, after all, she met Georgie only a couple of hours ago, and they hadn't really talked that much, they only slept next to each other. When Georgie smiled at the little one, Elle smiled back.
So that's how it feels like to have a little sister...So much better than playing with dolls
Georgie looked up to Elle's mother. "I'll take care of her."

Lorelai smiled. "I'm sure you will."

Georgie turned towards Elle's dad. "Good night, sir. I hope you can sleep a bit more..."

A grin appeared on his face. "You can call me Christopher."

"Good night then, Christopher, sir." Georgie made a curtsey as if she was in front of a king, which made both parents laugh.

"She is so much like her mother", Lorelai said as they watched the two girl walking out the door. When Georgie and Elle entered the huge pink room Elle immediately stopped in front of a big dollhouse that she just noticed.
"Dordie Haus?"

"When I grow up I want to live in a house like that." Georgie watched Elle who carefully opened one of the doors to take a little peek inside. Then she got up on her little feet and more stumbled than walked towards the bed. Georgie helped her getting back into bed, and as soon as Elle cuddled up underneath the blanket Georgie put Tigger in her arms.
"Danke, Dordie."

"You're welcome." Georgie cuddled up next to her, with Princess Sugar- her favorite stuffed animal- in her arms. She took a last look at Elle who yawned heartily, then she closed her eyes.

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Her little mind was working on full power trying to understand why she liked this big girl so much, but she knew that this girl wouldn’t be like the other kids. She seemed to like her too, even though she not always understood her. Which was weird, her Mami had told her that she needed to speak German to be understood. Georgie didn’t understand German. She fell asleep in a room like nothing she was used to, but she felt safe.

A couple of hours sleep later Lenna had slipped out of the bed and were sitting in front of the dollhouse. She didn’t dare to touch it but she liked it a lot. It was nearly as tall as she when she was standing. She had a lot of toys and books but nothing so massive as this house. She looked a couple of time if Georgie was awake, but she was still sleeping. But she really wanted her to wake up.
She sneaked slowly to the bed and managed to climb back in it, which took some time. She laid down and looked and her friend when she whispered. “Dordie? Sonne da. Spielen Haus? Dordie Auden auf! ... Bitte.”

She smiled at her hoping she would wake up. She thought about what the TV said to wake up people but she forgot. Well there was one word she remembered. “Dordie! Up!”

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Georgie opened her eyes immediately and saw two big brown eyes staring at her.
"Dordie!" Elle sat up straight and clapped her hands, totally excited about the fact that her new friend as finally woken up. Georgie sat up too, still a little tired but glad to see Elle so happy.
"Did you sleep well?", she asked, and the little one nodded. Elle climbed out of the bed and stumbled towards the dollhouse. Georgie quickly got up too to make sure that she wouldn't run into the house. Elle still seemed to be a little tottering and clumsy. Elle sat down in front of the house and waited for the older girl to open it because she didn't want to break anything.
"You like the house?" Georgie opened up the movable walls so that Elle could see the house from the inside. "When I'm older I will live in a pink house with hundreds of windows, and then I will marry and have children and little puppies."

Elle looked at her. "Puppies?"

"I'm not allowed to have any pets here, they only destroy the bed and the table and the chairs because they chew on it." Georgie grabbed two of the little dolls in the house, one woman in a large pink dress and a man in a suit. She looked at the man-figure. "I like suits. My uncle always wears suits. I want to marry a man in a suit. But not my uncle, of course. He's old!"
Georgie got up to get something, and when she returned she held up a picture of a boy in a suit.
"That's Matthew Broderick, he's my favorite actor. I'm going to marry him one day," Georgie said with a proud smile.

"Du like Pinpf?", Elle asked with big eyes. She was definitely not that age where she would be interested in guys.

"Does 'Pimpf' mean boy?" Georgie looked at the little girl, then pointing at the picture of the boy she would marry. "Jun-e?"

Elle nodded.

"Yes, I like Pimpf very, very much!", Georgie replied, and she couldn't avoid blushing a bit. That moment someone knocked at the door, and her mother came in.

"Good morning, girls." Josephine Gilmore smiled at the two. "How is our litte guest doing?"

"Mami?" Elle looked at the elegant, blonde woman. "Dordie's Mami?"

"Yes, I'm Georgie's mom", Josephine replied friendly, then turned towards her daughter. "Did she sleep okay?"

"She woke up early this morning because she was scared, but after that she slept good." Georgie petted Elle's soft hair. "She's like a doll. I want to dress her, and change her hair, and put on some makeup and..."

"Hold on, honey, I don't think her parents would be very pleased about that. And I'm not sure if Elle would like that too." Josephine watched the two girls with a smile. "I see, you showed her your future husband already", she said when she saw the Matthew Broderick picture next to her daughter's feet.

"Well, yes, I have to invite her to the wedding."

"Weddin?" Elle repeated.

"Yes, my wedding. You can be my made of honor!"

"Honey, I don't think Elle knows what you're talking about", her mother said.

Georgie shrugged her shoulders. "I still want to see her at my wedding."

"Fortunately there's still a bit of time left." Josephine ran her fingers through her daughter's hair. "Before you come down for breakfast you should get dressed, Georgina. You don't want to welcome our guests in your pyjamas, do you?"

"No, mother." Georgie shook her head. Josephine turned towards Elle who had silently watched the two Gilmore ladies.

"Do you want to come with me, I can take you to your parents?"

"Dordie?" Elle looked at her friend who got up and walked to the giant wardrobe.

"I'll be downstairs soon, Elle, I'm just going to get changed." She smiled at her. "You can go with my mother."

Elle nodded and took Josephine's hand, although she was still a little confused. "Dordie down?"

"Yes, I'll see you there."

"Bye, Dordie!" Elle waved before they left the room.

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Just when Georgie’s door was closed Elle realized that she doesn’t know the woman. Her mom had always told not to go with strangers. She was suddenly scared and pulled her hand away from Josephine to hold Tigger closer. Elle stopped in the corridor, with tears in her eyes she asked.

“My Mami? Dordie?”

Josephine squatted down next to Elle. “Georgina is getting dressed. And I am taking you to your mommy. There is no need to be scared.” Josephine spoke gently to Elle.

For a couple of seconds Elle didn’t do anything except twiddling at the ear of Tigger, then suddenly as if she remembered what to do when you meet new people she looked up still scared but smiling and held out her little hand to Josephine. “I Elle, das Tidder.” She turned Tigger around so he faced the other woman.

“It is very nice to meet you Elle and you too, Tigger. I’m Josephine, Georgina’s mother.” Josephine smiled and shook the little hand.

