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Special moments of a father with his daughter

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Colin never was very fond of those formal gatherings his wife kept having, but luckily everyone knew he was a busy man and could always get away with cutting those gatherings short. But then his little Angel was born, the perfect excuse to leave a gathering.
Josephine was just two and she finally had started to walk and to grow hair, which cause another formal tea party to celebrate their daughter’s new improvement. The poor girls had several hair clips to keep her little hair in place not to mention ridiculous heavy dress and tiny high heels she was wearing. Colin thought it was a horrible way of showing off their daughter. Colin didn’t want his daughter to grow up into a spoilt brat. He had been watching Anne with Josephine, and on the other side was Elizabeth trying to find a suitable husband for they daughter.

She is two years old for crying out loud.

Colin sighed and went to Anne. “I gonna take Josephine now, thank you Anne. If you want you may take the rest of the day off.”

“Thank you Sir, it is not necessary though. I don’t mind watching the little angel she is such a wonderful girl.” Anne said, but let Colin take his little girl from her arm.

“I know that’s why I would like to spend some time with her.” Colin said sounding feistier then he meant to sound. “My apologies I mean…”

“You are not a big fan of those gathering your wife likes having.” Anne mumbled, but they both knew the he could not answer. “Thank you for the day off.” Anne nodded at Colin and left to get change.

Colin carried his precious daughter into the room she loved most, the library. “So sweetheart what book have we been reading?” Colin looked through the bookshelves and found what he had been looking for, Little Women. “There we go we’ve been in chapter fifteen A Telegram. This is an exciting chapter.” Colin smiled and opened his first edition of Little Women. His grandmother had bought it many years ago and he planned on giving it to Josephine when she knew how to read. Colin had taken off Josephine’s high heels and this ridiculous dress, he preferred her in her tights and her bodysuit.

“Dada hun-ry.” Little Josephine mumbled while her father was flipping the page. Colin looked up and noticed that it was dark outside.

“Oh man I totally forgot the time. Come on let’s go and see what we find in the kitchen.” Colin let Josephine walk into the kitchen still just in tights and her bodysuit.

“Colin! What do you think you are doing to Josephine?” Elizabeth shrieked.

“Well darling, Josephine was a little bored so we went to read a little. And we are now on the way into the kitchen to see what we can have for dinner.” Colin smiled.

Elizabeth looked shocked at Colin. “You must be joking. You can’t let the girl run around in tights and her bodysuit. Where is her dress and her shoes?”

“Darling please just calm down, you go back to the guests and tell them our little Princess is not feeling well or just that she was out enough and needs to nap.” Colin kissed his wife on the cheek. Elizabeth actually snorted and walked back outside to the guests. She couldn’t believe Colin was so immature about this. Colin smiled and went with Josephine into the kitchen where they got some toast with butter and apple juice. Jo liked it a lot to have such a simple meal, in contrast to the fancy meals Elizabeth made the servants sever Josephine. Not much longer Josephine fell asleep in Colin’s arms. “That was one long and exhausting day for my little Princess. Come on I’ll bring you to bed.” Colin carried his sleeping daughter to her huge room. He loved those days with his little angel.


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Elizabeth was already in the spa while Colin and Josephine were sitting on the rooftop of the restaurant having breakfast. Colin smiled at his little princess, she was just five years old and so well behaved.

“Daddy can I have more cocoa, please?” Jo smiled widely.

“Of course darling. And as soon you are done with you breakfast we will go to see the Vatican.” Colin waved to the waiter to get another cocoa for his daughter and another tea.

“Daddy do you think that we will see the Pope Pius XII?” Josephine asked while she was cutting her French toast in tiny pieces.

“No sweetheart I don’t think so, but we will see St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. And after that we will have ice cream for lunch.”

“But daddy, mother says ice cream is not food and a lady should not eat it at all.” Josephine said meddlesome.

“I guess we won’t tell your mother that detail.” Colin winked.

“Oh it will be our secret?” Josephine giggled, but she quickly covered her mouth so her affections would not be seen as she was taught. Colin leaned over and kissed her.

“Don’t hide your beautiful smile ever! And yes it will be our secret. I forgot to mention that we also we’ll also see the Vatican Library.”

