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Adventure Outline: The Undying

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1 Adventure Outline: The Undying on 21st August 2012, 23:01

The Undying

1. The TARDIS crew deal with the fact the Doc has changed regens. The Doc is unaware he’s changed at all.

2. The Doc sets course for 20th century earth, but is drawn off course by a signal. Cue a scramble to try and correct the TARDIS, with Sara joining in to help.

3. Land in 19th century Hungary. The Doc want to investigate the signal, alone. For once will not take no for an answer. Jamie may take some convincing.

4. The group enjoys the local sights. On the way through the country, where they meet a man. He rambles for a bit, then hurls himself off a cliff into a raging river.
Inside the local town, where they encounter a small child who claims his/her mother is no longer their mummy.

5. Something odd is going on, some people are acting strange (see below) Spot the man who jumped earlier, but he has no memory of even being in the countryside, let alone jumping.

6. Investigate the strange people. The one common link is that they have all recently visited Lord Townshend’s manor. Who happens to be throwing a ball their tonight in honour of the visiting Elizabeth ‘Sissi’ of Austria.

7. Infiltrate the party, this can only go well…

8. Bach is capture and locked up with the Doctor. They manage to escape, but not before being process and having hologram copies created.

9. The holograms try and capture the rest of the party, but this attempt is complicated by the real Bach and Doc showing up. Cue complicated chase.

10. Everyone get captured and meets the big bad: Time Lady Rigan

11. Second escape attempt. This one goes better, and the Doctor is able to sabotage the hologram generating equipment.

12. Rigan escapes in her TARDIS.

13. Everyone heads back to the TARDIS to escape the inevitable awkward questions. Sissi will come along, and we fly into ‘Battlefield’…

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2 Re: Adventure Outline: The Undying on 5th September 2012, 21:47

The bullet points of the first post have been extended, hopefully making things a little clearer. When we get closer to each specific point I’ll post a more detailed description.

Sissi can join in the game any point between 4 and 7. You can post earlier if you want, to cover getting into the two where the adventure is set.

The Undying: Several members of the town (suggestions for a name is very welcome!) and almost all of Lord Townshend’s staff have been replaced by hard-light holograms. Occasionally, they may become aware of what they are, which will cause some programming glitches (see the man throwing himself over a cliff). There are two signs that mark an ‘Undying’ (so called because you can’t kill them. That’ll probably come up in the chase sequence). First, they hardly ever blink, and when they do it looks forced. Second, if there is a sudden and unexpected emotional stimulus (i.e. a joke in the middle of a dry conversation, or a sudden unprovoked slap from a friend) it will take a second or two for them to react, as if they had programming that needed to catch up. At first the group will suspect Lord Townshend of being behind the Undying, but it will turn out that he has been replaced himself.

Further expansion of point 1) It would probably be best if Jamie or Bach posted first, as the girls reactions are probably going to be limited to ‘who are you’ before the boy’s explain. Keep in mind, the Doc doesn’t know he’s swapped bodies. Also, would the Bach know this is actually an earlier regen, so something is slightly wrong?

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3 Re: Adventure Outline: The Undying on 6th September 2012, 18:13


Sounds good. I plan to get a better look at this later, and unless BA's free soon, I'll gladly post, as Jamie/Second Doctor is perfection.

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