Elle looked concentrated at her. “Jos….een.” She took a deep theatrical breath that Josephine had to bite her tongue so she wouldn’t start laughing. “Jos…Jos…” Elle shook her head. “Pheen.” She looked at the woman, to see if she was right.

“Okay I can be auntie Pheen. Shall we get you dressed?”

“Okay.” Elle took Josephine hand and together they went to her parent’s room.

A couple of minutes later Elle and her parents came in the large kitchen. Nick was already playing outside in the garden after he had cereals. Elle smiled when she saw Georgie. “Dordie! ‘uck mal…” Elle had two little ponytails which she was proudly showing Georgie. On her green dress was Tinkerbell and she had matching green sandals. She was head shaking climbed on the chair next to her bigger friend and saw now the large pile of pancakes. She stopped shaking her head and a huge smile appeared on her face. “Pancake!... Bitte.” As usual her please seemed to be forgotten in the first moment. She had sat Tigger on her chair behind herself. And smiled at all the bigger people around her. “Bitte, br’fast, pancakes syrup. Bitte.”

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"You look so cute, Elle!", Georgie shouted when she saw the little tottler walking towards her in her Tinkerbell dress. "You want pancakes, hm?" She stood on her toes to reach the plate with the pancakes, but she was too short so she turned around and looked at Elle's father who - while waiting for Georgie's dad- admired the valuable furniture. Lorelai and Josephine were outside talking.
"Mr. Christopher, sir, could you help me with the pancakes, please?"

"Of course", Christopher replied, put two pancakes on each plate and poured a lot of maple syrup on top. "If you want more, just ask", he said while handig Georgie her plate. He carried his daughter's plate to the enormously long dinner table, put three large pillows on the chair and lifted Elle on top of it. "Are you alright, honey?"

Elle nodded and grabbed the fork.

"Wait, I'll cut it for you." Georgie took Elle's fork and cut the pancake into little pieces. "You need a napkin." She quickly passed Christopher, ran into the kitchen and came back with a big pink napkin that she handed Elle. "Maple syrup is always so sticky."

Christopher smiled as he watched the two girls. Elle grabbed her fork again and wanted to dig in, but she saw that Georgie folded her hands.
"Was?", Elle asked.

"I thank God", Georgie explained.


"Hi Christopher." Georgie heard her father's voice behind her, and when she turned around she saw the two men talking.

"Daddy!" She jump off the chair, ran to him and pulled his hand. "I want you to meet my new friend!" She pointed to Elle, who watched everything curiously. "Elle, that's my father."

"Dordie dad?"

Georgie smiled as she wrapped her little arms around her father's leg. "Yes, my dad."

"Hi, Elle", Adam smiled at the little girl.

"Where are you going?" Georgie looked up to him.

"Did your mother not tell you? I'm taking Elle's dad and brother to the Red Sox game today."

Georgie made a face. "Stupid baseball!"

"Watch your words, Georgina." Adam stroke her cheek. "Besides, it's only for a couple of hours, we'll be back in the afternoon."

Georgie opened her arms and looked up to him. "But you have to hug me first before you go."

"That I can do." He kneeled down to give her a hug.
"See you later, honey."

"I love you, daddy."

"Love you too." He smiled at her, then turned towards Christopher and handed him a cap. "I have one for your son as well."

"Ich auch!" Elle screamed.

"You want a Red Sox cap?", Christopher asked in surprise. "Sure?"

Elle nodded.

"Okay, I'll get one for you at the game, is that okay?"

Elle nodded again, and a wide smile appeared on her face.

Georgie shook her head while she sat down next to her. "You're weird, Elle. You're a girl, and girls don't wear baseball caps. They wear crowns."

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Elle looked confused at Georgie. “Crows? I want doggy.” Her face and her hands were covered in syrup. “Mehr pancakes.” She giggled the sugar already kicked in and made her hyper. “Please.”

“I’ll be right there Adam, my little monster loves pancakes. Let me give her some more and then we can go. Nick is already outside waiting for us.”

“Sure I’ll go ahead and say hi to him.” Adam went outside passed his wife for which he had a kiss and a hug for Lorelai.

“Here you go Elle. Kleine can you promise me something?”

Elle looked with her little face serious at her father. He cleared his throat to hide a huge smile, she looked just too cute when she looked serious.

“I want you to behave, listen to Mami, Josephine and Georgie. And I also want that you don’t touch anything when you are done eating. And I mean nothing!”

“Okay, I dood dirl.”

He kissed the top of her head. “I know you will you always are. I love you Kleine.” He smiled at Georgie. “When she annoys you don’t hesitate to call Lorelai.”

“Yes sir. Have a nice day.” Georgie went to cut Elle’s pancakes because she started to eat them whole. It made a huge mess and her giggle even more.

“Dordie? Milk trinken?”

“You would like a glass of milk?”

Elle nodded that her two ponytails jumped up and down. “Please.”
Georgie got one of her pink princess cup and the milk from the fridge. But when she put the cup in front of Elle the girl looked confused. “No. No falsch. Wrond.” Tears run down her sticky face, Georgie had no idea what to do. Lorelai heard her daughter cry and came inside. “Sweeties wrong?”

Elle took a deep breath and tried to calm down but her tears just kept running.

“No, nicht meins. Want Becher.” Lorelai looked at the table and saw the problem. “I see. Sweetie, Georgie didn’t know. It’s okay look your cup is here.” She poured the milk from the pink cup into Elle’s cup. She stopped crying and took the cup and drunk happy her milk as if nothing happened.

“I’m sorry Georgie. Elle can be sometimes difficult.”

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"Wait another ten years and then you know what difficult means", Georgie said with a big smile on her face. Lorelai raised her eyebrows.

"That's what my uncle always says when dad tells him I'm difficult." Georgie crossed her arms, wrinkled her noise and tried to talk in a deep voice to imitate her uncle. "You think Georgina is difficult now? Wait ten more years, and then think again."

Elle started laughing because of the funny voices Georgie made. Lorelai chuckled as well.
"Well, I guess your uncle is right. In ten years you'll be fifteen and Elle will be twelve." She turned around to look at her little daughter. "I think you two will be even more difficult when you're that age."

"Why?" Georgie picked up a piece of pancake that Elle dropped on the table and put it back on her plate.

"Usually kids that age are very difficult. I sure was. I drove my parents crazy."

"Really?" Georgie looked interested at Lorelai.

"I bet your mother did too."

"I did what?" Josephine, who just entered the living room, looked at the three ladies.

"Did you drive your parents crazy when you were fifteen?", Georgie asked.

A smile appeared on her mother's face. "Who doesn't?"

"Will I drive you crazy when I'm that old?"

"I don't know, but I hope I'm prepared when the time is coming." Josephine put her hand on her daughter's shoulder and smiled at Elle, who had syrup all over her face. "Kids grow up way too fast."

