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A gay love in blossom

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1 A gay love in blossom on 4th September 2012, 21:55

This wonderful story is written in cooperation with MissA, We had a lot of fun being gay for three days during the process.

A gay love in blossom

Since the weather wasn’t too shabby (well, for British weather standards) many students at Oxford University sat outside during their free periods or lunch breaks instead of staying in the buildings. In his breaks Alfie preferred to be by himself, reading a good book such as ‘The Great Gatsby’, which he was reading for the fourth time already. He was annoyed when other professors asked if they could join him because he really liked that time to read, and not be distracted by older guys who were talking about the most horribly boring and unimportant things one could possibly imagine.
Alfie sat on one of the benches and was focused on his book, but then he looked up because he thought he heard the annoying voice of that one professor who constantly joined him in his lunch breaks because he didn’t have anyone else to bother and obviously liked Alfie’s company, but luckily it wasn’t the professor after all.
Alfie was just about to get back to his book when something caught his attention, or rather, someone. Two students sat on the grass not too far away from him, one of them was Josephine Williams and the other was this boy who was always with her. Alfie didn’t know his name, he was obviously not from Oxford’s upper class otherwise he would know him, but he was always dressed really nicely for someone from the lower class. He was probably one of those scholarship kids who made it into this university not because of money but because of his achievements in school. Alfie had seen him before, he was always at Josephine’s side, maybe he was her boyfriend but they seemed more like friends rather than a couple.
Alfie lowered his glance and continued reading, but he had lost his focus, so he looked up again and caught himself looking into the direction of Josephine and her friend. He started to wonder who this boy was. He was without a doubt a virgin, Alfie had a sixth sense for those things and he could immediately spot a virgin in a crowd of hundreds of people, and that boy definitely didn’t get laid yet. He looked incredibly innocent, like one of those boy scouts or choir boys. Alfie always liked those younger-looking boys, there was something pretty about them that older and more mature men didn’t have. Of course he wasn’t interested in actual little boys, he was definitely not a paedophile, but he liked boys with babyfaces, and Josephine’s friend was exactly one of those boys.
That same moment her friend looked up and their eyes met for a brief moment, but then Alfie looked down and continued reading.

Ricky and Jo were sitting on the grass in the sun, had their usual lunch picnic. They had their first draft of their essay they had to write for their British Classic class and a very specific way of working through them. It was them talking about their books comparing them to each other to discover the meaning of each of their books. When Jo noticed that Ricky was distracted and first she thought Liam had come to surprise Jo but he was in London working, and then she saw who distracted Ricky.

“That’s the teaching assistant Alfred Jackson. I told you about him, he is the one really mean to me.” Jo said following Ricky’s gaze.

“He is just a very strict teacher.” Ricky answered a little dreamy.

“I don’t think he dances this dance, I’m sorry.” Jo said since they were in public she was careful how to say things.

“Oh, um yeah I know I thought so as a Jackson he can’t, I bet he is already engaged to a girl of the upper class. It’s not you is it?”

“No of course not remember mother wants me to marry Victor Gray.” Jo shook herself by the thought.

“No you will marry Liam and have beautiful babies and live in Waterfall Downs a happily ever after.” Ricky giggled.

“Come on I better say hello to him or my marks for the essay I handed in yesterday will get deducted.” Jo packed her things together, got up and walked with a shy Ricky over to Alfred.

“Hello Mr Jackson, it is a lovely day I hope you are having a nice lunch break. This is my friend Rick Butcher, you may have met him.” Jo said politely to Alfred Jackson who pretended to read a book. Jo knew too much about books and she saw when people not really read in them. It was the way he was looking at it not seeing the letters.

Okay, this was kind of awkward, Alfie didn’t think they would come over but they did. While Josephine greeted him he kept his eyes on his book as if he was still reading- which he wasn’t. He didn’t bother to look up until a moment of silence had passed, then he looked up slowly.
“Hello”, he said without any sign of emotion. “No, I don’t believe we have met”, he added, and he slowly turned his head towards her friend. Yes, a virgin. Without a doubt. He basically had the word ‘virgin’ all over his forehead.
“Hi”, Rick said friendly. There was something shy and naïve about him that Alfie found kind of attractive. He usually didn’t care for inexperienced men but there was something different about this boy, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Maybe it was just the fact that Alfie felt like getting into the knickers of a virgin for a change, his last virgin was a while ago. Normally he didn’t prefer virgins because they were all clumsy and so damn inexperienced, but sometimes it could be fun too. Before he got the chance to think about how he could get this boy virgin laid, Alfie cleared his throat and got up.
“If you’ll excuse me, my break is over.” That wasn’t true, he still had a bit of time left but he had there was one little thing he had to take care of before he would get back to class. He went straight to the students’ regency.

