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Sebastian Smith

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1Sebastian Smith  Empty Sebastian Smith on 20th September 2012, 18:42

Character Information

Name: Sebastian Smith
Nationality: British
Date of birth: 30th September 1946
Family: Olivia Smith (mother), identity of his father is unknown, yet it happens to be Lord Broderick Jackson
Hometown: Oxford, UK
Eduaction/Occupation: went to public school in Oxford but didn’t go to university afterwards since he didn’t make any effort perusing an academic career. Currently employed as staff in one of the cafeterias at Oxford University
Portrayed by: Grant Gustin

Sebastian Smith  Tumblr_maenktDS4I1r7gazvo1_500

Background and personality:
Sebastian was raised by his mother, a former maid, in the poorer part of Oxford. Since his mother worked long hours and various jobs, she barely had time to raise him so he grew into a spoilt boy who didn’t know any rules. From an early age on he picked on younger and weaker children and quickly became the school bully. In high school his favourite victim was the younger Ricky Butcher who he tormented for years until both graduated and went different ways.
After school, Sebastian worked in many different jobs to help supporting his mother with paying the bills. Ironically, his father- who Sebastian never got to know anything about- happens to be the richest man in the area. Sebastian is the illegitimate child of none other than Lord Jackson himself, who got Sebastian’s mother pregnant while she worked as a maid in the mansion of the Jacksons. As soon as Lord Jackson found out about it, he fired her and made her promise never to tell anyone about it. In return, he regularly sent some money but it was barely enough for her and her son so they remained living with a bare minimum. Sebastian was anything but the nice and caring guy in school, and he still hasn’t changed. He’s generally mean and likes to tease other people to make himself feel better, and also to distract others from his insecurities. He always manages to find the weak spot in someone and knows exactly what to do to make others feel insecure as well

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