"I know." Lorelai nodded. "One day their faces are covered with syrup, and the next thing you know they will paint their fingernails and talk about boys."

"I paint my fingernails." Georgie held up her neatly manicured pink fingernails. "And I talk about boys."

Lorelai laughed. "Wow, Josephine, you're going to have so much time when she is fifteen, I can assure you that."

"I hear you!" Josephine looked down at her daughter who was busy helping Elle with holding her Tinkerbell cup properly. "She sleeps with a Matthew Broderick picture under her pillow and has already planned her entire wedding."

Georgie turned her head towards Lorelai. "You're invited too, Lorelai. But you have to wear a dress, a really nice one, I don't like it when women wear pants. Mother never wears pants." She looked at her mom who always wore skirts or dresses.

"Do I have to change then?", Lorelai asked, since she was wearing jeans.

"No, just for my wedding." She looked at Elle. "And Elle is going to wear flowers in her hair like a little fairy."

"Fairy?" A smile appeared on Elle's syrup-covered face. "I like fairy!" She pointed to her Tinkerbell cup. "Fee!"

"Fee?" Georgie repeated. "What's that?"

"Fee is the German word for fairy", Lorelai explained.

"Are you a little Fee, Elle?" Georgie grabbed the napkin and removed some of the syrup on Elle's face. The little girl nodded in excitement. "Fee! Tinker!"

"You sure like Tinkerbell." Georgie turned around to look at her mom. "Can I watch Peter Pan with Elle, mother?"

"You know I don't like it when you watch too much TV, Georgina."

"Just this one time, mother, please!"

"Bitte!" Elle said with a smile that no one could resist.

Josephine sighed. "If that's okay with Elle's mother?" She turned to Lorelai.

"Sure, no problem."

"So, can we?" Georgie looked at her mom, who nodded slightly. "Thank you, mother!" Georgie jumped off her chair and waited for Lorelai to help Elle get off the mountain of pillows. As soon as the little girl was on the floor Georgie grabbed her hand. "Eww, your hands are sticky!"

"Sticky?" Elle looked at her hands and licked off one finger. "Yummy." Lorelai grinned and kneeled down to clean Elle's hands with a napkin.

"Okay, let's go!" Georgie was just about to drag Elle with her when her mother told her to slow down. "She's not one of your dolls, Georgina, she can easily trip over and fall down."

"I'll be careful, mother. I don't want her to get hurt." Georgie turned around and walked to the huge living room, holding Elle's hand tightly.

"Gosh..." Lorelai shook her hand. "She's so cute with Elle, that's just amazing."

Josephine nodded. "It really is. Georgina isn't used to have younger children around her, and normally she gets really upset when she doesn't get everyone's attention. Elle is by far the only exception, I've never seen her interacting with younger children like she does with Elle."

When Georgie and Elle reached the living room, Georgie put a couple of pillows in front of the enormous TV and made sure Elle was seated comfortably, then she walked to the shelf with the alphabetically ordered video tapes and pulled out the one she knew Elle would love.

"Let's watch some Fees!"

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Elle giggled. “Ich Fee. Watch me?” She sat Tigger next to her on a pillow so that he could watch with them.

Georgie smiled. She sat down on one of the pillows and turned one the movie. Next to her was a happy bouncing Elle. “Tinkerbell! Oh Tidder fell um.” Elle sat Tigger back on his pillow when the intro started. For the next 76 minutes Elle was silent, fascinated by the moving pictures. At the scary bits she took Georgie hand, but kept silent for at least most of the time. Except little outbursts. “Tupid Wendy. Wed von Peter.” As soon the movie was over Elle grinned at Georgie.

“I weddin Peter und Christop' Robin. You come?”

It was a wonder Elle sat long enough still to watch the movie, but now she was bouncing up and down in front of Georgie, pulling at her hand. “Raus, come, bitte! Pielen wit me.”

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Georgie watched Elle getting up and pointing to the garden. "Pielen, Dordie! Out!"

"I know why you want to go outside." She smiled. "You want to look for Christopher Robin!"

Elle giggled. "Christop Robin!" She stumbled towards the big windows that led to the garden, however, she didn't realize that it was all glass in front of her and walked against it. "Au!"

"Elle?" Georgie ran to the little girl who covered her nose. "Are you okay?"

"Nase tut weh."

"Is it your nose? Can I see it?"

Elle lowered her hands. "Aua."

"Your nose looks red, but it's not bleeding", Georgie said. "You look a bit like Rudolph."


"You don't know Rudolph? He's a reindeer with a red nose." Georgie touched Elle's tiny red nose. "But you are prettier." She opened the door the garden. Elle's brown eyes widened in excitement.


"You like it?" Georgie took her hand and led her outside.


"That's nothing! You should see my uncle's garden, it's two times bigger." The same moment a butterly flew over Elle's head.

"Tinkerbell!" She tried to chase the butterfly. "Tinker, Dordie, Tinkerbell!"

Georgie giggled and followed the little girl. Suddenly Elle lost her balance and stumbled into the white roses that her mother had planted. Georgie expected her to start crying any second, but to her surprise Elle only looked around.

"Are you all right, Elle?" Georgie came running and sat down next to her.

"Rose? Weiss!"


Elle tried to speak in English. "White Rose."

"Oh, you mean white roses. Do you like them?"

Elle nodded, still sitting in the flowers.

"They are my mother's favorite, and mine too", declared Georgie proudly. "When I marry Matthew Broderick we will have white roses everywhere, and I will have white roses on my wedding dress."

"Weddin", Elle repeated. "Ich weddin Christoph' Robin."

"I hope you'll invite me, Elle. I will wear a beautiful dress to your wedding."

Elle nodded with a big smile and pointed her finger at the older girl. "Pink?"

"What pink?"

"Dress pink?"

"Oh, the dress I'll wear to your wedding? Of course!" Georgie smiled. "You know me very well, Elle!"

"Hey girls." Josephine and Lorelai appeared behind them.

"Hello mother", Georgie said.

"Mami!", Elle shouted.

"What are you doing in the rose bushes, sweetie?" Lorelai picked up her little daughter and pulled some leaves out of her hair. "Are you a little clumsy?"

"When is daddy coming back?", Georgie asked her mother.

"Soon, honey. When the boys are back, we'll get ready to go out for dinner. Your uncle and aunt will be there too."

Georgie smiled from ear to ear. "Can I show uncle Lewis my new dress, mother? Please!"

"Certainly, honey", Josephine replied and turned towards Lorelai. "She's totally into her uncle. And she's very attached to my husband, so I guess it's obvious that she prefers the men of the family."