The secretary smiled politely at him. “Mr Jackson, how nice to see-“

“There’s a student’s timetable you need to get for me”, he interrupted her before she could go on with her annoying babbling.

“Of course! What’s the name?”

“Rick Butcher.”

“Let me check.” The secretary vanished behind her desk and looked through the folders while Alfie crossed his arms and leaned against a wall.

“Can you hurry up a bit? I’m not getting any younger here.”

“I’m very sorry, Mr Jackson.” The secretary grabbed the folder and handed him the timetable.

“Thanks”, he replied coldly and left the students’ regency.

Two days later, on a Friday, Ricky walked out of his classroom, his eyes on the paper in his hand. He didn’t look up and walked straight into something- or someone.
“Oh, I’m so sorry.” He immediately took a step back and finally looked up, blushing at the same moment when he realized that he had walked into Alfred Jackson. “Oh, hi…ehm…hi…” He started to blush even more, and Alfie didn’t know what it was, but he kind of liked that, it was just another sign on how innocent this boy was.

“You’re not busy, right?” It was less a question and more a statement, as if he wouldn’t allow a ‘no’.

“Ehm…right now?”


“Not really, no.”

“Okay, you can join me for lunch then.”

Ricky looked confused at Alfred. “Yes Sir, is there a problem? Did I do something wrong? Wait I’m not in one of your classes am I?”

“Yes you ask too much Questions.” Alfie snapped while he turned around and walked away to his car. He wouldn’t have lunch in one of those crappy campus restaurants, he would take the boy to Le Bon Goût.

Ricky followed him quietly.

“You smoke?” Alfie asked just when his driver opened the door.

“No sir.” Ricky said, for a moment Ricky considered not getting into the car but then he thought nothing would happen or harm him.

“Good. Don’t spoil the seats when you sit down.”

Ricky sat down carefully, he admired the luxury car.

“Sir where are we going? If I may ask?” Ricky looked shy at his knees.

“I thought I told you to stop all those questions, it is tiring. You better like the exquisite French kitchen.”

“I’m very sorry Sir but never had the pleasure of eating French.” Ricky was now really intimidated, he didn’t know how to tell Alfie this one little problem. “Because erm… Sir I… I think… Sir I don’t think I can effort to eat in an expensive and exquisite French restaurant.” Ricky nearly started crying in embarrassment.

“It will be my treat.” Alfie said as if nothing was with it. They just stopped outside the restaurant.

“Le bon goat? What kind of a name is that?” Ricky asked, he always knew he should have learned to speak French. “I’m sorry Sir that is probably wrong. I didn’t mean to disappoint you, sir.” Ricky was not yet following Alfie but standing shy and scared at the side.

Before Alfie could stop it, he just burst out laughing which seemed to irritate that poor boy even more.
“Disappoint me? What is this here? Kindergarten? I’m not your father you have to kiss up to.”

Ricky looked shyly at him. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“And what are you apologizing for? You didn’t do anything wrong except your translation. We’re not eating in a goat”, he added teasingly.

“Oh…” Ricky blushed again.

“Are you waiting for Mary Poppins to fall from the sky or why are you still standing there?”

A brief smile crossed Ricky’s lips. “You’ve watched Mary Poppins?”

“Do I look like I’ve watched Mary Poppins?”

“Not really.” Ricky followed him inside. Of course the restaurant was extremely fancy and Ricky felt out of place, no question about it. He felt like a little scared boy who was very tempted to hold daddy’s hand, but he obviously couldn’t do that. The waiters in the restaurant seemed to know Alfred- well, everyone did, in and outside of Oxford, although he was the one member of the Jacksons that people knew the least about, he really managed to keep some privacy which was astonishing considering the family he came from. The waiters immediately greeted him, took his and Ricky’s jacket and led them to the nicest table in the restaurant. Ricky felt helplessly intimidated by everything but he didn’t want to show that fact too much. After all, Alfred was very generous to him and it would have been rude if he behaved weirdly.
“So, you’ve never been to a French restaurant before?”, Alfie asked.

