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Growing Up

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Jane drank the entire bottle very slowly, she was a slow eater so it took some time for her. But when she finally finished Liam knew she had to burp out the air of her stomach or she might get sick. So he put her head a little over his right shoulder and gently padded her back. After a little while his little girl burped as hoped he lifted her up and looked at her she looked a little shy at him.

“Oh princess it is okay as long as you drink milk you can burp and no one will be mad at…” Jane burped a second time but then it changed into vomiting all the milk she just drank over Liam’s face, neck and chest. “… you.”

Jane started crying and tried to take the milk from her daddy’s chest. “No don’t put this in your mouth you gonna get sick.” Liam got up and sat Jane in her high chair. He took a tea towel and wiped his face, when he looked at the crying Jane he got really worried. She seemed so upset about the situation and for some reason she looked pale even though she was crying. Jill normally ot a read face but Jane was so pale.

“Oh no Princess you are okay?” Liam wiped the rest of his face and then looked at his crying daughter. “Jill never throws up when she drinks formula.” Liam wiped her face he had taken off his jumper and was now rocking the still crying Jane, it was not this hysterical crying Jill did more a quiet whining nearly like she was in pain. Liam started to be really worried Jo had mentioned that Jane had a sensitive stomach and preferred mother milk. He felt so sorry that he just meant to do something good for Jo and now he had made his little daughter sick.

Meanwhile Jo was lying in bed when she slowly woke up. Her head was heavy as usual when she just woke up and when her hand wandered to Liam’s side of the bed but he was not there she got a little upset until she remember the breakfast eh would probably be making. And then she heard it a crying baby but it was not Jill it was Jane and Jane rarely ever cried. Jo shot up and starred at the clock. “Oh my god it is eight o’clock.” Jo jumped out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen.

“I am so sorry Liam! I overslept I should have been up since hours and have fed Jane. Liam I am so sorry. Here let me feed Jane and… Liam?”

“She threw up, I fed her formula and she threw up all of it and now she is crying and what if she is sick?” Liam was rocking the crying Jane. Jo looked at them both until she realized what Liam had done.
“You gave her formula to let me sleep in? Why?”

“It’s your birthday.”

Jo smiled and kissed Liam and then she pulled a face. “Sorry. Thrown up formula is so gross you need to shower and I’ll give Jane a little tea. She doesn’t like the formula well more she can’t handle it that why I always freeze breastmilk that she can drink that instead. I did though start to give her milk from the goats.”

“So she is not sick?” Liam looked worried at Jane who was leaning her head tiredly against his shoulder.

“No I think not let me give her some tea to calm her down and then I’ll feed her if she throws up again we can start panicking.” Jo went to make her daughter some fennel tea. Liam was watching his wife when she took Jane and sat down giving her a bottle of fennel tea. She drank it very slowly as the milk before and Jo took the bottle out of her mouth every few sips to let her swallow properly and to see if she threw up again, but Jane was okay. “I think you can go shower Liam. Thanks for this lovely morning.” Jo smiled widely at him. “I love you. You can’t imagine how glad I am for the past four birthdays I got to celebrate with you. And all I wish for this and the coming birthdays is that you are there.”

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Liam smiled back at his wife. “You have no idea how grateful I am for every birthday I got to spend with you the past four years. No matter if your mother had planned those super fancy parties for you, I still loved spending those days with you, and always will.” He wished he could hug her, but he was full of baby vomit. “Okay, I’m off to the shower now, and when I come back I’ll give you your present.”

“I thought this was my present?”

“What? This?” He pointed at the vomit on his shirt.

“Well, I was more referring to that sweet gesture, and that you fed Jane so that I could sleep in.”

“That was just a part of my birthday present”, he said. “Anyway, I’ll be right back. You can already start with the breakfast if you want to.”

“No, silly, of course your J’s are going to wait for you. Besides, I just heard Jill, so we will all be awake when you get back from the shower.” She smiled at him and put Jane back into her high chair to get Jill out of her nursery while Liam want back to shower. His hair was still wet by the time he got back to his three favourite girls, but at least he smelled fresh again and was wearing one of the jumpers that Jo liked to borrow, of course it was one of his cartoon jumpers and Jo loved wearing it even though it was too big for her. He was also carrying the present- obviously not wrapped by him because it was very nicely wrapped, and he was so clumsy when it came to wrapping presents.
“Happy Birthday”, he said while he kissed her on the cheek and handed her the present. “Ellen wrapped it.”

Jo giggled. “I was just about to ask…”

“But I picked the wrapping paper.”

“Good job, Liam”, she said jokingly. He grinned, then patted his two little Irish princesses while he passed their chairs and sat down.

“I’m starving. I obviously had some help with the breakfast this morning”, he said. “Waffle or Pancake? Or both?”

“I’ll start with the waffle first”, she said.

“As you wish, Your Highness.”

“You don’t need to call me that.”

“It’s your birthday, of course you’re my Highness for today. Well, actually, you’re always my Highness, every single day.”

“Aww, that’s so cute.” Jo blushed, then she removed the entire wrapping paper and held a big, beautiful book, all covered in fine, valuable leather, in her hands. She opened it and read A Very Special Photo Album of Princess Jane and Cupcake Jillian. Liam had tried hard to write as nicely as possible, usually his handwriting sucked, but this time he put a lot of effort into it. Jo’s eyes widened as she looked at the pictures. Liam had taken most of them with his very special camera, and it wasn’t the usual baby pictures one might expected. He had taken pictures from absolutely everything; their tiny hands and feet, their little noses, of course beautiful full-portrait pictures, or their blue eyes hit by sunlight. Those pictures looked like true works of art, and he wrote comments to all of them.
“Oh God, Liam…”, Jo mumbled while she was going through the pictures. “Those are beautiful.” She stopped at one picture that showed her with both girls in her lap. She wasn’t looking in the camera, she didn’t even know that he was there and took the picture. She just bent down to kiss Jill on the head, while Jane stretched out a hand to play with her hair.

“You like it?”, he asked.

She finally looked up. She had a hard time taking her eyes off those wonderful pictures. “It’s perfect”, she whispered.

“No.” He shook his head. “The models in those pictures are.”

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Jo looked for a moment at Liam and then she went back to the album. All those picture of the girls especially the first month, when Jo looked up again she was crying.

“Oh no Jo what is it?” Liam quickly sat down next to his wife and pulled her into a hug. “I’m sorry did I do something wrong?”

Jo shook her head but snuggled into her husband’s chest, breathing in slowly and calming down. It still took her a few minutes until she could look up and speak again.

“It is just I missed all those moments and one day they will ask about how they were about newborns and I have no idea. I barely remember anything of the first month.” Jo said still in tears. Liam kissed Jo and wiped her tears gently away with his thumbs.

“That’s why you have now this album. I tried to write to every picture something, so that you will always know when and where the picture was taken.” Liam held her close. Jo nodded and looked at the pictures, when she suddenly found a picture of her with the girls in the garden. It must have been July and it was a wonderful day, they were sitting on the blanket in the shade. And to Jo’s surprised she was smiling very relaxed and she was gently stroking over her girls cheeks.

“That’s my favourite picture. Because every time I saw you smile like this I knew that one day you will come back. No matter what everyone said, I knew somewhere deep down you were still in there. And I was right.” Liam held her close and he felt that Jo stopped shivering. Her breathing was calm and she had stopped crying.

“I was scared Liam. A few years ago when we talked about children you said you maybe want one in a few years and then I managed to get knocked up and give you two babies. I was scared that because of that everything will fall apart and you leave me.” Jo whispered.

“What no never. I might have said that but when Dr Forbes said that there are two babies I was in shock and I wanted to run but when I first saw our two girls I could never ever run away from you and the girls.”

“I know that now but back then I wasn’t sure what to think.” Jo sighed. “But that doesn’t matter today. I really love your present. Thank you so much. Are there any other surprises?”

Liam was about to answer when the phone rang. Jo went to answer it. “Good Morning, Jo O’Doherty speaking.”

“Is this Miss Lady Williams?”

Jo sighed. “Just give me my mother she will never understand that my last name O’Doherty is.”

“Josephine it is good to hear from you. I am still very disappointed that your husband did not agree that I have the ball we planned for your twenty-first birthday since you were born.”

“Normally someone calling me today would say something like ‘Happy Birthday’ and not that you are disappointed with the most wonderful husband I can think of.”

“Josephine I expect to see you today.”

“Mother I actually don’t know what Liam has planned for me so I don’t know if I will see you. So I maybe I better give you Liam, but thanks for calling.” Jo looked at Liam when she handed him the phone.

“Good morning Elizabeth. I already told you that Jo will spend the day at Lorelai’s with me and the girls. Lorelai and Jo will be riding and then we will have lunch with her, John and the boys. The afternoon Lorelai will be watching the girls while Jo and I spend some time alone. As we agreed we will be coming to a belated birthday lunch to your house on Saturday and since you don’t want the girls they will stay with Ellen because Betty is not working on the weekend. So see you in six days.”

“That is not the proper way of celebrating the twenty first birthday of Miss Lady Josephine Williams.”

“No it is not the way to celebrate the birthday of Miss Lady Josephine Williams so I guess it is good that this is the birthday of Mrs Jo O’Doherty. So see you Saturday. Good day.” Liam hung up the phone.

“Did you just hung up on my mother?” Jo looked shocked at Liam.

“Yes she was annoying me. Okay lets have breakfast and then you have a day full of riding while I watch the girls with John and his boys and you can ride your stallion.” Liam smiled as he refilled her tea cup.

“I hope I can ride another stallion later when we are along too.” Jo grinned and Liam.

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The afternoon was great, and luckily the weather played along. While Jo and Lorelai went riding for a while, Liam and his daughters sat together with John and his boys. It was the first time both Edward and Henry really got to play with them- of course under the watchful eye of their fathers. Edward, who was the tallest, had an easier time holding on to little Jane who seemed to like him a lot because she smiled the entire time, and Henry, who was still a toddler himself, sat next to Jill, one arm around her, while he kept her entertained. It was absolutely adorable to watch the boys taking care of the girls, and how great they got along. Henry was a bit more playful- just like Jill- while Edward was the quieter and gentle one, just like Jane.

“They grow like weed, don’t they?” John grinned while watching the children.

“Oh yes, they do. The girls were so tiny when they were just born, they were the tiniest baby in the hospital, and now they get bigger by the day. Just the hair isn’t really growing yet.”

“Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure they won’t stay bold forever. The little fluff on their heads is proof that there’s some real hair in the making”, the older man said jokingly. “Henry didn’t have much hair either, and now look at him, his head is full of it. It actually grows so fast, the other day he almost looked like a girl. Lor doesn’t mind if it’s a bit long, she likes to tousle it, but I’d rather have my son looking like a boy.”

When John mentioned that Lor liked to tousle Henry’s hair, Liam had to grin. Years ago he was the one who got his hair tousled by her all the time, and man, he had loved it.
But that was years ago. Before he was a father, or husband. Hell, before he had met Jo. Lorelai still tousled his hair now and then, and she still called him ‘Fuechschen’, but she didn’t do it as flirty as she used to, and that was okay. The only one who could tousle his hair in a flirty way now was his wife, and he loved that just as much.

“How are things going with you and Jo?”, John asked. “I don’t mean to be curious, I just know that it can be hard for young parents to get back to normal again after they had children.”

“That’s true.” Liam nodded. “And it was hard, I’m not going to lie. We just needed time, especially Jo, but I think we’re very close to being back to normal again.”

“That’s good to hear. Children can change a lot, especially when you get two at once.”

“Oh yes.” Liam looked at his two little angels. Jane was about to fall asleep in Edward’s arm, while Jill tried to grab Henry’s nose. “And they did change a lot, pretty much everything, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.” He couldn’t even imagine life without those two anymore, they were the ones who made him and Jo really a family. Before that, they were a married couple, a unit, but now they were a family.
When Lorelai and Jo came back, they quickly changed into their normal clothes again and then joined their men and the girls.
“So, you two…” Lorelai looked from her little cousin to Liam. “We’ll watch the girls now, and you two take all the time you want and enjoy the day.”

