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Growing Up

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1Growing Up Empty Growing Up on 29th September 2012, 22:21

Ariel Buttercup


This is not part of the RPG Spy Game even though some of the characters from the game will appear and take place at some points in the story but they are just interpretation of MissAusten and me, we do apologize if anyone is offended and think we misinterpreted their character. In that case we just borrowed the idea of the character and never meant to copy the characters.
This is a nice little two girl game for MissAusten and me (Ariel Buttercup), but we will be happy about every reader the story attracts.

It is a long time since the geeks met, and it certainly was a time full of events no one had expected. By the end of the second book Jo’s life was hanging by a thread, does she survive> Will she see her twins again or will Liam lose his wife forever? There will be a lot of growing up to do by everyone.

I hope you enjoy the story, we certainly do.

The unsorted soundtrack

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2Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 29th September 2012, 22:47

On the evening of the 6th of May the phone had rung in Waterfall Downs Academy for Gifted Youngsters, and Ellen White just happened to answer it. In fact, she had been a bit worried since Liam and Jo had just taken off and were gone for hours, and since Jo had been highly pregnant and overdue Ellen, who was a mother of two herself, worried that something could happen to the young girl. Then the phone call came, and to her relief it was Liam who said they were okay- and at the hospital because apparently Jo’s water broke while they were in the cinema. Ellen wanted to get right in her car and drive to the hospital but Liam assured her that they were okay and needed her to stay at Waterfall Downs to make sure nothing would go wrong while they were gone.
Ellen could barely sleep that night because her thoughts were constantly with Jo and she hoped everything went well. After just a few hours of sleep she got up early the next morning, preparing breakfast for her children while she waited anxiously for another phone call assuring her that Jo and the baby were well. Finally, shortly after her older son left for school and she was alone with little Gracie, the phone call came and Liam brought some very unexpected news- he and Jo were parents of twin girls. Nobody had expected that, especially not the parents, and now they did not only have one beautiful and healthy girl, but two. When Liam called her that morning he was alone with the girls while Dr Forbes took care of Jo. He actually didn’t really know what was going on with Jo, but he assumed she would sleep by now, so he took that time to make a phone call.
The moment Liam said bye and hung up, Ellen dialled Lorelai’s and John’s number, and after that she got out the list of important numbers that Jo had next to the phone and called everyone on the list to let them all know that there were two new O’Dohertys in this world.

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3Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 30th September 2012, 11:23

“I’m sorry for the early disturbance, but may I speak to Professor Williams or the Ladyship?” Ellen said politely to the maid that had answered the phone.

“The Lady will not be happy to be called to such an early hour during breakfast. Please wait one moment.”

It was silent for a while and then Elizabeth strict voice answered. “Yes, please? It is rude to disturb people during meal times.”

“I’m very sorry Lady Williams, this is Ellen White. I am a teacher at your daughter’s school. I am calling to bring you the wonderful news that Jo went last night into labour and gave birth to two healthy little girls Liam said that they have no names yet, but Jo is fine and so is he… and he ask us to let them rest before visitors come swarming the hospital…”

“For God sake be quiet woman. Are you telling me my daughter has… twins like a peasant? That is a tragedy.” Elizabeth snapped at Ellen.

“Yes twins, like a mum that has so much love that the lord gave her twins.” Ellen said sounding annoyed.

“Oh heavens that is clearly a tragedy. I will go to church and pray for her soul. This Irish country boy is ruining her angel-like soul…”

“Mrs White, it is so nice to hear from you. How do you do?” Colin’s voice interrupted his wife.

“I am very well. Rather busy today, Jo went into labour last night and as far as I understood it she gave birth to two healthy little girls.” Ellen said a second time.

“Oh how marvellous. Please let them both know we are delighted and would like to visit and meet our granddaughters as soon as possible but we respect that Jo needs some time to rest. Would you mind calling when we can visit? I will also arrange a gift basket. Is there anything you need, I can cover a few of Liam’s classes if he is okay with that.” Colin sounded really happy and excited.

“That would be wonderful. Thank you very much Professor Williams. I don’t want to be rude but I’ve got a few other people to call.” Ellen smiled she preferred this reaction a lot more then Elizabeth’s… or for the matter of fact Ricky’s he had been crying into her ear and she was barely be able to tell him everything.

“Oh yes of course. Thank you for calling.” They both hung up. Ellen was smiling this was a wonderful morning.

Meanwhile far away in a hospital in Oxford

Dr Forbes looked at the sleeping Jo, the young girl was now safe. Now that she saved her, fixed the tear in the placenta and further, Jo was still able to bear children if she wanted to. She had changed into fresh scrubs so when she would go to Liam he would not see that his wife nearly bled out. Since Jo was still unconscious she could not talk to her to find out what the young girl wanted her husband to know. Dr Forbes checked once more Jo’s vitals and then went to Liam, on the way she got a cup of tea and a muffin for Liam, the nurse had mentioned that Liam hasn’t eaten since Jo was submitted.

“Good morning new daddy. How are you doing? How are the twins? Do you have names yet?”

Dr Forbes sat down next to Liam and put his muffin and tea on the table next to him. It was midmorning the town outside was awake and busily buzzing.

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4Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 30th September 2012, 13:59

“Thanks for that”, Liam said while he took a sip of his tea. “Honestly, I feel like I’m on some kind of drugs that don’t allow me to sleep. I’m kind of tired but on the other hand too awake to even close my eyes for a bit, I feel like I had three tons of sugar and six tons of caffeine.”

Dr Forbes chuckled. “I guess that’s the excitement and the lack of sleep.”

“Oh yes.” Liam nodded. “How is Jo? Can I see her?”

The doctor was quiet for a moment. “She’s sleeping right now, we had to…we needed some time to fix her up a bit, but now everything is okay.”

“Did something happen?”

Dr Forbes wasn’t sure how much Liam should know about what had happened to his wife, and that he almost lost her. “Let’s just say it had been really exhausting for her. You know, giving birth to two children isn’t easy.”

“But she’s okay now?”

“Yes, she is.”

“Thank you for everything, Dr Forbes.”

“Well, I just did my job…”

“True, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate what you did for us, what you did for Jo.”

“You’re welcome.” Dr Forbes smiled. “So, have you decided on any names yet?”

“Well…we haven’t really talked about it so much because Jo worried that something might happen to the baby if we plan things too early, but I really prefer simple names, I’m not a big fan of weird, unpronounceable foreign names or something like that.”

“Yes, that’s understandable.”

“But we already agreed that their second or third name will be Catherine. I think Jo mentioned once that she would like the baby to have an Irish name, but I doubt that anyone here in Oxford, well, in this entire country will be able to pronounce that, so maybe we can figure out Irish names as second names. You know, with a nice meaning and all.”

“That sounds like a good idea. Well, I had to say that since I’m Irish too.” She winked at the young father.
Liam got up and looked at the big pin board that was spread across the wall, full of pictures drawn by small children or written poems from older children. There was one piece of paper that caught his attention, with a quote by Jane Austen, ‘What is right to be done cannot be done too soon’.
“Jane”, he said.

“I’m sorry?”

He turned around and sat back down. “I think Jane is a nice name for one of the girls.”

