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James McAlister

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1James McAlister Empty James McAlister on 20th May 2013, 17:17

Character Information

Real Name: James Andrew McAlister
Nationality: Scottish
Date of birth: 14th July 1945
Family/Spouse/Children: Andrew and Linda McAlister (parents), four younger sisters
Relationship with the Geeks: Alfie's old school friend,
later becomes teacher at Waterfall Downs and a good friend of them

Hometown: Inverness, Scotland
Education/Occupation: Went to school in Oxford (the same expensive school that Alfie went to), afterwards studied at University of St Andrews and finished with a Master degree in English and Geography.
He is a teacher for PE and Geography at Waterfall Downs Academy from the start of the autumn term 1972

Physical Description
Weight: 150 lbs
Height: 5’7’’
Hairstyle and colour: short, dark brown
Eye colour: blue
Physical build: rather short and slim
Portrayed by: James McAvoy

James McAlister 1

Languages (spoken and/or written): Scottish (of course!), English, a bit of Spanish and German

Interests: His family comes in first place, Football (especially the Celtic Football Club), reading, history, generally traveling

Personality: James is very polite and knows how to behave properly, however, he can be a little goofball too and jokes a lot. He’s very charming and easily likeable. He’s definitely an optimist and always tries to see something good in people, or tries to turn a bad situation into a good one. He’s always very helpful and encouraging and a great support as both friend and teacher. He’s really good with kids because he is the oldest of five children and knows how to take care of younger ones, thus he definitely has a great level of patience. When he was younger he was very shy, but as he grew older he became more confident and more outgoing.

History/Background: James grew up in the Scottish highlands with his parents and four younger sisters. He comes from a normal working-class family, however, his parents run one of the Jacksons’ whiskey distilleries, which is one of the best in the country. His parents and the Jacksons always got along well, so by the time he started elementary school, Lord Arthur Jackson- Alfie's grandfather- offered young James a place in the prestige school that his own grandson went to, and James moved alone to Oxford. The school was also open for boarding school students, so he became one of the boarding school students there and had a place to stay. During his holidays, he always went back to Scotland to visit his family. From day one at his new school, James worked really hard because he didn’t want to disappoint neither his parents nor Lord Jackson. He was one of the very few students who did not come from an upper-class background and also stood out due to his accent, but the teachers made sure the other English kids wouldn’t tease him. James became friends with Alfie, who was a few months younger than him and obviously the most popular kid in school, but to James’ surprise he and Alfie got along very well, and he could count on Alfie’s support whenever students like Victor tried to make his life harder. In middle and high school, James had his own circle of friends and was no longer teased for his Scottish working-class background. He and Alfie didn’t see that much of each other anymore because they had very different interests, but they still considered each other good friends and kept getting along well. Also, James was often invited to events in the Jackson mansion, so he kept in contact with the family. After he graduated from school, he got a place in St Andrews and moved back to Scotland, where he finished his degree with excellent grades. He didn’t want to go into the family business and take over the distillery. Instead, he was more interested in teaching jobs because he loved to teach and to work with children, and his way led back to Oxford.

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