“Thanks.” Jo smiled at her and hugged her, then she bent down to kiss her girls good bye, and so did Liam.

“Edward, Henry…” Liam looked at both boys. “You take good care of those two ladies, right?”

Both boys grinned and nodded. “Yes, Sir!”

“Very good.” He got up and put his arm around Jo. “And I’ll take very good care of you now”, he whispered, making sure nobody else heard him.

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Jo blushed and starred at the floor. “Liam.” Lorelai looked at them as if she wondered what the sudden changed in Jo had caused.

“Everything okay?”

“Yes. Everything is fine. I’ll see you tonight.”

Jo drove since she really liked driving and well she wanted to arrive today and not next week. It was just like the time they got away when Liam just got the Jaguar from Colin. And Jo loved her husband so much, it was nearly scary how much she loved him especially when they made love to each other.

It was late evening when Jo still naked was curled up onto Liam’s chest. “Jo are you okay?” Liam felt something drop on his chest.

“Oh I’m so sorry.” Jo grabbed her t-shirt and covered herself. “I think we need to get back. I’m leaking.” No Jo looked a little upset.
Liam lifted her head and kissed her again. “Don’t apologize when this happens you are feeding our children with this milk.”

Jo sighed. “I know. Can we still go back, please?”

“Sure.” Liam handed Jo her clothes and got dressed himself. Jo was driving back to Lorelai’s to pick up the girls. “Liam can I wean the girls? I mean would you be okay if I do? I know I haven’t been nursing them for a very long time but… I feel like I can never produce enough milk with any what I can eat. I’m so exhausted.” Jo was worried that Liam would see her not being able to produce enough milk as a failure she has not yet completely shaking off the fear of failing in Liam’s eyes.

“Are you sure?” Liam asked calmly.

“Yes I feel so tired and I dunno but my boobs hurt and I just I think I don’t like nursing them it feels weird.” Jo mumbled.

“That is okay. I think if you don’t feel well nursing them then you should wean them off.” Liam took Jo’s hand.

“I’m sorry.”

“You don’t need to be sorry I think nursing two children is exhausting.” Liam started grinning. “And I’m looking forward to be able to touch your boobs again without you feeling weird when I do.”

“Liam.” Jo laughed a little.

“It’s not my fault your boobs are awesome and I love touching them so I’m not mad if you wean them off.” Liam leaned over and kissed his wife. She still tasted of the meadow they had made love just minutes ago.
Jo moaned she really liked the way he was kissing her neck. “Maybe we stop for five minutes.”

Liam laughed into her ear. “Sounds like a good idea.”

Jo stopped the car at the side of the road and turned off the engine. With a quick move she took her knickers off while her skirt was still on and climbed on Liam’s lap. She whispered seductively into his ear. “I’m so horny no matter how often we do it today.” Jo was rummaging between her legs to open his trousers, Liam came to help her while he kissed her passionately. “The last time we did it like this was on our honeymoon.”

“I know and I so loved it the way we did it on our honeymoon.” Jo started moaning when suddenly a car passed them Liam pulled her closer that the other driver could not see his naked wife.

When the two finally made it onto Lorelai’s stud they had stopped two more time on the way.

“Man you look flushed, are you okay?” Lorelai grinned widely when she saw Jo’s red exhausted face.

“Yes I’m fine, it was a good afternoon.”

“Let me guess with a lot of exercise.” Lorelai winked at her little cousin. “So do I assume that everything is okay between you and Liam?”

“Yes we are fine.” Jo smiled when Liam came through the door carrying one baby on each arm, both of the girls were sleeping. It was this picture Liam carrying their daughters that made her got soft knees again. She fell in love with him all over again. “Yes we are perfect.”

Jo hugged Lorelai one more time and then took Jill out of Liam’s arm to put her into the car seat. As soon they would be home she would be pumping up the milk from her boobs just so that her husband could bang her again while their girls were sleeping in their bedrooms. Jo was so glad for the life she got, for everything good and for everything bad. It all were experiences that made her life worth living.

After a long night Jo snuggled close to Liam, and whispered. “I loved every birthday I had with you and I will love every birthday to come.”

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It was the last class of the day and the students were about to finish writing their papers on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream, which Ricky had discussed this week in his class. Personally, it had always been one of his favourite plays, so when he saw in the beginning of the semester that it was among the list of books and plays he had to teach for the class, he was really happy about it. Right now the students were bent over their papers and finished up their short essays, which he would mark over the weekend.
As the class came to an end, more and more students finished up, and by the time the class was over, they packed their things, got up and put their papers on his desk.
“Time’s up”, Ricky said as he noticed two students still writing. The girl nodded quickly and finished her sentence, then she gave him her paper. Dylan still remained on his seat, staring at the paper in front of him. “Dylan, you have to hand in your paper now, everyone gets the same amount of time”, Ricky reminded him calmly.

“Yes, of course. I’m sorry.” He quickly got his things together and handed Ricky his paper. They were the only ones left in the room, everyone else was already gone.

“Thank you”, Ricky said as he took the essay from him. “Wow, you sure wrote a lot.” He looked up to his student who started to blush.

“Well…um…I had a lot to say.”

“Shakespeare enthusiast, hm?” He smiled friendly at him, which made Dylan even more blush.

“I…eh…have a nice weekend.”

“Thanks, you too.”

Dylan turned around and left the room quickly, almost as if he was running from something or had to catch a bus. Ricky just shrugged his shoulders and packed his bag.
It wasn’t until he got home and sat in his office that he took a closer look at what his students had written. He wanted to mark a few essays tonight, so that he would get work done as soon as possible. Luckily, Alfie was busy watching an important polo game on TV, so he didn’t walk into Ricky’s office and distract him- which he pretty much always did. Usually Ricky never got work done on Friday’s after he came home, at least not work for school.
He put all the essays on his desk, the first one was Dylan’s, since it had been the last one that was handed in. He was just about to grab a pen when the beginning of Dylan’s paper made him stop. It started out like a letter, with Dearly Beloved, and as Ricky continued reading, he realised that this wasn’t a proper essay- this was a letter. Dylan did quote from A Midsummer’s Night Dream, but it were only love quotes, and they were used to emphasise certain points in the letter, but not for any sort of analysis, which Ricky had told his students he expected to see in their essays. What he was reading right there wasn’t an analytical essay, it was a love letter. It was beautifully written, but obviously Dylan had missed the point of the assignment. Still, Ricky read all of it. After all, it was incredibly well written. However, there were a few moments where he stopped and frowned because he started to describe the ‘beloved person’, and from what Ricky read, it didn’t sound like he was describing a girl. It actually sounded like he was describing a man.
Ricky folded his hands behind his head and waited a moment before he continued reading. Maybe he was reading too much into it. Maybe it was just a simple letter that included a few quotes by Shakespeare’s play, and that was it. Maybe Dylan just wanted to show that he was creative, so that’s why he didn’t write an essay full of analysis, but a more creative option, which obviously worked out, although it was not the assignment Ricky had asked for. It sounded weird, but by reading the letter Ricky felt like he was reading something private, something that wasn’t mean for his eyes. Or was it? This was very awkward, he felt like reading Dylan’s diary.
He finished the rest of the very long letter, which ended with a quote from the play:
I mean, that my heart unto yours is knit
So that but one heart we can make of it;
Two bosoms interchained with an oath

Ricky just stared at the paper in front of him, not knowing what to do, and how to mark this work. Dylan had missed the point of the assignment, but on the other hand Ricky couldn’t give him a bad mark because this letter was really good and thoughtful. Maybe a little too thoughtful, because he felt like he had invaded a private area where he wasn’t supposed to be.

“Can you believe it, bloody Johnson almost fell off his horse and that cost the team!” Alfie appeared in Ricky’s study. Ricky couldn’t help it, it was pure reflex that he suddenly bent over and tried to hide the letter.

“Oh really?”, he asked nervously.

Alfie raised an eyebrow suspiciously. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing!” Ricky’s voice got higher, which always happened when he was nervous. “I was just…ehm…I started marking a few essays, that’s all.” He quickly jumped up and tried to distract Alfie. “Anyway, I’m taking a break now, I’ll cook something for you, okay?”

“I don’t want-“

“Nonsense, I’m going to cook something!” Ricky almost pushed his boyfriend out of the room. He didn’t know why this letter made him act so weird and why he didn’t want Alfie to see it. This was just all very strange.

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Alfie let Ricky made him dinner and he even ate with the typical complaining. Well until Ricky was about to start the dishes.

“No way you are doing the dishes now.” Alfie got up and pulled Ricky into a hug.

“Someone has to do them. And I don’t like leaving the dirty dishes for the maid in the morning.” Ricky tried to get to the dishes in the sink but Alfie’s hand found its way into his lover’s trousers. It just took him a little gentle rubbing and Ricky was distracted. “Alfie that is not fair.” Ricky mumbled as he was leaning against Alfie who started kissing him. No matter if he was mocking Ricky for all the body lotions he used it sure as hell made Ricky the best smelling and tasting boy he ever had.

“Maybe not but I would stop any time you ask me to.” Alfie whispered back. Ricky shook his head. “No don’t…”

They made it all the way upstairs into the bedroom, since Ricky was a proper girly boy and preferred having sex in their bedroom at least most of the times.
It was past midnight when Ricky had falling asleep, still naked curled up close to Alfie. For a while Alfie just watched his Lover Boy sleep until the restlessness and curiosity won. He made sure Ricky was well covered by their duvet before he got out of bed. Alfie didn’t bother to put on any clothes he slept most of the time naked anyway and why should he put on clothes when he was walking through his own home. He went in Ricky’s study wondering again if he should swap the room, Ricky’s bedroom -in which he never slept and they just used as cover- and his study since his bedroom was bigger. Alfie shook his head in the darkness a bigger study would just mean Ricky would like being in it and not with him. So no way he would swap the rooms. Alfie switched on the small table light on Ricky’s desk and looked at the pile of papers. He picked up the essay on top…

Dearly Beloved… I mean, that my heart unto yours is knit So that but one heart we can make of it;
Two bosoms interchained with an oath

“What the hell?” Alfie didn’t need to read this twice he saw the name on the ‘essay’ Dylan Connor. Alfie took the paper and ran back upstairs.

“What the fuck is going on between you and this Dylan. Are you fucking him?” Alfie yelled that Ricky sit upright in bed. He saw that Alfie was serious.

“What?” He asked sleepy. “Alfie you are not even dressed.”

“That doesn’t matter right now. Are you fucking your student? The student you are hiding love letter from me?” Alfie was waving the letter in the air.

“No Alfie and the letter is not even for me.”

“Are you kidding me? He clearly wrote this letter to you. Are you blind or what?” Alfie started to sound really angry.
Ricky got out of bed and took the letter from his boyfriend. “I am not sleeping with him, no matter what you think. But I don’t sleep around. So can I go back to bed?”

Alfie didn’t reply turned around grabbed his underpants and went downstairs. He would sit in his bar and drink and smoke until he felt better but he would not feel better until he punched the crap out of this Dylan guy to make sure he knew where his place was and that he better not puts a finger on his Lover Boy.
Ricky didn’t wait long to go down into his gentlemen’s salon, smoking like a chimney and drinking like a sailor. Ricky sighed quietly and went over to him.

“Hey, there is no need for you to worry. I’m a one guy man.”

“You’re not a man, you’re a boy. And I’m not worried I told you that you can sleep with others.”

Ricky took Alfie’s cigar and inhaled a small drag. He did not really like it but once in a blue moon he took a drag just to remind himself that he didn’t like it. He had climbed on Alfie’s lap now leaning his head against his shoulder.

“But I don’t want to love anyone else then you.”