“It is a nice name. Very simple, very classic. And a great woman like Jane Austen bears the same name”, Dr Forbes said smiling.

“Exactly.” Liam nodded. “Later, when Jo is awake, I’ll ask her what she thinks of that name, and we can figure out her sister’s name together.” He looked up to Dr Forbes. “Would you mind if I could check on my daughters again?” He liked saying that word, ‘daughters’… It hasn’t really sunken in yet, but he liked saying it.

“Of course, you can visit them as often as you want”, she said friendly and they got up.

The second-born of the twins was awake, so Liam picked her up first and she immediately grabbed his finger. He knew it wasn’t anything particularly special since babies did that all the time, but for him it meant a lot.
“You’re so pretty, do you know that?” He kissed her forehead gently. “You’re my little Cupcake.” He no longer called his daughters midgets, from now on they would be Princess and Cupcake…well, until they got real names. Cupcake didn’t let go off his finger, she held it as if she was scared that he might drop her.

“Your other daughter is awake as well”, Dr Forbes said while she gently picked up the first-born twin. In one arm Liam still held Cupcake while with the other hand he touched Princess, who was in Dr Forbes’ arms. Princess did what her sister just did. With her tiny hand she grasped Liam’s finger.

Dr Forbes laughed. “I guess those two already fight over their Daddy’s attention.”
Liam looked at his two daughters. He hoped so much that they would come to like him somehow. He most certainly loved them like crazy.

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5Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 30th September 2012, 14:37

A sudden knock at the window to the corridor made Liam jump. A wide smiling Lorelai was waving at him and then poked her head through the half open door. “Good morning, new daddy. May I come in? No worries it is just me no kids or husband they were all not that fond of meeting newborn babies, well and I didn’t want the boys to misunderstand them as dolls.”

“Hey Lor.” Liam smiled widely.

“Oh they are adorable. Ooooh they have red hair. May I hold one?” Lorelai said quietly since they were surrounded by babies some were sleeping some were awake, but she didn’t want to disturb them.
Liam smiled when she mentioned the red hair. “Yeah do you think Jo likes the red hair?”

“Oh yes, she will love it, they look a lot like you Liam.”

The young father carefully watched Lorelai take Baby #1 from Dr Forbes’ arms. His oldest daughter looked very interested at Lorelai. Dr Forbes left the two friends alone.

“They do?” Liam looked curious at his youngest daughter that was still holding his finger as tightly as her tiny fingers were able too.

“Yes they do, Fuechschen. How is Jo, has she seen them yet?” Lorelai was under the spell of the tiny baby on her arm.

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6Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 30th September 2012, 15:47

“Yes, she has seen them, but only shortly and right when they were born.” Liam looked down at his little Cupcake. In all the hectic this early morning after the twins were born he hadn’t really noticed that they had a bit of red hair on their heads, but now that they were all cleaned up and less red and blue he could finally see it. They really did look Irish. He could already imagine his grandmother’s reaction when he would tell her that he has two daughters with red hair. She was just so patriotic. The thought of his grandmother made Liam grin. He knew that she would tell him to teach them Irish and to speak only Irish with them. He actually wanted to teach them Irish, but that didn’t mean he would only speak Irish with them, and he definitely wouldn’t teach them that there was no other country than Ireland in this world, because according to their great-grandmother Ireland really was the only country on this planet earth.

“They are so pretty, Liam. I can’t believe you two have twins!”

“Yeah, it was quite a shock when Dr Forbes told us. I mean, we really prepared for one baby, and now we have two.”

Lorelai smiled. She could tell that Liam was totally in love with those two girls, he couldn’t stop looking at them with this very special proud daddy-look.
“I’ll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom. Can you make sure they are okay?” He put little Cupcake back gently.

“Of course I’ll do.”

“Thanks”, Liam left the room. He knew he could trust Lorelai, after all, she was mother of two children, so she was probably the only person he would let the twins completely alone with.
After he splashed a large amount of cold water in his face to wake up, he left the bathroom and was just about to go back to the girls when he heard familiar voices behind him.

“I don’t even know what the fuck I’m doing here. I hate hospitals.”

“Be nice, this is very special to me, okay?”

“I hate hospitals. It stinks in here, like infected wounds and vomit and God knows what.”

Liam turned around and saw Ricky and Alfie who just came around the corner. He didn’t even have the chance to say hi because Ricky already ran towards him and squeezed him so hard that he could barely breathe.
“Congratulations, Liam! This is so wonderful, you two deserve this so much! Oh God, this is so great!” Ricky was still hugging him and Liam could tell that his voice was already getting all emotional.

“Thanks…”, he barely got out since breathing was kind of difficult when someone else almost squeezed you to death.

“Okay, that’s enough. Don’t kill him with your hysterical hugging.” Alfie put his hands on Ricky’s shoulders and pulled him back a bit, of course not admitting that it bugged him to see Ricky hugging someone else like that, even if it was just Liam. Actually, especially because it was Liam since Ricky used to have a crush on him.

“I’m sorry.” Ricky wiped away some of his tears. “This is just so…beautiful…and this is…and…then…you know…And Liam, you are….and Jo is…and this…you know…”

Liam couldn’t help it but grin while Alfie rolled his eyes. “Geez, nobody is dying, get a grip.” He turned to Liam. “Anyway, congrats, little man. I don’t know what you did to offend God so that he ended up throwing not one but two girls at you, but I’m sure you can handle this too.”

“Thanks, man.” Liam knew Alfie meant it in a good way, he was just not very good in expressing anything ‘nice’. “Do you want to see them?” He looked at Ricky who nodded excitedly. They followed him, but before they entered the room with the babies, Alfie stopped.

“I’ll stay here. Babies smell weird, and the whole room is stuffed with them.”

“You sure?” Ricky looked up to him. “But they are really cute and…okay, okay!” He knew there was no point in convincing his boyfriend that babies were adorable.

“Hi Ricky.” Lorelai was still in the room, holding the older twin. Ricky immediately started tearing up.

“Oh God, is she one of yours?”, he asked Liam who nodded. He took Cupcake out of her bed and handed her to Ricky.

“Be careful, okay?”

“Of course.” He nodded and held little Miss O’Doherty gently. “She is so perfect…” He couldn’t hold back his tears anymore. “Look at her! She looks so much like you. So much perfection in one little tiny person.”

“Do you need a tissue?”, Liam asked dryly.

“I’m fine, thanks”, Ricky mumbled, definitely not ready to stop crying yet, he had just started. “You have a name yet?”

“Not yet, Jo was sleeping for the past hours and I didn’t want to bother her, but I have them nicknames. Lor is holding the first-born, Princess, and this little lady is Cupcake.” He looked proudly down to his daughter.

“They are so perfect, it’s killing me!” Ricky turned to the window so that Alfie could see little Cupcake. Alfie didn’t look particularly impressed or excited, but he actually couldn’t hide an amused smirk when he saw how emotional Ricky got about those babies. Ricky turned back to Liam. “How is Jo?”

“I think she’s okay, just tired.” Liam hoped she would wake up soon so that he could show their perfect little angels to her.

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7Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 30th September 2012, 18:27

Jo woke up all alone in her room and she was suddenly scared, scared that she had lost her two babies and Liam. She pressed a couple of time the nurse call button until an oldish nurse came in. “Good morning.”