Lorelai chuckled. "I know exactly what you mean. Elle likes the boys of the family too."

"Pimpf!" Georgie said. "That's what boy means in German, isn't it?"

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Lorelai looked for a moment at Georgie, when she bursts into laughter. Poor Georgie looked confused. After she sat down in the grass and hold her stomach she managed to say. “You use Pimpf more when you speak about a little rascal. I wouldn’t call your dad a Pimpf.”

Now Josephine started laughing too. Elle climbed from her mother lap and run around the garden, singing a made up song. It wouldn’t be Elle if she wouldn’t fall at some point. She was lying in the grass starring at the bright blue sky, still giggling and singing. Georgie sat down next to her. “What is so funny?”

“Second star left... I can fly.” Georgie laughed about Elle’s weird babbling.

The girl had a little picnic tea party while Lorelai and Josephine were sitting over an old book whispering to each other. The two little ones were too occupied to hear them.

“Look Dordie I Tidder.” Elle jumped through the garden falling down after ever second jump. “Uh-oh Dordie my Zopf.” One of Elle’s ponytails had lost its hair tie. She was looking at the big girl and hoping she could fix her hair. “Please.”

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"Here, let me help you." Georgie quickly fixed Elle's hair and even put a little daisy in one of her hair ties. "Daisies remind me of you, they're so little and so sweet." Georgie smiled at her.

"Daisy?" Elle touched the flower in her hair.

Georgie opened the picnic basket next to her and handed Elle an apple and a chocolate bar. Elle wanted to eat the chocolate first but Georgie told her she needed to eat the fruit first, then the candy.
After the girls spent time picnicking and playing in the garden, their mothers got up and walked to them.
“It’s time to get changed, we’ll leave soon”, Josephine said.

“But daddy is not here yet!”

“Don’t worry, we’re not going without him. They will be here any minute.”
Georgie got up and noticed the strict glance of her mother. “Now look at you, Georgina. There are grass stains all over your clothes.”

“Sorry, mother.” She turned to Elle. “I’m going to put a new dress on, I’ll be back soon.”

“Dordie dehen?”

“Sweetie, Georgie only wants to get changed. I’m going to change your outfit too.” She picked up her daughter who waved at Georgie. “Bye Dordie!”

“Bye, Elle!” Georgie turned around and ran into the house, up the stairs to her room. She opened the big doors of her giant wardrobe and pulled out the new dress she got.
After she put it on she admired herself in the mirror. "If only Matthew could see me!"

"Georgina?" Her mother entered her room. "Don't forget your coat, honey."

"But it's warm outside."

"Yes, now it's warm but later it will get cold. Where is your coat?"

Georgie pointed at the pink Burberry trench coat that hung at her door.
"I wonder what Elle's wearing tonight. I could put a bit of lipstick on her face and..."

"Georgina", Josephine said before her daughter got too much into it. "She's not your doll, don't forget that, honey."

"Yes, mother." Georgie looked at herself in the mirror. "Do you think uncle Lewis will like my new dress?"

"He most certainly will."

"And will daddy like my dress too?"

Josephine smiled. "I's the mens' attention you care most about."

Georgie nodded while playing with her blonde hair. "Of course! If I don't look pretty nobody will ever marry me. And Matthew has to notice me too!"

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Lorelai and Elle got changed, when Christopher and Nick came back. They looked happy. “Mom, the Red Sox won. And I got a hot dog and dad allowed me a Coke. And we won.”

Elle giggled she was sitting on the bed and had looked at one of her picture books, but the energy of her brother was catchy and well he was her brother the best person on the world anyway. She jumped on the bed, but one look of her dad was enough to make her stop. With an innocent smile she climbed down. “My hat?”

“When we are back home you have to speak German again okay?”


He put the Red Sox cap he had bought for her on her head. “But you can’t take it out with you when we go to dinner. That’s one of those fancy restaurants. You have to behave very, very well. No running, screaming, throwing food or any other behavior Peter would like. I want that my little trouble-maker is today a well behaving little fairy. And when she is Papi has a present for her.”

The last sentence made her eyes shine. “Geschenk?”

“Yes. I saw this today and I knew you would like it.” Christopher showed her the new coloring book he had bought. It was one of Tinkerbell.

“Oooh. I dood dirl. Very dood.” Elle let her father’s hand go and went to Tigger. She hugged him very tight and then sat him down on her parents bed. With a serious look, or as serious a 2 year old can look she said. “Tidder, bleiben here. I dood dirl. You fun trouble.” Another hug for the soft toy. “I love you Tidder." She took the cap from her head and put it on Tiggers.

“Can dehen.” Nick rolled his eyes.

“Mom do I have to go. They are so weird I mean Adam is okay but the girl. She thinks she is a princess.”

Lorelai buttoned Nick’s shirt. “Yes you have to go and you should know that every girl is a princess. I want you to be a gentleman tonight. Be polite, use your table manners and just for one night don’t try to impress your sister. She is impressed by you anyway.”

“Fine. Do I get a present too?”

Christopher chuckled, when his wife said. “We’ll see, but I think I have something in my bag.” He had a look inside the bag and saw a new Captain America comic. “Oh mom please can I take it…”

“No you can have it tomorrow.” Nick pulled a sour face but when his little sister took his hand and whispered. “Det when leepin.” He grinned and nodded. He liked to pretend in front of other that he didn’t like his sister but the truth was. He would die for her. And so was the plan form to get the comic book and the coloring book as soon his parents were asleep.

The four Fee’s went downstairs and waited for the Gilmores. Elle had a little matching purse in which she had put some chocolate, sweets and a little book. Things she never left the house without. Nick was stunned when he saw Georgie appear. She did look like a real princess.

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Georgie came down the stairs, in one hand holding her little pink Chanel purse, with the other hand she held the hand of her mother, who looked just as elegant as her little daughter. Both ladies looked like they just came from a professional photo shooting.
Georgina's eyes wandered from cute little Elle whose dress looked like Minnie Mouse's to her older brother. Now that she saw Nick nicely dressed she paid more attention to him than before. He certainly paid attention to her, he didn't even realize that he stared at her with his mouth slightly opened. Georgie pretended she didn't see his stare and turned towards the Fee parents.
"You look very nice, Lorelai and Christopher, sir."

Elle's parents smiled. "So do you", Lorelai replied. "You look like you just popped out of a fairy tale."

"Thank you." Georgie was obviously proud to get all the attention, but then she turned to Elle who grinned at her.

"Dordie princess!"

"Thanks Elle, you look like a little princess too."

Nick, who stood right next to his little sister, blushed when Georgie's glance met with his. "That shirt suits you", she said with a professional voice. Nick's cheeks now turned deeply red. When he realized that everybody was watching him he quickly stared at the floor, scrutinizing his shoes.