“I never said you have to do that.”

“No but I also don’t want to sleep with anyone else then you. Come on lets go back to bed.” Ricky whispered.

Alfie took his arms off he hasn’t told that when he was gently petting his stomach like he did right now that it was driving him crazy in a good way. “You go ahead, I’ll stay a little while longer here.” Alfie said and Ricky knew that he had no chance of changing his boyfriend’s mind. Ricky nodded, kissed Alfie on the cheek and then went upstairs.
Many hours later when the sun was nearly was rising Alfie climbed up the stairs to their bedroom, smelling of cigars and whiskey. Ricky quickly closed his eyes and pretended he had not waited up for his boyfriend to come to bed. Not like usually Alfie was lying on his side of the bed far away from Ricky, he was just not yet ready to be close it Ricky again. There was something going on that he couldn’t really explain or talk about and not until he had figured out what was wrong with him he would not trouble Ricky.

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“You already checked five times if you have everything”, Liam said while he was waiting with both his daughters in the doorframe, watching Jo going through the big bag.

“I have to make sure I don’t forget anything.”

“Yes, I get that, but you made sure about five times already and nothing is missing, so can we go? Besides, Miss Jill here is getting impatient.”

“Okay, okay, I’m coming.” Jo took a deep breath and followed him outside. They had planned to go to the public pool today. Liam hadn’t gone swimming the entire summer because Jo was in a bad place so he had to be there for her, and of course for the girls as well, so he couldn’t just take off and leave them behind, that’s why he didn’t go swimming, no matter how much he missed it.

After they arrived they could immediately go to the pool since they had already put their swimming clothes on at home, so that Jo didn’t have to take the babies into the changing cabin. They found a nice spot a bit away from all the others so that they had enough space to spread out their ten thousand things.
Jo looked around a bit insecure, she was wearing a bathing suit, not a bikini, but she still felt a bit naked, especially since she saw a few young teenage girls and felt even more unattractive compared to them.

“You look awesome”, Liam said, as if he could read her mind right now.

She looked up shyly, her shoulders covered up by a towel. “I don’t know…I’m sure none of these girls has given birth to twins recently, so of course they all look bet-“

“Jo, stop it.” Liam sighed. “You know exactly what I think of you and your body, right? I don’t know how many times I need to tell you how absolutely hot you are, especially now. Please stop criticising your figure all the time.”

She stared at her knees. “I’m sorry.”

“I didn’t mean it in a bad way, I just want you to stop hating your body and constantly comparing it to others. It’s like you said, none of these girls here has given birth to twins, and I bet none here would ever guess that you did, because you sure as hell don’t look like it.” He smiled and kissed her on the cheek. “Okay, I’m going with Jill to the baby pool for a bit, are you going to watch Jane?”

“Yes, of course.”

“I don’t think she wants to come with me and her sister, look how suspiciously she stares at the water.”

Jo had to smile when she saw the face her older daughter made. “Yes, you’re right. I think she’s saver when she’s here with me.”

“Okay, we’ll be back in a bit.” Liam lifted up Jill carefully and walked to the baby pool, which was right next to the big one, so he could still see Jo and Jane from there. He just reached the baby pool when he noticed someone. For a moment he thought he was wrong, but then he looked again, and unfortunately his eyes hadn’t been lying to him. It was Victor, and a bit behind him sat Maggy with their daughter.
“Oh no…”, Liam mumbled.

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Jo and Jane were watching the swimmer in the deep pool swim their lines. Jo kept looking over to the baby pool to see if Liam and Jill were doing okay. So far she hadn’t seen what Liam had but that changed quickly.

“My, my, my who do we have here? Josephine what a pleasure to see you. You actually look better than ever and I see baring two Irish bastards finally made you grow some boobs.” Victor was standing in front of Jo and Jane.

“Victor.” Jo’s eyes widened in shock and her arm tried to cover her décolleté while she pulled Jane closer to her.

“You remember me, spending. I saw your mother the other days she is still very keen on me being your husband. And I would fit splendidly in your little school of freaks.” Victor was starring at Jo’s boobs.

“You are married.” Jo tried to hide that Victor scared her.

“Did you see Maggy? She is fat like a whale. I swear her ass is enormous.”

Jo had gotten up but now Victor had pushed her back against the wall leaning close over her starring at her boobs, she even felt his breath on her breast.

“If you would drop this brat you and I could go and I’ll show you what it means to get nailed by a real man and not this Irish beggar.”

Jane started to scream and cry hysterically, while jo tried to stay calm but she wasn’t sure what to do.

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Liam didn’t wait a second more when he heard his little daughter crying. He had watched Victor carefully, but when he saw that the older boy started to get awfully close to his girls, he had enough. He had to remind himself that he was still holding a baby in his arms, which probably was a good thing because Jill stopped him from doing something stupid.

“Hey, asshole!” He looked coldly at Victor. “Get away from my wife and my daughter.”

Victor turned his head slightly towards him, looking indifferent. “You’re still around? I would have thought by now Elizabeth would have sent you back to whatever street you came from.”

“Just shut it, Victor.” Liam stood next to Jo who tried to calm down Jane.

“No, honestly, I’m surprised you stick around for so long. If I were you I would feel terribly out of place, always being among people who will never take you seriously.”
Actually Victor hit a nerve with that. Liam knew that he would never really be accepted here, the only place here where he felt like he belonged was Waterfall Downs, but as soon as he left the premises of the school he knew he wouldn’t be anything but the Irish guy Lady Josephine Williams married, that was all he was to upper class of Oxford. Most of them kept ignoring the fact that Jo had a different last name now and continued calling her with her maiden name, it was not just her mother who did that.
“On the other hand, it doesn’t surprise me that much, because what else can I expect from your people? When it comes to money you’re all a ruthless pack.”

Liam huffed. “And that’s coming from you, out of all people…”

Victor looked like he was about to hit him, but that same moment Maggy appeared behind him, holding their daughter in her arm. She definitely hadn’t gotten back in shape yet, Liam could see that now, but what he noticed more was her tired, grey face. He barely recognized her from that over-confident, self-absorbed girl she used to be.
“Let’s just go”, she said to her husband.

“You don’t tell me when we leave”, he said without looking at her.

“The pool supervisor is already looking into our direction.”

Victor now saw that she was right. “That’s your fault”, he said to Jo. “If you can’t control your brat-“

“Hey!” Liam wanted to punch him so hard for insulting his daughter, but they were in a public place and the supervisor watched them carefully. “Piss off, man.”

“Gladly”, Victor replied coldly. “At least I won’t need to waste my time with a cheap girl.” He looked at Jo, and if it wouldn’t have been for a group of kids who were playing next to them, Liam would have put Jill down and hurt Victor just the way he deserved, but he didn’t get that chance anymore because Victor and Maggy already turned away.

“This son of a bitch.” Liam turned to Jo. “Are you okay?”

She nodded quietly and sat down again, still looking freaked out. Liam sat down next to her and kissed both her and Jane, who started to relax now that daddy was back and Victor was gone.
“Is there any chance people get banned out of the town or something? You know, like in the old days, when someone who did something wrong had to go into exile.”

Jo shook her head. “I don’t think that works here anymore.

“Who runs this place?”

“The major. And the Jacksons, of course.”

“That’s good, Alfie said his family hate the Grays, so can’t they just kick them all out and send them to Timbuktu?”

Jo sighed. “Unless nobody hires a hitman to murder them, I’m afraid the Grays will stay here for as long as they want.”

“Great.” Liam took a deep breath. “Sometimes I just wish these were the old days where you just get rid of anyone who bothers you.” He touched Jo’s hair gently. “On that way I could keep all my three J’s safe.”

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Jo sighed. “I know. I’m sorry I tried to push him away but because I had Jane on my arm…” Liam put his arm around her. “I’m sorry he touched me.”

“Whoa I’m not mad at you. I just wish I could have punched the crap out of him.” Liam whispered, he was a little wet because he had been sitting with Jill in the baby pool.

“Okay just making sure you know that. Did you see how Maggy looks? She looks so unhappy I nearly feel sorry for her.” Jo said while she kissed Liam on the cheek.

“She looked like you would have. Well sort of, you would not be as heavy as she is.” Liam held her so close that it nearly hurt.

“I know and that s what scared me, to see someone like Maggy so broken.” Jo looked at Jill. “I think you should go with Jill again in the water, Victor left so we are safe. And if you feel better I come along with Jane and sit at the edge of the pool so that we are closer to you.”

Liam grinned. “Yes I think this little missy would like that very much and I would feel better if you stay close.”

Liam let go of Jo and together they went to the baby pool again. Jane was nervous and was holding on tightly to her mom while Jill was really excited to get back into the water. She was happy squeaking and leaning forward to touch the water. Liam sat down in the water and sat down Jill in front of him. Jill was splashing and laughing relaxed. Jo was amazed how her two children were and more home much Jill trusted Liam. “I read in an article that children in a very early age can learn to swim, maybe it is her talent.”

“I don’t want to pressure here into a live of being a protégée. I want her to pick for herself what she would like to do.”

“You mean like me and you?” Jo smiled.

“Yes, even though I always knew what I would be.”

“Really I don’t see you work for NASA.”

“Okay maybe not, I never thought I would be a teacher but I knew I would be into sciences.” Liam flirted back.

“I’m glad you never got to work for NASA we would have never met if you do.” Jo wished she could go to Liam into the pool but Jane was too nervous for her to do that. “Hey I was thinking I need to feed the girls and maybe while I do that you can go and proper swim a little.”

“Are you sure?” Liam looked at the two babies and then at Jo. “You are not going to breastfeed them here are you?”

“What no, I reduced the breastfeeding remember? I’ll give them a bottle.” Liam had gotten up and had wrapped Jill into her towel While Jo prepared the bottle for Jane, made with a formula that would not make her sick. “Go on Liam we will be fine.”

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It was nice being able to swim again, he had really missed it. He wished he could go here every day but obviously he didn’t have the time and he didn’t want to leave his girls behind. He just hoped he wouldn’t get fat and ugly now that he didn’t get much exercise anymore, otherwise Jo would probably look for another husband. Well, maybe.
When he got out of the pool and walked over to his J’s, he grabbed a towel because he knew that he couldn’t get close to Jane if he was wet, Jane really hated the water.
“Hey, Princess”, Liam said while he took his daughter who had watched him sceptically, but when she realised that he was completely dry, she started to grin. “Is it working out with the bottle?”, he asked while he sat down next to Jo who was feeding Jill.

“It looks like it does, at least Jane doesn’t throw up, which is a good thing. And Jill is obviously very hungry.”

“Yeah, I can see that.”

“So, I think a few more weeks and they will be completely used to the bottle.”

“That’s good for you, isn’t it? I mean, many times you’ve been kind of exhausted after you had to feed them, so using the bottle now is a good thing for you.”

Jo nodded. “Yes, it’s one thing to breastfeed one baby, but two…I felt like I could barely get a break, and there’s not enough milk for them left, it’s just impossible.”

Jane rested peacefully on Liam’s chest and was about to fall asleep. “They look so healthy now. They were so tiny after they were born, they were definitely the smallest babies in the whole hospital, and now look at them…”

Jo smiled while she looked over to Jane who was sleeping on her husband’s chest. “They are our perfect little Munchkins.”

A few days later Jo had called Lorelai to ask her to watch the girls for a bit, since she had planned a surprise for Liam. He just finished his last class and went upstairs, when he noticed that it was strangely quiet. He assumed both girls were sleeping, but when he went into the kitchen he saw Jo dressed in nothing but a pretty apron and high heels.
“Ehm…sorry…”, Liam mumbled, staring at this super hot girl in front of him. “I was actually looking for my wife…”

Jo grinned flirtatiously, walked up to him and kissed him passionately.
“Sorry to disappoint you, Handsome”, she whispered. “But your wife’s gone out, so I guess it’s just you and me.”