“Where is everyone?” Jo sounded a little panicked.

“Everything is alright, your girls are perfectly healthy and Liam is with them. You have a few visitors in the nursery, I can help you to get cleaned up a little and then you can go to your girls.” The nurses said opening the curtains in Jo’s room to let in the May sun.

“I’ll do that Nurse Thompson, thank you.” Dr Forbes said from the door.

“What is wrong?” Jo asked she saw that there was something wrong, something Dr Forbes hadn’t told her yet.
Dr Forbes waited until the nurse had left the room, when she helped Jo out of her bed and into the small bathroom attached to her room.

“Jo what do you remember of the birth?” Dr Forbes asked while she helped Jo out of her hospital gown and gently led her to the stool on which she could sit under the shower.

“Um I remember the second baby being born and she was very blue, and another doctor had to examine her. Liam went with the girls. After that I’m not so sure.” Jo mumbled while Dr Forbes had filled a bowl with warm soapy water to sponge bath Jo.

“Jo, sweetie. We nearly lost you. I was wrong, your girls were not in two but one amniotic sac.”

“But I felt a second time my water break.”

“No baby number two just had held some water back but there was no second amniotic sac. I think the first born accidently pulled at the umbilical cord of the second and tore the placenta. I was barely able to safe you. I had to use a technique that is normally used to perform an abortion. You are fine now and you still are able to carry children, but you need a long time to heal. You have to be very hygienic in the next weeks, and it will take time until you should have intercourse with Liam again. Do you understand what I am saying?” Dr Forbes was washing Jo’s hair.

“I nearly died?”


“Does Liam know?”

“No, I didn’t tell him and I will only tell him if you want me to. I know he has technically the right that I tell him, but since you are not dead I wanted to talk to you first.”

“I don’t want him to know. He can’t know that I nearly died because of the girls. He can never know!” Jo looked stern at Dr Forbes.

“Okay he won’t hear it from me but I think at some point you should tell him, when you are ready.”

Jo nodded.

“Okay let’s get you in a clean pyjama.” Dr Forbes had braided Jo’s wet hair and helped her into a fresh warm pyjama. And put a blanket over her legs to keep her warm when she wheeled her to the nursery. They ran outside into Alfie.

“Alfie hello, I never expect to see you here.” Jo smiled at him.

“Yeah Ricky made me come. Do you know that your daughters look like bold wrinkly potatoes?”

Jo looked scared at Alfie and then past him into the nursery. She saw Lorelai and Ricky inside they both had one baby on their arm. Dr Forbes smiled and pushed Jo into the nursery. “Look who I have found awake.”

“Josey! Oh sweetie how do you feel? You look exhausted, but so beautiful. And your two little girls are just as beautiful.” Lorelai was sitting now in one of the comfortable armchairs next to Jo.

“Do I have to stay in the wheelchair?” Jo asked shy Dr Forbes.

“No but you should walk too much. If you need anything don’t hesitate to press the call button.”

“Oh Jo the girls they are so pretty, have you names for them yet?” Ricky was super excited holding one of the girls on her.

“I um, I don’t know, I was sleeping until a few minutes ago. Liam?” Jo was looking desperately at Liam. She was tired and a little scared, she wasn’t even sure if she was allowed to hold her own children. “I… um, can I hold one of them? Liam is the second one okay? She was so blue when she was born.” Her voice sounded a little cracking but she was smiling shyly at the rest of them.

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8Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 30th September 2012, 21:56

“She’s absolutely healthy”, Liam assured her. “I’m calling her Cupcake at the moment, until she has a real name.”

“Here’s your Cupcake.” Ricky handed her the little girl carefully and Jo finally held her second daughter.

“She’s not blue anymore”, she whispered.

“Yes, she’s one hundred percent fine. Actually, she’s really active, she moves a lot.”

Jo smiled while she touched Cupcake’s head. “She has red hair…”

“They both do.”

“Oh…yeah, both…” Jo looked up to her other daughter who was in Lorelai’s arm. “I have two girls.”

“Two little gingers”, Liam added. “I have to apologize for my genes and the fact that they turned up to look so Irish. I don’t know what you think about red-heads, your mother most certainly won’t like it.”

“Are you joking? I love that they look so Irish.” She smiled at her husband, then she turned to the other two. “Ehm…would you…um…is it okay if you could leave me and Liam alone for a bit?”

“No, of course not.” Lorelai got up and handed Liam his daughter.

“Is there anything you need?”, Ricky asked.

She shook her head. “No, thanks.”

“If you need anything, let me know, okay?” He kissed her on the head.

“Thanks, Ricky.”

“Yes, don’t be shy to call us whenever you want”, Lorelai said. “Bye, sweetie.”

“Thanks for everything.” Jo waited until they left the room, then she turned her head back to Liam who held Princess’ tiny hand. “Thank you so much for being there during the birth, I know it wasn’t nice to look at…” She looked shyly down.

“There was no way I could have left you alone”, he said with a comforting smile. “And yes, there were moments when I just wanted to throw up, that’s how sick I felt, but holding my daughters for the first time…it was worth it, all of it.”

“They have red hair”, she whispered.

“I know.”

“I love you so much.”

Liam nodded quietly and looked down at his daughter. She was holding on to his finger again, but she seemed to be asleep. “What do you think about Jane?”


“As her first name. Like Jane Austen.” He looked from his daughter to Jo.

“I like Jane.”

“Jane Síocháin.”

“Doesn’t that mean ‘peace’ in Irish?”

Liam nodded. “I thought it suits her because she’s very quiet and peaceful. Jane Síocháin Catherine O’Doherty.”

Jo smiled. “It’s beautiful.”

“Do you hear that, Princess? Do you like that name?”
As if the little girl had heard him, she held on even tighter to his finger.
“I think she likes it”, he said, then he looked to his second daughter in Jo’s arm. “Any suggestions for Jane’s little sister?”

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9Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 1st October 2012, 20:29

Jo looked at her little daughter in her arm. “She is so tiny, you are sure that she is okay?”

“Yes she is fine.” Liam smiled at Jo.

“Mrs O’Doherty? Your daughters have been fed formula earlier this morning, but it would be good if you would breastfeed them.” The nurse said friendly.

Jo looked first at the nurse and then at the window across her. There were people passing by some even stopping and looking at the babies in the room.

“Here?” Jo looked shocked at the nurse, pretty much like Liam. He was about to snap at her, that no way in hell he will let his wife nurse his daughters here right in front the window, he will not let her take of her pyjama shirt.

“Oh no, not here. We have a nursing room, through here.” The nurse pointed at a door, Liam nodded got up and was about to carry Jane into the nursing room when suddenly he heard Jo moan. When he turned around he saw her collapse back onto the armchair. “Jo, are you okay? You are really pale.” Liam was still holding Jane while he was crouching in front of Jo.

“I’m okay Liam, just exhausted from the birth. Um could you carry Jane’s little sister and maybe the nurse can wheel me with the wheelchair?” Jo looked at her youngest daughter in her arm, she couldn’t look at Liam he would know that she was lying and hiding something.

