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311Fuel - Page 13 Empty Re: Fuel on 5th November 2011, 13:37

"Wait a minute!" Georgina looked from Rome to Elenna, and back to Rome. "Are you seriously going to let a tiny 19-year old girl drive your Ferrari? Do you know how freaking irresposible that is?!"

"Hey!" Elenna cried in protest. "I'm not tiny. And if I want to drive the Ferrari, then I'm going to drive the Ferrari, got it?"

Georgie ignored her, she still focused on Rome. "Hello? Are you serious? There is one word that comes to my mind when I think of Lenna sitting behind the steering wheel of your car: danger!"

Rome grinned. "Relax, G, she's one hell of a driver."
Elenna couldn't resist but smiling cheekily at Georgie.

Georgina sighed. "I hope you'll get dragged to hell for your irresponsibility, Remington", she replied with a sarcastic grin. She knew that Rome would never let Elenna get hurt, so she had to trust him, but just the thought of that little brunette driving this huge thing...

She looked at Elenna . "Don't you even think about driving like a maniac Nascar driver, Elenna Fee!"

Lenna rolled her eyes. "Yes, mom!", and then whispered "Like I'm going to listen to you..."

"Hey, I've heard that!"

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312Fuel - Page 13 Empty Re: Fuel on 5th November 2011, 13:37

With her new friends in tow, Morrigan knew that no matter what awaited her at Shane's funeral, things would be okay in the end. Sure, her life was going to change in big ways, but a part of her had known it was coming for a long time.

"You guys ready? This Colorado girl's got an unfortunate place to be."

She headed outside and started for the car, it was a long road ahead. She'd better start driving.

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313Fuel - Page 13 Empty Re: Fuel on 5th November 2011, 13:37


"'Irresponsible' is my middle name." Rome grinned at Georgie, who rolled her eyes. Then he turned back to Morrigan:

"Yeah, we're ready," he said, half-standing and hurriedly shoving more pancakes in his mouth. He reached across the table for the coffee pot, but a dark wooden cane struck from out of nowhere like a snake: "Ow! Shhh...what the was that for, Padre?" Rome stuck his offended knuckles in his mouth.

"Why don't we take it easy on the caffiene, Romulus?"

"Okay, yeesh. You know, normal people just ask..."

"Would you have listened?"

"No," chimed practically everyone who sat around the table, in unison, as if this had been rehearsed.

"Yeah, well, screw you very much," he replied, pretending to be offended at the chorus of chuckles that ensued. "I'm gonna go get packed." He stood up, looked down at himself. "And, you know, dressed." He dumped the blanket unceremoniously onto Caleb's lap. "Put that in the laundry for me, would ya?" he asked, with a sly wink that was only for Caleb--and, okay, for the sake of human decency and the fact that there was a priest in the room and for his own personal ohmygod am I really the only one seeing this? amusement.

His own half-nakedness in the middle of the kitchen, however, was not a problem.

Without waiting for a reply Rome grabbed an apple off the counter, took a large bite out of it, and, chewing as obnoxiously as possible, darted back upstairs to his room.

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314Fuel - Page 13 Empty Re: Fuel on 5th November 2011, 13:37

Aly was lost in her own world as the conversation went on around her. She quietly ate trying to concentrate on bringing herself down. It was working, unfortunately.

She looked at Caleb, exasperated, as Rome tossed him the blanket and the others left.

"Now?" She groaned and fell forward until her head rattled the table.

"Sorry--I wasn't..."



"We should support her, regardless. I know how it feels to lose a sibling. I'm still hunting for my sister's murderer--at least she gets closure."

He nodded as he stood, keeping the blanket strategically positioned as they walked to their rooms to grab their things. He pressed her against the wall for a deep kiss before releasing her.

"You do know you're torturing yourself, right? Give me time and I'll come down--you're going to have to revert to more desperate measures."

She winked at him as they headed back downstairs back in their suits for the drive to the funeral.

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315Fuel - Page 13 Empty Re: Fuel on 5th November 2011, 13:37

Lenna looked from the door Rome just disappeared and back to Caleb something was going on here, something she didn't get.

Whatever. I'm going to drive Ve... Bea.. the Ferrari. That will be fun. I wonder how fast Rome lets me drive. If the police cars can catch up?

Lenna finished her orange juice, she wasn't really hungry and left half of the pancakes on her plate.

She went upstairs to get dressed and ready to leave. She was quickly dressed, repacked her bags and realised that none of her curse boxes where in her bags. She wasn't sure if they were in still in the Ferrari. She tried to remember if Rome mentioned anything about them. A knock made her look up.

"Lenna how are you? I still think you shouldn't drive."

Lenna looked at the blond girl at the door.

"I'm fine and I can drive. Hey do you know where the two curse boxes are in which I kept personal things?"

Now it was Georgie's turn to look uncomfortable.

"Lenna listen we thought that they might worked as your brothers remains so we burned them, I'm so sorry."

Lenna went pale but when she spoke her voice was steady.

"Oh well yeah it could have worked. That is okay, don't worry I'm fine."

Lenna took her bag and went outside to sit on the porch to wait for Rome.

I guess it's better not have all the stuff so I can forget the pain.

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316Fuel - Page 13 Empty Re: Fuel on 5th November 2011, 13:38

Georgie watched Elenna turn her back on her, throwing the bag over her shoulder and going outside.
Lenna is definitely not fine...
Although Elenna tried to come off strong, her eyes told a different story. Not only did she lose her brother a second time, but now the curse boxes - one last remaining memory of him- were gone as well. She lost everything related to her family.
While Georgina quickly changed into something more suitable for a funeral, a black Chanel dress, she thought of something that could cheer her friend up, but she knew that Elenna was going through a hard time right now, and she was the type of person who rather denied having a difficult time than showing it. Elenna tried to oppress her grief, but attending a funeral in a couple of hours wouldn't really help her with that.
Georgie looked at herself in the mirror a last time, then grabbed her stuff and left the house.

Thanks to all those who participated in or read Fuel!

Stay tuned for the next episode of Supernatural: Reanimated The Man Who Sold The World

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