“That’s a pity”, Liam replied sarcastically and kissed her back. Now that she was wearing high heels there was barely a height difference between them.

“I cooked something for you, and I suddenly got very hot, so my warm clothes bothered me and I decided to take them off. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. In fact, that apron of yours kind of bothers me”, he said playfully.

“Oh, we can get rid of that too.”

Liam grinned. It smelled really good in the kitchen, but right now he didn’t really care about that. There was something that distracted him way more.

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Jo grinned happy lying on the kitchen floor in Liam’s arms afterwards. “That was amazing Liam.”

“Now you know what my wife is missing out.” He teased her that it made her giggle.

“I was pretty stupid when I didn’t want you to touch me huh?”

“No just a little bit confused.” Liam kissed her on the forehead.

Jo was quiet for a while and just pressed her naked body against her husband’s, the dinner she had made long cold and forgotten.

“Liam I was thinking don’t understand me wrong but, the heating in our pool is installed so that even when it now gets colder the pool is nicely warm since several students asked to be able to go swimming even when it is colder, and we now even have the glasshouse around the pool so you would not be in the weather. But I think you should go more swimming again.”

Liam sat up and started at Jo, he always feared this but he still hoped it would not happen. “I know I haven’t been as fit as I was half a year ago or maybe a year but…”

“I’m not saying this because I think you look or are different I tell you this because I know how much you like swimming and I saw you today, you love swimming. Your eyes looked so happy after those few lines of swimming you did today and I want you to be happy. I mean I’m not working yet and even when I am we have Betty and you will not even be far if something happens. So what do you think?” Jo was lying now on the cold tiles in the kitchen, covering her boobs with her arm because when Liam sat up so suddenly and looked down on her she felt suddenly naked.
Liam leaned down, very gently pulled her arm away and kissed her on those lips he loved to kiss.

“I think I want you to get dressed and show you something.”

Jo tried not to be hurt that she did not get a proper answer and was told to get dressed, when they were standing outside their flat door Liam took Jo’s hand. “Close your eyes and come with me.”

Jo looked a moment at him wondering what he had in mind but then closed her eyes. Liam led her for a while until he whispered.

“Don’t open your eyes yet but sit down please.” Jo was really curious what he was doing so she sat down still with closed eyes. She wasn’t sure but it didn’t seem like he had turned on the light in the room they were. And for some reason she felt very calm and as if she liked being here. Liam took a deep breath and then began, his version sounded rather clumsy and stumbled and when he had finished and looked at Jo he was so shocked to see her cry, he wasn’t sure why.

“I’m sorry I’m not as good as you are…”

Jo shook her head. “It is not that.”

“Um okay, I was just thinking that since the girls were born you haven’t played at all and just like you want me to be happy and go swimming I want you to be happy too. You love playing the piano.”

“I can’t.”

Now Liam was really confused. “Why can’t you play? I bet if I ask Graham he will love to give you lessons again.”

“It is not that. It is more that I… I used to play to disappear. Mother was not happy about me just playing the piano but at least I was good at it. And when I played at festivities of my mother during the time of me playing I could run and hide in my own world. And now that I don’t want to hide anymore I’m scared if I play again I will disappear.” Jo touched the keys of the piano but not enough to let them make a sound. She looked so longing at the instrument and even when Liam understood what she meant he knew she would not disappear anymore because just as she said she didn’t want nor needed it anymore. Liam took her hand and started playing again, he moved her fingers clumsy over the keys until suddenly Jo’s fingers flinched and corrected his playing and after a few more notes his hand slipped of her and she was playing, not disappearing but blooming in the music that filled the room.

They were both right he needed the swimming and Jo needed the playing just as much as they needed each other. And Liam loved watching her play, after all he fell in love with her while she was sitting on a stage playing a big black grand piano.

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Liam smiled as he watched Jo playing the piano. It was perfect. She was perfect. And she belonged right here.
“Jo, I don’t want you to give things up just because we have the girls now.”

She stopped playing and looked up to him. “I know. But like I said, I stopped playing not because of the girls but because I no longer need to disappear.”

“Okay, good.” Liam nodded. “I want you to remember something…” He reached out for her hand that was lying on the piano keys.

“What’s that?”

“The moment I realised I loved you was when I saw you at that concert, playing the piano as if it was your very last chance to play.”

A shy smile appeared on her face. “It was all for you.”

“I know that now, but even if it wouldn’t have been for me I still would have fallen in love with you, and I do it over and over again when I hear and see you play, that’s why I don’t want you to give up on it.”

“I won’t give up on it.” She leaned her head against his shoulder.

“Thank you.” He planted a kiss on her head.

It was October 31st and the very first Halloween party at Waterfall Downs. Of course all students were invited, but also friends and teachers and the teachers’ families. It was definitely not a formal event- well, there were no such thing as Halloween parties among the upper class anyway-so this party was just a fun thing among all the events Jo and Liam planned for their school. The students at Waterfall Downs didn’t only come to the school to learn hard, but also learn how to socialise and just to have fun.
Liam and Jo were dressed up as English school pupils in adorable school uniforms. For today they would be the students, not the teachers. Liam never got to wear nice school uniform like this, back in Ireland he had gone to a very small school in the countryside were the uniform was nothing special, and in the US he didn’t have to wear school uniform at all, so this was actually the first time he was wearing a proper, nice English school uniform. He looked about four years younger in that outfit, which made Jo giggle.
“You look almost younger than Ricky.”

“Excuse me? Nobody looks younger than Ricky.”

“I said almost.” She kissed him on the cheek, then they went to the nurseries to get their daughters into adorable little ladybug costumes. “You’re taking pictures of our Munchkins today, right?”

Liam grinned. “I’m already on it.” Of course he had already his camera prepared, his girls were just too adorable to stand.

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Jo had adjusted Jill’s little bug head when she looked up and saw that Liam had taken pictures of her and the girls.

“I didn’t mean to take pictures of me.” Jo mumbled shy, pulling at her blouse to make sure she looked okay.

“But you are the girl of mine I love the most to take pictures of.” Liam said while taking another picture of Jo, a Jo that was widely smiling.

“I love you too.” It was a rare occasion for her to add the little word too to it. Only then did Liam realise what he had said and just nodded. “Come on we need to go downstairs.” He picked up Jill and went to their front door. Jo was still smiling as they went downstairs. Several rooms like the dining hall, the ball room and the grand salon have been prepared for the festivities. In the dining hall was a huge horrifying buffet of food, the large doors to the garden were open well one of them was open while the other were just not locked so that the guests could go out in groups or along to walk through the maze of horror that Liam and a few other teachers had helped to design. Some horrors were machines built by Liam and his class while others were students acting. It would be a great fright to walk through it.
The first Jo and Liam ran into was Betty dressed like Mary Poppins (it was not as suiting as it might been on a less curvy woman). “Missis Jo, there are a few students that made a corner for the little bugs so that you have not to hold them all evening since the students expect you to walk through the maze and be actively available for them.”

“Thank you.” Jo gave Betty Jane and then she took Jill from Liam.

“They are close by to be in the party but won’t get scared. Grace is looking forward to play with them, Teddy is with her. And I will not leave your girls’ side.”

“Thank you.” Liam said and took Jo’s hand. Jo was a little bit nervous it was a huge party they would be hosting and it would not just be students, all teachers would be working tonight to keep the students in order while they still were here to have fun and then there were other guest, like her father and Graham (which mentioned to Jo that they expect to the smallest event at Waterfall Downs an invitation to use the event to see their granddaughters) and friends like Alfie and Ricky but also more important people like a few parents of the more wealthy students and other supporters of the school. Jo had talked the day before to all students that everyone knew how important it is that those supporters see that their school was not a horde of Hottentots. So Jo was excited and nervous for the event to start. Liam knew that and made sure that he was as much involved in the preparations as possible to take some of Jo’s weights from her.
Lorelai dressed as sexy white cat Duchess while John was the ginger cat O’Malley, Edward was a pirate and Henry a knight in a shining armour ready to safe the damsel from the dragon. The two boys went to join Grace, Teddy and Betty to watch the two so cute ladybugs.
Alfie and Ricky were dressed like noble men from a long time ago, Dickens would have greeted them with respect.

“Missis Jo, Missis Jo.” A few girls dressed as Indians and other fun costumes came running to Jo. They hugged her tightly. Jo did teach the book club once a week but for many students seeing her beloved headmistress only once a week and on occasion meals was not enough. Many of them knocked during the day at the flat door to ask for Jo’s advice on essays and other literary questions. Jo hugged them all and of course knew all their names. She asked how siblings, family and other little things in her students’ lives were and knew that gestures like this would mean a lot for her students. She gave them all a little task to do so that no one was left out with the party preparations. As soon the girls ran off Liam pulled Jo into his arms. “They worship you.”

“No they don’t, they just like me.”

Liam grinned. “I totally know why. I do the same.” He kissed Jo passionately.

“Liam. What if the headmaster sees us?” Jo joked.

“He better enjoys the show.” Liam kissed Jo once again and then they went off to check a last time if everything was ready for the guests to arrive.

The party was fully going most guest have arrived, people were going into the horror maze and came out screaming. The food looking like cut off fingers, brain and things looking like worms were eaten with fear it might not just be a joke. Jo and Liam were waiting to be the next going into the maze. “Liam?”


“Don’t ruin the horror for me and tell me how things works and who it is okay?” Jo looked with fear and excitement in her eyes at Liam.

“Um okay.” Liam said knowing he would have a hard time not to take the fear away from Jo since he didn’t like her being scared.

As expected Jo screamed walking through the maze meeting horrors, but in between she was laughing and during all the time tightly clinging to Liam’s arm. Not until they excited the maze did Jo start to breathe slowly. “Oh my God that was so scary, I love it.” She was still holding Liam’s hand tightly knowing that she would never walk with anyone but Liam through a maze like this.

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Alfie stared sceptically at the food, not sure what to make out of it. John, who just went up to the buffet with his sons, noticed it and grinned.
“Everything okay?”, he asked while he handed Henry a napkin.

“I’m not sure.” Alfie frowned. “Some of this…I don’t know…this looks like fingers. Is that supposed to be like that?” He really seemed confused, which made John chuckle. “And this just looks disgusting.” He pointed at the noodles that looked like worms.

“I take it you’ve never been to a Halloween party before?”, John asked.

“No, certainly not.”

“Don’t worry, this is all edible.”

Alfie didn’t look convinced at all and he watched the two little boys with sceptically raised eyebrows while they grabbed some of the disgusting-looking food and actually ate it. He didn’t have time to say anything because that same moment he felt a pair of arms around his waist. He quickly turned around and to his surprise found Ricky hugging him tightly. This wasn’t anything unusual- when they were alone. But in public, even if it was just at Waterfall Downs, where everyone was more relaxed, Alfie always kept a distance from Ricky. He didn’t care if people would start rumours, but what he cared about was Ricky’s safety, that was the main reason why Alfie stayed away from him when they were in public.
“What are you doing?”, Alfie hissed. Luckily, John was distracted with his sons, so he didn’t pay attention to them.
Ricky looked up to him like a lovesick puppy. “I wanted to see my Mr Darcy.” He hugged him even tighter, but Alfie grabbed his arms and pushed him away. He hated doing this, but he really couldn’t let other people see them so close together, especially not all the parents who were lurking around. Ricky looked like a hurt little child when Alfie pushed him away.

“What’s wrong with you?”, Alfie asked, trying to sound calm but he felt so bad since Ricky had this heartbreaking beaten-puppy face.

“Don’t hate me…”, Ricky mumbled shyly.

“What?” Alfie looked confused, but then he realised what was going on. “What did you drink today?”


“You must have had something.”

“I had punch, that’s all. Well, I had a lot of it, but-“

“You can’t get drunk from that normal fruit stuff, so what else did you have?”

