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Minus Human (Season Finale, Part 2)

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26 Re: Minus Human (Season Finale, Part 2) on Tue 04 Aug 2015, 8:50 am

When Georgie was a little girl, her dad had read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to her. Her mother, Josephine, never liked the idea of reading ‘nonsense books’ to her daughter, as she used to call them, but Adam was more relaxed when it came to Georgie’s literary ambitions. Besides, he enjoyed those kind of books, weirdly enough.
Georgie used to love the story of Alice, who fell down the rabbit hole and entered a magical world. She always wondered how it must have felt, falling down that hole, miles and miles, feeling weightless, not knowing what was expecting her once she reached the bottom. She was so sure that it must be terribly exciting.

It wasn’t terribly exiting after all. It was only terrible.
Georgie didn’t know where she was, but she felt like she was falling deeper and deeper down a hole. She felt like she was in a state of trance but at the same time awake.
Her shoulders felt strangely light… She turned her head slightly, and even that tiny movement hurt. Her hair…there was no hair falling over her shoulders anymore. What happened while she fell down the rabbit hole?

And then, as if she just reached the bottom of the rabbit hole and hit the ground, a terrible pain rushed through her entire body.
Georgie wanted to scream but she was numb. Paralysed.
Her sister…Gone.
Georgie closed her eyes, trying to feel Lenna’s heartbeat.

“Lenna…,” Georgie whispered. The soft, little hairs on her arms stood up as a shiver went through her body, and then, out of nowhere, she felt another sharp pain in her stomach, as if someone had stuck thousand needles in it. She almost forgot to breathe.
No. This was not what she had expected to find at the end of the rabbit hole…


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27 Re: Minus Human (Season Finale, Part 2) on Wed 14 Sep 2016, 3:15 pm

She knew her way around in the facility and she knew the way out. She belong to this facility it was her base but for the moment to get what she wanted she had to be the other one.

((Something for the mood))

“DORDIE! DORDIE! Me no fishy, no fishy.” Elle is chocking on water. So much water, it is all around her. It is cold and wet but her lungs are on fire. It is dark. Her eyes are pushed into their sockets, the water is pushing onto everything. How do you breathe if there is no air but only water?

“I really don’t know what she sees in this yellow piece of shit. I mean look at it, it’s a traffic cone let’s do this.” Keres looked at the yellow car with disgust. Her cold blue eyes sparkled evil, she flipped her hand and the car just blew up. Every car-bomber would be jealous of the effect, there was nothing left of the yellow car.

"Geez, took you long enough, chica!" He shouted from below the window, then nodded to the car behind him. "What do you think?"

So much water. It was everywhere. But where is the top and where is the bottom? Where is the way out?

Keres got in the black standard SUV nothing special, no character, nothing that stands her out of the crowd. She put her hand in the black leather jacket and pulled out a drawing.
“This is more shit. Why would you keep this awful drawing.” The old piece of paper went off in smoke. Keres eyes were brightly shining another piece of Elenna Fee was erased off this world. “No one ever wanted you, and you know that. You drove them all away.”

Water is crushing down on her. It comes from all sides. There is no escape. How do you survive certain death?
What do you do in your last moments?
Who do you think of?
A sister?
A loved one?
Loving parents?
A lost brother?
So much water.

“They will break out, they are breaking out and all I need to do is meet them outside. But I guess I can’t look decent. After all I was tortured…” Keres looked in the mirror, she lifted her left hand and with one little flick she looked like she was tortured for weeks on end, like a broken girl, like the broken girl her friends they expected to see.

“I don’t know how I got out, I don’t know what happened.” Keres put on a pained and confused face, sounding out of breath. “I think in the confusion I got out, I was lucky I guess.”

OOC: Colour explanation the original page text colour is Keres, white text is Lenna.

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28 Re: Minus Human (Season Finale, Part 2) on Fri 07 Oct 2016, 11:00 pm


He woke with another dude on top of him.

Not how he expected to wake up.

But he didn't know his own name so, hell, he might be gay?

Except there was too much--death, pain, blood, broken shit--around for this to be an amorous meeting. Still, "No homo," he felt the need to say.