Josephine quickly looked at her golden watch. "Adam? Are you coming?"

"I'm looking for the car keys!", he yelled back from upstairs. His wife rolled her eyes. "He always loses the car keys."

"Found them!" Adam walked down the stairs, looking just as dashing as the two Gilmore ladies.
He greeted the Fees with a smile. "You all look great!"

"What about me?" Georgie ran to him, wrapped her arms around his leg and looked up to him. "Am I not pretty?"

Adam kneeled down and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "You're prettier than the prettiest flower."
Georgie chuckled. She loved getting compliments from men, it made her feel special. Josephine sighed.
"If Adam continues giving her compliments like that all the time she's going to be very full of herself one day", she said with a lowered voice to Lorelai. "Well, she already is in the making."

Lorelai laughed. "I know what you mean."

After the Gilmores and the Fees left the mansion they got into their cars. Elle didn't want to let go off Georgie so Georgie drove with the Fees- which made Nick very uncomfortable because the three children all sat in the backseat, Elle between them, and Nick tried not to look at Little Princess Georgina because he knew he would blush again. Christopher was driving and followed Adam's expensive car. After about twenty minutes they stopped in front of the L'Espalier, one of Boston's finest restaurants.

"I guess we'll have to take a pass on burgers and fries today, kids", Lorelai said with a joking voice. "We'll have French food tonight."

"Gross!" Nick made a face. "Does that mean we have to eat snails?"

"French people don't always eat snails", Georgie explained to him. "They have really good food too, especially the Mousse au Chocolat."

"The what?"

"That's French and means chocolate mousse. It's a dessert."

Christopher laughed. "I see, do you eat here often, Georgina?"

"Well, here and then. Boston has so many restaurants."

"Wow!" Nick stared out of the window. "Check out the car, dad! It's a Jaguar!"

"That's my uncle's", Georgie said while scrutinizing her pink fingernails. Christopher parked next to Adam, and as soon as they stopped Georgie helped Elle getting out of her child's safety seat, took her hand and dragged her along to introduce her to the man and the woman who stood next to the expensive car, both very elegantly dressed.
"Hello, Uncle Lewis, hello Aunt Helen!", Georgie said in a cheerful voice. "This is Elle, my new friend." She turned to the little girl who looked shyly at the two strange people. "Elle, those are my uncle and my aunt.

"Hello, Elle." Lewis and Helen greeted her with a friendly smile, and Elle wasn't that insecure anymore and smiled back.
"Hallo", she said. Then the Fees and Georgie's parents appeared and Lewis and Helen were introduced to Elle's family. The Gilmores and the Fees were two families who couldn't be any more different, and yet it all seemed to fit somehow.
Before they went inside Georgie clung to her uncle's arm, looking up to him. She still held Elle with her other hand.
"Do you like my dress, uncle Lewis?"

"It is very pretty, Georgina." He looked at the smaller girl. "And you look very pretty too, Elle."

A wide smile appeared on Elle's face. "Danke!"

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Elle was speechless when she saw all the strangers and elegant dressed people in the restaurant. She stepped closer to Georgie and wished Tigger would be here with her. The waiter showed the way to their table and changed one chair to a higher chair for Elle. She was glad they had a junior chair and not one of those baby chairs. She knew her Papi would order for her so she took out her book and looked at it waiting patiently for something to eat. She was sitting between her dad and Georgie on which other side her Uncle, then Adam, Nick, Josephine, Lorelai and then Helen.Nick never stopped looking around his menu once in a while, to look at Georgie. He had to think about if girls were really that gross. But if he could pick a girl he would pick Georgie as his favorite girl, well right after his mom. The grownups had ordered. “Elle? I ordered some potatoes and chicken for you and also some vegetable. How does this sound?”

She looked up from her book lost in the memory of her dad reading it to her. “ ’toffels? Grünzeug?”

Christopher chuckled. “Yes potatoes and something green, pies and broccoli and some chicken, Hühnchen.”

“Okay. Warten?”

“Yes now we wait. Do you want me to read the book for you?”

Elle shook her head, and then she remembered that her mom once said it is not nice to answer a question not with words and she had promised her best behaviour. “No danke. Reden aunt.” Elle smiled and looked at the pictures in the book. Christopher kissed the head of his daughter and did talk to Georgie’s aunt. Not long before the food came the waiter came to bring the drinks and saw that Elle’s napkin was still on her plate.

“Little Miss, can I help you with your napkin?” Elle looked confused at the man. He took the napkin and put it on her lap. Now Elle was really confused. But the waiter didn’t notice her confusion so it was Georgie that heard her. “Not it wit foots.” That was when she saw all the cutlery around her plate. “Uh-oh.” She took all the knives and all her forks except the salad fork (which was the smallest fork), forgetting that she might need a spoon for dessert and turned to Georgie. “No this.”

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Georgie giggled when she saw how lost Elle looked at her.
"Dordie? Help? Dordie!"

"Aww, poor you! You don't know what you have to do with all the forks and knives, do you?"

Elle shook her head.

Now it was time for Georgie to show off. She sat up straight and explained the purpose of those 'tools' in front of her. When she was done, Elle still looked confused.

"Ich nur Gabel?"

"Excuse me?"

"Gabel enough?"

Georgie looked at Christopher for some help. "What is she saying?"

"She wants to know if it's enough if she only uses the fork, instead of everything else."

"Well..." Georgie turned back to her friend. "It's kind of difficult to eat the dessert with a fork, especially if it's Mousse of Chocolat. But I can understand why your are a little confused about so many knives. Are you even allowed to use a knife?"

"Usually not", Christopher said. "We cut the food for her and she uses either a fork or a spoon. She doesn't know how to use a knife and cut food anyhow. She would probably cut herself, our clumsy little Miss."

Georgie smiled. "When I was her age I already started learning how to use a knife, and not only for cutting food. I need to know how to defend myself in case something bad - "

"Georgina!", Adam cut her off with a strict voice. Georgie totally forgot that she wasn't allowed to mention anything like that to Elle.

"Oops. I'm sorry, I forgot." She smiled innocenlty while her parents scrutinized her strictly. Lorelai tried not to laugh and quickly got into a conversation with Helen to distract herself. Nick, who has been quiet all evening long, pretended he was reading the wine list, but in fact tried to catch a little glimpse of Georgie when she wasn't looking.

"What do you prefer, red or white?", Lewis asked the little boy who had the wine list pressed against his nose. The truth was, Lewis had already noticed Nick looking at his niece now and then, but the poor boy didn't need to know.

"Sorry?" Nick blushed, he felt like he was caught.