“I’m not drunk”, Ricky defended himself. It was so obvious that he was drunk because he started grinning goofily after everything he said. He went up to his boyfriend again and grabbed his arm. “I love you so, so, so much…” He started to get that lovesick expression on his face again. “I want to tell you this every day, and I wish I could just marry you, because I love you so much and I-“

“Get a grip”, Alfie interrupted him almost a little harshly, and pulled away from him again. “Sober up first, drink some water and just don’t talk for the next hour, okay?” Before he let Ricky continue with this insane love talk, he quickly turned away and walked to a group of boys who stood next to the punch. “Hey, you!”
The boys flinched as he approached them.
“Did you put anything in the punch?”

They didn’t answer at first- they obviously didn’t want to get into trouble-but Alfie could see their guilty expressions. “Listen, I’m not going to rat you guys out to the teachers, I just want to know if you put something in the punch.”
One of the boys nodded shyly. “Just a bit of rum.”
Alfie sighed. He knew that it was obviously more than just a bit of rum because Ricky was not drunk, he was really wasted, but now it was too late anyway.

Meanwhile, Jo and Liam had returned from the maze, and the second they went inside, a group of girls from Jo’s book club came up to her and asked her a few questions. Liam just turned away from them and was about to check on his daughters when he saw Ricky standing in a corner, looking like someone just drove over his kitten.
“Hey, are you okay?” Liam tried to sound normal, but even for him it was hard to look at Ricky when Ricky had that sad puppy face. He didn’t know anyone who could look that sad.

“I’m fine”, he mumbled. “I’m not allowed to talk.”

“What? Why?”

“Because of the punch.”


Ricky took a deep breath. “You have really, really pretty eyes, Liam. I always thought so. They are so…so…blue.”

Liam smiled awkwardly. “Um…thanks.”

“And you look older now, which really suits you. You’ve become so handsome, Jo is a really lucky girl.”

Okay, this was so super awkward, Liam didn’t even know what to reply, but he didn’t have to, because that same moment Alfie showed up behind them. And boy, did he look scary! If Liam didn’t know any better, Alfie looked like he would strangle him right here.

“Hey, man…” Liam actually sounded a bit nervous. He had no idea why Alfie was giving him the death-glare, he didn’t do anything wrong, did he?

“You’re not leading him on, are you?”, Alfie asked coldly.

“Leading whom on?”


“What? No! I…um…he seemed kind of…eh…sad…so I just asked him if everything was okay, that’s all.”

Alfie looked suspiciously from Liam to Ricky, who just stood there like a lost little kid.

“Come on, Alfie, you know me. I love Jo, I’m not into…I…eh…I really like women, okay?” Liam could see that his friend started to look less tense, but he sure as hell was scary when he was jealous, and right now he was so damn jealous again that Liam had a hard time holding back a grin, but well, he didn’t feel much like grinning anyway when Alfie gave him that creepy death-glare.

“He’s drunk, so he doesn’t know what he’s saying”, Alfie said.

“Drunk? But we don’t have alcohol here.”

“Maybe you should check that again.”

“Okay.” Liam nodded. “Sorry man, that…ehm…that was just a misunderstanding…”

Alfie nodded and waited until Liam was gone, then he turned back to Ricky. “Remind me to never give you any alcohol again, because that only makes you talk, and thanks to that stuff I know now that you still have a thing for Liam.”

“I don’t!” Ricky tried to sound confident, but all the alcohol made him sound even more like Mickey Mouse, so he didn’t sound convincing at all. “I’m long over him, really! You’re my…you’re the…you’re…I love you…” The last part sounded like he was about to cry.
Alfie ignored what he said and pulled up a chair. “Here, sit down, I’ll get you some water.”

“You’re my Darcy.” He looked so freaking sad that Alfie couldn’t even look at him.

“Well, Elizabeth had the hots for Mr Wickham despite the fact that Darcy was in the picture”, he answered coldly, purposely saying Elizabeth instead of Lizzie.

Ricky managed to look even sadder than before, which drove Alfie insane. “But she never even in the slightest loved him like she loved Darcy”, he said quietly.

“Done with the literary lecture now?”, Alfie said sarcastically and didn’t wait for him to answer, he turned away from him to find some water.

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Jo had seen Alfie drag Ricky out of the room but for the moment she didn’t really care. “Liam? I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“So do I. I think the students smuggled alcohol to the party.” Liam held Jo close since she dived into his arms and wouldn’t get out of them. He liked how touchy she got now that she was weaning the girls. It seemed like her body was becoming more then a milk production organism, Liam enjoyed it a lot.

“Oh no really?” Jo waved Ellen over. “Ellen, Liam said that there is alcohol in the circle.”

“I’ll deal with it. I know exactly how to handle this. I’ve got a little brew for this. It tastes like alcohol but it will make them sick for at least a day. They will more feel bad then actual be sick.” Ellen grinned mischievously at Jo. Jo smiled back and let the older woman deal with the students.

“Good now to my surprise.” Jo whispered seductively into Liam’s ear. “Come with me.” Jo took Liam’s hand and led him away from the party, to the headmasters office.

“You want to work? Tonight?” Liam looked shocked at his wife.

“Oh no, not work. Since we are just students but I thought that it was arousing to do it on the headmaster’s desk.” Jo purred while she unbuttoned her blouse. “Níl mé ag caitheamh aon mionbhrístíní.”

Liam started grinning widely. “A fact I alwasy like to hear.” He said as he pushed Jo on the desk and his hand under her skirt. The little bows on her stockings made him really horny. He actually really felt like he was a student at Waterfall Downs Academy taking the virginity of Jo all over again, and it felt good to touch his wife dressed in a school uniform. After Liam and Jo had felt several pleasures and were perfectly dressed again they joined the party again. No one seemed to have missed them, even when Lorelai grinned at Jo when she saw ehr little cousin again. Jo kissed Liam. “Thank you.”

“No thank you.” Liam pulled her close and kissed her passionately, for a moment he didn’t care that everyone could see them.

Meanwhile in one of the small study rooms on the ground floor was Ricky sitting on a chair. He was so upset, Alfie had brought him a large jug of water and also a strong coffe. He had drunk both and now felt very stupid, how could he not notice that in the punch was alcohol? How could he be so stupid and tell Liam what he thought about him, in front of Alfie. Of course Alfie gest jealous.

“He called me Elizabeth.” Now the tears were running down his cheeks. “It only could have been worse if he had called me Miss Benet, and he never was so mad that he didn’t like talking about literatur with me. He never mind me lecturing.” Ricky pulled his legs up and hugged his knees tightly, heavily sobbing. He hadn’t noticed that Alfie had come back into the room.

“I would never call you Miss Bennet.” Alfie said in his usual cold voice. “Come here.” Alfie pulled Ricky off the chair and into his arms. “I just don’t want that anyone hurts you like Bosie’s family did with Oscar. I know we are more free here but I just want you to be safe. Remember this even when you are drunk okay?” Alfie whispered weirdly nearly emotional, as if he had to fight with tears. His eyes were dry but he knew that he never wanted Ricky to get hurt because of him. “And you are my Mrs Darcy, everytday.”

“I love you so much, Liam is a friend handsome yes but just a friend. I told you that I will never have anyone beside you. Ever!” Ricky held Alfie tightly as if he was scared to lose him right here and now. They were in no danger in Waterfall Downs. The few that had seen Ricky hug Alfie smiled. Since Jo had mentioned to the parents that homosexual men would be in and about the school grounds and she had long talks with concerned parents and every one who needed to talk. And they would not accept it and had still concerns about there safety but they did after a while believe that it was not contagious and that their children would not be harmed. And the free thinking of Waterfall Downs was more contagious then homosexuality.
Ricky slowly stopped sobbing in Alfie’s arms but he would need a little more time just with Alfie, like ten minutes before he could face the other people at the party again. “I wish we could always be like this, I wish we could hold hands and walk through a oark and no one cares that we are both men.”

“Your not a man you are a boy.” Alfie teased him, but his voice was soft well slightly soft and only Rikcy would hear it. It was Alfie’s way of agreeing with him and that he actually pulled him a little bit closer if that was even possible.

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Liam had just checked on the girls, then he walked back to Jo and was about to kiss her when he suddenly froze. His eyes widened and he mumbled a dazzled ‘Wow…’. Jo looked confused, then she turned her head to the direction where Liam was staring and saw the young woman who wore a dress that Jo had seen only in one place before; Moulin Rouge in Paris. She sure looked incredibly beautiful but very inappropriate for a party where most of the guests were kids. Jo turned back to Liam who stared with his mouth open.
“Liam!” Jo crossed her arms. “Did you hire her?”

“What? No! I…I have no idea where she came from. Do you know her?”

“No, I don’t know her.” Jo looked back at the girl and couldn’t avoid feeling a bit of jealousy. Ever since the pregnancy Jo got even more insecure about her body and her looks, and seeing women like that in front of her didn’t make it much easier for her at all. “Liam!”

“What?” He finally focused on Jo now and realised what he had just done. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…I…um…” He quickly put his arm around her. “You’re the prettiest girl for me, you know that, right?”

“Sometimes I’m not so sure…”, she mumbled.

“You are, I swear.” He leaned forward and kissed her.

Meanwhile Ricky finally left the room after he checked that his eyes weren’t too puffy anymore. Alfie still stayed in the room, they didn’t want to leave it together at the same time. The moment Ricky walked out of the room, he almost ran into Ellen, who was carrying Jane.
“Oh hi, could you do me a big favour and take her for a moment? I’ll be right back.”

“Sure.” Ricky smiled and took Jane who shot him a wide grin and stretched out her little hand to touch his hair. “Hi, Sweetie. You’re getting prettier every day, do you know that?”
As if Jane understood what he said, her grin grew wider. “Oh look, there’s Mommy.” Ricky smiled at Jo who approached them.
“There you are”, she said. “I just wanted to check if everything is okay? I heard you got drunk…I’m really sorry about that.”

“That’s okay, I’m better now. And don’t punish the kids, they are just kids after all.”

“Don’t worry, Ellen already took care of it, and she knows exactly how to handle situations like that.”

While Jo was talking to Ricky, Alfie went up to Liam, wanting to make sure Liam knew that he wasn’t mad at him or anything, even though he might have looked a tiny bit scary to Liam not that long ago. They didn’t get much chance to talk though because he suddenly heard a familiar voice behind him.

“If it isn’t my favourite Englishman”, a teasing female voice said behind him.

Alfie’s expression changed immediately. Liam was surprised to see that Alfie had actually gone pale. He very slowly turned around and saw the girl in the Moulin Rouge costume. A playful smile crossed her lips.
“Hello, there…” She didn’t even spend a second looking at Liam, her eyes were only fixed on the older boy. “How lovely to see you again, Fifi.”

Liam looked confused from Alfie to the young woman. She spoke fluently English but there was a slight hint of a foreign accent.

“I told you to quit calling me that”, Alfie replied coldly. “And I’m not sure if I’m equally glad to see you, Sofiya.”

The girl raised an eyebrow. “Is that your understanding of hospitality, Mr Jackson? I thought you’d be a little more…enthusiastic about seeing an old friend.”

“I’m not sure if I am”, he mumbled. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“Well, I happen to be on holidays, and since it’s been three years since I was in Oxford I decided to spend a few weeks here again, meeting my dear friends, you know…” Her smile grew wider.

“A few weeks?”

“Yes, until Christmas. I might stay here over Christmas as well, depending if Daddy comes and visits me.”

“Until Christmas? That’s…that’s like two months.”

