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The Book of Elements

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1The Book of Elements Empty The Book of Elements on 21st July 2012, 05:06

The book is written in symbols and only people that believe in it can read it and sometimes only the parts they need to read.

The Book of Elements
Find the magic in you

The Book of Elements Tattoo
There were once four dragons: the Long Dragon, the Yellow Dragon, the Pearl Dragon and the Black Dragon. The dragons were compassionate and wise and were very upset when they saw that the world below was having a long drought. They appealed to the cruel and vain Jade Emperor but he refused. Taking matters into their own hands, they scooped water into their mouths and rained it onto the land below, saving the people.
This infuriated the Jade Emperor and he ordered that the four dragons be locked away forever in four mountains. A kind and wise nymph named Xin Jing, meaning Heart of Crystal in Chinese, felt that this was unjust and confronted the Emperor. Though unable to undo his spell, she still wished for the dragon's noble deeds to be remembered. She absorbed the Dragon's essence and became a dragon herself, flying away. The four dragons became the four rivers of China. After, all that remained to remember Xin Jing was a symbol that contained the Dragon's essences plus her own. The symbol was named the Heart of Life.

In everything and everywhere around us is magic, some can feel this magic others never do. But the ones that do can use it, they are channels for the magic through them.
The magic of the world is divided into four elements fire, earth, water and air. Each of the elements is guarded by a guardian.
The guardians of the elements are unaware of their powers but tend to like their element.
No element stands on its own they are linked with each other through the one link that binds them all, the Heart of Life. The heart is a chosen person by the elements that carries the symbol in their heart and even though the elements have no feelings they can see in who is right to link them together. The linked elements are the pure power of creation and destruction, but the power of the elements is neither good nor bad.

If the wrong person gets a hold of the Heart of Life and summons the elements to its command the persons heart will grow black and its soul will be lost if he cannot find her. Because love is the most powerful magic of all it always triumphs over the elements.

The Book of Elements ArielButtercup
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