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When a fox cub becomes a man

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1 When a fox cub becomes a man on Tue 4 Sep 2012 - 9:07

17th March 1967

Lorelai grinned, she got out of the tub, dried her hair and rolled it up, and she was only wearing a dressing gown. The room service knocked, and Lorelai didn’t bother to cover herself more. Her décolleté was well the gown did not cover her curves in a way it would be appropriated, but she was too damn proud of her body.

“Miss, oh my… I mean, room service, your Champagne, strawberries and your melted chocolate.”

“Thank you, I’ll manage it from here.” She handed him his tip and ushered him away. She pushed the cart with the Champagne and the strawberries on ice and the chocolate heated up that it was just about melted. She had the bed sheets changed earlier; they were now silk sheets in a cream colour.

She was all ready, the Champagne and two glasses were in her reach, she was wearing a hot and sexy green lingerie, and an Ireland green bow around her neck. Liam’s birthday was ten days ago. Since ten days he was of age and they finally had a couple of days off. She had told the Concierge to give Liam the room key and to tell him that she had booked everything. The covers were pulled back just when the reception called her to tell her that Liam just made his way to the room. She poured two glasses of Champagne and waited sitting in a sexy pose on the big arm chair. He unlocked the door walked in and it took him a moment to realize what was going on.

“Lorelai… you.” Liam had closed the door, but he back away from her. As usual he was blushing but this time he had a reason and a damn good one.

“Happy birthday, Liam. I know it is ten days late, but there was no time earlier.” Lorelai smiled seducing at him. “I did promise you this.”

Liam was standing against the door, his mouth opening and closing without leaving any sound, until Lorelai walked closer. “Lor wait… I can’t… we can’t…”

“Oh Liam, you make this much more complicated than it is. I’ll teach you very slowly and gentle, only if you want…” Lorelai saw the horror, disbelieve and shock in his eyes. “… Never mind it was a stupid idea.”

She picked up her dressing gown, and walked towards the door. It wasn’t that she actual felt bad in trying, but she was never rejected… well just once and this one time ripped a hole in her heart she still tried to fill.

“Don’t…” it was a whisper of him.

"Okay, get a grip, idiot!" Liam thought. "Seriously man, that's what you always wanted. There is a half-naked woman in the bed. Not only a half-naked woman, but the hottest woman on the entire planet! And she's waiting for you! So what the hell are you waiting for?"

Lorelai was almost out of the door.

"Wait!" He felt stupid because his voice suddenly got as high as that of an 8-year old. He cleared his throat. "Um...I mean...I..."

Lorelai turned around to look at him and smiled. "It's okay, you're not ready yet, I understand."

"Yes! I mean, no! I'm...I'm ready, like, really..."

She got closer to him, slowly lowering the dress she still held in her hand. "Fuechschen, you don't need to prove anything to me. If you're not comfortable with-"

"I'm ready!" he said, half desperately and half confident.

She moved her finger gently across his lips, still smiling. "I almost believe you, Wilhelm."

Liam smiled nervous, a part of him wanted this so badly but another part was… simply said scared. Lorelai would know exactly what she wanted and he had no idea. Geez, most of the time he had no idea how to talk to her on a normal day basis. Lorelai didn’t want to push him in any way, but she saw that he wasn’t sure what he actually wanted. So all she could do was give him time and slowly show him what he could have.

She took the room key out of his hand, and dropping it together with her dressing gown to the floor. With anyone else she would have pushed on the bed, but Liam was different, she took his hand and gently pulled him to the bed, on which she sat down first, tapping the place next to her. He sat down looking at his knees.

“Liam…?” She started but he interrupted her.

“I want this… you.” He still didn’t look at her, no matter how certain he started to sound. Lorelai was wondering how much he thought with his brain and how much with his pants. She took the glasses again and handed him one, not to make him drunk it was more to give him something to do. Something that was less scary and more normal. Liam downed the glass in one gulp and was about to refill his glass when she gently but certain took the bottle out of his hands.