Sofiya let out a dry laugh. “It is indeed. So I will be here for your birthday, which always reminds me of your 21st birthday and the nice things we did that day…You remember? Oh, not to mention your 18th, now that was something…”

Alfie actually blushed, which was something Liam had never witnessed before on his friend. Alfie never blushed because that guy didn’t know the feeling of embarrassment, he wasn’t ashamed of anything. Really, of nothing. But there he was, his cheeks slightly flushed.
Alfie cleared his throat. “I don’t suffer from Alzheimer, Sofiya, so yes, I do remember…”

Something was wrong here. Of course it wasn’t a secret that Alfie was a playboy and certainly slept with more people than anybody else Liam knew, but Alfie was the kind of guy who actually talked about this and absolutely didn’t think about sparing his environment with details. It was also obvious that he and that foreign girl had been intimate, even a blind man could see that, however, this time he seemed to be rather…uncomfortable in her presence. Liam had never seen him uncomfortable around the girls he had slept with, even if they were throwing shoes after him and yelled at him for taking away their virginity and right afterwards dumping them, he was still confident and indifferent as ever. But that girl…there was something else going on. Did he actually have a ‘thing’ with her? A ‘thing’ as in ‘relationship’? Liam was always sure that Alfie never had a real girlfriend, after all, he always mentioned that he couldn’t stand girls and would rather shoot himself than being in a relationship with one, but now Liam wasn’t so sure anymore.

Sofiya played with her long, dark hair while she scrutinised Alfie. “You certainly have grown up nicely these years…”

“And you still look as tiny as ever”, he replied dryly.

Liam didn’t really think she was tiny. She was taller than Jo, about Liam’s height, and she certainly had a nice body…Well, he wasn’t allowed to think about that, he was a married man.

“Anyway, since your father and mine are very good friends, he offered me to stay at your family’s house. You don’t mind, do you?”

Alfie stared at her, looking as if she just hit him in the face. “Eh…what?”

“For the next two months I’ll stay at your parents’ house. I mean, as you know my father has a holiday house just outside of town, but I would have been so lonely in that big, empty house, and your parents seemed very delighted about having me over.”

He needed a moment to react. He looked like someone had destroyed his beloved couch in front of his eyes. “You do know that they won’t be at home to entertain you, right?”

“Oh, I know…” She took one strand of her hair and wrapped it around her finger. “You don’t mind if I sleep in your room, do you? After all, you don’t live there anymore and I’m already rather…familiar with this room.”

Liam could see that Alfie was totally uncomfortable, which was almost amusing to watch, since he had never seen his friend like that before. Alfie tried to play it cool and shrugged his shoulders.
“Do what you want, I don’t care.”

“By the way, I haven’t seen your flat yet. Any chance I might-“

“No!”, he interrupted her coldly. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Is that where you keep your hookers or what?”, she asked teasingly.

Alfie didn’t answer. He sure as hell didn’t want her in the flat, this was the only place he and Ricky could be alone without having to justify what they had.

“I was just joking.” Sofiya finally noticed Liam who had just watched them quietly and with great interest. This was like a totally amusing TV show for him. “And who are you?”

“That’s Liam”, Alfie answered for of him, so that Liam wouldn’t say too much. “He’s a friend of mine.”

“A friend?” Sofiya raised her eyebrows. “As in-“

“No, not ‘as in’? Just a friend, okay?”

“Hi…” Liam smiled briefly as the pretty girl continued scrutinising him. “You…um…you two know each other?”

Sofiya let out a dry laugh. “That’s one way to put it…”

“We know each other for some time now.”

“Some time? It’s almost been ten years, you know that?” Sofiya turned back to Alfie who still tried not to show any emotions at all, then she turned back to Liam. “Well, I’m from Russia and I used to come here a lot during the Summer, but the past years I’ve been really busy, so the last time I was here was…about three years ago, I think. Yeah, that was when Lord Jackson Junior here and I-“

“Whatever!”, Alfie interrupted her. “He doesn’t need to hear that.”

“Oh, but we had so much fun, Fifi.”

“Don’t call me that!” He looked annoyed at her, then he turned his back towards her. “Liam and I have to go, so find someone else you can annoy.” He grabbed Liam’s arm and pulled him along until they had a safe distance from Sofiya.

“Okay, what’s going on here?”, Liam asked. “What does she have on you? Nude pictures that she threatens to publish?”

Alfie huffed. “Like I would care if she publishes nude pictures of me. No, it’s just…she…she is just…ah, I don’t know!”

“She’s what?” Liam raised his eyebrows. “Was she some sort of girlfriend once?”

“Hell no!”

“Do you have feelings for her?”

“Are you retarded? I want to grab her by the throat and strangle her!”

“So what is it? I’ve never seen you getting so upset over a girl.”

His friend was quiet for a moment. “I saw her vagina more than once, you know? More than once!”

“Ehm…what?” Liam looked both confused and uncomfortable.

Alfie took a deep breath. “She’s the only person I had sex with more than once. Well, except Ricky. I don’t sleep with people more than once, never. Never. I dump them right afterwards so that they don’t get the impression that there could be more going on between us.”

“And you and Sofiya…you…eh…”

“We know each other since we’re sixteen, and in all those years that I know her, we…um…we did it…well, more than once. A couple of times. Many times. Whatever!” Alfie actually looked really uncomfortable, as if he was admitting that his favourite colour was pink and he always wished to be a ballerina. “I just don’t know…every time I see her I tell myself to get the fuck away from her, and I try, but it never works. I’m so…attracted to her somehow. Well, my body is, it’s only physical attraction, nothing more. Like I said, I can’t stand that snotty brat. The worst thing is that I can’t control it, she’s like a bloody magnet.”

“Is she…eh…what is so special about her? I mean…in bed…and stuff?”, Liam asked, regretting at the same moment that he asked because he knew that Alfie tended to go into detail.

“Well, when I’m with her I can be rough because she likes that. I don’t have to be careful or anything. And there’s usually biting and scratching involved, and that really turns me on, I don’t know, it just does.”

“Oh…okay…” Now Liam started to feel really awkward. He totally shouldn’t have asked.

“And we do other stuff that I wouldn’t do with Ricky. She likes it rough, you know?”

“Okay, okay, I think I don’t need more details”, Liam quickly said before he had the chance to go into detail, which he totally would, since he never had issues talking about those things.

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Jo had left Jane with her sister, Betty and Grace and went with Ricky to find their men but they found someone else. Sofiya.

“Excuse me but who invited you?” Jo asked using her authoritarian voice she only used when she had to punish naughty behaviour as headmistress.

Sofiya look at Jo as if she would not at all listen to her. “I don’t need an invitation.” She said cocky.

“You do need one in my school. So if you don’t want me to call the police and tell them that you are trespassing and entering without my permission. So who are you and what are you doing here.” Jo was getting angry. This woman was not only showing off her curves she was also endangering her students.

“Whoa girl take a pill and relax. I just knew an old friend was here and I thought I pop in, this is pretty much the biggest Halloween party here in Oxford and Halloween is so much fun. You can dress up and mess with the men’s head.”

“Well this is not a public party as you see this is a school and I have to ask you to leave, now!” Jo was weirdly angry more because this woman had messed with Liam’s head.

“You are the little wifey of the boy with blue eyes aren’t you? I talked with him, what did Fifi say his name was? Lenard.”

“Liam!” Jo actually shouted, Ricky took her hand to calm her down but she was not in the mood to calm down.

“Right, he is a special friend of Lord Alfred Jackson.” Sofiya enjoyed how angry she had made the hostess of the house.

“How do you know Alfie?” Asked Ricky now curious.

“Oh Fifi and me go a long time back. And I see he played with you too. That is getting better and better.”

Seeing Ricky getting pale Jo grabbed Sofiya by the arm and pushed her out of the room. “I want you out. NOW!” Jo yelled that a few people including Liam and Alfie came into the hall to see what the noise was about.

“You!” Jo pointed at Alfie. “If you ever bring your ladies friends in my house ever again I will cut off your favourite piece of you!” Jo yelled slightly shaking. She let Ricky stand alone not far from the front door and marched into the music salon.
Liam first didn’t know what to do but Alfie seemed as if he thought the situation was funny so he went and followed Jo. She was sitting at the piano, quietly playing on it.

“Jo? Are you okay?” Liam whispered as he sat down on the bench next to her.

“No.” Only now did he saw that tears were running down her cheeks. “You liked looking at her.”

“What? Jo I told you, you are the most beautiful girl in the world for me.” Liam pulled her in a hug, he knew she always had and still has problems accepting her body.

“I know but you still liked what you saw and for moment you forgot me and… I mean… she was wearing a Moulin Rouge outfit and back when we were in Paris you actually didn’t notice me until I were standing on the stage wearing the same outfit. It was humiliating and I never want to do this again. But when you starred at Sofiya today I felt like I have to.”

“Jo do you remember that you once told me that you don’t want me to objectify you?” Liam wasn’t sure where he was going with this.


“I never objectify you like I ever did with other women, because you are beautiful all around and I need your mind and not just your beauty on the outside.”

“I’m sorry I yelled and kicked her out of the house.” Jo mumbled now embarrassed about her way of handling the situation.

“Are you kidding me? That was super hot! I mean we just had a little special time but I wouldn’t say no to a second round.” Liam’s hand was wandering over Jo’s boobs.

“Liam? Can we have round two later tonight in our bedroom? I um feel sort of intimidated by Sofiya.”

“Oh trust me you have no reason to feel any less then this woman.” Liam grinned and kissed Jo.

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120Growing Up - Page 5 Empty Re: Growing Up on 25th December 2012, 19:46

“She’s got quite the temper, that one…” Sofiya smirked as Jo stormed off. Ricky wanted to say that Jo actually wasn’t like that at all, but there was something else on his mind. He looked shyly to his boyfriend who obviously knew Sofiya, she had mentioned that they go long back, which was strange, because Alfie never kept in touch with any of the girls he had. Unless she was a really good friend of him. But Alfie didn’t have female friends. Definitely not. So what was the deal about this girl then?
“Ehm-“ Ricky started, but Sofiya already interrupted him, her eyes fixed on the older boy.

“I wasn’t aware you’d go for illegal things now, Fifi.”

“What are you talking about?”

Her eyes wandered to Ricky now. “How old is he? Still going to secondary school, I guess. What on earth is so interesting about those inexperienced school boys?”

Alfie rolled his eyes and grabbed Ricky’s arm. “Let’s go.”

“Oh, I see how it is”, Sofiya said with a cocky smile. “You like bossing him around, and he actually likes that. Kind of a master-servant thing, hm?”

Ricky blushed. “Um, I don’t-“

“Just ignore her”, Alfie said coldly.

“Yes, maybe he’ll be more successful in that”, she said teasingly. “You certainly fail every single time. You just can’t ignore me, you never will.”

He didn’t reply, he held on tighter to Ricky, not caring who saw them this time, signalling him to go now.

“Bye, bye, Sweetheart, you know where to find me”, she said before he had the chance to turn away from her. “I’ll be staying in your room, enjoying that very nice and big bed of yours.” She suddenly moved closer, completely ignoring Ricky, and before both boys realized what was happening she tiptoed, put her arms around Alfie’s shoulders and kissed him. It was definitely not a kiss meant in an innocent and friendly way, this was a lot more intense and passionate kiss, and if Ricky didn’t know it any better he could have sworn that it looked like Alfie actually enjoyed it. It was just for a very brief moment, but he seemed to really like it, but then he pushed her away.

“Go to hell, Sofiya.”

She smiled widely at him. “Gladly. At least I know you’ll be there too, and it certainly will be very hot down there...” She finally looked at Ricky, who really seemed like a lost, insecure 12-year old child between two adults. “Be careful, kid, he might be too much to handle for you after all.”

Alfie didn’t give him the chance to reply anything, he just shot her a cold glance and dragged Ricky along, far away from her.

“Could you be so nice and explain to me what’s going on here?”, Ricky asked when they were outside and had a safe distance from the other guests.


“Thanks”, he replied sarcastically.

“Okay, here’s the thing.” Alfie suddenly stopped and looked very serious at Ricky. “Do not talk to her. Ignore her every time you run into her. Do not listen to her. Do not ask her questions. Do not answer her any. If she lies somewhere in a dark alley, bleeding to death, don’t even think about helping her.”