“Of course, I’m sorry I should have thought of this. Mr O’Doherty are you alright to carry both girls?” The nurse went to Jo and took baby #2. Liam had shifted Jane that she was lying in his right arm and took the younger one onto his left one. But he didn’t go ahead he watched over the nurse helping Jo in the wheelchair. It hurt him to see her still in pain.

“It is normal just think about the biology Mr O’Doherty, look at the size of your daughters and think about the size of your wife’s vagina.” The nurse explained to Liam, not that he stopped worrying.
It didn’t take long to get into the nursing room. “Your girls should know what to do as soon they are at your breasts, they will find your nipple and start sucking.” Since baby #2 was more impatient Liam handed Jo the younger baby. Jo had unbuttoned her pyjama shirt and with the help of the nurse baby #2 started drinking. Jo pulled a face, it felt weird and she wasn’t sure if it was a good weird. Baby #2 put her right hand on Jo’s breast while her other hand was holding on to her pyjama shirt that her arm was not in the way. She looked happy and calm… well calmer she was still wriggling around.

“Can we be alone?” Jo asked shy. The nurse nodded and closed the door behind her and left the four O’Dohertys alone. “You have to drink a lot Cupcake so that you grow big and strong. Liam she is so tiny. Lorelai’s boys were a lot bigger. You swear they are both fine?” Jo looked up and finally she let go and tears were running down her cheeks, they were partly happy-tears, partly scared-tears and some just out of exhaustion and overwhelmingness.

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10Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 1st October 2012, 22:30

“They are fine, Jo, really.” Liam got up and kissed her gently on the head, Jane still in his arms. “I was wondering the same thing too, because most babies I’ve seen were bigger, but Dr Forbes explained to me that twins are always a bit smaller because they both need to fit into the same amount of space that normally one baby fits. So you can imagine how tiny triplets are.”

“Okay.” She nodded and looked down to her daughter.

Liam sat back down. He knew it was ridiculous, but he actually felt kind of jealous of his own daughter. He knew she had to be fed, but seeing her sucking on Jo’s breast- something he hadn’t been allowed to do in a very long time- made him kind of jealous. It wasn’t just the sucking her breast, it was overall being close to her, and right now the babies were closer to her than he was, and that was what in fact made him jealous. However, he reminded himself that now that the babies finally were out she would be sleeping with him again- finally. And this time he would make extra sure they both used protection, he definitely didn’t want to have more children.
He turned his head away from Jo so he didn’t need to watch her with an open shirt, having another human on her breast, and instead focused on the little Princess in his arms. She was so peaceful, he was glad he had picked a suitable second name for her. His finger wandered over that tiny bit of soft, red hair on her head. He wondered what eye colour she would have. Babies had blue eyes in the beginning, so it might change, or maybe it would stay blue.

“So, since I pretty much decided on Jane’s name, do you want to choose something for her sister?”, he asked, his eyes still focused on Jane. “I mean, we might as well just call her Cupcake for the rest of her life”, he added jokingly. “Cupcake O’Doherty.”

“Sounds nice.” Jo smiled. Her eyes were still wet, but she had stopped crying. “I think since Jane has an Irish middle name, her sister should have one too. What about Saoirse? It means freedom, right?”

Liam nodded. “And it’s a popular name in Ireland.”

“I don’t know…I think it will suit her, even though I don’t really know her yet, but it sounds nice.”

“Yes, it does. And for her first name?”

Jo thought for a moment. “Jillian.”


“Yes, Jane and Jillian. And we can call her Jill. It means ‘youthful’, which also goes well with her second name ‘freedom’.”

Liam smiled. “I like it. Jill…”

As if she heard that someone said her name, Jill looked up to her mother. Jo smiled at her little girl, then looked up to Liam. “Jane Síocháin Catherine and Jillian Saoirse Catherine O’Doherty. How does that sound?”


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11Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 1st October 2012, 22:58

Jo smiled, and looked at Liam. She was pulling at her pyjama top to cover herself. “I’m sorry I don’t mean to arouse you. Give me some healing time and then I am all yours.” Jo didn’t told him that she was actually looking forward to this as soon her private part were all healed and good to go.
Suddenly Jo started giggling which made Liam actually look up.


“Well since you like maths so much you daughters are now I think J2 and further your family is L+J3. That is somehow funny. Don’t you think?” Jo smiled at Liam, it felt good to hold the two girls in their arms, to be a family. For a moment Jo wondered why her mother never felt the same way about her.

“That makes it easy if I have to call you later. I can just call you all Js and you all come to me.” Liam said teasingly.

“You think you gonna train us like dogs?”

“Yep, you might even get a collar.”

“You wish.” Jo leaned forward and kissed Liam. “Don’t get mad at me but I wish your mom could meet your girls. And your girls could meet her. Liam? Can you tell them about her, I know you don’t like talking about her but maybe if you turn her into stories that you wrote down the girls can read about your mom. I understand that you don’t want to share her and that is okay, I accepted that I will never get to know her but your girls would really like to know about their grandma, I don’t want them only see my mother. That is not the grandmother I want them to know.” Jo looked with her so beautiful doe eyes at Liam, putting all her love in this look so that he might understands what she meant.

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12Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 2nd October 2012, 15:57

Liam was quiet for a moment. As much as the birth of his daughters made him happy, there was still a hint of sadness because he wanted nothing more than his mother getting to meet them. She would have loved them so much. Little Jane was still sleeping in his arms.
“Of course I will tell them”, he said quietly. “I’m sure mum wouldn’t have wanted me to keep her a secret to her own grandchildren. After all, there are only great things I can tell about her, she was the bravest woman I’ve ever met.”

Jo smiled. “I’m sure the girls will love to hear about her. They bear her name, after all, so they have big shoes to fill.”

“With so tiny feet.” Liam touched Jane’s little foot. “Yes, I will do it differently this time. I know I never really let you be part of my past, especially my mum, and I’m sorry for that, but now I have the chance to do it differently and I’m not going to let it pass this time.” Liam fell silent. “I still miss her every day.”

“I know you do.” Jo wanted to get up and hug him, but she felt still very weak, especially after the feeding, and Jill had just fallen asleep in her arm.

“I hope the girls will be a little like her. Not completely, but just a bit. Something that reminds me of her.”

Jo smiled comfortingly. “Oh, I’m sure they will have something in common with their Grandma Catherine.”

“You know what’s funny? If you think about it, my mother would have become a grandmother with 43. She would have turned 43 today.”

“That’s so young.”

“Yeah, she was our age when she got me. I hope the twins don’t become parents that early, otherwise we will be grandparents when we’re 40”, he said.

Jo chuckled. “Hopefully not. Graham must feel weird, being a grandpa at that young age. He could barely got used to being a father, and now he’s already a grandpa.”

“Yes, that must be weird.”

“Where is he by the way?”

“Graham? He’s in Switzerland all week long, but he should be back soon. He called me two days ago and asked if anything happened yet and if he should fly back to England, but since you were still pregnant that day I told him nothing has changed, not knowing you would be in labour 24 hours later, of course”, Liam said.

Jo sighed. “I’m sure Mother doesn’t want to see the girls.”

“She can’t just ignore them, can she?”