“It doesn’t help you to get drunk, all that will happen that you pass out… Look at me Liam, please.”

He looked up slowly, and Lorelai saw what she was hoping for. He did want this, he was just scared because that was not something you can learn from a book. She put their glasses away while she said. “Don’t worry I’ll teach you, just as I taught you how to drive and if you think at any point you learned enough you say stop and we finish the lesson with a kiss. It is easier and much more instincts than you think.”

A small smile appeared around his lips. Since she didn’t want to overwhelm him she sat back down next to him, and kissed him gently. It was nothing more than their lips brushing each other. While she unbuttoned his shirt, button… by… button until his bare chest was visible to her.

“Oh…” He blushed realizing that no matter if he was now eighteen or just seventeen he still looked like a teenager.

“I never saw you as the child you saw yourself, your body is young but your mental age is much older maybe even older than me.” She teased him and he was caught.

“You are not old.” He actually sounded like he was flirting with her. She smiled and kissed him this time more passionate. She felt for a moment his fear and shock, but he caught himself and followed her lead. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, but it was too much he pulled away looking sorry.

“It is not difficult, I’ll show you. Give me your hand.” Lorelai was holding up her hand and he put his hand shy against hers. She started to play with his fingers and first he didn’t know what to do but then he got it. It is a game of their fingers, they pulled and tugged at each other. For some time he was watching their hands but he noticed Lorelai’s face so close to his. He turned around and looked at her, never stopping the game with their hands. Lorelai noticed him looking at her but she wanted him to do a move, so she waited kept looking at their hands playing, nearly dancing with each other. Time passed and the urge in Liam grew until he closed the short distance between his and her lips. This time Liam kissed Lorelai, it was a shy kiss and he still let her lead to go further on but he kissed her. Lorelai smiled and kissed him back, and this time slowly pushing her tongue into his mouth. Her tongue met his and very gentle the game their hands had just played, were now played by their tongues.

Lorelai didn’t break the kiss but stick her finger in the melted chocolate and wrote on his bare chest.

“What…” Liam broke the kiss and looked down at himself, on his chest was now the word HOT written. “How will you get it off?” He asked innocently. Lorelai kissed him one more time on the lips before her tongue was slowly licking of the chocolate. Liam did as she had planned, he leaned back until he was lying on the bed. It didn’t take long for her to lick of the chocolate and when she kissed him again he smiled. “You taste like chocolate.”

Lorelai giggled. “I thought you are the smart one, of course I taste like chocolate.” She kissed him again and started opening his pants, when suddenly he grabbed her wrists a little rough to stop her. She stopped kissing him and looked him right in the eyes. “I want this, just I…” He closed his eyes. He tried to keep it together. “I don’t want to disappoint… you.”

“You can’t.” She kissed him again and again until he released her hands.

“I’m sorry if…” he mumbled.

“…if what you are too fast, don’t worry about that. You will do fine.” Lorelai whispered back. After some struggling and awkward moments they enjoyed their time together.

“Didn’t you say you would disappoint me? That was amazing.” She let go of him and he lie down next to her.

Liam smiled shy at her. “Really?”

Lorelai laughed about the disbelieve in his voice. “Yes really.” She kissed him gentle. “Happy birthday Liam.”

“This was by far the best birthday ever…” He looked at her curious.


“What are your middle names?”

“You really ask me this while I’m lying naked next to you?”

“Well yes.”

“Lorelai Lieselotte Wilhelmina Von Gruensee is my full name.”

“You called me earlier something…”

Lorelai grinned. “Liam is the Irish version of William, which is the English version of Wilhelm.”

“Wilhelmina.” He repeated in his heavy Irish accent.

“Yes the female version of Wilhelm.”

“So we have the same name? Can I call you Mina?”

“Yes you can, but does it matter that we have the same name?”

“No… yes it, Mina I… I think I’m falling in love with you. And now that I know we have the same name, we… we belong together.”