"Come on, I'm getting you out of here," said the guy, brown hair and cowboy boots and about as familiar as country music to him, and only when the guy heaved him to his feet did he realize he couldn't walk. "I have a truck out back."

Of course he did. Cowboy boots.

"W-wait," he said, pulling against him, but the guy was determined to get him out, and he was too weak to protest. "There's--did I come in with...anyone?"

"Yeah. We can get them, too."

They struggled through the rubble and over people groaning and dying. Cowboy Boots hit shot at a door until it opened, and there--a familiar face! Blonde, not as pretty as she normally looked, he knew that--like, girl, where your Gucci at--but he knew her.

"Um!" he said. "I'm Luke Skywalker, I'm here to rescue you."

Cowboy Boots rolled his eyes at him.

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29 Re: Minus Human (Season Finale, Part 2) on Sat 08 Oct 2016, 10:52 am

She watched the confusion and horrors of the destroyed facility, people trying to save themselves forgetting friends and it made her smile. She looked like a broken girl but she was far from broken and not a girl anymore. A wicked smiled appeared on her dirty face, she lifted her right hand and caused a couple more explosions, roofs to collapse and if that didn’t help to kill of people crawling out she snapped her necks without touching them. It was the greatest pleasure to see all this death while she waited for her team -those moronic groups that SWORD wanted information on, and the child they created the newest and strongest weapon; how can anything be stronger than the angel of creation, she had the power to create and destroy the baby had not- she hated the idea of having a team of having to be with others. She hated humans with or without powers. But the two that had powers had to be deceived, the barrier to keep what was inside at its place was strong and could not be broken from the outside but she had to make sure that from the outside it didn’t look like a barrier. She masked it with an image, an image that would stop intruders from going any further.

Who would go past this?:


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30 Re: Minus Human (Season Finale, Part 2) on Tue 08 Nov 2016, 3:20 pm

Georgie flinched when she heard a gunshot from the other side of the door, and when someone kicked it open she stepped back, already planning where to hide next but then she saw a familiar face. Two men showed up in front of her, and she briefly glanced at the guy who looked vaguely familiar before she turned her attention to Rome. She let out a sigh of relief when she realised he was still alive, even though he looked pretty miserable. She hadn’t seen him since…since when exactly? She didn’t know what day it was, how many weeks had passed…
She jumped forward and hugged him tightly, her heart racing in her chest. When she looked up she noticed a frown settling on his forehead.

“Rome…,” she said carefully, her eyes darting back to the other guy. What was he up to and why was he with Rome?
Rome looked like he was trying to figure out who she was. Something wasn’t right about the way he acted.

“Rome?” Georgie said, clearly irritated about Rome’s puzzled look. He seemed completely bewildered. What had they done to him? “It’s me, Georgie.”

Something flickered in his eyes, just briefly, but it looked like he was remembering at least something about her or this place.

“I’m going to get you out of here,” the other man said. “I’ve got my truck parked not far from here.”

Georgie eyed him warily.

“You can trust me,” he said calmly. “I’m on your side.”

“Why should I believe you?”

“Do you have a choice?”

Georgie bit her lip, her glance shifting back to Rome. If they wanted to get out of here safely, they really didn’t have many possibilities left.
That same moment a sharp pain rushed through her stomach, which felt like someone had stuck a needle in it. She had felt this strange pain in her stomach area for a while now and was very sure those bastards had put something in her that made her feel constantly sick to her stomach.

“Are you okay?” The man next to Rome asked her.

“Do I look okay?” she snapped.

“Let’s get you all out of here,” he said, his voice remaining surprisingly calm in this situation.

Georgie looked at Rome one more time. There was something off, he didn’t seem like himself. But who of them really was still the same person they had been a few months ago?


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31 Re: Minus Human (Season Finale, Part 2) on Thu 29 Dec 2016, 11:20 pm

This was going to be a headache. A massive, brain shattering migraine. The Remington kid wasn't even functional enough to walk on his own-- might've been drooling, Alex had no idea-- and the other woman looked about ready to keel over herself. He sighed and scrubbed his free hand through his hair.

