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AU: How the life could have been.

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1AU: How the life could have been. Empty AU: How the life could have been. on 2nd November 2011, 22:55

Alternative Universe of Supernatural: An Ellegina adventure

If anyone knew what Lorelai and Christopher wanted for her daughter in case of their death, her live would have looked very differently. Not just hers also Georgie's life would not go the way it did.

Christmas Eve 1995

“Why do I have to leave? I don’t wanna go anywhere else.” Lenna crossed the arms in front of her chest. “I’m not leaving this house, I’m not going.”

The woman from social service sighed. “Elenna, I am sorry but your parents made clear in their will that you will be in the care of Lewis Gilmore, since Adam and Josephine Gilmore are passed away. All your things are packed, is there anything else you want to take along?”

Elenna didn’t even remember what the woman’s name was. Her parents and her brother were dead not yet a day. They had a car accident on their way home from a job of her dad’s. Elenna didn’t dare to tell anyone that the last thing she said to her mother was that she hated them because they weren’t home for her birthday as promised. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to see her friend Georgie again, but not under this circumstances. She left her room and went into her parent’s bedroom. She picked up a couple of personal things of her mom and dad and went downstairs in her dad’s study. She looked around the annoying social service woman had followed her.

“I want to talk all the books.”

“All books? Why?”

Elenna rolled her eyes. “To read them, they are mine. My dad always promised me if anything happens to him I get his books. I want them to be packed and sent to the place where I will live.”

Elenna went upstairs to get her bags and took them to the car. She was quiet on the drive and didn’t show any reaction when she saw the huge house. It was dinner time when Elenna rung the door bell. She didn’t care that she might interrupt anything. The door opened and a woman opened it, Elenna rolled her eyes she couldn’t believe what she saw a real Maid.

“Good evening Ma’am, how can I help you?”

“Hello I am Misses Gloria Grey the social worker of Elenna Fee. I need to speak with Mister Lewis Gilmore.”

Lenna was already bored and had a book in her hand, she was leaning against the wall and read The three musketeers one of her favourite stories.

“But Ma’am it is Christmas Eve, Mister Gilmore is having dinner party and you are not invited, as far as I know.”

“It is urgent, please.”

“Alright, I will ask Mister Gilmore. Please wait here in the hall.” The Maid disappeared and left Elenna and Misses Grey alone. “Elenna please it is impolite to read in the company of other people.”

“My father taught me to read as much as I can, because in books is everything I can learn.” Elenna was sitting on the floor with crossed legs reading in her book as if her live were depending on it. She didn’t like this huge house, it felt empty and cold. She wanted her family back, her live. She didn’t understood what was happening.

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2AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 09:00

The maid walked through the giant foyer into the dining room. Around 20 guests sat at the long table, most of them lawyers and their wives. Georgie was the only child at the table, dressed like a princess in a formal satin dress. She didn’t look bored at all, she was in a conversation with two older men who seemed impressed by the young lady.
“Excuse me to interrupt you, sir.” The maid approached Lewis shyly. “But there’s a woman outside who said she was a social worker. She has a little girl with her.”

Lewis frowned, then turned to his wife. “I will be right back.”
“What is it?”, Helen asked.

“I don’t know yet.” Lewis got up and walked to the door. He was surprised when he saw Elenna sitting on the floor, reading a book, but he knew that something was wrong. He expected the worst.

“Mr Gilmore, I am Gloria Grey, the social worker for Elenna Fee.” She shook his hand.

“Good evening”, Lewis replied, looking at Elenna again. “Did something happen to her parents?”

“I’m afraid so. Lorelai and Christopher Fee died in a car crash yesterday”, she said with a lowered voice, but the girl could still hear them. She didn’t dare to look up, she bit her lip and focused on her book.
Lewis sighed. He had hoped that the Fees wouldn’t have to face the same fate that happened to his younger brother and his sister-in-law three years ago but he always knew there was a possibility that something could happen to them as well. “A car accident?”, Lewis repeated. He didn’t know what really happened to the Fees, but he had a sense of foreboding.

“Yes, that is all we know yet.” Mrs Grey cleared her throat. “Mr. Gilmore, are you aware of Mr. and Mrs Fee’s will?”

“I think so…”

“They stated that-in case of death- Elenna should be in the care of Adam and Josephine Gilmore, and if this is not possible she will live with the next relative of the Gilmores, in this case with you and your wife.”

Lewis nodded slightly. He never imagined raising a second child, it was already hard enough when he suddenly became Georgie’s guardian…But he had no choice. That little 10-year old girl had just lost her parents and was without home.
“Did you bring all her belongings?”, Lewis asked the social worker who nodded.

“It’s not a lot though, she insisted on books and a few other things.”

Lewis nodded and looked at the girl. “Elenna?”

