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Victor Gray

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1Victor Gray Empty Victor Gray on 8th August 2012, 19:16

Character Information
Real Name: Victor Douglas Gray
Nickname: None
Nationality: British
Date of birth: 14th February 1945
Family/Spouse/Children: George and Rebecca Gray (parents), Margareta ‘Maggy’ (wife), Ludmilla (daughter)
Relationship with the Geeks: Their opponent
Hometown: Oxford, UK
Education/Occupation: barely finished his Bachelor in Economics at Oxford University

Physical Description
Weight: 170 lbs
Height: 6’0’’
Hairstyle and colour: slightly curly, blonde
Eye colour: green
Physical build: rather muscular
Portrayed by: Alex Pettyfer

Victor Gray Tumblr_m8c8hej7Rt1ry6kkro1_400

Languages (spoken and/or written): English

Interests: Money, money, money and more money, gambling, cars, working out (like weight lifting), drinking

Personality: Victor is one of those selfish, rude, power-seeking young men who don’t care about other people at all. Money always mattered more to him than people, and he tries everything in his power to get money. He knows how to manipulate people and he doesn’t care if someone gets hurt as long as he gets what he wants. He’s bad at losing and tries to make life for people harder who win against him or stand in his way.

History/Background: The Grays only achieved their wealth due to Victor’s great-grandfather who came to great fortune, so Victor grew up wealthy and went to the best private schools together with the richest children of Oxford, one of them Alfred Jackson, whom Victor has always seen as a threat, especially since Victor’s family was never one of the old, traditional families such as the Jacksons who have always been rich, but his family only came to that wealthy lifestyle not that long ago. However, since the Grays apparently never knew how to handle money , they soon not only had debts but actually lost their entire fortune, and Victor thought of possibilities to get to a lot of money in a very short time, such as marrying young and naïve Josephine Williams who had a whole fortune just waiting for him. Over time he tried to charm his way into her life, but she was never interested in him. However, her mother liked him and thought that he would make a suitable husband for Josephine, so it seemed that he would get what he wanted very soon- until this Irish country boy appeared out of nowhere and destroyed all his plans, since Josephine married Liam later, not him. Victor ended up marrying a girl he knew from Oxford University, Maggy Abbenworth, who he had also gotten pregnant unintentionally, of course, but he wrongly assumed that she was wealthy- which she wasn’t because her family had lost a lot of money as well, so there was nothing he could get out of this marriage.
Up until this point Victor still hasn’t given up that sooner or later he will get to the Williams’ fortune.

Victor Gray MissAusten

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