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It is time

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1 It is time on 27th April 2013, 20:03

It is time

Some time in May 1968

Alfie was sitting in the club -in his private room- pondering very unlike him. He had for a few days now this thought and he couldn’t get it out of his head. What the bloody fuck was wrong with him. He was… dating -no this was not possible fucking him, yes that was what he was doing- this boy now since what two months? And he still didn’t have enough of him. Like the moment Ricky got dressed in the morning after he had fucked him all night he was desperately waiting for him to come home from University, the only problem was: Ricky would not come to him. Ricky would drive in this insanely old car all the way out to well the slums then he had to wait for about another hour or two and then he could call the house and tell his parents that he had read another of Ricky’s essays and he wants to talk about it. It was tiring this back and forth. Alfie wanted Ricky all to himself, he didn’t want to share him not even Ricky’s own parents.

“Fuck!” Alfie threw his glass against the wall and it shattered.

“Sir, are you alright?” One of the servants came in.

“Get out!” Alfie yelled, until suddenly he changed his mind. “Hey you wanna get some extra cash?”

The young man stopped while he was hurrying out of the room. He turned around and looked at Alfie. Most servants were rather poor so he thought about it and then nodded. Alfie grabbed the boy’s arms and well sort of ripped his trousers off. Alfie wasn’t gently as he fucked the boy and even the boy wasn’t really into men the money let him not cry. When Alfie got what he wanted from the boy he threw several hundred pounds to the boy who hurried out of the room. Alfie actually hated himself because he didn’t what he really wanted; he wanted to have his boy whenever he wanted and not those bloody bastards he fucked for money. Alfie threw the small table over that it crashed against the wall. The expensive mahogany table and whiskey on it smashed like the glass before. Alfie didn’t bother explaining what had happened it wasn’t uncommon that in his private room the furniture broke, so he stormed out to pick up Ricky from University. On the short way to University he drunk half a bottle whiskey and smoked two cigars. Alfie knew that it wasn’t since last year illegal anymore but he also knew that his father was one of the very few Lords that have voted against the bill. So if Lord Jackson would find out about his only son’s lover boy he would destroy the poor boy in the most painful way.

“Go get him!” Alfie snapped at his driver while he poured himself a new whiskey. He didn’t understand why he was so nervous or why he actually did what he planned to do. This was insane he never took anyone home in the first place and now this home was bloody empty without his lover boy.

“Alfie, what are you doing here? I thought you call tonight?” Ricky climbed into the limousine that had tinted windows. Alfie didn’t answer and just pulled Ricky into his arms and kissed him passionately. He had missed those soft lips of his boy so badly. Alfie flipped the switched that the black screen that separated them from the driver. Alfie was so different has he gently undressed Ricky making sure not a single thread ripped or his lover boy would have any bruising afterwards. Ricky was as always a little nervous not only because he was every time they had sex but because they were also doing it in the car, and well the driver knew what they were doing but he was paid not to know. Alfie smiled when his hand reached into Ricky open trousers, after a shy moment he felt Ricky’s arousal it turned him on so badly.

“Alfie wait a second.” Ricky gently pushed Alfie’s hands away, but as soon Ricky asked him to stop Alfie pulled away.

“Shit!” Alfie turned away from Ricky he hated it the thought of having hurt Ricky.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, just talk to me.” Ricky crawled after him and snuggled against his shoulder. “I love it that you pick me up but you are acting weird.” Ricky was quiet for a moment. “I know you slept with someone else but I told you, well you did that we are not exclusive so why do you seem all guilty now?”

“Can’t we just have sex?” Alfie snapped a little, trying not to actually say what he wanted to say.

“I’m sorry but no. You are acting weirder then you normally do and I want to know why.” Ricky was gently digging under the layers of Alfie to touch his stomach.

“Fine! Your graduation next week and I decided it is time for you to move out of the…,” Slums, I guess I shouldn’t call it this? “… your childhood home. There will be a moving truck to pick up your things on tomorrow afternoon and you will be moving into my flat.” Alfie let Ricky touch him, he liked it. Those soft hands drove him insane, he opened his trousers which got too tight. “I want you to never stop doing this. Never stop touching me like this!”

Ricky’s hand had stopped moving it was lying flat on Alfie’s stomach, while the young man was actually starring at Alfie with his mouth open. “What do you mean? I will be moving into your flat?”

“As I said I decided it is time…”

“Stop.” Ricky meant to pull his hand away but Alfie grabbed it and held it in its place.

“Don’t stop… please.” Alfie whispered.

Ricky looked at him. “Don’t understand me wrong, I would love staying with you but what will we tell the other people? The poor boy from the slums can afford half the rent of your flat?”

“I own the flat.”


“We… we will tell them… that… I am taking you under my wing and will teach you like a mentor because with your graduation and lined up position in the English department you will start to enter okay maybe not high society but you will leave the lower working class behind you and you know that so I offered to teach you manners and introduce you to the right people that you can climb up the ladder of success.” Alfie looked at Ricky and for the first time Ricky saw him look actually caring at him.