“No, sir.”

“Would you stop with the sir crap? I feel like an 80-year old dude if you call me sir all the time.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want-“

“And you have to stop apologizing for every little ridiculous thing. Guess what, it’s not all your fault, you know?”

Ricky nodded. “Sorry, I was…oh…eh…I didn’t , I’m sorry…oh God, I can’t stop saying sorry!” He immediately worried that he would annoy the other boy, but to his surprise he chuckled. Alfie was surprised a little by himself as well, he couldn’t remember the last time someone amused him like that. Well, if Victor Gray walked against a wall and broke his nose while seagulls were pooping on him Alfie would laugh as well, but that was another sort of amusement. Ricky however amused him without having to do much.

“So, Rick-“



“You can call me Ricky if you want.”

Alfie looked at him quietly for a moment. “Okay.” He nodded. “You like any sports?”
He decided to ask him those kind of questions first before he would go into the more personal question area.

Ricky looked at the menu and didn’t understand a word, and suddenly he went pale. Alfie watched Ricky, for some reason he really enjoyed doing that. When the waiter came he ordered in French, he didn’t really speak French but he was often enough here to order in French.

“Oui monsieur.” The waited bowed and left.

“I took the liberty of ordering for you as well. You eat beef.” As usual he didn’t ask and more told Ricky.

“Yes I do, and thank you, si-.” Ricky broke off just in time before he called Alfie sir again. “My father would prefer if I like football, or rugby. But I really like polo and a little horse races. I think they are fascinating sports. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of seeing a good game life. I just read quite a lot about it. What about you, Mr Jackson?”

Ricky started to wonder why Alfie asked him to this lunch. Maybe Jo was wrong? Maybe Alfie was dancing this dance?

Alfie was surprised not only that Ricky liked polo, but that he actually never had been to a polo game before. Well, true, only people with money attended polo matches and Ricky was obviously from the other side of Oxford. It was hard for Alfie to imagine that he had never been to a polo game before, especially since Alfie basically grew up on polo games. It was the one thing he had always loved when he was small. He never really felt ‘home’ in the huge halls of the Jackson villa, but as soon as he got out to a polo field he felt a lot more like home. The first time his father took him to a game he was three years old, and he got lost and his father didn’t notice that his three-year old son was gone until the game ended. In those hours everything could have happened to Alfie and his father wouldn’t even have noticed that, he was too busy hitting on young ladies. As soon as Alfie was old enough he went completely by himself, he didn’t want his parents or his dreadful grandmother to come with him.
“You have time next Saturday”, Alfie said, once again not asking him properly.

“I…ehm…think so…”

“What? You have a girlfriend to go to?”

Ricky blushed. “No, I’m not busy. There’s just this one essay that I have to finish, but I should be done by next Saturday.”

“You better be.” Alfie took a sip of his wine. “I’m taking you to the polo game. It’s in fact a very important one, so missing it is not an option.”

“Wait…what?” Ricky looked surprised. “But I…are you sure?”

“I wouldn’t say that if I wasn’t sure, would I?”

“I guess not.” Ricky stared at his hands. “Anyway, I really, really appreciate that you want to take me, that’s really nice of you, Mr Jackson.”

“And would you stop calling me Mr Jackson, I feel like I’m my goddamn father.”

“I’m sor-“

“What did I say?”

“Oh, yes. No apologizing” Ricky looked up nervously. “How do you want me to call you then?”


Ricky looked a bit surprised. He didn’t know anyone who approached him with his nickname, and he really hadn’t expected that he out of all people would be allowed to do that.

“So, next Saturday, got it?” Alfie raised an eyebrow.

When Ricky went home that Saturday he was basically floating. Even though Alfie was a gentleman at the match they looked like friends. Alfie was introducing Ricky as his friend to people they met. It was Wednesday when Alfie called at Ricky’s house during dinner time.

“Bloody hell does people have no manners?” Thomas Butcher grunted.

“Don’t worry you finish eating and I’ll answer the phone.” Emily got up and answered the phone. “Hello Emily Butcher speaking.”

“Good evening, I need to speak with Ricky Butcher right away.” Alfie said nearly sounding polite.

“Of course Sir, Ricky it’s for you.” Emily looked worried at her son.