“I don’t know what she’s going to do, but I’m pretty sure she won’t be as excited about their grandchildren as my father or Graham is.”

“Yeah, well…she can’t change anything about the fact that the girls are here now.” Liam stroked gently over Jane’s tiny hand. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her, she was absolutely perfect. He couldn’t believe that actually some of his genes were in something so beautiful. Jo’s genes of course, but not his lousy genes. And yet those two girls were so perfect, even with his lousy genes.


“Do you still love me?” He cleared his throat. “I mean, with two new people you love and stuff…have some things changed now? Well, concerning your feelings for me?” He avoided looking at her and watched his Princess instead. He didn’t want to look at her when she would confess to him that her feelings for him weren’t as strong anymore as they were before because her main job was now to be a mother, not a wife.

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Jo starred at him, how did he even need to ask that. “Yes I do still love you, why do you even need to ask this?”

Liam didn’t answer but the way he looked, nearly starred at Jane. “Liam look at me.”

It took a long time until Liam looked up. “The girls are the most precious girl you ever made me, but they are like a room full of daisies… Incomplete without you! I love the girls but I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with them. But I want with you. One day when we are old like really old I want to fall asleep and wake up every morning next to you! What do I have to do so that you believe me?”

Liam looked at her and he saw that her eyes weren’t lying until suddenly she burst out into tears again. “I’m so sorry, I seem not to be able to stop crying. I don’t know what this is, it is even worse than before.” Jane opened her eyes and starred at her mother. “I think I need to feed her too. Could you hold Jill and I take Jane?”

Liam felt helpless with all the crying but took Jill and gave Jo Jane and then sat down next to her on the couch and wrapped his arm around his wife. “You need to sleep, how about when you are down feeding the girls you go back to your room, and I’ll bring the girls in their beds so that we are all still together. How does this sound?”

“Like heaven. Liam I love you so much that I have no words to express it to you. I wish there would be thirty words for love like in Inuit language for snow.” Jo mumbled while Jane was pulling at her pyjama shirt as if she wanted to hide herself and mommy’s boobs under it.

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14Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 3rd October 2012, 21:30

Liam wanted to believe her, but he just couldn’t make himself say it. All it would take was a simple ‘I believe you’ but it wasn’t easy for him to say it, mainly because he wasn’t sure how honest that would be, and he didn’t like lying to her so he decided to say nothing at all.
A day later Graham arrived back in Oxford and immediately headed to the hospital. After he had given various concerts for the upper class of Switzerland, among them many politicians, he had received a phone call from Ellen White who congratulated him on being a grandfather to two little girls, which was about the greatest news he could have expected to hear.

“There you are, beautiful”, he said when he walked into Jo’s room and pulled her into a hug.

“Hey, she’s married!”, Liam said sarcastically in the background. “And her husband is standing right here.”

“Oh, I forgot about that”, Graham replied jokingly and smiled at his shy-looking daughter-in-law. “How are you, Jo?”

“I’m getting better, still tired, though.”

“I’m sure you are. I can only say that I’m so, so happy for both of you. Two girls…” He turned around to look at his own son. Liam didn’t seem tense or freaked out about having twins, instead there was a hint of happiness in his eyes. When Graham heard that they had twins, he started to worry how Liam would cope with that, since Liam had already shown the ‘Oh-God-I’m-becoming-a-dad’-scare before, where he was close to getting rid of the baby or walking away from the whole situation. Seeing him so happy however was a great relief for Graham, who really didn’t want his son doing the same mistake he did, but it seemed that Liam was unexpectedly calm.

“I guess you want to meet them”, Liam said.

“Oh yes, I insist.”

“Turn around.”

Graham had actually been so focused on Jo and was so glad to see her healthy, that he hadn’t noticed two tiny little girls sleeping on the couch.
“May I introduce you to your granddaughters, Jane Síocháin Catherine and Jillian Saoirse Catherine, but you can just call them Jane and Jill. Jane is the first born, and her little sister Jill is the active one. I’m surprised she’s sleeping at the moment.”

Graham looked at the two little sleeping girls. Although those perfect little girls were not his own children, he felt like they were. After all, he could be their father regarding his age. He had missed the birth of his own child, which was a moment he would never get back, but seeing his own granddaughters like that was a very special moment that he would have never missed out on.
“They are beautiful”, he said. “Just perfect.”

“They even have red hair”, Jo said proudly and took Liam’s hand. “So they will always be reminded where their daddy and grandpa came from.”

Graham turned to Jo and Liam. They were still so young, barely adults, and yet they had become parents. He had no idea how Cathy had made it, raising a child on her own at such a young age.
“They are only a couple of days old, so they don’t know yet how lucky they are to have you as parents”, he said. “But they will know it.”

On the 10th of May Jo was released from the hospital. In the past days Liam had spent almost every hour with his three J’s, thanks to Colin, who had covered his classes while the young dad was away. At the same time Lorelai had started working on the second nursery- since there was only one so far, because nobody had planned coming home with two babies. Lorelai turned the guestroom into the second nursery, so both girls had their separate rooms.
Before they arrived at Waterfall Downs, Jo told Liam that she didn’t want a big welcome from all the students and teachers, even if they only meant to be polite, but she just couldn’t handle all those people after the past, exhausting days. The only one who she said could come was Lorelai, who had prepared the girls’ rooms. It was also Lorelai who picked all four O’Dohertys up from the hospital.
When they arrived at Waterfall Downs, Jo hesitated for a moment before she got out of the car. She had only been away for a couple of days but for some reason it felt as if she had been away for months, and it was the first time that she arrived at her ‘home’ with her own children. Not just one, but two little babies.

“Are you okay?”, Liam asked when he noticed that she was hesitating.

“Yes.” She nodded, pressing the sleeping Jane against her chest.

He smiled confidently at her and planted a kiss on her forehead while Jill was starting to move in his arms.

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Jo smiled weakly back at him, but she was not so sure. There was a sudden shadow over her happiness as if something was wrong. She pressed Jane tightly at her.

“I’m okay.” But the way she said it Liam knew that something was wrong. He was carrying Jill in one arm and wrapped his other arm around Jo’s waist. He felt her flinch but he didn’t think much about it.

Ellen kept everyone away and that way Jo and Liam arrived at their flat. Jo was suddenly very nervous. “Wait! I can’t… we can’t they are so tiny we should go back to the hospital.” Jo was shivering, Lorelai who had put two bassinets at the door, she took Jane from Jo and wanted to put her into one of the bassinets when Liam held her arm. “Everything is alright Jo.” He gave Lorelai Jill as well and then went to check the bassinets. He was pulling and checking every screw and bit until he turned around and took Jane from Lorelai and put her in the bassinet.

“Come on let’s have a look at the nurseries.” He took Jo’s hand and together they went into Jane’s nursery first. It was amazing. It was very simple and nearly colourless but it had wonderful pink accessories including large flowery letters forming Jane. And of course the solar system Liam had made for her was hanging over Jane’s bed. The connection door to Jill’s room it looked similar simply except the accessories they were all purple. “She has no mobile.” Jo was having tears in her eyes. “Don’t you love Jill?”

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16Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 4th October 2012, 16:25

Liam looked confused at Jo. “What do you mean?”