Ricky stared at him confused. “What is wrong with you? I hope you’re not serious about that.”

“I am indeed.”

“What did she do to you?” Ricky looked at him with an unusually serious expression. “You either must hate her more than anything, or you…” He paused for a moment, having a hard time saying the next part. “Or the opposite.”

“Don’t talk bullshit”, Alfie said, actually sounding more angry than intended to. “Just…don’t talk about her at all!”


“If you keep talking about her I will burn your Beatles records, one by one!”


“I’m serious!”

Ricky stared at his boyfriend. “You’re completely insane.”

“I’m serious, Ricky, if you don’t quit the subject I’ll burn them all.”

“You’re heartless.”


They looked at each other for a moment, but then Ricky reached out for Alfie’s hand. He liked holding his hand so much, and since it was dark right now and nobody else was close to them, he could just go ahead and hold it without worrying. “You would never burn my records.” He looked up to him with that puppy-expression he managed to do so well.

“Yeah, because your weak little heart would never handle that terrible loss.”

“You’re an idiot”, Ricky smiled while he held Alfie’s hand tightly, but then he looked over his shoulder a last time. Sofiya hadn’t followed them, but he was sure it wasn’t the last time he would see her, just as sure as he was that Alfie hadn’t been honest with him again.

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Other than those little hiccups the Halloween party was a huge success, the students of Waterfall Downs Academy were still talking about it a week later and to their pleasure now and then someone found a left over spook somewhere hidden. Jo was enjoying her book club very much it was giving her an option of being with the students but not being away from the girls all day long. She was not yet ready to do that and Betty was supporting her decision was being a stay at home mom even when this was a little different than most other stay at home moms since she would be working in the house she was living. Something Jo loved about her home and work.

Meanwhile in Oxford city Ricky went to university as usual, he liked his classes a lot.

“Professor Butcher I have a problem with my critical essay about The Two Gentlemen of Verona. May I come in and talk with you about it.” Dylan was standing in the door of Ricky’s tiny office.

“Oh lad, yes of course come in. What is the problem?” Ricky put his papers down and looked at Dylan.

“I think I misunderstand the play. But I think it is about two men that are in love with each other.” Dylan said sounding a little bit confused about what he just had said.

“Oh Dylan no lad that is very wrong. The play is about a heroine dresses as a boy. The play deals with the themes of friendship and infidelity, the conflict between friendship and love, and the foolish behaviour of people in love. The highlight of the play is considered by some to be Launce, the clownish servant of Proteus, and his dog Crab, to whom ‘the most scene-stealing non-speaking role in the canon’ has been attributed.” Ricky explained.

“I don’t know professor.” Dylan was sitting across the table, he took out a small lunch bag. “Would you like to have a half of my sandwich?” Dylan offered Ricky.

“It looks like you and I have a long talk about the play.” Ricky sighed and took the offered sandwich. The door to his tiny office was still open. He wouldn’t tell Dylan that but he was glad the boy came in because Alfie had called him shortly after he had come in the office that he could not make it for their typical lunch date so the boy would distract him from his loneliness.

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122Growing Up - Page 5 Empty Re: Growing Up on 27th December 2012, 17:20

Ricky could tell that Dylan was actually a very smart kid, even though he might have misunderstood this particular play, but other than that he was very bright. He reminded him a lot of himself as student, Dylan was just like him, very shy in general, but when he got the chance to talk about something he loved, he completely came out of his shell and opened up. Ricky noticed how many things they had in common, they liked the same theatre plays, musicals and books. And, of course, Dylan loved all poetry from Oscar Wilde, so the moment he mentioned him, Ricky grinned and both boys completely forgot about the time since they were way too busy talking about their favourite poet. Once in a while Ricky had to think of what Alfie said a few weeks ago, that Dylan apparently had a crush on him, but Ricky thought his student was just a generally very nice and friendly young man, and there was nothing more going on.
Apparently, Alfie thought differently. He hadn’t cancelled the lunch with him because he didn’t have time. Of course he had time, he always had time for Ricky, and if he didn’t, he made time for him. But today he actually had different plans. He did go to university, but not to meet with Ricky. He wanted to see what Ricky was up to when he wasn’t meeting him, and he hoped that he could see this Dylan guy, but not with Ricky, of course. He better not be with Ricky!
Alfie already dreaded this, but he knew he couldn’t avoid it; he was recognised everywhere, and he constantly ran into staff or people who knew him, but before they got the chance to have small-talk with him, he quickly excused himself and said he was busy and didn’t have much time. He noticed a few young looking first year students and wondered if they were in Ricky’s class. He hoped not, because some were good-looking. Although he had no idea who those kids were, they certainly knew who he was, and they stared at him as if he was some zoo attraction. That was one of the main reasons he avoided public places with lots of people; he was always stared at as if he was the damn Queen herself. His sister Cecilia loved getting that kind of attention, but he hated it. Of course he noticed the young girls looking at him and then whispering behind their hands, and well, he didn’t mind that kind of attention, but right now he wasn’t in the mood for any of that, he had other things to do. He went to Ricky’s office, but before he walked in he stopped, because he heard voices. Maybe Ricky had office hours and…wait, no, he didn’t have any office hours, he had his break now. So who the hell was in there with him?
Alfie very carefully peeked in and saw Ricky sitting next to some kid. They sat very close together. Too close. And they had lunch together.
What.The.Hell?! Ricky was supposed to have lunch with him, not with some kid! Well, yeah, he had cancelled on him earlier, but that didn’t mean that Ricky had to find a replacement!
Alfie was very quiet in order to understand what they were talking about. Oscar Wilde. Perfect. Absolutely great! Ricky wasn’t supposed to talk about his favourite subject with some other dude! He always got so happy when he talked about Wilde’s poetry, Alfie liked how enthusiastic Ricky got, and he hated the fact that he shared this with some other guy right now.
“So, Dylan, you haven’t told me which one’s your favourite play”, Ricky said.

Dylan? What the fuck? This kid who sat so close to Ricky was Dylan! Alfie wanted to storm in there and strangle this kid personally, what the fuck was he thinking, getting so close to Ricky? And what the fuck was Ricky thinking, replacing him with this kid just because he cancelled lunch today? Or maybe it wasn’t just today? Maybe Ricky really did meet Dylan more than just in his classes!
Alfie didn’t know what this feeling was that he suddenly felt inside, but he just wanted to beat the crap out of this Dylan kid and he wanted to lock Ricky up in a room and not let him out, like, ever!
That same moment Ricky looked up, but before he could see his boyfriend, Alfie quickly moved away from the door and hid behind the first thing he could see- a ridiculous knight’s armour. It was out of reflex, and while he was standing behind the armour he realised how stupid it would look if Ricky came out of the room now, because he would totally see Alfie hiding behind this idiotic armour. He remained very quiet and hoped Ricky would stay in his office, and he sighed in relief when he heard that the two continued their conversation, but that same moment one of the professors who knew Alfie’s family very well showed up in the corner and stopped immediately as he saw the young man crouching behind that knight’s armour.

“If it isn’t the young Mr Jackson!”, the professor said so loud that his voice echoed through the corridor. “I haven’t seen you in ages, what are you doing here?”

Shut up, you stupid moron!
“Ehm…nothing particular”, Alfie almost whispered, still standing behind the armour.

“How’s the family?”

God, can’t you just shut the fuck up?!
“Same old.” Alfie noticed that it had gotten very quiet in Ricky’s office. That wasn’t good. Not at all.

The professor obviously didn’t get at all that he was totally in the way right now and continued shouting through the corridor. “I saw your father last month, I think it was at-“

“Alfie?” Ricky showed up in the door frame, looking confused from the old professor to his boyfriend who was standing behind the armour. “What are you…are you…hiding?”

Alfie didn’t show any expression on his face, although he felt really stupid. “Don’t ask stupid questions, why should I be hiding behind an armour?”

“Um…I’m not sure…” He looked to the other professor and smiled. “Hello, Mr Miller, how are you?”

“I’m fine, thank you. If you don’t mind, I have to get going otherwise I’ll be late for my next class.” He nodded to Ricky, then turned to Alfie to say good-bye. They waited until he was gone, then Ricky raised his eyebrows.

“So what are you doing here? I thought you didn’t have time to come.”

“I didn’t.”


“So you’re entertaining children these days?”, he asked coldly.

“Excuse me?”

That same moment Dylan showed up behind Ricky to see what was going on. When he saw Alfie his eyes widened.
“Oh wow…you’re…aren’t you…” He looked at Ricky now. “You know Alfred Jackson?”, he almost whispered.

“Yes, he does, and if you’re lucky you don’t get to know me”, Alfie replied sarcastically. “And believe me, you don’t want to get to know me…”



Dylan’s eyes widened even more when he realised that Ricky just called the young Lord Jackson ‘Alfie’. This was all very interesting for him.
Alfie ignored Ricky and scrutinised Dylan coldly. “So, you’re Ricky’s favourite student, aren’t you?”

“Ehm…I…eh…” Dylan started to blush, the older boy sure as hell was intimidating.

Ricky took a deep breath. “I think you’re next class starts soon, so you should go and-“

“Actually, I’m not quite done here”, Alfie said in an authoritarian voice that made Dylan freeze. “So…Dylan was it, right?”

“Yes, sir.” He nodded obediently, exactly like Ricky used to be when he was a student.

“Okay, Dylan, since you’re obviously so enthusiastic about Mr Butcher’s class, I’m sure you can tell me what you like the most about it, right?”

Ricky rolled his eyes. “Alfie, this is not necessary-“

“Shut up, Ricky, I’m not talking to you!”, he said without even blinking, his eyes still fixed on the young student who seemed very intimidated. “Are you going to answer my question now or are you going to let me grow old here?”

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123Growing Up - Page 5 Empty Re: Growing Up on 27th December 2012, 19:38

Ricky wasn’t sure if he should start yelling or laughing Alfie was the pure image of jealousy to bad Dylan had to be the victim of this jealousy.

“Um I… um… Sir I… I just. When Mr Butcher speaks about a written piece I do not know I feel the desire to read and it discover it. To find it’s hidden treasures, just because Mr Butcher was so enthusiastic about it. I love the way Mr Butcher speaks about the written world as if it is not just a written piece but a friend of his.” Dylan was now tomato red. “I’m sorry that sounds rather unorthodox… please excuse me.”

Dylan ducked as soon away as possible and basically ran down the hall to get away from the young Lord Alfred Jackson.

“Was this really necessary?” Ricky asked while he walked back into his office.

“Necessary? What the fuck? You heard him be told you he loves you and you are telling me that this means nothing to you?” Alfie barked and slammed the door of Ricky’s office.

“I thought I can sleep with others.” Ricky said trying to sound confident but was sure Alfie would hear that he was bluffing.

“You’ve got to be kidding, you are sleeping with this little sausage? Is his cock even fully grown?” Alfie threw himself on the armchair. So he didn’t hear that Ricky wasn’t confident at all sleeping with anyone but him.

“Maybe I like it that way.” Ricky said hiding his face in a bookshelf.

“Oh my God Ricky are you serious? Are you fucking this boy?” Alfie looked actually really angry now.

“No I am not but I thought you are trusting me? And you were the one who cancelled on out lunch date so what do you want me to do sit alone in my office and weep? Why did you cancle in the first place?”

“I had an appointment.”

“You have no appointments you can’t move around, were you spying on me?”