"You seem to be very interested in the wine selection. Any specific preferences?"
Now everyone looked at Nick.
"I...ahem..." He cleared his throat and looked at the wine list again. Too bad each one of the wines was French, so inpronounceable for him. "I think I like the...aeh...Bordux?"

"You mean Bordeaux?"

Nick quickly nodded, put the wine list aside and hoped the others would stop watching him.

Lorelai grinned. "I had no idea our son was a wine expert, did you, Chris?"

Her husband shook his head. "That's new to me."

"Wine?" Elle sounded interested. She was always interested in everything her brother liked. "Me too!"

"No, honey", Christopher said. "You have to wait 19 more years until you're legally allowed to drink wine."

"Why would you like to drink wine anyways if you can have tea?" Georgie looked at her.

"Hold that thought, Georgina", Adam said. "I really hope you're going to drink tea instead of alcohol at your first party."

"Of course, daddy, I like tea much more!", Georgie said with a big smile. The adults had to laugh.

"I wish they could always stay like this", Lorelai said, watching the two little girls. Elle played around with her fork while Georgie tried to explain to her that it was 'not appropriate' to play with your cutlery when you were in a restaurant.

"Nicht pielen?"

"No." Georgie took her fork and put it on the table. "Besides, you can hurt yourself and I don't want you to get hurt."

Elle watched the older girl. "Du aufpassen?"


"You watch me?"

"Oh." Georgie smiled at her. "Of course! I watch over you, Elle."

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Nick never stopped watching Georgie, even when their food arrived. He saw that Georgie helped to cut Elle’s chicken. She talked and listened to is little sister. She took her serious just like he does when they are alone. He realized that he had to change to get her attention. He really liked this girl and wanted that she liked him too. After the first course Elle needed to use the bathroom and Georgie offered to go with her.

“Doddie!” Elle squeaked when she saw a dog sleeping under one of the tables outside. She let go of Georgie’s hand and quickly disappeared out of the door. Georgie looked worried and wanted to follow her but Nick grabbed her hand and stopped her.

“She is fine, don’t worry. Dogs are her favorite animals and they like her.” He smiled knowing he was still holding her hand while they went outside slowly. Elle was sitting next to a huge dog and feeding him bread. The owner smiled at her. Even though Nick was standing with Georgie in some distance and he wanted to look at the blond girl his eyes never left his sister. He was tense and knew perfectly how to protect her.

“She always gets into trouble and I have to get her out. It is a good practice for being a hunter.” For a brief second he looked at Georgie to see how she reacted. “When I’m grownup I wanna go hunting. Have a hot car and help people, but I will never let Elle go hunting. Mom and dad want us to have normal lives, I’m not good in being normal. But Elle will be best in a normal live far away from the trouble of a hunter.” Nick let go of Georgie’s hand and walked slowly towards his little sister.

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The truth was- besides Matthew Broderick there has never been a boy who left Georgie speechless so far. In her pre-school class she was the one who was talking, surrounded by boys just staring at her, leaving them speechless. She was the one chuckling coquettishly while throwing back her long blonde hair, and she knew how to draw those boys' attention to her, and only her.
But how Nick unexpectedly took her hand, and the way he talked about his sister made Georgie the one being baffled. Of course, she didn't want to show the fact that she was kind of, well, pretty much impressed by him, so she needed to think of something to show him she was equally interested in him without looking like she was the one running after him. After all, she was used to boys running after her. For some reason her father wasn't very pleased about that, because one time when he picked her up from pre-school she told him that every boy in her class wanted to be her boyfriend and she got the largest amount of roses on Valentine's day, and Adam reacted kind of weird. He said she was too young for 'stuff' like that, and when she asked him what he meant with 'stuff', he said 'When you go to high school I'll make sure you're going to an all-girl school.' Georgie didn't really know why her dad acted like that, her uncle was the same way. For some reason the men in the family didn't want to see her getting so many roses from boys at Valentine's day, something she couldn't understand at all.

Georgie watched Nick talking to his sister who was still focused on the dog. He had told Georgie that he wanted his sister to be save from a hunter life, he was so protective. Georgie thought that was very cute. She also thought it was cute that he wanted to drive a hot car, she liked men with hot cars. She was pretty sure Matthew Broderick was driving a hot car.

"Dordie?" Elle looked up. "Klo!"

"You need to go to the bathroom, right?" She quickly took the little one's hand and walked with her into the Lady's bathroom while Nick was waiting outside. It took a couple of minutes- and he was pretty sure Princess Georgina had never helped a toddler going to the bathroom before- until the two came back out, Elle grinned widely at her brother.

"Kann ich Hund sehen? Bitte!"

Nick nodded. "Go ahead."
Elle smiled and ran to the dog. "Hi doddy, me adain!"

Georgie moved closer to Nick, so close that he could smell her sweet vanilla perfume. When he looked into her greenish blue eyes he blushed again. He hated the fact that he blushed all the time, but he couldn't stop it.

"So, Nick, you want to become a hunter as well?" Georgie crossed her arms on her back and looked up to him.

"Ah...yes", he said hesitantly. "You too, right?"

"Yes. And do you know how to defend yourself?"

Now he had to smile."Oh yes! I could shoot any monster that threatens my sister...or you."

Georgie giggled. "I don't look like it but I can protect myself. And it's really nice of you how much you care for Elle, you're cute."

"Cu..cute?" He repeated, quickly looking in Elle's direction to make sure she was all right. She sat on the floor next to the dog, talking to the animal as if it could understand every single word she was saying.

Georgie, with her arms still on the back, moved a bit closer. There was hardly any space left between the two. She flashed him her most charming smile.
"Nick, I should like to give you a...thimble."

Nick blushed once more. If he hadn't been the brother of a girl who was majorly obsessed with Peter Pan and whose duty it was to read that story every night to her, he would probably have laughed, thinking something like 'Why the hell does she want to give me a thimble?!' But he happened to be the brother of a girl who was majorly obsessed with Peter Pan, and he happened to read that story almost every night to his little sister, so he knew that a thimble wasn't just a thimble...

"But without tongue", he quickly said.

"Excuse me?" Georgie looked puzzled at him, obviously no idea what he was talking about. Nick cleared his throat.
"I heard the two sons of our neighbor talking about...a thimble. And they said they did it with tongue."

Georgie made a face. "Eww! That is disgusting!"

"I know." Nick nodded.
The two kids looked at each other for a moment, then Georgie stood on her tiptoes to give him a kiss. Elle saw what was happening, felt like she was in the middle of her favorite movie, watching Wendy giving Peter a kiss, then she got up and ran excitedly to the adults who all sat at the table.

"Mami, Papi!", she screamed.