“Hello?” Ricky answered a little shy.

“You and I are going away over the weekend there is a big polo tournament in Bath and you going with me.” Alfie ordered as usual.

“Good evening Sir that sounds very interesting.” Ricky had a hard time not to jump up and down in excitement.

“You parents are listening? How bloody small is your house?”

Ricky didn’t answer.

“Never mind, I’ll pick you up on Friday after your last class and you will be back Sunday evening.

“Okay that sounds good. Thank you very much for this opportunity.” Ricky said now really worried how would he act around Alfie when he spend the weekend with Alfie. Did this mean Alfie was homosexual? Oh so many questions and no answers. He wished he had money to go shopping but he didn’t or more he couldn’t ask his father for money for new clothes.

“Father, mum I’m at the weekend I’ll be in Bath. There is a special American Classic expedition and Jo invited me to go with her and Liam they got an extra ticket.” Ricky had to remember to tell Jo tomorrow that he used her as a cover. He was so excited.

“That is wonderful. You will have a very interesting weekend.” Emily said over her chicken pot pie.

“There are American classics? That are news to me.” Thomas mumbled.

It was Friday afternoon when Alfie picked up Ricky after his class. “You got everything?”, he asked.
Ricky nodded. He had brought a larger bag to uni today since it was not only his materials for class he was carrying but also things he needed for the weekend. Although…there was one little thing he hadn’t admitted to Alfie yet. He didn’t have the money to buy suitable clothes for an event as important as that polo tournament in Bath. He did have nice clothes, but he worried it wouldn’t be good enough for spending an entire weekend among the richest of the British society.
“Alfie…”, he started and looked shyly on the ground.


“I’m afraid I don’t have suitable clothes for this occasion…”

“I already took care of that”, he replied without even blinking.


“I bought some clothes for you.”

“But…eh…you know my size?”

“I’m good at estimating sizes, so I think the clothes should fit.”

“But that’s…I can’t just take clothes from you, that’s too much.”

“Too much? It’s just clothes”, Alfie said, not quite understanding what Ricky’s problem was. “I hope you like Burberry, I took the liberty to decide what you’re going to wear, but no worries, it will all look nice on you.”

Ricky stared shocked at him. “You bought me something from Burberry?” Of course he knew all the important brands, but unfortunately he couldn’t afford them, otherwise he would wear them constantly because they were really nice-looking.
Alfie ignored two older professors who waved at him, he really wasn’t in the mood to talk with them. Most of his time he was asked for his family, that was pretty much the only reason why everyone was so nice to him- because they were scared of his last name and the power that came with it.
“My driver is here. I hope you don’t get sick in cars, the drive will be around two hours.”

“No, I’ll be fine.” Ricky got into the Rolls Royce. He was definitely not used to driving in luxurious cars like this. “Do you have a driver’s licence?”, he asked out of curiosity.

“Yes, but I have to admit that it’s not much use to me”, Alfie said. He scrutinized the younger boy quietly. Ricky seemed a bit nervous, which was kind of appealing somehow. Alfie was surprised about himself that he hadn’t slept with him yet, not even tried to. When he wanted to get into someone’s knickers he didn’t even bother waiting, he just got what he wanted, was done with it and moved on, that was it. He never slept with one and the same person more than once, why should he? It must be boring to sleep with the same person a couple of times. He had never taken it slow before. With this boy, however, it was different somehow. He approached the whole situation differently. He totally wanted Ricky, his innocence and naivety attracted Alfie, but instead of pushinh him he actually waited.

Ricky stared at his knees and started to blush. “So…we…um…is there going to be a hotel where we stay?”

“No, I thought we could get a tent and camp in the woods”, Alfie replied sarcastically. “Of course there’s a hotel, a pretty good one, as a matter of fact. Many members of the Royal family have stayed there for decades already.” A cheeky smile played around his lips. “You don’t mind that we stay at a hotel together, do you? Don’t worry, I ordered a suite, so it’s more than just one bedroom.” He could see that Ricky was blushing even more, and he really liked that.

