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Victor Gray's future bride

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1 Victor Gray's future bride on 4th September 2012, 08:56

July 1961

Victor Gray knew all her life that most likely she was the girl he would marry, no not because he was fond of her, but she knew that she had money and most likely would inherit everything of the Williams fortune. He didn’t even thought of her as being pretty, during all her childhood. She had this horrible bushy hair and the more boring brown eyes. But here he was, knowing this would be his wife. He had to make sure she knew this too. It was summer and the Williams had their typical summer party in July. Josephine was ten and still boring she often read a book and needed to be reminded by her nanny that she had to talk to the guests. She was allowed to play with the other children, not that they wanted to play with her. Everyone thought of her as weird.

“Hey Josephine, how are you doing?”

“I am fine thank you Victor. How are you?”

“I am a lot better now that I am with you. “ He grinned at her cheeky. “Hey I wanna show you something.” He took the girls hand and pulled her away from the crowed. When they were in a quiet corner of the garden he lifted her up on a bench so that she was higher up. “Close your eyes, Josephine.”


“I have a surprise for you.”

Jo looked once more skeptical at Victor but closed her eyes. Victor imagined her to be hot and sexy, leaned forward and pressed his lips on hers, and soon his tongue was in her mouth. He held her tight, so tight that she felt his body right next to hers and something was wrong with his trousers, there was this hard bump right under his zipper. Jo tried to push him away but not until she accidentally kicked her knee into him she let go of her. “You bitch! What the hell do you think you are doing? I’m not kissing any girl.”

“Sowwy.” Jo started to cry and ran away…

Christmas Eve 1962

Jo loved the Christmas party in Waterfall Downs. Victor had caught her and pulled her along in the cloak room. “Tonight is your lucky day.” He pressed her against the wall and pushed his hand under her dress. It didn’t take him long to reach her knickers and what was covered by them. “I gonna make a woman out of you before you are even a teenager.”

Victor opened his trousers and what Jo saw made her scream she remember how she kicked him two years ago at the summer party but this time he made sure she couldn’t kick him. So she took all her courage together and spit him in the eye and then ran as fast as she could. That night she didn’t left her fathers side.


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