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Richard Ingram

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1 Richard Ingram on 31st October 2011, 22:48

Player Information
Age: 25
Contact information (Skype/MSN preferred): Skype: james_c_munro
Time Zone: GMT
What attracted you to Reanimated? Part of the original members
Do you have any role play experience? What kind? Yep
Do you have any creative writing experience? Nothing professional, plenty of scribbles
Are you at all familiar with the world of the CW Series Supernatural and its canon? Up to season 4ish

Character Information
Name (Surname the name of a gun is fun, but optional) Richard Ingram
Date of birth: 12/06/1968
Age (Keep in mind our game is currently set in late 2005) 37
Sex: Male
Religion: Christian/Grecian
Profession: Former Paramedic
Theme song (not quite something from Dean’s cassette tape collection) O Death, Jen Titus version

Physical Description
Race / Ethnicity: American Caucasian
Weight: 190 lbs
Height: 5’ 11’’
Hairstyle and colour: Short, Dark brown
Eye colour: Greenish blue
Physical build: Well Built
Identifying Markings: A tattoo on his right wrist of a short prayer to Hades in Ancient Greek
Portrayed by (since we structure our game like a TV show, what actor “plays” your character? Optional, but fun) Mark Wahlberg
Image of character (optional)

Medical History
Minor injuries and infections, nothing serious. A punctured lung and smashed chest cavity, both of which there are no signs of.

Normal elementary and high school education. Four year paramedic Bachelors degree.
Languages (spoken, written) English and Ancient Greek

Skill Strengths: As a paramedic, Richard has good medical training, which he has tried to keep up to date despite the hunter lifestyle. His experience dealing with several ghosts has given him some ability in creating ‘personality profiles’ for working out a ghosts MO and goals, but he’s had no formal training. With practice Richard has become highly skilled wielding two close combat weapons at once. Normally knives, but he is able to use almost anything effectively close up. Also, he’s fairly good with a guitar.
Skill Weaknesses: Richard isn’t what you’d call a people person. He can be pleasant enough in normal conversation, but any kind of confrontation he tends to get overly aggressive. One of the reason’s he became a paramedic rather than a doctor. Due to his focus with knives, Richard lacks any real skill with firearms. He can hit a close target with a shotgun, but that’s about his limit. Because of his focus on ghost hunting, he has little experience with other supernatural creatures.

Personality Strengths: Unlike some other hunters, Richard is able to treat hunting almost as a ‘job’, able to switch off after a job, and not letting a hunt get to him. This is mostly due to his experience as a paramedic. It also takes quite a lot, normally, to unnerve him, helped by nearly ten years of ghost hunting.
Personality Weaknesses: Impatient and short tempered, which has only gotten worse since his deal. You really don’t want to be stuck with him in a traffic jam. If a hunt starts to go wrong Richard is liable to try something direct and often foolish to attempt to get the job done.

Interests: As well as the guitar Richard occasionally tries his hand at song writing, though so far he hasn’t come up with anything worthwhile. Richard has also taken a strong interest in Greek Mythology since his deal, committing a large portion of it to memory.
What makes you happy? Sitting back, job done, put an album on and strum along. Preferably Johnny Cash.
What scares the crap out of you? Erebus, unnerved by the ticking of clocks.

History / Background
Richard was originally born Richard Gilmore to Edmund and Georgina Gilmore in 1968. He was unaware that his parents were in fact hunters, a fact they kept from him as it had caused a rift between his parents and their other two sons. When Richard was 7 his parents were killed in a car crash, at least if you can call the car being ripped in two when there wasn’t another car on the road a crash. As such Richard never discovered his parents true profession, or that he had two brothers.

Richard was adopted by Pail and Sally Ingram, and from then on his life was mostly uneventful. He kept ahold of his childhood desire to become a doctor, but due to his somewhat abrasive attitude he was persuaded to take paramedic training instead.

After his deal Richard took to the road, cutting off most of his former ties. Though he still sends birthday and Christmas cards to his foster parents. Richard tries to restrict his hunts solely to ghosts and other undead, in order to try and reach his quota. Partially through luck, and a few successful jobs for the more wealthy members of society (the kind who are likely to buy a haunted house or artefact) Richard has gained a little reputation as a ghost hunter in the upper echelons of society. This has allowed him something of an income, without needing to resort to the scams most hunters rely on.

How and why you became a Hunter
Strange occurrences were almost common at the hospital where Richard worked. At first they were dismissed as unfortunate accidents, but Richard began to notice a pattern. He wasn’t the only one, a hunter was also investigating the hospital. Perhaps inevitably, the two of them met each other and, despite some initial scepticism from Richard (dispelled when he has a first-hand encounter with the spirit)pooled their findings to track down the ghost.

They were able to discover the identity of the ghost, and suspected his body was lost somewhere in the cellars of the hospital. They went in during the night to find the body to salt and burn. Unfortunately, during the hunt the spirit got the upper hand, and brought the ceiling down on the pair. Both of them were killed almost instantly.

It was after he died that things became weird.

Richard found himself staring over the plains of Erebus, and shortly after was approached by Hades himself. Hades proposed a deal to Richard. He would return Richard to life for ten years. In that time Richard would track down those who had avoided or escaped from Erebus, ghosts, zombies and the like. If he succeeded, Richard would have his life back. If he failed, Richard would return to Erebus after the ten years were up. Given the choice, Richard accepted the deal.