Ricky didn’t know what to read in those signs. Alfie bought him clothes, he invited him, was he thinking to dress him up like a puppy? He should have told Jo about this and talk to her, but for some reason he hadn’t told her. He was all on his own here and suddenly he was scared. Scared what Alfie might plans on doing with him.
As soon they arrived at the hotel, Alfie didn’t bother to take care of the luggage and when Ricky was about to take his bag he gently grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him along. They had a nice suit with two bedroom, and two bathrooms a living room and an office area not to mention the newest TV and a large roof top balcony. They were totally separated from the rest of the guest rooms and pretty much from the world. No one could see what they were doing on the balcony.

“Get changed we will have tea in about fifteen minutes.” Alfie ordered, just when he pointed at his bag to be brought in the master bedroom. He let Ricky decide in which bedroom he wanted to go. But while he stripped off all the way to his undershorts and then to Ricky’s shock Alfie took even those off. Ricky turned around grabbed his bag and the second bag with the clothes Alfie had bought for him.

“The master would like you to wear the beige assumable it should all be put together.” An old man said behind Ricky. “I am George, the Master’s servant and if there is anything you need young Master I will do it for you.” The old man bowed down and waited for Ricky to tell him to leave, but Ricky didn’t know he had to tell him. He just stood there amazed.

“That will be all George I call if I need you.” Alfie said as he showed up in a fresh pair of underpants. “Come on Ricky, get changed the clock is ticking.” Alfie was getting dressed while he was eating fresh berries dipping them in cream.”Or do you need me to help you?”

Ricky went pale like a sheet. “No!”

Alfie laughed and left Ricky’s room so that Ricky could get changed. A few minutes later Ricky was dressed in the beige outfit Alfie had put together, and even though Ricky loved this outfit he needed to make one thing clear. So just before they left the suit he stopped Alfie by his arm.

“Um Alfie. Those clothes, they might just be clothes in your eyes but for me they are a lot more. I can never afford even a pair of Burberry socks, I mean don’t understand me wrong I really like them but you didn’t have to do this.”

“And I told you not to worry about this.” He actually sounded unusually friendly, almost gentle. Which surprised him. And even kind of scared him because he had no bloody idea where the hell that came from.



“Okay, but-“

“No.” Alfie shook his head. “Arguing is pointless, got it?”

Ricky nodded quickly. “Yes, sir!”

“And you’re doing that ‘sir’ thing again.”

“I’m sorry.”

“And now you’re doing that apologizing thing again.”

“I…eh…” Ricky paused for a moment. “Don’t know what to say anymore.” His cheeks turned red again.

Alfie grinned. He knew he made Ricky all nervous and it really turned him on. He wanted to push him right back into the room and take this boy’s innocence right away- but he didn’t. Something stopped him. Something inside of his head actually told him not to. He so wasn’t used to this whole ‘taking it slow’-thing, it was weird and confused him. Before he could change his mind, he turned around. “Let’s go, I don’t want to be late.” Now he had this usual rather harsh tone in his voice again, and Ricky followed him like an obedient puppy.
The guests in the hotel all looked like Ricky had expected; undeniably rich. However, since he was all dressed in Burberry, nobody could tell that he was from a different social background.
They sat down at a table a bit away from the others. Ricky had already noticed that despite Alfie’s wealth and name he didn’t like to be in the spotlight, which surprised him. One would expect that the only male heir of the Jackson family wanted to get all the public attention, but Alfie obviously wasn’t like that. When he was among a large crowd, he always made sure he had his privacy.

“Can I ask you something?”, Ricky looked shyly from his cup to the older boy.


“Do you…ehm…do this often?” He felt that he was blushing again.

“Do what often?”

“Bring people along to polo matches?”


“So why did you take me?”

Alfie didn’t even blink, he almost looked bored. “Why shouldn’t I? You told me you like polo but never have been to a tournament, so there you go.”
That was not an answer at all. Especially not for Alfie. He was asking himself why the hell he actually brought someone along. When he wanted to sleep with someone he just did, there was no invitation to polo games or dinners.

“And you…um…don’t mind getting undressed in front of people you don’t know?” Now Ricky was blushing like crazy.

Alfie just took out a flask, poured some of the scotch into his tea and slipped the flask back into his pocket. “Why, you didn’t like what you saw?”, he asked teasingly.

Ricky cleared his throat, not knowing where to look, so he stared at his hands. “I didn’t mean…eh…what I meant…”

“It’s okay, Ricky-boy, I was just messing with you.”

“Oh, okay.” Ricky nodded, but then he felt something under the table. Alfie’s foot was rubbing against his, but before he could react, the older boy drew his foot back and waved the waiter to their table. “We need more milk”, he said, completely ignoring how surprised Ricky looked at him.