Now Josephine’s eyes started to shine. “Really?”

“Yes I thought you would like that.” Colin smiled. Not long later Colin was with his excited little daughter in the Vatican City. “Daddy this is so great, can’t we always spend the days together?”

“I wish we could, but I have to work once in a while.” Colin preferred his little princess a lot more when she was smiling and happy like this. “I think we can arrange that you can spend a little time with me after school. Even when I have lectures as long as you are quiet there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“I will be quiet as a mouse daddy, I promise.” Josephine looked excite at Colin, it made him laugh how excited his daughter was about sitting in his lectures. He will enjoy seeing his daughter more and knowing that she is a little away from her strict private teachers Elizabeth hired to teach Josephine manners and other things she things Josephine has to learn.


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Little Jo got picked up by her driver to be taken the short way from her primary school to the university.

“I don’t like this, why can’t I walk?” Jo was sitting with her proper Lady backpack and a pile of books next to her on the backseat of her car, while Charles was driving.

“I’m sorry Miss, your mother wants you not to walk. She says it is not proper.” Charles smiled into the rear-view mirror.
Jo sighed. “That is silly, I’m six years old. I’m not a baby anymore. I know the way from my school to the university.”

“I know Miss, maybe we can arrange a way that it looks like I drive you but you walk?” Charles offered. Suddenly Jo smiled widely.

“And you would not tell my mother?”

Now Charles laughed. “Of course not, I would lose my position if I do.”

“Oh thank you Chalres.”

“Here we are Miss, can you walk alone to your father’s office? You know that it is on the first floor, room number…”

“1043 I know. I will find it. Thank you Charles.”

Charles held the door open, and gave her the pile of books she had on the backseat. “I will wait here for a while when you don’t find it come back and I will help you Miss.”

Jo smiled and went into the large building her father had a lecture in about thirty minutes and she needed to hurry a little bit that they would have time to get to the class room. Jo went to the stairs and climbed them up rather slowly because of her books she was carrying. It took her nearly fifteen minutes until she found the office that said 1043 Professor Colin Williams. Jo smiled and wanted to knock when she saw that the door was not closed.

“Excuse me?” Jo whispered rather shy.

“Come on in.” Colin said in his usual professor voice.

“Daddy, it’s me. Josephine.”

“Oh Princess, I am right with you. I got you some lunch for you, I hope you don’t mind sandwiches?” Colin got up to greet his little daughter and take the piles of books from her.

“No I like sandwiches very much.” Jo kissed her dad on the cheek.

“Good but we have to go now, my class starts soon. Do you need all those books?”

“Yes daddy I have homework to do and they are all math books, daddy I’m not good in math.” Jo looked like she was about to start crying every second.

“Oh Princess, it is okay you are rather good in other subjects.” Colin took Jo’s hand and together they went to the lecture theatre, luckily it wasn’t too far.

“Good afternoon students. We have today a little guest, this is my daughter and because I’m too often here she will be our guest for the duration of this course. She is a bright little girl and will not disturb us in our lecture. So keep the inappropriate jokes to a minimum.” Colin put Jo’s books on a desk at the window in the first row.

“You will be okay here?”

“Yes daddy.” Jo smiled and sat down, she was still wearing her school uniform and went to work right away. A few students smiled about the little eager girl. Colin put next to her the sandwich and a bottle of apple juice. He tapped on it a few times until Jo nodded saying without words that she knew she had to eat her afternoon snack.
Colin had four classes in the afternoon all in the same room Colin had talked to the room association that this would be the case. Halfway through the second class Jo suddenly had to use the bathroom but she didn’t want to interrupt her father’s lecture but she didn’t know where the restroom was. And then Colin asked a question the students were supposed to write down the answer, so Jo sneaked up to her father and whispered.


“Oh Princess, of course what is it?”

“I am very sorry but I need to go to the ladies room.” Jo blushed.

“Oh um yes, of course.” Colin looked a little uncomfortable at Jo, he didn’t want Jo to go alone but he also could not go with her.

“Professor, if you want I can go with your daughter to the ladies room, I need to go as well. I promise I will take good care of her and even make sure she washes her hands afterwards.” A female student in the first row offered.