"Oh, there you are honey, I was just about to look for you", Lorelai said.

"Dordie! Nicky!" She pulled her mother's sleeve.

"What is it, sweetie? Where are your brother and Georgie?"

"A thimble, Mami!"

"A thimble?", Lewis repeated, one eyebrow raised.

Elle nodded, grinning widely. "Dordie gave Nicky thimble!"

Lorelai, Christopher, Josephine and Helen immediately knew what little Elle was talking about because they all knew Peter Pan. The only ones who didn't get it were Adam and Lewis.

"A thimble?" Adam looked at his wife. "Seriously? I didn't even know Georgina had something like that."

"It means kiss", Christopher explained.

"Excuse me?", Adam looked confused at him. "What are you talking about?"

"In 'Peter Pan', Wendy says she wants to give Peter a 'thimble' but what she really means is a kiss."

Adam and Lewis immediately turned their heads to Elle.
"Georgina gave Nick a thimble, Elle?", Adam asked. "Like a 'Peter-Pan-thimble'?"

Elle nodded, her cheeks still red from the excitement.

It was hard to tell who looked more shocked, Adam or his older brother.

"You might consider the possibility of sending your daughter to an all-girls school", Lewis said.

"I already thought about that, and now I'm actually going to do it, believe me..."

"Adam." Josephine touched his arm. "They are kids. It's harmless, really."

Christopher and Lorelai seemed rather relaxed, Lorelai even tried not to laugh.

"Where are they anyway?", Adam looked around. "What are they doing now?" He was just about to get up when Georgie and Nick walked towards the table, acting like nothing has happened, both of them no clue that the entire table knew.

"There you are, Elle." Georgie smiled at the little girl. She didn't notice the stares of the grownups. Nick, however, did notice the evil glare of Georgie's dad and uncle. Too bad that his seat was right next to Adam's. He tried to act all cool, but when he sat down he still felt Adam staring at him. When Nick looked into a different direction his eyes met with Lewis' who looked extraordinarily strict, so he quickly stared at the table, hoping the next course would arrive soon.

"Georgina", he heard Adam's voice next to him. He still didn't dare to look up.

"Yes, father?" She sounded pretty calm.

"Is there something you might want to tell us?"

"No father...oh, actually, there is!"

Everybody held their breath.

"The walls of the Lady's bathroom were pink. Isn't that amazing?!"

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Elle thought all this was funny, she made bubbles in her lemonade in laughter. She really didn’t understand what all this fuss was about, it was just a thimble Georgie gave Nick. Just like Wendy did and no one cared about that. In Elle’s young head it didn’t occur that the thimble of Wendy and Peter was just in a movie and not real.

“Papi? You heiraten people?”

“Yes as a reverend I can marry people. Why did you found someone to marry?”

Elle nodded grinning. “I marry Peter, but Dordie marry Nick. She family.”

Nick looked shocked at his little sister. He really had to talk to her when to say something and when it is better to keep your mouth shut.

Christopher chuckled. “I’ll think about this when they are older and they ask me okay sweetie?”

Elle nodded satisfied and returned to her lemonade.

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That was a little embarrassing, Georgie had to admit, but for as long as she could remember she dreamed of being a beautiful bride one day. Wasn't that every little girl's biggest wish? She quickly looked in Nick's direction who stared warningly at his sister, his cheeks were red. She chuckled, still looking at Nick, who now glanced in her direction and smiled nervously.

"Yes, you said it, Christopher", Adam said in a strict voice that Georgie only got to hear when she was in trouble. "They can think about it when they are older... a lot older." He looked at his little daughter who smiled innocently at him.

"Don't worry, daddy, I won't get married until I'm at least sixteen."

Lewis almost chocked on his wine while Lorelai and Josephine started to laugh.

"What?" Georgie looked confused.

"When you're older, Georgina, I'm going to lock you up in a tower where nobody can reach you and for your education I'll hire a private tutor", Adam mumbled. "A female tutor, of course." He looked at Nick who scratched his neck nervously and desperately tried to avoid any eye contact with the men of the Gilmore family. Fortunately his mother changed the subject, and the adults quickly got into their 'grown-up-talk' (something incredibly boring like politics). Nick didn't look at Georgie for the rest of the evening because he was too afraid of feeling Adam's gun at his throat.

After dinner they went to the over-crowded parking lot, looking for their cars.

"So, you're coming tomorrow to the barbecue, right?", Josephine asked Lewis and Helen.

"Well, actually I still have work to do and-"

"Come on, brother, it's Saturday!", Adam interrupted his older brother. "You're not going to be in the office or any court tomorrow."

"Yes, please come", Lorelai said to Lewis and Helen. "My husband makes the best burgers, isn't that right, honey?" She touched Christopher's shoulder.

"Well, if you say so..."

Elle, who was holding Georgie's hand tightly, looked up to Lewis and Helen. "Komm!", she said with a big smile.

"See, Lewis", Helen said to her husband. "This young lady here insists for us to come, so we shouldn't disappoint her."

"Okay", Lewis sighed. "I'll do the work on Sunday."

Adam rolled his eyes. "Geez, you're such a workaholic!"

They finally found their cars, and when Georgie and Elle were just about to walk towards the car of the Fees Adam wanted to prevent his daughter getting into the same car like the boy, but Josephine grabbed his arm before he could walk to the kids.

"Seriously, Adam, what do you think they are going to do? Do you think a 5-year old and a 6-year old are making out in the car?", Josephine asked sarcastically. "And besides, both Christopher and Lorelai are there too, so there is supervision."

"Okay, okay!" Adam unlocked his car, watching Georgie helping Elle getting into the car of the Fees. Nick stood there with crossed arms and stared at the floor.

When they arrived at the house of the Gilmores Elle was already asleep. Lorelai took her up to her room and quickly put on her pyjama. She brought Elle to Georgie's' room who had also changed into her pyjamas, although it was less a pyjama and more the elegant nightgown of a little princess. Lorelai put Elle in Georgie's giant bed and kissed her daughter's forehead, then she said good night to Georgie and left the room.

Georgie tried to be as quiet as possible not to wake up Elle, but the moment she lay next to her Elle opened her eyes.

"Hi, Elle. I didn't want to wake you. You're so adorable when you sleep, you know that?" Georgie stroke Elle's warm cheek.

"Dordie", Elle whispered. "Dehen wir Nicky?"


"To Nicky!" Elle grinned.

"You want to go to your brother?", Georgie asked. "Are you sure?"

Elle nodded and got up.

"Maybe he's already sleeping", Georgie said, but Elle took her hand and pulled her. They left the room, and Elle was just about to start babbling when Georgie pressed her finger against Elle's lips. "Psst, we have to be quiet."

"Okay, Dordie."