Even during the match Alfie had his private box and let Ricky alone play along during the half time break to straighten the grass with all the other viewers. And it was weird he enjoyed watching the Lover Boy laugh and have a good time. It… felt like drinking one of his very strong favourite whiskeys it was burning his inside but it was a good burn. Oh god he so wanted this boy and the bizarre thing was not just for once. He knew he wanted him more than this one time at this weekend. He already thought about what he could do next to see this innocent smile on the boys face. It was a beautiful smile.

They had dinner alone on the roof top balcony under the stars. Alfie let Ricky talk, and talk and talk about everything once in a while he made a sarcastic comment but mainly he just watched him. It was late when he got up, he knew what he wanted next but he would not force the boy, not this time.

“It’s late and we will have another long day ahead. There are a few people I need to meet before the matches in the afternoon. So it is time to go to bed.” He said on purpose not sleep.

“Yes okay, um do you want me to stay tomorrow at the hotel?” Ricky got up too George gently took the plates he was putting together out of his hands.

“Why would you? You then wouldn’t meet those boring but important people.”

“Oh yes I understand.” Ricky smiled shy.

“George! That will be all clean this up tomorrow, go now!” Alfie said sounding strict. George bowed to both men and retreated into his small room across the hall he had no room in the suit but was close in case his master needed something during the night.
Ricky didn’t know what to do Alfie went into the master’s bedroom. He stopped in the doorframe. “Are you coming?” He asked actually sounding very gentle.

Ricky stood shy in the living room, he wasn’t moving an inch even though he really wanted to. “I… um Alfie… I…”

!!!Over 18 Warning!!!! Warning homosexual sex scene!!!

“I know.” Alfie took a deep breath, and walked back to Ricky. He brushed gently his lips against Ricky’s. “I won’t make you come with me, but if you decide you want to come with me I want you to know that I will not hurt you, ever.” Alfie whispered while his hand was resting on Ricky’s hip. “So what will it be? Each of us sleeping alone or do we sleep together in one bed?”

Ricky was trying to think clear but all his thoughts were running around in circles. He tried to speak but he didn’t know what to say, Alfie saw that Ricky wanted to follow him but he was also scared to do so. So he took his hand and guided him very gentle into the master bedroom, but making sure he didn’t drag him. He didn’t want to force him, for the first time he wanted to keep him.
Very slowly he closed the door, there were many candles lighting the room.

“It’s like a fairy tale.” Were the first words Ricky spoke.

“No if this would be a fairy tale it would be long over.” Alfie grinned while he slowly unbuttoned Ricky’s shirt.

“Alfie I don’t… know what you want me to do.” Ricky whispered shy and scared.

“Don’t be scared.” Alfie whispered back. He knew that was easier said than done but he wanted Ricky not to be scared of him.
Alfie kissed Ricky and this time is was a more intense kiss, while his hands were roaming over Ricky chest. He pulled him to the bed. So far Ricky was just following his lead not knowing what to do, where to put his hands he didn’t even know if it was okay to moan in pleasure.
“Don’t be scared to do what feels right in your pants, do what you want to do and I’ll follow.” It was sickening in Alfie’s eyes how much he wanted this night to be special for Ricky and not himself.
Ricky nodded, very shy and with trembling hands he unbuttoned Alfie’s shirt. Alfie saw that Ricky wasn’t sure what to do next so he went ahead and started kissing the boys chest and pushed him down in the pillows. Gradually and tender Alfie started moving his hand up and down Ricky’s shaft not stopping kissing those sweet lips. And without thinking twice Alfie moved down and gave Ricky a blowjob that was mind-blowing.

After a lot more things that made Ricky scream in ecstasy and in the end also gave Alfie the so much wanted orgasm the sun was rising. Ricky was resting his head on Alfie’s chest while Alfie was smoking a cigar. They both were still naked and just be still in the moment. Ricky had many praises for Alfie in his mind but he didn’t feel like sharing those yet. All he did was smile while his eyes were closed. He knew they had to get up soon to get ready to meet those people but right now he was too happy to be scared of meeting high society people.

“Next weekend you will stay at my flat in Oxford.” Alfie said, sounded still like he was giving an order but hidden in between the lines it was a lot softer and things Alfie didn’t dare to think about. He was still rubbing gently over Ricky’s back, and needing to be close to him.