“My parents won’t believe this. My father will get angry, he is already angry with me that I am spending so much time with you. He thinks it is unnatural for a man in my age to have a best friend and not a girlfriend.” Ricky looked unhappy at Alfie.

“You are not a man, you are a boy.”

“Alfie did you hear what I said?”

“Yes.” Alfie took Ricky’s face in his hands and kissed him. “Your lips are so soft. It is not illegal anymore, even though my father was one of the very few Lords voting against the bill.”

“This is not the point. It is just for a very short time legal to be with a man and I do want to have a position at the University and… my parents would be disappointed.”


“Because okay my dad never said anything but he and my mom wish to have grandchildren but you and me we would never be able to give them any.”

Alfie looked at Ricky and kissed him again. “What if you and I are just for a while, not forever. Just for a while, we will be living in this bubble where we can be… free and then in a few years like five or something like this I will find you a girl that can give you the grandchildren your parents wish to have.”

“You would do this?” Ricky’s heart was aching by the thought of ever leaving Alfie.

“I told you from the beginning that I never want to force you to anything. I just… I think I am a better man when you are around and I honestly will introduce you to the right people that you can make a name of yourself.” Alfie had let go of Ricky’s face and pushed Ricky away from him. He closed his pants and looked out of the window.

“Alfie, you don’t understand. You don’t force me to anything. Bosie never forced Oscar to anything and his family still put him into prison.”

“Is that what this is about? My family will never touch you! No one will hurt you, I will make sure of this.” Alfie looked fierce at Ricky and then sighed. “I don’t want to make you move in, I just know every damn night I go to bed and you are not next to me I can’t sleep and when I do sleep and wake up and you are not there either I already hate the fucking day. I know this is selfish, but… I never had to ask to get something I don’t know how to do it.”

It took Ricky a few moments and then he crawled back to Alfie and kissed him. “I hate every second I am not with you. Everyone told me to stay away from you because you will just hurt me but I know a different Alfie then everyone else sees. Okay don’t freak out but, I think I’m falling in love with you so when you make me leave you in a few years because my parents can’t stand the thought of not getting grandchildren then all you do is break my heart. I’m so sorry, ask me again. Ask me again if I want to move in.”

Alfie looked more than freaked out Ricky said he is falling in love with him and he never meant this to happen but at the same time he didn’t mind sort of.

“Move in with me.”

Ricky giggled. “No not order me, ask me.”

“Um… can you move in with me… please?” Alfie was holding Ricky who was actually sitting on his lap.

“Yes!” Ricky leaned forward and kissed Alfie a little hasty. “Sorry didn’t mean to be so swift.”

Alfie laughed and undid Ricky’s vest. “I’m not complaining and it looked like things are going up.” Alfie gently tucked at Ricky’s trousers to open them, when he looked at Ricky’s face again he was again surprised that Ricky was blushing. “Hey I’m glad it raises.”

“Wait Alfie.”

Again Alfie stopped right away. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No just um not here, we are in the car and… um.”

“I know sorry. Let’s go home?” Alfie laughed, he knew that Ricky was a bedroom boy. It was funny how gay and at the same time old fashioned he was.

“Yes sounds good and before we um you know get intimate you should call the moving company I don’t need a truck to move. I can fit everything in my car which by the way is still on the University parking area.”

“Fine I do that but no way I let you drive this piece of shit fully loaded with your things. I’ll pick you up and get someone to get your car.”

“Okay.” Ricky whispered as he leaned against Alfie’s shoulder wondering how he would tell his parents that he moved out. “Alfie, I cannot right away leave like this. I have to talk to my parents. They won’t understand why I leave home. You know that don’t you?”

“I know, just hurry to make them understand.”

“I’ll try. I think mom will be okay, she knows this day of me leaving was close. But dad thinks I am just a little boy that can’t live on his own. He thinks I’m odd.” Ricky whispered.

“It will be alright, I mean you are a little odd I think you have the softest skin I have ever seen. It’s insane I can’t stop kissing you because you taste so good.” Alfie started again, very gentle that Ricky was by now in just his undershirt well and still his trousers.

“Alfie this is mean, how can I make you stop now? Mh this is nice.” Alfie was very gentle kissing Ricky’s neck, something Ricky really liked and always made him get weak in the knees.

“I told you I can’t stop.” Alfie’s hands were tracing down along Ricky’s hips and opened his trousers.

“Alfie shouldn’t we be at your flat by now?”

Alfie laughed. “No not until I give the driver the sign, which I will not give him for a while.” Alfie slid down on the floor as he opened Ricky’s trousers, making sure that Ricky knew if he would really want him to he would stop.

“No one can see us right?” Ricky mumbled.

