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Welcome to Reanimated RP!

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1Welcome to Reanimated RP! Empty Welcome to Reanimated RP! on 30th October 2011, 17:34


Welcome! Glad you found us!

Let me be the first to welcome all newcomers to Reanimated.

Our mission is to provide a space for play-by-post roleplay, fan-fiction, and simple fan conversation and interaction for various popular fictional universes. Here we re-imagine, or re-animate, those universes in a manner that, we hope, will be fun for all. So far we have spaces for CW's Supernatural, BBC's Merlin and Doctor Who, and a Spy Game mash-up, and we hope to expand into other worlds as well.

This hardly means, of course, that we exclude original RP universes (see: Project Angel), which is getting it's own brand of reanimation, but if you want a familiar space to gather to, where fans of a TV show, film, or book can take an active part in their commitment to fandom, then you have absolutely found the right place.

If you are interested in joining our little community, visit our Welcome Board or FAQ section for more information, and please peruse our Rules section as well. Also feel free to Private Message Maeglin or Ariel Buttercup with any questions.

Welcome home! Smile

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