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Trials of a New Life

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1026 Re: Trials of a New Life on 22nd September 2017, 20:55

"I guess my powers were a bit... out of control back then, I mean they still are sometimes nowadays. You should have seen me a year ago when I practiced my flying." Jenny giggled sligtly remembering Dirk and her Dad trying to stop her from burning down the city.

Jenny heard the change in Sally's voice and looked up. "No I haven't read many comics. I had enough hero talks in my past from Dad, well you know kind of they all were like 'Jennifer you can never be a hero because you are a reckless, selfish little girl.'" Jenny tried to immitate Mark's voice, though it had more an angry note to it that it really would have.

"I wonder what he will say when he meets me?" Jenny mumbled and she started the car.


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1027 Re: Trials of a New Life on 30th January 2018, 21:39

"I I mean..." Sally's voice faltered. She didn't want to sound like she was a stalker... Even if that was the case to a certain extent. Okay, it was to get revenge on Jenny's father, not to watch Jenny, but even still.... and now she thought about it... She had watched Jenny maybe somewhat closely even then...

She shook her head and glanced over, meeting Jenny's gaze with a slight blush. Her smile faltered as Jenny imitated her father.

"Jenny.... You know how I feel about your Dad, and even I know he's not like that." Sally took her girlfriends hand and gave it an encouraging squeeze. "Besides, plenty of so-called 'heroes' are selfish jerks just doing it for fame, and you're not one of them. Even if you do like a bit of attention." She gave Jenny a wink.

Sitting back as Jenny started the car, she glanced over hearing Jenny's mutter. "Maybe ask you where all his missing birthday presents are?" she joked, trying to keep the mood light.

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