Ricky turned around and looked at Alfie who was nearly getting a heart attack of jealousy. “I am not interested in Dylan no matter if he is a full grown man or not, I told you I am not sleeping with anyone but you and I am only in you interested. I love you even when you can’t feel the same for me I still love you. I don’t want anyone but you, when I am in class and talk about a new book, poem or play I think about you try to think what you say about it how you react when I tell you about it. When you are busy during our lunch days and are not spying on me because you don’t trust me I wonder what you are doing. When I see my first year students I have to think of how we met, how intimidated I was by you and that I would have never thought that there is something about me that interested you enough to want me around for more than a onetime thing. I still don’t know what it is but it doesn’t matter because as long as it is still there I am the happiest man on the world that I am the one sharing every night the bed with you and I am sorry that I make you think I could ever want anyone else. I want you and if I could I would turn myself into a woman for the outside world so that I can at least hope you ask for my hand but I can’t so I accept our secret but that doesn’t change the fact that I love you every day of my life and I want you to trust me because… I say it is okay and smile and I know you need it but I would never want you to feel the way I feel when you come home smelling like another girl. It hurts as if you hit me and yell that I am not enough for you, and that is why I am scared of people like Sofiya because she can take you away from me, she can take you and leave me alone. I don’t care if you have money or nothing I don’t care if you can buy me all those pretty things all I want is to be yours forever and that you trust me that I will never hurt you. I love you Lord Alfred Broderick Jackson. I love you, and I always will love you.” Ricky looked shy and embarrassed at Alfie he knew that his boyfriend was freaking out by this speech but he had to tell him this, he had to speak his mind and make clear that no matter if another man wanted him or not he did not want any other man but Alfie. And he was dreading the day Alfred’s grandmother made up her mind and arranged a marriage for this man he loved. Because Losing Alfie would mean losing the love of his life and not unless Alfie would choose to leave him but would be taken from him would he be happy for Alfie. All Ricky want for Alfie to be happy and he hoped he was the one making him happy.

“I just love you and I hope that is all you need from me because I can’t give you more but the love with all my heart.” Ricky whispered, he had tears in his eyes and didn’t even know why but something just made him really upset like he was scared that Alfie got up and leave him forever.

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124Growing Up - Page 5 Empty Re: Growing Up on 30th December 2012, 15:48

Of course Alfie got uncomfortable while Ricky got into this feeling-talk again, he just didn’t know how to respond to all those things Ricky said. He said things that nobody had ever said to Alfie before, things he was sure he would never hear in his life, and things he actually didn’t want to hear, because they just made him uncomfortable. He knew Ricky wanted him to say something about it eventually, but he just couldn’t. He wasn’t ready for this. He probably never would be.
Alfie didn’t look at him. It was nothing unusual to see Ricky in tears, but that didn’t mean that he was okay with it or indifferent about it. He was never indifferent when it came to Ricky, especially not when he knew he was hurt, and this boy was hurt so often, most of the time by no other than him out of all people.
“I have to go”, Alfie said without any emotion and got up, not replying anything to all the things Ricky just said. “I see you at home then.” He finally dared to take a really quick look at Ricky and regretted it immediately afterwards. God, he seriously didn’t know anyone who could look that heartbreakingly sad.

“So that’s it?”, Ricky asked quietly. “You’re just…you’re just leaving like this without saying anything?”

“What do you want me to say?”

Ricky didn’t answer. The way he looked at his boyfriend was worth a thousand words.

“Why are you doing this all the time?” Alfie started to sound upset now. “You know exactly that I…I can’t deal with this bloody feeling stuff, okay?”

“You can”, Ricky said calmly. “You’re just afraid to.”

Alfie rolled his eyes. “Are you playing dipshit Freud now or what?”

“Just forget what I said. All of it. If that makes it easier for you…” Ricky sounded defeated and sat down at his desk, pretending to be busy with the papers in front of him. He tried really hard to hold back tears, but it was nearly impossible. He could at least hold them back until Alfie was gone, but the older boy was still not leaving.

“You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, Ricky. You might love your parents, I don’t doubt that, and you probably have love for kittens and puppies and God knows what weird little animals, but there’s no way you…there’s no…” Alfie paused for a moment. “It’s completely insane to say that you love me, that’s just…that’s ludicrous, okay? You can’t love me, you can’t. It’s not possible.”

Ricky looked up and he no longer looked sad but very serious.
“Who are you to question my love for you?”, he asked very calmly but with a very serious undertone that Alfie wasn’t sued to.

Alfie sighed. “God, Ricky, don’t you get it? I’m a goddamn, horrible person, and I’m not saying that to get any pity or sympathy, I’m saying it because I mean it and because it’s the truth, and you know that. There’s a reason why I don’t want people near me, and the fact that I kept you for so long only shows me how selfish I am, because I’m doing bad things to you and you are the last person who deserves this. And now you’re delusional and think that you love me, but it’s all just in your head because you want to, not because you do, you just don’t know the difference-“

“How can you even say that? I’m not delusional, I know that I love you and-“

“Then stop it!”


“Fall out of love or whatever people do to make it stop, I don’t know! Just stop with this ridiculous idea of loving someone who is bad for you. You know it, Ricky, you know I’m going to ruin you. If I haven’t already…”

Ricky was very quiet at first but then he took a deep breath.
“Don’t ever say that again!” He sounded more furious than he had ever before, but the same moment he could feel his voice tremble again. “How can you say that you’re ruining me? Don’t you get it? You can’t make me fall out of love with you, no matter how hard you try, you can’t. You can be rude and mean to me, you can hurt me as many time as you want, but you’ll never get me to stop caring about you.”

“You’re like a stupid child, Ricky. You should know better than caring about a bad person. Don’t be so naïve and think that everyone has a good side and life is all just a ridiculous Disney movie with a happy ending. There’s a reason why the bad people in those movies die or get punished, you know? So that they no longer have the chance to hurt the good people, and you should seriously consider that example.”

Ricky stared at the papers in front of him and didn’t move, he didn’t even blink, but then he got up and what he did next was something nobody had expected, especially Ricky himself. He walked right up to Alfie and before he could stop himself he slapped him right in the face, for a moment completely forgetting that Alfie was about ten times stronger than him and could easily throw him to the other side of town if he wanted to. Alfie looked completely baffled, obviously still processing what just happened, while Ricky already realised what he had just done and grew incredibly pale. One did not simply slap a Jackson in the face, and he, out of all people, had just done that. He was in so much trouble now. This was it. Now Alfie would definitely dump him, and it was his own fault. Ricky took a step backwards, so pale that it seemed he could faint any second. He wanted to say something but he was too terrified to. Alfie still looked surprised while he touched his red cheek where Ricky had hit him.

“I’m so…I’m so sorry…”, Ricky stuttered, his heart racing so fast that it felt like it would jump out any second. He was really scared what consequences this would have. He had seen how insanely strong Alfie was, and even though he was always sure Alfie wouldn’t hurt him physically, right now he was still scared. But what scared him even more was the possibility that Alfie would leave him, and that possibility was very likely to happen now.

Alfie looked at Ricky quietly for a moment. The younger boy looked like a little puppy that was pathetically crouched in a corner, just waiting for his master to throw him out.
“I really want you right now”, he finally said, not bossy or strict or anything, still a bit out of place.

“What?” Ricky just stared at him, not sure if he just heard right.

“That just…that seriously turned me on.”

Ricky still stared at him in disbelief, but before he got a chance to say something, Alfie already bent down and kissed him, taking away his fear.
“I’m so sorry”, Ricky kept apologizing between kissing while Alfie pushed him against the big bookshelf.

“Stop apologizing”, he mumbled while his hand moved down to the zipper of Ricky’s trousers.

“Wait…” Ricky grabbed his wrist, his cheeks flushing. “We can’t do it here. If someone sees us…I’ll lose my job and…I mean…it’s just too risky for both of us.”

Alfie sighed and took a step back. Ricky was right, this was too risky.
“When do you get off?”

“At four.”

“That’s too long, I don’t want to wait that long. Can’t you just blow the other classes off?”

“I’m not going to do that.”

Alfie rolled his eyes. “Of course you wouldn’t do that.” But then a smile crossed his face and he leaned forward to kiss Ricky one last time, this time really gently on the forehead. “See you later then.”

Ricky nodded, his heart still racing, but before Alfie had the chance to leave, his quickly held on to his sleeve.
“You’re not a bad person.” He looked him right in the eyes. “I only got so upset because you kept saying that you’re a bad person, and that made me so angry because I know you’re not the person you think you are. I know there’s good in you, I see it every day. I just wish you could see that…”

Alfie didn’t reply anything, there wasn’t even the hint of an emotion on his face so it was impossible for Ricky to tell what he was thinking, but he didn’t have the time anyway because at the same moment someone knocked on the door.

“I’ll see you at home”, Alfie said, turned away and opened the door where one of the older professors was waiting to talk to Ricky.

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125Growing Up - Page 5 Empty Re: Growing Up on 31st December 2012, 12:23

It was two days later when Jo and Rick met in the tea house, and they both so desperately needed to talk to each other. As usually they would be sitting in their corner where no one would disturb them but they were still able to see everyone. Ricky arrived first and sat down, as the friend of the young Lady Josephine Williams even now that she was married she did not lose her title and her influence, and the people meant it differently when they still saw the Lady Williams in her.

“May I bring you a cup of tea while you wait, Mr Butcher?” The maid asked very politely.

“No thank you, I’ll wait until the young Lady arrives.” Ricky mumbled still a little intimidated when people didn’t see the poor background he came from, but the noble man he had become. So the maid did a courtesy and left Ricky sitting on the big Victorian couch.
Jo didn’t let him wait long and she looked just as desperate as he did. They always giggled that the people talked about them hugging tightly in public.

“It has been too long.” Ricky whispered.

“I know.” Jo mumbled before she could say anything else because the maid came with a tray with the three tier stand and a large pot of tea. “This is a blend that also contains lavender and should suit very well to the savoury dish. And…”

“Thank you miss I think we are good, but me and my dear friend have many things to talk about so if you mind would you please leave us our privacy?” Jo said very politely.

“Girl what are you doing that is Lady Josephine O’Doherty she is the young Williams heir and you do not disturb her that’s why we have for her the special detailed menu, you do not have to explain to her the menu. Don’t disturb her anymore and be discrete she and Mr Butcher are having a special relationship and you do not spy on her. Is this understood?” The manager of the tea house said strictly to the maid that had just severed Jo and Ricky. She nodded and mumbled something before she went into the bathroom to properly cry a little. Jo had noticed the scene and she knew how people looked when they said Lady Josephine O’Doherty or The Williams’ heir. She knew the poor maid just got scolded for staying too long at their table.

“So what did you say that we needed to talk about?”

“Jo did you notice that people always look at us weirdly?” Ricky took a sip from his tea.

“Well they think you are my affair.” Jo giggled by the thought.

“What? But you and Liam, I mean you would never have an affair.” Ricky looked worried at the other guests.

“No but hey at least that means they are off your back. Anyway you can’t believe what my mother said to me. Her and I had breakfast this morning and… May I start?” Jo looked questioning at Ricky.

“Oh no go ahead I still try to put my news into words.” Ricky mumbled. “Oh my, those water cress scones are delicious.”

Jo tried the scone and nodded.

“So what did your mother say?”

“For starts she ordered that I come to the breakfast without my daughters because she can’t stand the sight of them so I had to leave them home with Betty though but still I don’t like leaving them alone.”

“Oh Jo you could have told me and we would have rescheduled.” Ricky took Jo’s hand.

“It’s okay I talked with them on the phone.”

Now it was Ricky who giggled. “I bet they told you all about their morning.”

“They did. Anyway so after she was done complaining about the peasant red headed ginger bastards, her words not mine. She said that I disappointed her she expected me to produce a proper heir not this silly Williams-family-thing that girls can be an heir. Anyway she said that she knew it from the beginning that I have not the loins to bear sons. It was horrible she said that Liam is old fashioned and that he will leave me because I didn’t give him a son. I know Liam loves the girls but still I’m scared what if she is right. She hates the girls and she is disappointed that I produced more girls like me. She was going on and one that I need to convince Liam that I can produce an heir and he will accept another child. I don’t know what to do. I mean not even my doctors talked that open about my female parts.” Jo tried not to burst into tears but the thought the Liam felt similar terrified her. She knew he was not comfortable having girls but thinking that her mother was right and he would to leave because their children were girls.

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