“No one can see us!” Alfie whispered back and he bend over and gave Ricky a blowjob, it was funny how different he was with his lover boy to anyone else. I thought he only enjoys sex when it is rough but the sex with Ricky was mind-blowing. He never had so felt so much pleasure with anyone ever before.

“You talk to your parents?”

“Shut up Alfie not right now.” Ricky sort of snapped out of breath and very close to reaching his climax.

“Grrrr my lover boy getting all bossy.” Alfie laughed while he made sure Ricky would reach his climax.


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2 Re: It is time on 27th April 2013, 20:04

Three days later Friday evening.

“Ricky, are you coming?” Alfie was lying naked in their bed, it was nicely warm in their flat a fact Ricky was still getting used to. It was June so not cold anymore but still in Ricky’s parents house it always felt like it had holes in all walls and the roof so it was always cold. It was the first night Ricky would sleep in his new home and he hadn’t told Alfie this but he was really nervous. So far every night he had slept over which was once or twice nights a week he obviously was okay having sex with Alfie but now that he slept every night in this flat he was really worried. What if he didn’t want to sleep with Alfie every night? Ricky sighed unlocked the bathroom and sat down on his side of the bed, the left side -when you looked at the bed from the foot end- the girl side. He was quiet all afternoon.

“Lover Boy, what’s wrong.” Alfie rolled over to be closer to Ricky. “You’ve been quiet since you arrived. I told you I don’t care about most of the stuff so if you want to change anything we change it. Well no that is not true I will not change a thing I will hire someone to change it and I told you, you will get your pretty kitchen. Did you have a look in the catalogue?”

Ricky nodded.

“Hey.” Alfie lightly pushed his hands under Ricky pyjama shirt. Even his skin on his back was insanely soft. “What’s wrong?”

Ricky let Alfie push his hands further up as he turned around and crawled into Alfie’s lap. “I’m so sorry, but I think I don’t want to make love to you tonight. I’m really sorry.” Ricky was crying, but too weak to push Alfie’s hands away well and a part of him didn’t want to stop Alfie. But now that Ricky was crying and said what he had said Alfie pulled his hands away.

“Whoa, don’t cry. It’s okay you know you don’t have to have sex with me. Not tonight or ever. Please don’t cry.” Alfie wiped Ricky’s tears away with his thumbs.

“I’m sorry I don’t know why I’m crying.” Ricky was heavily sobbing. “It’s just…”

“Just what?” Alfie was lightly stroking over his boys soft hair.

“What if you get bored of me because now you can have me whenever you want?” Ricky was hard to understand through all the sobbing.

“Ricky you are not my personal whore, I don’t want to nail you like I do all the other. I told you it is different with you and I like that it is. I don’t expect you to sleep with me every night, I wouldn’t complain about it either. Just relax okay? Let’s see one night at a time just make sure you fall asleep every night next to me, I need you.” Alfie whispered into Ricky’s ear.

Ricky nodded his head was leaning against Alfie’s chest. “I like the idea of falling asleep every night in your arms.”

“That sounds nice.” Alfie had fingered for his underpants and had put them on, not that he minded sleeping naked but since Ricky had mentioned that he didn’t feel like sleeping with him he thought it would be better to be a little dressed. He pulled Ricky with him into the soft pillows and kissed him. “You parents okay?”

“Dad doesn’t understand why I had to move into your flat with you when you just want to introduce me to fancy farts, his words not mine. And mother was upset that it was all so sudden but she understood, or tries to understand that I need to spread my wings and leave the nest.”

Alfie laughed. “You are actually really adorable.”

Ricky switched off his nightstand light and lay down. “What are you reading?” Ricky mumbled he wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t feel like reading. Alfie had watched him for a while trying to settle until he couldn’t stop himself and started chuckling. “What are you doing?”

Ricky looked shy at Alfie. “Um, I don’t know… well try to get comfortable.”

“Oh Lover Boy you do know that you can decide when you go to sleep? No one is telling you what to do.”

“Um yeah I know. It’s just I never slept in such a huge bed.”

“Come here.” Alfie was still laughing as he pulled Ricky into his arms. “Do you mind when I read some more.” Alfie kissed Ricky on his hair. Ricky shook his head while he nestled into Alfie’s chest and wrapped his right arm around Alfie’s stomach. Alfie managed to get another book from his nightstand and started reading out loud. Ricky smiled while he enjoyed listening to Alfie. He liked it being read to, it didn’t take long until Ricky fell asleep. Alfie looked at the sleeping Ricky and it was crazy how much it turned him on to watch the sleeping Ricky. He kissed Ricky and carefully pushed him down on the pillows hoping that Ricky wouldn’t wake up but he really had to do it. He really wished that he could have had sex on Ricky’s first night in the new flat, but he also honestly never would force Ricky to sleep with him. So here he was doing some chocolate grinding -as Ricky would call it- next to his sleeping boy. Alfie was really looking forward to the moment when Ricky had settled in.


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