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Alfred 'Alfie' Jackson

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1Alfred 'Alfie' Jackson  Empty Alfred 'Alfie' Jackson on 8th August 2012, 19:13

Character Information
Real Name: Lord Alfred Broderick Jackson
Nickname: Alfie
Nationality: British
Date of birth: 11th November 1945
Family/Spouse/Children: Lord Broderick and Lady Charlotte Jackson (parents), Lady Eleanor Jackson (grandmother), Lady Cecilia (sister), Ricky Butcher (life partner/boyfriend)
Relationship with the Geeks: friend of Liam
Hometown: Oxford, UK
Education/Occupation: One doesn’t have to work when one has money (well, but before that he graduated with a first-class honours degree from Oxford University)
Favorite TV-show/movie/music: [url=]tbc[/url]; [url=]tbc[/url]; [url=]tbc[/url]

Physical Description
Weight: 175 lbs
Height: 6’1’’
Hairstyle and colour: short, dark blonde
Eye colour: blue
Physical build: tall and athletic
Portrayed by: Jake Abel

Alfred 'Alfie' Jackson  Jake-Jus-In-Bello-jake-abel-12522593-480-640-1

Languages (spoken and/or written): Is there any other language that matters besides English?

Interests: Young men, golf and polo, reading, expensive clothes and furniture, and Ricky (that boy he’s been seeing for years now and still doesn’t use that one ‘boyfriend’ word although he happens to get a certain feeling of jealousy when other guys talk to Ricky

Personality: When people meet Alfie, they immediately think he’s one of those rich (well, in his case the richest) Oxford boys who think they can get everything with money. That is certainly true, but he’s also a lot smarter than many of those kids from Oxford’s high society. Alfie tends to have a rather (if not completely) inappropriate kind of humour that shocks all those fine ladies whom his mother invites over for tea, and he always says what he thinks, no matter how harsh it may sound. He’s generally very sarcastic and not particularly good in making compliments, and if he does give compliments it sounds rather like an insult. Alfie isn’t mean on purpose, he just doesn’t know how to be a caring person since he never learned it. He isn’t close to his family at all, and he would never admit it but one of his biggest fears is that he will become exactly like his father one day.
He was always more interested in boys than in girls, probably because he considers girls as difficult, stressful and simply inferior to boys. He was raised with that very traditional view that women are only ‘second class citizens’ and he doesn’t like thinking of ever having to marry a woman, which his family expects from him, of course, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t sleep with girls now and then (only if they are pretty enough, of course). Alfie definitely has a soft spot for younger men, especially babyfaces such as Ricky and Liam. In the beginning he tried to convince Liam to ‘try out’ boys, but he quickly saw that there was no chance Liam would ever do that, so he accepted it and didn’t push him any further since his friendship with Liam is important to him. The most important person for him however is Ricky, who, despite being the complete opposite of him, is the first person he ever cared about, although he has a hard time showing it. Just like his mate Liam, Alfie doesn’t talk about his feelings, so he often appears cold and indifferent, which in fact isn’t true.

History/Background: Alfie’s family is one of the wealthiest and most influential families in Britain, and pretty much everyone knows about them, although Alfie –unlike his other family members- always managed to remain in the background. Everybody knows about his father, Lord Broderick Jackson, who has an important position in the British Parliament and is respected and feared by many. There’s always a lot of talk and gossip about him, his wife Charlotte and his daughter Cecilia, but there’s not much that people know about his son, who- despite being very open and anything but shy- always maintains a certain degree of privacy. Alfie grew up pretty much by himself. His father was barely at home and his mother was busy planning social events and attending them rather than taking care of her children. He had a few nannies, but they were neither nice to him nor did he show any respect towards them, so most of them quit after a very short time. He and his older sister Cecilia were never really close, so there wasn’t any point in spending time with her either. Instead, Alfie was showered with gifts to keep him entertained when he was little and he learned from a very early age on that you could get anything with money. Since he never got to know real affection he always assumed that money was the only thing in life that mattered. He also learned (by looking at his father as an example) that showing feelings is a sign of weakness and no man of the Jackson family is allowed to appear weak to the public since they have a reputation to maintain.
Since kindergarten age, Alfie and his ‘opponent’ Victor Gray know each other, always went to the same schools and most of the time ended up in the same classes. Alfie was always top of his class but none of his parents realised his potential since they didn’t pay much attention to him, which was later a fact he actually liked because he was glad that nobody in his family cared what he did, so he could enjoy a lot of freedom unlike his sister who was constantly the center of the family’s attention. Until he met Ricky, the word ‘relationship’ didn’t exist in his vocabulary, since he never had any feelings for anyone at all. Ricky is the first person he ever cared about, which wasn’t planned at all, of course, but it happened anyway. But even after being with Ricky for so long he still has problems referring to the younger boy as his ‘boyfriend’, but the truth is that he feels very protective about him- not that he would ever show it.

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