Jo looked at the empty spot on Jill’s ceiling. “Why doesn’t she have a solar system?”

“Ehm…because I built only one because I thought we were only having one child, remember? Until you pretty much gave birth we had no idea we were having twins, otherwise I would have built one for Jill as well”, Liam said. “And don’t worry, I’ll build one for her as soon as possible.”

“Oh…yes…right.” Jo nodded slowly.

Liam knew that something wasn’t okay, he knew her too well. “Jo, are you-“

“Do you like the nurseries? Do you want me to change anything?” Lorelai peaked through the door.

Liam turned around and shook his head. “You did a great job, they look very nice.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Lorelai’s eyes wandered to her quiet cousin. “Jo?”


“Is everything okay?”

Jo looked confused. “Of course…Why shouldn’t it be?”

“You just seemed a little absent.”

Jo took a deep breath and reached for Liam’s hand to have something to hold on to. “Thanks for all your help, Lor, we really appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome. And I mean it, call me any time you need something, okay?”

Both nodded. She hugged them and told them how proud she was of them, but Jo really did seem to be absent and didn’t say anything. After Lorelai left, she walked over to look at the babies, and suddenly Jill started crying.
“Liam!” Jo looked helpless at her husband. “Liam, what’s wrong with her? Why is she crying? Is she hurt?”

“No.” Liam shook his head, bent down and lifted Jill back on his arm. “Babies cry, you know? It doesn’t always have a reason.” He rubbed Jill’s back gently and started to hum a melody to calm her down. “It’s okay, Cupcake, everything is okay…” He kissed her head, then looked over to Jo who stood there like a helpless child. “Jo, is there something you want to say? Is something bothering you?”

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17Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 5th October 2012, 11:04

Jo stood there for a very long time and just looked at Liam and Jill. “I’m just scared.”
Liam put Jill back into her bassinet and then took Jo into his arm.

“So am I.” Liam whispered into Jo’s hair. “I’m scared too. I’m scared something can go wrong with the girls, or we do a mistake, I’m scared I could drop them. But I think that is normal. I know how you were with Lorelai’s sons you are great with babies. Just try to find this calmness in you again to be with your girls.”

Jo held on tightly to Liam. She breathed in slowly, and as usual it calmed her down. No matter what upset her, being in Liam’s arm made it all okay. “I know. I’m sorry the past days just had been a little much to deal with. I just need a bit time to get around everything what happened. Liam?”


“Can we have the next days no other visitors? Just you and me and our baby?” Jo mumbled.

Liam didn’t really notice that Jo not said babies since she was still speaking into his chest. “Okay no visitors.”

A few days later

Ricky was nervous he had pushed his plan again and again, but now his mind was set. He knew his father was at work and his mom was at home baking the Friday night dessert. Tonight it would be cherry pie. Ricky was standing at the front door to the tiny house of his parents, but he wasn’t able to get inside with his key or ring the bell. He was so nervous and still not sure if this was a good idea. He hadn’t told Alfie about his plans. Suddenly the front door opened.”Ricky, what a surprise aren’t you coming in?”

His mother asked in her usual friendly voice.

“Yes when I’m not interrupting anything.” Ricky looked shy at his mom. “I thought we can talk.”

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18Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 5th October 2012, 17:09

Emily Butcher scrutinized her son for a moment. She knew him well enough to sense that something was on his mind, and she was glad that they were alone since they always had the best talks when it was just the two of them, and not her husband. As much as she loved her husband, he was just anything but good in those kind of serious conversations, and it seemed like Ricky had to say something serious.
She led him inside and he took off his jacket. “It smells nice.”

“Yes, I was baking your dad’s favourite cherry pie.”

“Oh, that’s right, today is Friday.” Ricky had actually not really realized that it was already the end of the week. The entire day he had been so nervous inside because of his plans that he forgot what day it was.

“Do you want something, sweetie? I can make you tea? And I also baked cookies.”

“No, thanks.” Ricky sat down on the old couch that looked like it had barely survived the last war. He wasn’t hungry at all, he just wanted to get over with this, but he knew that he just had to say it, he couldn’t lie to his mother much longer.

“Are you sure you don’t want anything?”, Emily asked.

He shook his head. “I’m fine, really. Would you…eh…would you mind to sit for a moment?”

“Of course.” She sat down, not next to him, but on the chair across from him. “What is it, Ricky? Is it work? I know you’ve been doing a lot, especially with your finals and-“

“No, it’s not work”, he said, staring at his knees. “You…um…you know Alfie, right?”

“Yes.” She tried to smile, although she knew in what direction this conversation was heading.

“I’m sorry.” He took a deep breath and decided to start this differently. “I…ehm…I know you and dad…eh…you’re wondering why I…I haven’t met a girl yet, and I know how much you wish to have grandchildren and I’m…Mom, I’m sorry…” He slowly looked up. “I’m afraid you will never have grandchildren…I just…I love Alfie. I really love him.” He paused for a moment and tried not to cry, but it was hard because he was sure he hurt his mother by telling her the truth.

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19Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 5th October 2012, 17:53

Emily looked for several minutes at Ricky until she got up and busied herself with the dinner preparations. She was not mad or disappointed, after all she kind of knew since Ricky was about three and really liked having tea parties and helping her in the kitchen, but now that she heard it from him it still kind of hit her.

“Um, does he feel the same?” Emily asked looking at her pots.

“Yes, he has a hard time saying it but he does. He often shows it more in a way of his jealousy then writing me poems.” Ricky said quietly.

Emily nodded it took her a little more time she turned around. “So since he became your mentor it is actually you and him… being together?”

“Yes. But mom it is not at all like you saw it in those sexual educational videos you saw in your school time.” Ricky looked worried at his mom.

“Oh I know. Um he is good to you right? He can be a bit harsh, at least I heard.”

“Yes he is the best thing that ever happened to me.” Ricky smiled. “He is sometimes like a rough diamond but that doesn’t make him less perfect. And he is getting better in showing feelings. He didn’t have the loving upbringing I had.” Ricky smiled shy at his mom.

“Good… I don’t think you dad is ready to know this about you just yet. But I feel honoured that you told me about your… affinity.”

“You weren’t the first one though. I told Jo before and Liam does know it too… I actually had a crush on Liam when I first met him. But that was before I met Alfie.” Ricky blushed.

Emily smiled. “I’m glad you weren’t alone all this time. And I’m really glad you that you are happy, you are happy aren’t you?”

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20Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 5th October 2012, 18:52

Ricky nodded. “Yes, I am.”

“Okay. Good.” Emily opened the oven and got out the pie. Of course she had assumed that something like that had been going on, especially when she and her husband visited Ricky for his birthday and saw that he and Alfie really lived together, on top of that the room that was supposed to be Ricky’s room looked suspiciously unoccupied. Also, she knew her son very well and Ricky loved to decorate his room, but the room she saw was rather plain, elegant but not very decorated, so she already started to wonder if he really lived in that room.
Ricky stood in the kitchen behind her and waiter for her to say something, but she pretended to be busy.


“I’m sorry.”

Emily didn’t move for a moment, then she turned to him. “Why are you sorry?”