Lorelai sat up and shook her head. “Liam listen, we here tonight was, it was fun but nothing more. I care for you a lot but not in this way. I don’t believe in love, not anymore and… I treasure our friendship don’t destroy it by telling me that you love me. Just don’t.”

“But Mina I do love you.” Liam was sitting as well.

Lorelai climbed out of the bed putting on her dressing gown. “I shouldn’t have done this. Liam I’m not in love with you. Sorry this all was a mistake.”

“Mina, please listen… I…” Lorelai shook her head and fled out of the room. She ran to her own room on the next floor upstairs, it was until she had reached her room door that she realized she had forgotten her key in his room. It was a long time ago when she felt like this; helpless and as if she lost everything. Liam was becoming her best friend, yes he was young but somehow they trusted each other. And now she had lost him… She had lost everyone. Tears were running down her face, just as she started sobbing she slid down the door. The last breakdown she had like this was on her wedding day. She didn’t know how long she was curled up in front of her door until she felt a hand on her back, a touch she knew so well.

“Lory, darling what happened, are you hurt?”

John’s strong arms lifted her into a sitting position. She shook her head. “I’m fine… just… what are you doing here?” Lorelai tried to dry her tears but they just kept running.

“I was on my way to my room from the bar. What happened?” John sounded concerned, it calmed her down.

“I… I slept with Liam.” It was not more than a whisper, and she looked down on her knees.

“You slept with the baby?” John looked very surprised at her.

“I do everything wrong, there is this guy I really love and he stands me up on our wedding day and this ripped a hole so big in my heart that I try desperately to fill it, but no matter with how many men I sleep it still hurts. And then I actually find a friend, someone I can trust nearly as much as… I trusted you… even though I never loved him the same, but I mess up everything.”

John brushed her hair out of her face, pulled her dressing gown to cover her properly and kissed her cheek gentle. “I never meant to hurt you, where is your key, you can’t sit outside of your room?”

“I forgot it in his room.”

Lorelai was still sobbing heavily.

“Come here.” John picked her up made sure she was well covered, and carried her to his own room door. Lorelai was holding on to him tight, as if he was the only safety that kept her from drowning. He sat her down on the bed, took off his shoes and slipped behind her. She snuggled close to him. “I should go and talk to him.”

“Let him calm down and you need some sleep. Talk to him tomorrow. And to the hole in your heart, let me fix it.”

Lorelai shook her head. “It is a long time ago I believed in love, when you didn’t show up I realized that as long we do what we are doing we will never be really together. I would always wait for you and one day you wouldn’t come back and I wouldn’t even know where you are, how to find you or if you even are still alive.”

Lorelai shivered, and John pulled her closer. “I am so sorry I broke your heart I never meant to. Lory I never stopped loving you, and thinking of you.”

Lorelai nodded but new tears stopped her from answering, she turned around and laid her head on his chest. His heart beat calmed her down, maybe also him rubbing slowly circles over her back. She fell asleep in the arms of the man she never stopped loving.

She woke up early and managed to sneak out of his room down to the reception and get a new key for her room. Lorelai was glad that Charlie was waiting in her room, he seemed okay. She took a quick shower, got dressed and went to Liam’s room. She knocked and heard footsteps right away. Liam pulled the door open.

“Mina! I was… Listen I…”

“May I come in?” She asked shy.

“Yes of course come in, I’m sorry.” He stepped out of the door frame and let her walk in.

“Liam, you are one of my best friends, I don’t want to lose you. I shouldn’t have sex with you. I’m sorry this is all a mess.” Lorelai looked down at Charlie, hoping Liam would forgive her, someday, somehow.

“Oh Mina, of course I forgive you. You did nothing wrong. You made me the best birthday present I could ever get. I should have never said what I said.”

“Are we still friends? Because I really need one right now.”

“I will always be your friend.” He took a brave step and pulled her in a tight hug.

“I told John he broke my heart, and… he… he said he never… stopped loving me.” She felt Liam stiffen.

“I’m sorry never mind. Want to go with me and have an early breakfast downstairs?”

Liam nodded and off they went.


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