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Liam O'Doherty

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Character Information

Real Name: Liam Seamus O’Doherty
Nickname: Fox cub, Handsome, Little man
Nationality: Irish
Date of birth: 17th March 1949
Family/Spouse/Children: Josephine O’Doherty (wife), Jane and Jill O’Doherty (daughters)
Hometown: Lives in Oxford now, but originally comes from Cork, Ireland
Education/Occupation: Headmaster of Waterfall Downs Academy for Gifted Youngsters
Favorite TV-show/movie/music: [url=]tbc[/url]; [url=]tbc[/url]; [url=]tbc[/url]

Physical Description
Weight: 150 lbs
Height: 5’8’’
Hairstyle and colour: dark brown hair, usually straight (unless his wife tousles it, then it’s messy)
Eye colour: blue
Physical build: rather slim, but in the past years he finally managed to get toned arms due to his swimming routine
Portrayed by: Logan Lerman

Liam O'Doherty Tumblr_lwf8a8SXUh1r3nt9jo1_500

Interests: Astronomy and science, photography, swimming, Cartoons (especially Tom and Jerry), reading, playing the guitar, ehm… girls’ underwear…, and most importantly: his wife Jo

Personality: Liam still tends to be immature now and then, but he has done some important growing up in the past years, ever since he met his future wife, Josephine Williams, who was introduced to him by no other than the woman he once was hitting on, Lorelai von Gruensee. In the beginning of their relationship he was struggling a bit since he still didn’t really know how a boyfriend was supposed to act and that certain things were an absolute no-go in a relationship (such as him still checking out other women or thinking of Lorelai’s curves) but with time he learned what it really meant to be someone’s boyfriend, and for the first time in his life he had really fallen in love with a girl.
Liam is still a smarty-pants and tends to say inappropriate things at the possibly worst moments. Not everyone gets his kind of sarcasm – especially not the high society of Oxford, where he happens to live in now- and human emotions remain a mystery to him. He feels very uncomfortable when people talk about their feelings, and he feels even more uncomfortable when he has to talk about his own feelings. Jo tries to make him understand that it’s perfectly healthy and nothing wrong with sharing feelings now and then, but he still has an incredibly hard time with it. However, the past years have taught him that he has to let Jo be part of his thoughts and feelings, otherwise she would feel left out and hurt. He has also a hard time telling Jo that he loves her because he already experienced that he loses someone as soon as he gets too attached to that person, so out of fear of losing the one person he loves the most, he doesn’t tell her how much he cares for her very often. The loss of his mother had changed him a lot and that’s why he has a hard time to open up and share his feelings with others. His fear of once again losing a beloved person has increased a lot during the past years. One other fear of Liam is that he will never be able to live up to Jo’s expectations, since she’s from the upper class and he’s from a humble background. It doesn’t matter how many times she assures him that she doesn’t care about those things, he still worries that he’s never going to be good enough for her. He wants nothing more than her happiness, but he thinks that most of the time he’s the reason for her being unhappy, especially since he’s often a little too insensitive.
Since he’s been with Jo, Liam has learned how to actually care and take responsibility for another person, something he wasn’t used to before. He would protect Jo with his life. Because of her he learned how to appreciate a girl not for her looks but for her soul (which he usually never really cared for as a teenager, he was more distracted by a girl’s cleavage). Jo actually manages to get out his soft side now and then, and sometimes she gets to see the boy that he must have been before his mum died, although he still hides that part of him very deep down and doesn’t always share it voluntarily with her.

History/Background: His first seven years Liam grew up just outside of Cork, in a small cottage in the Southern Irish countryside. His father left his mother Catherine after she found out that she was pregnant, and thus Catherine, still very young and left alone, had to rely on her parents’ help for the first years of Liam’s life while she started to work. Liam never got to experience luxury during his childhood and youth, but he was always fine with what he had, as long as his mum was with him. While Liam was in elementary school, he and Catherine moved a lot due to her job, and by the time Liam was 12, they moved to the States, where she got another job offer. They lived in a small, suburban town in Maine for about two years when Catherine died, thus forcing Liam to move back to Ireland to his grandparents, his only remaining family. There, he finished his high school one year later and told his grandparents that he would attend a college in the US, while he had already made other plans long ago, which did not involve further study. Seeing university as a waste of time, Liam decided to get to London and find another occupation there. However, shortly after he left his grandparents’ home he ran into Dick Pound, a man who had lost all of his memory. Liam followed him because he wanted to help him but also because he had nobody else he could turn to. With time they became some sort of team, Dick even saved his life, and after that the younger boy became even more dedicated to him. They moved to London together, and after two years both started to work for a spy agency. There, Liam met Lorelai, who would later introduce him to his future wife, but first Liam and Lorelai worked together and the 17-year old boy was undeniably under her spell. Not long after he turned 18, Liam met Lorelai’s younger cousin Josephine, and he fell in love with her the day he heard her playing the piano at her summer concert in Oxford. The two got together soon afterwards, and remained a couple for the following years, with many ups and also a few downs, but they always managed to work it out in the end. Liam also met his father completely by coincidence during that time, who happened to be Jo’s piano teacher and a well-known pianist. Liam needed some time to get used to the whole situation, but after a while he started letting his father into his life and gave him a second chance.
After being in a relationship for two years, Liam proposed to Jo, and they married in June 1970. The following year they turned the big estate of the Williams’ family into a school for gifted children, where both Liam and Jo are headmasters right now.

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