“Because I can’t be the son that you probably hoped me to be. I won’t get married, or have children, and you can’t-“

“Ricky, that’s okay.” She walked to him and pulled him into a hug. “You are the son I have hoped for, and nothing will change that, you hear me? Yes, it’s true that I wished you could get married and have your own family because I know how important that is, and I have no doubt that you would have been such a great father and every child would be so lucky to have you as dad, but all that matters to me is your happiness, and when you’re happy, I’m happy too. You understand?”

Ricky nodded. “I love you, Mom.”

“I love you too.” She smiled at him. “And I can’t blame you for having a crush on Liam, that boy is adorable.”


“What? It’s all from a mother’s perspective. I can’t help but get motherly when I see boys like you and him, you’re both so little.”

“Yeah, and we both don’t want to be reminded of that all the time”, he replied jokingly. “Do you need help?” His eyes wandered over to the pie.

“Actually, you could prepare the cream.”

“Sure.” Ricky got out a bowl and walked to the fridge.

Emily watched him quietly for a moment. She was glad he had been honest with her, but there were still so many questions in her head, and she had a very hard time asking just one of them. She definitely wondered how on earth her son got the attention of someone as important as Alfred Jackson, especially since Alfie was always seen among people from his background, and not with someone of Ricky’s status.
“Ehm…so you…uh…have you…”

“Hm?” Ricky turned around and noticed that his mother was blushing. “Have I what?”

“Um…have you and Alfie…I mean…eh…” Her cheeks were bright red. “Are you still a virgin, Ricky?”

Now he started to blush too. This was so awkward. He would most definitely never tell his mom what he and Alfie did in bed, the poor woman would get a heart attack. “Ehm…er…” He scratched his cheek nervously. “I…eh…no.”
Awkward silence.

“Okay…” She nodded, then she took a deep breath. “Okay. You…eh…you’re careful, right?

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21Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 5th October 2012, 20:35

Ricky looked confused at his mother. “What do you mean, if we are careful? You do know that two men cannot get pregnant right?”

His mother looked uncomfortable at Ricky. “Oh I know that, but you know there are those rumours that men like you get sick and I want you and Mr Jackson be safe that is all.”

“Oh mom, of course we are safe.” Ricky put the whisker down and hugged her. “We are perfectly safe. Don’t worry.”

“He is gentle with your right? He seems to be a little harsh sometimes.”

“Yes mom he is perfectly gentle, he never hurt me in any way. I swear.” Ricky kissed his mother on the cheek.

“Good. I’m glad you found someone how loves you the way you are… wait all those new clothes is he paying you?” His mother looked determined at him.

“What? No! He is not paying me, I mean it looks like it. But it is not true. Yes he gives me lots of clothes and money and he does say that I don’t need to work. But I do like my job, and I swear he is not paying me for anything.” It was difficult to explain for someone on the outside if presents were a sort of payment for sex or if it was a way of showing feelings.

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22Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 5th October 2012, 22:48

Emily looked at him quietly, but she could tell that he wasn’t lying to her. “Okay.” She touched his cheek gently. “I just don’t want you to get hurt, not physically and not mentally either, you know?”

Ricky nodded. “I understand, and you really don’t need to worry.”

She smiled. “Good.”

A couple of days later the doorbell of the tiny house rang again, but this time it wasn’t Ricky. Emily opened the door and her eyes widened as she looked up to that tall, well-dressed man in front of her. “Mr Jackson…I…um…what…”

“Alfie”, he said without any expression on his face. “I’m not my father yet, that’s why I don’t want to be called like that.”

“Oh…eh…of course.” Emily looked nervous. “So…Alfie…what brings you here?” She wondered if Ricky had told him that they had talked about their relationship just a couple of days ago.

Alfie hesitated for a moment. “Are you busy?”

“No. No, I’m not.” She shook her head. “Do you want to come in?”

“Yeah.” He cleared his throat. “Is your husband at home?”

“No, he’s at work.”

“Good.” Alfie didn’t hesitate any longer, he just went inside. This house really was tiny. How could three people live in here? He would have turned claustrophobic if he had been Ricky, but on the other hand Ricky was tiny, and so was his mom and everything else in this house, so no wonder they didn’t really notice how small this space was.

“May I take your coat?”, Emily asked politely.

“No, I’m not going to stay long.”

“Oh, okay. Here, have a seat. I mean, if you want, you don’t have to…” God, she was nervous. She most certainly never expected any member of the Jacksons in her house and if she would have known that Alfie would show up here, she would have cleaned the house. Well, it was clean since she was very organized, but she would have prepared it a little more.

Alfie sat down on the old couch. Like everything else, the couch was rather small, and it looked even smaller now that someone tall sat on it. He raised his eyebrows sceptically when he saw the old couch, which looked like a piece of crap compared to his beloved couch at home, but he kept his sarcastic remark to himself this time.

“I’ll cook you something, okay? Anything you like.”

Alfie looked confused at her. “I don’t want you to cook anything”, he said dryly, but realized that he may sounded a bit impolite and added a ‘But thanks.’

“Do you want something to drink? I can-“


“Okay.” Emily nodded quickly.

“Look, I don’t want to waste your time here, but I came here for a reason.” Alfie crossed his arms. “I need pictures of Ricky as child.”

She seemed a bit irritated. “You need pictures of him as child?”

“Yes.” Alfie didn’t show any emotion, he didn’t even blink. “It’s some graduation thing I have to do for him, nothing special, just putting old and new pictures together.”
The truth was, Alfie wanted those pictures for himself, he wanted to keep them and not show anyone. But he sure as hell wouldn’t tell anyone, especially not Ricky! So he had to come up with an excuse to get to those pictures, and his mom seemed like a naïve person who believed that sort of stuff.

“Oh, that sounds like a nice idea”, she said friendly. “I’ll be right back.” She left the small living room and quickly returned with a big box. “I have tones of photo albums and as you can see there are also many pictures on the wall, but in this box I keep all the doubles. I took so many pictures that I often have the same picture four times, so you can choose whatever you want and don’t need to return it.”

“Good.” Alfie opened the box and got out a few pictures. Of course he didn’t notice it, but the moment he saw the pictures a smile appeared on his face. He was so distracted that he also didn’t notice the way Ricky’s mom observed him quietly, and she saw the way he looked at those pictures…It was this very special way when you look at someone you really care about. His entire facial features suddenly softened and he was no longer that intimidating.

“He’s still my little boy”, Emily said quietly. “He always will be. Tom and I don’t have much, he’s everything we really have.”

Alfie didn’t show any reaction. He had never heard words like that from all the wealthy parents he knew, this was the first time he ever heard a parent say something like that about their child. He cleared his throat.
“I’ll take these.” He had a handful of pictures. “Thanks.”

“I’m glad I could be of help.”

Alfie looked down at that one picture that was on top of the pile. He would definitely keep this one in his wallet, well hidden but always with him.

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23Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 6th October 2012, 10:42

Emily watched Alfie and she saw what Ricky saw in Alfie, he was right now very differently than he was at Ricky’s birthday. He was bossy and unfriendly but right now she saw a very loving look in Alfie’s eyes.

“Is there anything else you need, Mr Ja… Alfie?” Emily stood rather shy, just like her son often did, a few feet away from Alfie. Alfie looked at the little boy in the pictures and there was this feeling again down there in his stomach, like he had eaten something really wrong.