“And the weekend after that too, Lover Boy.”

Ricky lifted his head and looked at Alfie with dreamy eyes. “I think I can arrange that.” He whispered seductively.

“Dude, do you ever get enough?” Alfie laughed as he grabbed Ricky’s ass tight and pulled him up to kiss him again.

Major problem. Really, really serious.
When Alfie got up to get dressed while Ricky was still sleeping, he realized that today he had to get a little distance from this boy. Just to make sure. He didn’t know what was wrong with him, he just knew that something was seriously wrong. Although Alfie might have played with the thought that he wanted to see this boy more than once, this voice inside of him told him that it would be like it always was; he would sleep with someone once, and then drop that person right afterwards. He had to be in a really good mood to at least say ‘bye’ before he got up and left, and that didn’t happen very often. But…it came differently than he had expected. He really wasn’t done with this boy yet. He totally wasn’t done with him yet. It was the first time ever that he had slept with someone and actually wanted more of that person, not just this one time. And what the hell has gotten into him with that candle lighting crap? He had never lit candles for anyone, why should he? He hated anything related to romantic stuff, and candles were definitely part of this whole romantic crap. But he really wanted Ricky to feel comfortable… It was also the first time for him that he cared how someone else felt. He never bothered to care how the person he slept with felt, he only cared how he felt, and when people sucked in bed he absolutely didn’t mind telling them right into their faces.
Alfie took a quick shower first before he got dressed, hoping his head would clear up a bit after a cold shower, but he couldn’t stop thinking of his weird behaviour. He tried to get rid of those questions in his head, like why he cared about how Ricky felt and why he didn’t get enough of him yet. Alfie decided not to wrack his brain by thinking about all those things and instead just try to go ahead and see what would happen in the future. He could always dump Ricky if the boy would get too attached to him.
When Alfie left the bathroom, all cleaned and dressed, he heard one of the Beatles’ songs coming from the bedroom, and it wasn’t hard to guess that Ricky had turned on the radio. Alfie was about to say something sarcastic when he stopped by the sight of Ricky cuddled into the pillows like a little boy, listening to the Beatles in the radio. Even if Alfie took his innocence yesterday, he still looked as innocent as a catholic school boy. And suddenly the thought of dumping him was completely vanished.

“Which song is that?”Alfie asked, almost indifferent. “I’m not good with music, except classical and operas.”

Ricky looked up, he hadn’t noticed him. “Oh, hi…” He started to blush again. “It’s ‘I want to hold your hand’, one of my favourite songs. I really like the Beatles…”

A smile crossed Alfie’s lips. “Why am I not surprised?”
He didn’t tell Ricky, but if was the first time ever that someone he had slept with had actually stayed the night and woke up with him. Nobody had ever woken up next to him, Ricky was the first who did.

Ricky looked curious at Alfie, he wasn't sure if he gets up and goes naked in the shower and in which shower and if Alfie really meant him to come along.

"Alfie are you alright?"

"Yeah of course, do you want breakfast?" Alfie snapped out of his thoughts and took the room service menu.

"Yes that would be nice. Maybe some toast and a tea." Ricky mumbled he still didn't get up.

"You do know that I saw you last night, right?" Alfie looked now amused at his lover boy.

"Erm yes I know." Ricky was by now tomato red in the face. And finally Alfie couldn't hold it anymore and stared laughing.

"The shower is nicely hot and there is lots of smelly stuff you will like. And I expect you to wear light blue today." Alfie went in the living room to give Ricky some privacy and get a drink or maybe even two. Not long after that room service arrive with a tray of everything from the menu. And also Ricky came fully dressed to join him on the balcony. "Should you drink that early in the morning without a proper breakfast? You should eat something or you are getting sick." Ricky looked worried and still so damn innocent at Alfie. A huge part of Alfie just wanted to kick this boy out and tell him go to hell but each time he opened his mouth to do exactly that he couldn't do it. It must be the shell fish he had last night for dinner. Maybe those are the signs of food poisoning. But to his surprise Ricky handed him a plate with crumpets, cream and a few strawberries. "Here eat this." Alfie was actually too shocked that this boy cared enough to make him eat breakfast. This is all rather confusing and it does not seem to end very soon. As weird as it sounds something was about to blossom.


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