She finally looked up from her book. She seemed intimidated from the big house and the entire situation.
“How are you doing?”

She shrugged her shoulders.
He tried to smile, but it looked rather forced. “Do you want to come in and look for Georgie while I get your belongings?”

Elenna got up and held her book tightly. “I’m very sorry, Mr. Gilmore.”

Lewis raised an eyebrow. “Sorry for what? And call me Lewis.”

“I’m sorry that I interrupt your dinner.”

“You don’t have to apologize, Elenna.” Lewis touched her shoulder. He was never someone who showed much affection, but he felt like he had to do something to make the little girl feel welcome. “Don’t worry about it. If you go straight ahead and then turn left you’ll get to the dining hall. Just follow the music. I will be right with you.”

Elenna nodded and walked through the enormous hallway. There were big oil portraits of Georgie everywhere, one when she was a baby, another when she was about five and one when she was her own age. On each of the paintings Georgie wore incredibly fancy dresses, she looked like a true princess. As she passed the oil paintings she saw various photos of Georgie, all framed in gold and silver. It was like a giant ‘Georgie Gilmore Museum’. Elenna looked up and counted the chandeliers on the ceiling. There were five crystal chandeliers in the hallway, she didn’t want to imagine how expensive they were. Then she entered the room where the music came from. She stopped, looking shyly to the table with the strange people. She spotted the blonde girl talking to some of the men in elegant suits. Suddenly, Georgie looked in her direction and her eyes widened.

“Elle!” She jumped up immediately, although she knew that it was inappropriate to leave the table without asking. “How lovely to see you! What are you doing here? Was that a surprise?”

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3AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 09:30

Elenna looked at all the people in the room, this all felt so unreal. She was suppose to sit in the small living room of their house with the tree that was not more than 6 foot tall and it was decorated with popcorn and cranberries and not crystal ornaments. She felt like an alien, more than ever. Elenna looked at her friend that took her hands and looked so happy. Elenna couldn’t do anything else then just shake her head and mumble. “Please excuse me.”

She turned around and walked out of the dining hall. All those people terrified her, and more the happiness made her sick.
Georgie followed her and only because Elenna trusted her she allowed her to see her tears. She would be the only one, ever.

“Elle? What is wrong?” Georgie turned her friend around and was worried to see her press a book against her chest and cry.

“I’m not Elle anymore.” Elenna whispered.

“Oh okay, then I will call you Elenna until we find a suitable nickname for you.” Georgie still didn’t understood what was going on but she saw that her friend maybe didn’t either. It took her a moment to realize that Elenna had given her a note. It said: They are dead, all three

Georgie looked shocked at the note and even more shocked when she heard what Elenna said. “I don’t think I’m dressed for the dinner, or anything in this house.”

Elenna had stopped crying, but she looked rather lost. It seemed that all that held her in place was the book in her arm.

“I don’t think anyone minds what you wear. Come along it is a wonderful dinner and we just started and had the first course, there are more to come and if you don’t like the dinner I think Charles won’t mind making you anything else. I promise you that everything will be alright, somehow. It might take time but it will be alright.” Georgie took Elenna’s hand and pulled her back into the dining hall.

“Gentlemen, may I introduce you Elenna Fee my best friend.” A couple of hello’s where said and Elenna nodded but didn’t say anything.

Lewis had returned as well and made sure that the two girls can sit next to each other. For once he didn’t say anything that she was wearing jeans, a hoodie and Chuck’s or that she had a book at the table. For tonight he let it all slide.
Elenna sat down next to Georgie, a servant put a plate of food in front of her but she didn’t pay attention. She knew she couldn’t read in her book but she had it on her lap following the lines of the letters with her finger. She didn’t know at which course they were when she asked in a shy voice. “Can I go? Please?” She didn’t know how to ask in a suitable way to leave the table but she knew that there were two choices, she would start screaming and throwing a tantrum right here at the table or she would get some time alone trying to understand what is happening to her.

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4AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 19:20

Elenna got up and quickly walked out of the room. Georgie got up as well, but then her aunt held her back.

“Maybe you should give her some space.”

Georgie shook her head. “I can’t leave her alone, Aunt Helen.”

“I don’t think she is in the mood for talking right now, Georgie.”

“I’ll see.” She turned away from the adults and tried to find her friend. She only saw that Elenna went into the direction of the hallway, but she lost her. While she was walking through the hallway her uncle came towards her. The social worker had just left.

“Did Elenna pass you by any chance?”, Georgie asked.

“No, I thought she’s with you? Did she already tell you what happened?”

“Yes.” She nodded. “And she seems upset. She left the table, and now I’m looking for her.”

“Okay, I’ll get back to our guests. Let me know if she needs something, I want her to feel welcome.”

“Uncle Lewis?”