“A cup of tea would be nice.” Alfie said a little confused, he didn’t intend of staying long but somehow he felt he needed to stay a little longer.

“Of course, just one moment.” Emily did a rather clumsy curtsy and hurried into the kitchen. “Would you also like to have a sandwich?” She shouted from there.

“No just the tea.” Alfie said loudly so she could hear him. He got up and looked around the tiny living room. His closet was bigger than this living room and their bedroom had two closets that size. He didn’t even realise that he had wondered out of the living room, Alfie passed a bathroom well he hoped it was not the only one, it had the size of a show carton. And then he found Ricky’s room it wasn’t hard to know that it was his boyfriend’s room. Well if you could call this maybe hundred square feet hole a room, but it was overly decorated and it actually looked a lot like Ricky was still living in this room.

“Here you are, I got your tea and some cookies I baked this morning in the living room. It is nothing fancy. If I had known that you would be visiting I would have gotten something more special.”

“No!” Alfie said sounding a little harsh. He turned around and saw the hurt look on Emily. “I mean the tea will be fine. I don’t need anything special.” It was weird how much he wanted Emily to like him.

“I noticed that Ricky’s room at your flat isn’t at all decorated. You do let him decorate his own room, do you?”

“His room?” He looked confused at Emily until he remembered that their guestroom was titled for the outside world as Ricky’s room. “He didn’t want to, I think.”

“Oh I see. Did you two talk about where Ricky will go once he has graduated?” Emily and Alfie went back into the living room when Alfie suddenly turned around.

“What do you mean, where he will go? Did he say anything? Did he say he wants to leave?” Alfie sounded worried.

“I just thought that now that he is graduating he doesn’t need you to mentor him anymore. But I might be wrong. I mean I don’t know he never said anything. He… he… in fact he said he is really attached to you. It is just as his mom I worry my little boy gets hurt… I mean not trying to be rude but you do have a certain reputation and…” Emily blushed when she saw the shock on Alfie’s face, Ricky hasn’t told Alfie that he came out to her.

“You don’t want me to hurt him? Like how?” Alfie didn’t like at all were this conversation was going, what the hell did Ricky tell his mother about him?
Emily looked shy at the floor.

“Um… Ricky is very attached to you and… oh I mean…” Emily didn’t know what to say she felt she had say already too much. She was scared that she had caused Ricky troubles.

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24Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 7th October 2012, 13:36

Okay, this was by far one of the weirdest things that had happened to Alfie. This basically was a situation he never thought he would end up in, the ‘meet-the-parents’-situation. Well, he technically he met Ricky’s parents before, but on all those occasions they only had small-talk, it was never going into the rather ‘private’ direction, but this… This sure as hell was the other kind of conversation, the kind of thing mothers usually said to the boyfriends of their daughters because they were worried that their little girls got hurt. Alfie was aware that everyone still looked at Ricky as if he was a little child, he actually liked to look at him that way as well, but he didn’t expect that Ricky’s mom thought of Alfie as the dangerous boyfriend who would ruin her little child’s life.
And how the hell did she know about them? Ricky must have talked to her, and Alfie started to worry about what Ricky might have said. Apparently not very nice things. Well, and the fact that people knew about his reputation- which he didn’t mind before- didn’t really help at this point either because now she probably thought he was just messing with her son.

“I’m sorry.” Emily took a deep breath. “I don’t mean to mess up things, I just…I…I’m worried, that’s all.”

“That I’m going to hurt him?”

“Welll…” She looked very uncomfortable at the floor and didn’t dare to look up. “He’s just…he’s very vulnerable, he’s always been. He always trusts people so easily and believes that everyone is good, but there is so much out there that could hurt him.”

“Like me?”

“No, that’s not what I meant. I mean…well…technically everything can hurt him and I know that I will never be able to protect him from that, but I want to make sure that he is with someone who…who’s good to him.”

Alfie knew that the best way to make this less awkward was to pretend that he didn’t really know what she was talking about. Even if she knew about them, he would keep pretending that he didn’t know that she knew- but it was really weird that she knew, why couldn’t Ricky shut up for once? That boy sure as hell knew how to talk much.
“Yes, agreed”, Alfie said, trying to sound indifferent. “I’m sure he finds a nice girl one day, that’s not my business, I’m just his mentor, so his private life is no concern of mine.”
Okay, that was a little…unconvincing, and he could tell that Emily was confused and wasn’t really sure how to respond to that. She didn’t want to step over the line, but she –unlike Alfie- also didn’t want to pretend that she didn’t know the truth, so she took all her courage.

“He really loves you, and I know it’s not my place and I know someone of my background isn’t allowed to talk to someone like you in this manner, but please…please don’t hurt him. I just want him to be happy, and he seems happy with you, but I don’t know what your intentions are. I mean…why would someone like you even look at a boy from Ricky’s background? It’s not my business, I know, but those things worry me a bit because I don’t know what your intentions are. I actually don’t even know who you are. Everyone knows your family, but you…I don’t know the first thing about you except that my son loves you and you tend to take it very easy with…eh…’relationships’…and I’m sorry, I really need to stop talking. I don’t know where all of that suddenly came from.” Emily stared uncomfortably at her hands. “It’s probably because I’m really worried about Ricky, but I don’t mean to offend you, I should just be quiet and not say a word anymore, I’m really sorry.”

Alfie didn’t say anything for a moment. There was not a tiny hint of emotion on his face. This was without a doubt very awkward for both of them and that poor woman looked like she was about to dig a hole and hide from him. She reminded him so much of Ricky, all this insecurity and shyness…
“He can be glad to have a mother like you”, Alfie finally said, and Emily looked up in surprised. “At least he has a mother who gives a crap about him.” He looked at his watch that was four times more expensive than this house, then he got up. “If you’ll excuse me, I have to go. Thanks for the pictures.”
Emily was still too shocked and confused to move. Before Alfie left the living room he turned around once more to her.
“And for my intentions…I actually have no bloody idea what they are, not…not with him.” He cleared his throat. “I always know what I want, but this time it’s different. He’s different.”
Emily just stared at him, still unable to say anything, and before this could get any more awkward, he turned away now and left the house, hoping she wouldn’t tell Ricky that he had stopped by.

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25Growing Up Empty Re: Growing Up on 7th October 2012, 14:05

It was insane how quickly the time had passed the twins were already three weeks old, it had been busy weeks feeding, changing nappies, getting used to having children, sorting out when Betty will help and when the geeks will be alone with their daughters and everyone was not yet seeing the wonderful sites of parenthood.
One wonderful day in June the girls were finally fed, changed and asleep but Jo didn’t want to go out of their rooms. She was sitting in the armchair in Jane’s room. She looked exhausted and somehow not herself.
Liam hugged her tightly. “Come on let’s get something to eat. I’m starving.”

“No, I need to stay here. She needs me.” Jo held on tightly to Liam.

“But Jo, Jane and Jill are sleeping.” Liam looked down a little confused at Jo.

“Liam, promise me no more kids. One is enough okay? I can’t have more… I just can’t.” Jo was shivering even though it was not cold. “Please Liam?”

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