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KahW outline

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1 KahW outline on 14th December 2012, 13:56

The outline for The Tale of the King and his Women

  • even the beds at court are hard and uncomfortable
  • meet the queen
  • Leo will get false papers that say he is a high ranked military
  • Leo and Willow meet Henry at an official dinner
  • Henry will make Leo a high ranked military
  • Henry will notice Willow
  • The queen will notice that Henry likes Willow and releases Willow from her service
  • Move into the military quarter since Willow lost her position she becomes a housewife, so it is expected that she is soon with child
  • get comfortable at court
  • vanish...

New members are very welcome to join at any point during the chapter, just send em an PM and we can make it happen Smile


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