Hunting specialties (anything you’re particularly familiar with and good at killing) Ghosts, Zombies and other forms of undead.
Hunter contacts (anyone important you know?) None. Most try to kill him if they get wind of his deal.
Hunter assets (what’s in the arsenal in the trunk of your car?) Several stakes and blades of varying flavours. Mostly cold iron blades and silver stakes, but others in case of emergencies. Pump action shotgun with salt shells. Enough salt to see a city through winter. Also several medical supplies.
Your character's "Patron" God from the Greco-Roman Pantheon. Hades

Choose one of the following scenarios and write—in character-- a (two-paragraph minimum) scene in which your character deals with the problem. Feel free to go any direction you like with this. Your application will not be invalidated even if you screw with canon or it is full of mechanical errors, but a good submission casts a favorable light on your application, so please try to provide a professional-looking writing sample.

* A poltergeist traps a small child in a refrigerator. You have almost finished the banishing ritual to expel the ‘geist, but before you finish, the child may suffocate. It you break the ritual now, your work will be lost. What do you do?

Rituals weren’t his thing. Give him a body or object to hunt down any time. At least it was going well so far. To be honest, though it sounded clichéd, too well. So far the poltergeist hadn’t put up a fight. Then there was a thump from behind. Richard spun round, mouth dropping open as the door of the refrigerator slammed shut behind the small toddler who had just climbed in. Richard began a countdown in his head. There was maybe two minutes that the girl would be safe for. Just enough time to finish unless something…

The book sailed out of his hands, sliding under the cabinets. Richard went diving after it. Damn, damn, damn. No time to finish before the girl suffocated. Stuffing the book back in his coat, Richard yanked the door to the fridge open. There was no resistance, having prepared for a struggle Richard found himself crashing to the ground.

“You!” The shout echoed across the room. Richard looked up to see Jeff, the father of the family who had just moved into the house striding towards him. That wasn’t good.

“I thought I told you to leave my family alone.”

“Jeff, please.” Catherine had arrived, looking petrified, and rushed to the fridge to help her daughter out. “He’s just trying to help.” Richard had managed to persuade her to take the family out for a walk while he dealt with the poltergeist. Unfortunately it hadn’t been a long enough walk.

“Trying to help? And you believed his gobbledegook?” Richard had heard enough, he stood up and grabbed Jeff by his collar.

“If you had been paying attention to what had been happening since you moved here then you’d know it wasn’t gobbledegook. Now for the sake of your family’s life get out of the house.”

“WHAT? This is my house. You don’t give the orders.” His yelling was cut short by the sound of the kitchen drawers slamming open and closed. Richard paused in his argument. It seemed as if the shouting was what set this poltergeist off. Specifically, the father’s shouting. And with it trying to kill the young girl? Damn it, he’d been wrong. It wasn’t the ghost of the murderer, it was the ghost of the kid he had killed. Reacting in death as it couldn’t in life. It must have been after the girl, well, for company.

The drawers now all stood open, but the cutlery inside was twitching unnervingly.

“Still believe its just gobbledegook?” grumbled Richard, pulling Jeff and Catherine to the ground as knives flung overhead. “Now, get out, and let me do my job.”


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2 Re: Richard Ingram on 1st November 2011, 15:50


Awesome! This will have the Maeglin seal of approval when/if:

* Dude, 15 stone? Seriously, no one understands what that means. Razz Even the German girls take the trouble to calculate their characters' weight into pounds...

* It looks like you have already squared away your charrie's family history to gel with Miss Austen's plans, but just wanted to make sure that you two had spoken about this and your stories match up. I like the idea of perhaps a fan outcry for "Moar Mark Walhberg, plz!" and the production team was like "hmm, okay, maybe he could be related to the Gilmores..." (like Freema on Doctor Who?) LOL

Anyway, great character, compelling backstory, replete with the obvious "kin" reason for him to join our merry band! Great work!

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3 Re: Richard Ingram on 1st November 2011, 17:14

I agree with Megan, the weight in something more common would be nice.

But I really like the rest Smile


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4 Re: Richard Ingram on 1st November 2011, 17:41

I definitely approve of my new uncle! Wink Your family story sounds good to me and makes sense, and I'm very looking forward to welcome you in our group of lunatics. Smile


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5 Re: Richard Ingram on 1st November 2011, 20:40

Weight? Really, surely I can't be that far out *looks up BMI table* Oh!

Uh, ok, sorted! Razz

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6 Re: Richard Ingram on 1st November 2011, 20:51



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7 Re: Richard Ingram on 1st November 2011, 20:52

Aww. Can it do tricks?

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8 Re: Richard Ingram on 1st November 2011, 21:04

I don't have a fancy seal like Mae but I still approve Smile


"I hate witches! Spewing their bodily fluids everywhere. It is insane! No, downright unsanitary!"
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9 Re: Richard Ingram on 1st November 2011, 21:11

Now to prepare for what i'm sure will be a pleasent unawkward meeting on a perfectly normal day...

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10 Re: Richard Ingram on 1st November 2011, 21:23


Partially through luck, and a few successful jobs for the more wealthy members of society (the kind who are likely to buy a haunted house or artefact) Richard has gained a little reputation as a ghost hunter in the upper echelons of society. This has allowed him something of an income, without needing to resort to the scams most hunters rely on.

...So this means you'd be likely to show up at the auction in The Immigrant Song, right? Can we introduce your character there?

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