“That would be so nice of you Amber. Jo is that okay with you?” Colin was still not very happy but it would be better when Jo went with another girl as if she would go alone. Jo nodded and went with Amber.

“I know I have to wash my hands after I used the toilet.” Jo said a little sulking.

“Oh um yes I know. Sorry I didn’t mean to make you look stupid, I just wanted to get out of class for a moment. This is such a hard class. Your dad must be really strict at home.” Amber said. “Please don’t lock the door I will stay watch, but I don’t want you to get locked in and not be able to get out.”

“Okay I won’t lock the door but you need to make sure that no one opens it. And no daddy is not strict with me. When you need help you should ask my daddy he is really good in explaining things and would never be crossed if you need help.”

Amber didn’t say anything not even on the way back to the classroom she was rather quiet. Jo smiled at her father and sat back down, she really liked being with him here and was looking forward that she would spend three afternoons a week with him that way.


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It was late autumn and very well let’s face it the weather was typical disgusting British heavy rain and storm, maybe because they were right at the beach in the small house. Lord Colin Williams never had changed a thing in the house the furniture was rather old all well cleaned but old and in his daughters room was still the stock bed. His wife Elizabeth does not often accompany Lord Williams and his daughter Josephine, but the two loved going to Brighton any time of the year. SO they had fled this horrible weekend to have some time in Brighton. It was Friday night and Lord Williams had cook, something very simple and his daughters favourite dish roasted chicken, with peas and broccoli and mashed potatoes. He wasn’t a great cook but over the years he managed to be able to make a few dishes quite adequately. There was a fire in the living room fireplace and music was playing in the background, Lord Williams and Josephine were sitting at the dinner table enjoying their simple meal and no servants. It was even so far that they both wear wearing simple cotton clothes and not the normally fancy dresses.
“Yes Princess, is something wrong with the food?”
“No daddy it is perfect. But I was thinking about something mother told me the other day, during our weekly embroidering afternoon. She said that I need to marry in about six year when I am sixteen and that she expects me to be with child soon after and that it has to be a son that I carry. She said I am worthless until I am carrying a son under my heart.”

“This is ridiculous! You will not marry with sixteen unless you want to marry. I will never let anyone marry you that you do not love.” Colin sighed. “Jo listen your mother is coming from the old high society family but in the end they lost all their fortune, there was little left and this little went in your aunts and your mother’s dowries, but it was not so much that I would be impressed. When you marry, and when you have children I want you to know that in the Williams’ family girls are just as much treasured as boys. Don’t you ever think you are nothing worth! Yes men are important but how can a man reproduce if he has no girl to lie with him?” Colin smiled, he didn’t meant to make her uncomfortable even though he saw that talking about a man and a woman lying together.
“I see.” Jo looked at her plate.
“Jo! I am serious do never thing a girl is worthless!” Colin took Jo’s hand and looked determined at her.
“I understand.” Jo looked up and she really did, she knew that her father loved her like a son and in this moment she swore herself that she would love her daughters as much as she will love her son and vice versa. “I understand daddy!”
“Good. Are you finished with your dinner? Because I got us some dessert from the little bakery you like so much.” Colin grinned widely. “I got pretty much a piece of everything.”
Jo giggled, her mother did not like her to eat cakes. “Can we have them at the fireplace?”

“Certainly but first we need to do the dishes.” Colin said as he got up and started clearing the table.
A little bit later Colin and his daughter were snuggled on the couches with the pastries, tea and books. It was a perfect weekend ahead of them, a weekend Jo could be a ten year old child.