The girls tiptoed through the long, dark corridor until they reached one of the guest rooms. Nick slept in the guest room across his parents' room. Without knocking at his door Elle pushed it open and stumbled into the room. Except the moon light that flooded through the window it was completely dark.

"Nicky!", Elle pointed to the bed where her brother was sleeping. They walked to the bed and watched him for a moment. Georgie covered her mouth because she was about to start giggling. Elle climbed into the bed and lay on Nick's right side, and Georgie also climbed into the bed, laying next to Elle. The little one, who was between her brother and Georgie, smiled happily. "Wendy", she whispered while touching Georgie's arm, then she touched her brother. "Peter", she said. "And me Tinkerbell! Nice Tinkerbell! Very nice! Not mean."

Her brother opened his eyes, and he almost fell out of his bed when he saw the two girls lying next to him.
"Pssst!" Elle pressed her finger against her lips. "Quiet."

Georgie smiled, giving her a kiss on the head. "Good night, little Tinkerbell", she said, then looked to Nick, who blushed again but she couldn't see it in the dark. "Good night, Peter." She blew him a kiss, then giggled and closed her eyes.

Nick shook his head. "Girls...", he mumbled, grabbed Elle's hand, closed his eyes as well and smiled.

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Lorelai went into Georgie’s room, she knew it was early but Elle woke up early these days and Lorelai didn’t want Georgie to wake up and have to take the toddler to the bathroom again. But she found the bed empty, for a moment panic rose in her heart but before she let the panic rose she went down the corridor to her son’s room. Opening very quietly the door she saw the three children sleeping peacefully in one bed. Elle was like the buffer between Nick and Georgie but they both had their arms around her and slightly touch each other by the hand. It was too cute. Lorelai grinned, went back to her room got her camera and took a picture of the three. She would print the picture on a shirt think of something funny to write on it and her 21st birthday present for Georgie was found. She chuckled and went back into her own room.

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Rays of sunshine brightened up the big guest room where the three kids were asleep. Even Elle, who usually woke up very early, was still sleeping. Yesterday was a pretty exciting but at the same time exhausting day for her, so she slept longer than usual. She felt her brother's and Georgie's arms on her, their hands were slightly touching. She felt safe the entire night long.

The sunshine tickled Nick's nose, and he slowly opened his eyes. His sister and Georgie lay next to him, sleeping peacefully.Everytime he saw Elle sleeping he couldn't imagine that there was possibly a little girl cuter than her, because she simply was the cutest of little girls in the world. He never told her that though, big brothers don't tell their little sisters that they are cute. He looked at Georgie who seemed to smile in her sleep. She looked like sleeping beauty, with rosy cheeks and the hair golden from the sun. He lay on his back smiling, thinking this was absolutely perfect...when he noticed something, or someone, in the corner of his eye. Someone was sitting next to the bed, watching them. Nick had a bad feeling, a very bad feeling. He swallowed hard before he slowly turned his head to the left side, his heart pounding fastly in his chest.
Adam sat in a chair, his arms crossed, staring at the little boy without any expression on his face.

Nick startled. "Jesus!"

"No, it's Adam", Georgie's dad said with a monotone voice.

"I...I can explain...I..." Nick's heart was racing, he thought it would jump out of his chest any second.

Adam still didn't show any emotion which irritated poor Nick a lot. "Can you?" Adam's voice sounded like the one of a creepy serial killer.

"I...I didn't do anything, I swear!" God, that man can kill with his gaze!

"Let me ask you something, Nick." Adam leaned a little forward. Nick tried to look all cool and relaxed, but underneath his pyjama his heart was racing so hard he could really feel it.
"Why is my daughter in your bed?"

"She...and Elle, and they...just like..."

"Yes...?" Adam raised an eyebrow.

"Dordie's daddy!" Elle woke up and was obviously way more happy to see Adam than her older brother had been. Nick was relieved that his sister finally woke up, she turned every tense situation into something nice with all her todder-babbling and her contagious giggling.

"Good morning, Elle", Adam said and shot her a brief smile. Nick was just starting to hope that Georgie's dad would relax a little, but as soon as he said good morning to Elle he stared at Nick again and his smile disappeared immediately. "You still haven't answered my question, Nick."

"I was just...and they...and then..."

"What are you doing here?", Nick heard Georgie's voice behind him. "Were you sitting here all morning, dad? Seriously? That's creepy!"

"Georgina", Adam said before she could start argumenting with him. "It's time for you to get up."



She rolled her eyes and climbed out of the bed. "But-"

"Not a word. Go to your room and get dressed." Although her dad never yelled at her she could hear exactly when she should better not argue with him. It were those moments when he was almost too now. That was actually scarrier than having him freaking out.

"Bye Elle, I'm just going to change in my room", Georgie said.

"You can take Elle with you", Adam said.

Oh crap!, Nick thought. I don't want to be alone with him!!!

Elle gave her brother a kiss on the cheek, stumbled towards Georgie and waved back at him. "Bye Nicky!"
Was it pathetic that he wanted his 2-year old sister to stay so that she could protect him from Georgie's dad?

As soon as the girls left the room Adam got up. Nick felt stupid, still sitting in his bed with his blue pyjamas, trying not to shake. He wasn't scared of monsters. Ghosts? Boring! Vampires? Ridiculous! But Adam Gilmore?That was a different story.

"I really like your parents, Nick", Adam said with a calm voice. "You're little sister is an angel. And I don't think you're a bad guy either..." He kneeled down to look right into his eyes. "But if you lay your hands on my daughter I'm going to use a demon knife and cut off every little finger of yours, are we clear?"

Nick swallowed. "Yes, sir!", he quickly nodded.

"Great!" Adam got up and smiled. "By the way, next week the Red Sox play against the Yankees. You shouldn't miss that one!"

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Nick looked shocked at Adam, he went from creepy scary guy to the guy who would make sure he can watch all Red Sox games. And what should he do with his hands on Georgie anyway. Nick was a bit confused, but it seemed to be okay with Adam again.

“Yes I know they play, but dad said he has to work on that day so I can’t go. I’m not allowed to go alone. I’m totally capable have taking care of myself, and there is nothing dangerous in a baseball stadium, at least nothing real dangerous.” Nick smirked.

Meanwhile got Elle dressed and made her way downstairs all by herself to the kitchen. She was carrying Tigger along and told him about the evening and that she was sorry she forgot him in her parent’s room. No one there was yet in the kitchen, she took a chair and opened the large glass door to the garden. She squatted down and talked to the slug she found on the ground, more in baby babbling then in real words. The sun shone down on her and made her hair shine. She looked happy even though for the moment it was just her and her little slug friend. Who she called Eugene.

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