“Is Elenna going to move in with us?”
He nodded slightly. “Yes, she is. She can pick one of the guest rooms, maybe the one that is close to your room?”

“I’ll tell her.” Georgie turned around to continue her search for Elenna. It took her quite a while to find her because the mansion was enormous and consisted of so many rooms, but Georgie knew her friend and was pretty sure that it wouldn’t take Elenna very long to find the library on the second floor. When Georgie entered the library she saw her friend sitting on one of the antique and incredibly expensive chairs that Helen loved to collect. Elenna stared into emptiness and didn’t show any reaction when Georgie came closer.

“Here you are.” Georgie tried to sound cheerful. “You’re always magically drawn to books, no matter where you are.”
Elenna still didn’t say anything.

“See, Elle—Elenna, I mean. You obviously don’t want to talk about it, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pretend you’re okay…”

“I am okay”, Elenna mumbled.

“No, you’re not”, Georgie said softly. “I can feel that you’re not okay.”
Her friend looked at her for a brief moment, then she quickly looked away.

“It’s no big deal…”

“What? That your parents passed away? I think-“

“Georgie, I really don’t want to talk about it”, Elenna cut her off. She didn’t want to be rude, but she was scared that she couldn’t hold it together as soon as she started talking about her parents.

“I understand…” Georgie nodded slightly. “I never cried when my parents died. People thought I was cold and indifferent, but that was the only chance I could deal with it. You know, through pretending that I was okay…and that’s something I still do today. I never show feelings when I’m hurt, but that’s actually not a good thing because it’s not good to keep everything inside. It literally eats you up…”
Elenna bit her lip and held on to her book.

“And right now I can feel that you want to be alone, but I want to show you something. Stay there…” Georgie turned around and disappeared behind the large bookshelves. One minute later she came back with a big map and gave it to Elenna who looked at it quietly.

“It’s a map of the States. I’ve been to all upper East coast states, but not to the West coast. I want to go to San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge, and to Seattle, and to the beautiful beaches in California.”

“Why are you telling me this?”, Elenna asked, still looking at the map.
Georgie smiled at her. “Because I want to take my sister with me when I go.”

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5AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 19:21

Elenna looked confused at Georgie. “But you don’t have a sister.”

“No silly, but you are like one.” Georgie smiled friendly at Elenna.

“Oh. But I’m just a kid. I can’t go to the east coast?”

“No not yet but one day.” Georgie hugged Elenna. “Shall we go back to the dinner?”

“I’m not really hungry.”

“There will be dessert.” Georgie knew that Elenna was more the type for junk food and sweet stuff than for anything slightly healthy. Elenna thought about it and nodded. “I don’t have to talk to any of those old scary looking men do I?”

“Well it would be impolite not to talk. But I will make sure that it won’t be too many.” Georgie put the map away and took Elenna’s hand. But Elenna didn’t move. “Georgie?”

“Yes Elenna?”

“I will never go home again won’t I?” For the first time this evening Elenna sounded like a little girl that lost everything.

“No, but we will do everything we can that you feel at home here. You get your own room, there is one right next to mine. I can share all my things and we will be sisters. It will be like we always wished. Well nearly. But Uncle Lewis and Aunt Helen are really good people. They will take good care of us. You will see Elenna everything will be alright.”

Elenna nodded again and Georgie pulled her into a tight hug. She let her guard down and let sink in that she had lost her family. Georgie took her hand and together they went back downstairs into the dining hall. Elenna stepped closer to Georgie when everyone was looking at her. She didn’t like that everyone was looking at her, and the Lady she remember to be Aunt Helen looked nearly pitiful at her.

“Sit down girl. The dessert will be served any moment.” She sounded friendly but Elenna realized that she didn’t really know anyone in here except Georgie. And all she remembered of Lewis and Helen that they were very strict and well rich. Two things Elenna didn’t know how to be. She just hoped dinner would be over soon and she could go to bed and wake up from this nightmare.

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Georgie didn’t need to look at her friend in order to know that she felt uncomfortable. She didn’t know how, but for some reason it felt like she could sense Elenna’s emotions without having to look at her. Georgie took the younger girl’s hand and squeezed it comfortingly.

“Georgina, how are you doing at school?”, a tall man with a beard asked.

“Very well, sir.”

“What grade are you in?”

“7th grade.”

“7th grade…” The man smiled. “And soon you’ll be off to college and take over your uncle’s law firm, isn’t that right?”

“Perhaps…” Georgie looked at her uncle who seemed lost in his thoughts.

“And you, young lady?” The man looked at Elenna. “Do you have any particular plans for the future?”
She didn’t answer immediately, she seemed intimidated by all the rich people.

“Elenna is really smart”, Georgie said after her friend didn’t say anything.