"Alright, well... c'mon. Truck's this way," he said, nodding toward what had been the outside door. It was kind of... not a door, now, and he stepped over its remains with Remington. No one stopped them, which seemed odd to Alex until he realized there wasn't really anyone to do the stopping. Okay! So that was... terrifying. He tried not to think about it as they made their slow, annoyingly slow, painfully slow, dear God why were they so slow way to his truck where, surprise surprise, they had company. But she looked kind of like shit too, and she'd been with the others when they brought them all in, so Alex more or less wasn't surprised. He threw her a nod and went to unlock his truck.

"You girls in the back-- I'll keep an eye on the Jedi Master over here," he said as he led Remington around to the other side of the truck. "Put your belt on," he told him, and then slammed the door. He went back to the other side and yanked the door handle until it opened (the handle really did need replacing). He held his arm out to the two women, gesturing for them to climb in. "Just uh... shift that stuff. There's blankets on the floor, if you need 'em," he told them.


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32 Re: Minus Human (Season Finale, Part 2) on Fri 30 Dec 2016, 3:29 pm

Keres grinned evil as she climbed in the back of the truck, nobody could see. As soon as she was sitting she looked pained and scared as Georgie climbed in after her. Rome in the front seat… well he was the cause of the destruction of the building so he looked pretty similar to the pile of rumble that was slightly smoking next to them. Keres knew they would go to a motel to lay low and decide what to do next. Keres looked at the radio for a while until… The SWORD guys that was committing treason by helping them -did he know what they did to the Fee girl, how they planned to turn her?- turned the key and the radio blared loudly what Keres needed, a commercial that she had created of a motel that had shut down the month before due to the death of the owners.

“Only this week stay at the motel that shuts down forever, come to The Little Corner Motel. We might be what you need to be away from everything.”

Keres let Lenna’s face look even more pathetic and pained before she started to cry and stutter. “M-maybe w-we c-could g-go th-there?”

“GEORGIE! ROME! YOU GOT TO HEAR ME! YOU GOT TO HELP ME OUT OF HERE! I AM STILL IN HERE! THIS IS NOT ME YOU ARE TALKING TO!!!” Lenna was hammering with her bloody fists against her prison walls, she saw what her body was doing but she had no control, trapped in her own mind, in a cage so well hidden and locked down that Lenna wasn’t even sure she ever could get out.

"Ich wünschte nur es wäre wieder du und ich, nicht alle anderen Rome.“ Lenna stuttered quietly. Keres shook and bit herself roughly on the lip hoping that no one heard the outbreak. It wasn't a good feeling when that little witch managed to break through the trap. Keres added another layer around her prisoner. A prison worst than any place on earth.

Oh my God! No, stop! Stop! Wake up! Wake up, Lenna, you're dreaming! Rome! Rome!! Wake me up!

OOC: Colour explanation the original page text colour is Keres, white text is Lenna.


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33 Re: Minus Human (Season Finale, Part 2) on Wed 24 May 2017, 10:32 am


His head hurt, but that wasn't the worst part. His nose was bleeding, but his body hurt and he was somehow exhausted by walking a few hundred feet--with help--and he was dripping blood all over the cabin of the biggest frigging Texas truck he had ever been in, and he couldn't even lift his hand to wipe his nose. But that wasn't the worst part, either.

Cowboy Boots was driving. Too fast, or else things were just moving slow for Rome. He lay there like so much dead weight, and couldn't buckle his own damn--whatever this was called. Seatbelt. And that wasn't even the worst part.

His own brother, his twin, whose name he couldn't even remember, had been possessed by a demon, helped to hunt him down and hurt him, and then had broken free of the demon somehow to save him, and now he was dead. But even that still wasn't the worst part.

The worst part was that the only name he remembered in the whole wide world was Lenna, his Lennie, his best friend, and she was dead.

((Note: Since Rome is kinda braindead, I may "move" other people's characters a bit to interact with him, and I'll write about things happening TO him rather than him doing things, for a little while. If you want me to change anything, let me know, or if you're an Admin, you are welcome to revise my posts going forward.))

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