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Sofiya Levkova

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1Sofiya Levkova  Empty Sofiya Levkova on 2nd November 2012, 19:10

Character Information

Name: Sofiya Levkova
Nationality: Russian
Date of birth: 1st January 1946
Family: Dimitri Levkova (father), younger brother
Hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia
Eduaction/Occupation: Studied Business at St. Petersburg University, also models for various high fashion magazines and designers
Portrayed by: Alexandra Daddario

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Background and personality:
Sofiya is the daughter of one of Russia’s millionaires and also distantly related to the Romanov family. Her father owns various holiday houses in the world, among them a large estate in Oxfordshire, England, where he had often taken his two children during their holidays. He also made sure his daughter would always get the best education, letting Sofiya grow up bilingual so that she could speak English just as well as Russian.
Sofiya is the poster child of a rich, glamorous, confident spoilt brat who is used to getting everything she wants. She comes off rather distant and cold, and does not intend to show emotions. She is very clever, cunning and knows exactly how to manipulate people.
Since she was a child she had spent a lot of time in Oxford, mostly during her summer holidays, where she was accepted into England’s high society very quickly. It was also among this particular society where she met the ‘Prince of Oxford’, Alfred Jackson, when they were about sixteen. Sofiya is in fact the only girl who ever dares to speak up to him, she never misses an opportunity to tease him, and she’s also the only girl who manages to make him nervous. It’s hard to describe their ‘relationship’, on one hand they can’t stand each other, on the other hand they feel attracted to each other- not that Alfie is happy about that fact. Not at all. She is also the only girl he had slept with more than once, although every time he sees her he tells himself it’s not going to happen again, but it always happens anyway and he can’t stop it, which is something that drives him crazy, or more precisely; she drives him crazy. Sofiya is aware of that fact and enjoys playing with him, knowing exactly that she oversteps boundaries, but she does what she wants anyway. She’s also very competitive and definitely not someone you want to mess with, she can get rather scary. Luckily for Alfie she doesn’t come to Oxford that much anymore, and if she does, he tries to keep a distance- well, not that is really worked out…

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