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15th April 1953
It was Maundy Thursday and Colin had taken out his black Jaguar to drive to Whitehaven Manor.  Lady Elizabeth was not feeling well she had gone to Bath, so it was just the Honourable Lady Josephine and Lord Colin attending the Easter dinner at Whitehaven Manor. Colin never grew to like the house but he would see his best friend again that was always good. Young Lady Josephine was wearing a beautiful white dress and little white ballerina shoes. Lord Colin never wanted Jo to wear those silly miniature high heels. She looked very simple for being a very high ranked upper class family but she still looked very cute.
“Daddy? Do we have to go?” Young Lady Jo whispered, she was not even four yet.
“Oh Princess, it is Easter. You know that we go every Maundy Thursday to Whitehaven Manor.” Colin whispered back. He understood why she didn’t want to go.
“It is so dark there, and evil, and I don’t like it. There is a great evil in this house.”  Young Lady Jo was a little pale.
“I know Princess that is why I always want you to be with me or Arthur. But you are quite safe with us, just don’t wander off.” Lord Colin took her hand while he drove. “We will have some nice food and I know Arthur we will go and hide with him and Alfred. Do you remember his little grandson?”
“Yes, I remember. His big sister is an odd ball.” Young Lady Jo giggled.
“Yes she is.” Lord Colin stopped the car and got out while an automobile servant who was going to park the Jaguar opened the door for the young Lady Josephine.
“One moment please I can do the seat belt by myself.”
Lady Jo was just a little girl but the servant acted as if she was the Queen herself. He took her hand when she got out and bowed a little and led Jo around the car to join her father’s side. When they entered the Grant Salon there was a man in a funny uniform knocking down with a staff on the floor and announced:
“Earl Colin Williams of Oxford and Elgin and his daughter the Honourable Lady Josephine!”
Everyone in the room turned around surprised that once again Lady Elizabeth was not there but on the other hand Lady Elizabeth had spread the rumour that the young Lady Josephine was a rather exhausting little girl. She was from that sort that asked endless questions.
Lord Colin greeted a few friends and made his way to the buffet and took a small plate for Lady Josephine and a larger plate for himself and put some of the food on the plates.
“What do you think you are doing young man?”
Colin froze for a second and then he grinned. “Arthur!” Colin turned around and hugged the other older man. Long ago Arthur would have been very uncomfortable but by now he well was in a way okay with being hugged.
“Colin did you know that you have a little beautiful girl hanging at your trousers.” Arthur said smiling widely.
“I know I found her outside. Do you think I can keep her?” Colin joked back.
Arthur crouched down and looked at the little girl. “Good afternoon Jo. How do you do?”
“Very well thank you. I’m not allowed to leave Daddy’s or your side.” Jo looked with her beautiful brown eyes and soft freckles at him.
“It is a big house and little girls should not wonder around alone. Here have some of those salad sticks.” Arthur smiled and put two salad sticks on Jo’s plate. “And here take this a little bit of dressing.” Arthur had a way with children, well he should he was running one of the most success children charities of the country. Jo smiled at him widely.
“Thank you, you are a very kind person.” Jo smiled.
“Arthur?” Lady Eleanor showed up behind them and Jo nearly jumped into her dad’s legs. Lady Eleanor might have been a sweet girl once upon a time this girl was long gone and her voice sounded very harsh and cold.
“Please excuse me Colin my dear old friend.” Arthur looked a little sad, only visible for Colin Arthur had his emotions too much under control but Colin after all these years saw this tiny bit of sadness in Arthur’s eyes.
“Hello Lady Eleanor it is very good to see you. May I introduce you to my daughter Josephine?” Colin smiled friendly.
“You named her after your mother? How peculiar.” Lady Eleanor said without an emotion. “Arthur come there are people that you need to talk to.”
Arthur kissed Jo’s hand and whispered. “She is one of the dragons living in this house, stay with your daddy I taught him to fight the dragons. You are safe with him and do eat the salad sticks.”
Jo smiled and nodded. Arthur shook Colin’s hand and then followed his wife.
“Daddy, can we sit down please?” Jo whispered.
“Yes come I show you a nice place to sit.” And even though they just arrived they snug away in one of the window seats and had their little meal. Colin and Jo both prayed a little Easter prayer, Jo was worried because she didn’t like that Jesus was dying. It would take another year until she understood that the death of Jesus was a long time ago and Easter was just the time you remember. But for now Jo and her father had a nice meal and would not stay long in Whitehaven Manor. Colin just went so he wouldn’t lose his face and status in society but not because he really wanted to spend a moment in Whitehaven Manor which was a shame if you would do a little work the mansion and its grounds would be a wonderful place.

Maybe one day it will be the haven it can be.


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