“She’s going to take over the world one day.” She winked at her, and finally managed to get a tiny little smile on her friend’s face, even if it lasted for less than three seconds.

“Well, that sounds interesting!” The man smiled at Elenna, but she stared at the table.
After the dessert was served Elenna asked if she could go to bed now, and Georgie wanted to come with her. When Georgie wished everyone a good night Lewis took her aside to talk to her.

“I just want to remind you not to say anything about hunting and everything related to that, okay? Elenna doesn’t know-“

“Yes, I know”, Georgie rolled her eyes.

“Good, I just want to make sure…”

“Good night, uncle!” She quickly turned around before he could start one of his long speeches. She took Elenna’s hand and went up the big, white marble stairs to the first floor. There were more crystal chandeliers, expensive paintings and pictures of Georgie.

“Sarah, our maid, brought all your stuff upstairs.” Georgie opened a door and turned the light on. “This is going to be your room. I hope it’s not too small…”

Elenna’s jaw dropped open when she saw the size of the room. It was huge!
Georgie looked at her friend who was still speechless. “We have at least 8 guest rooms, but all of them are stuffed with antique furniture and other really valuable things, and I doubt you would feel comfortable in one of those rooms. And besides, this room is right next to mine.”

“It’s…big.” Elenna didn’t know what to say.

“And you have an own bathroom connected to your room, so we don’t get in each other’s way. I need at least one and a half hours to get ready in the morning.”

Elenna raised her eyebrows. Was her friend joking???
Suddenly she felt sadness as she stood there in this big room that wasn’t her own. Her room at home was filled with books, a little chaotic, clothes here and there. And now she lost it. She lost everything… Elenna swallowed hard. She didn’t want to cry in front of her friend.

“Georgie”, she said, and she started blushing. “I know it sounds stupid but…do you mind if I can stay with you in your room tonight? I like the room but-“

“Of course!”, Georgie smiled. “I totally understand why you don’t want to be alone your first night here. Come, let’s go to my room.”

Elenna didn’t want to admit it, but she was incredibly grateful that she wouldn’t have to be alone tonight. When they entered Georgie’s room Elenna held her breath for a second…not only because of the size of the room but the color.

It was the biggest and pinkest room she had ever seen in her life. Even the door was pink. Elenna looked at the posters of some men she didn’t know, probably actors or singers. They were all very old… at least 20! And mirrors, expensive looking dolls and other girly stuff she couldn’t identify. She felt like she just left the countryside and moved into a castle, standing right in the princess’ room. She swallowed hard. This was SO not what she was used to… but she would have to get used to it. Somehow.

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7AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 19:24

“I’ll get my pajama, I’ll be right back.” Elenna ducked out of the room back in the guest, her room. She couldn’t find her suitcases but when she opened the closet all her clothes were already in it. She found her favorite pajama and on the bed sat some she didn’t used that much anymore but he still had a special place in her room, tonight he would comfort her again. She took Tigger, her book and went back into Georgie’s room. Elenna stopped right at the door and remembered to knock.

“Yes come in.” Georgie said through the door. Elenna took a deep breath and went back in the pink princess room.

“Hey.” Elenna mumbled. Hugging Tigger tight. She looked so much like the little two year old girl that Georgie remembered so well. She nearly started laughing seeing Elenna like this. Elenna climbed in the big bed and went back to reading the three musketeers. She didn’t tried to be rude but she didn’t know what else to do, since she was afraid she would get into trouble breaking something.

“Georgie why did you tell this man that I will take over the world? I’m just a girl.”

“But you are very smart, you wrote me the first letter when you were five all by yourself. That is impressive. Uncle Lewis once said you should go to better schools, but um Lorelai and Christopher never could send you on a private school. This will change now. Uncle Lewis says that education is very important and he will send you like me on schools that find your talents and encourages them.” For a moment Georgie was worried she used to difficult worlds but it was Elenna she was talking too, she probably knew more difficult words then she did.

“I will?” Elenna looked surprised. “I don’t wanna cause any trouble.”

“Oh Elenna, you are not causing any trouble. Uncle Lewis said you will be living with us here and he will make sure you will use your entire potential.”

“Okay.” Elenna put her book away, when Georgie seemed to be finished in the bathroom. “Did you brush your teeth?” Georgie asked with a serious face. Elenna went pale, and Georgie started giggling you better go and brush them or you get holes. Elenna jumped off the bed and back into her room to brush her teeth. When she came back the second time to Georgie’s room the blond girl was waiting for her.

“Come here, let’s put some lotion on your face and I’ll braid your hair so it doesn’t get tangled over night.” Elenna looked a little confused but put the lotion on her face and let Georgie braid her long thick hair. “You have wonderful hair.” Elenna calmed down as soon Georgie touched her hair. She wouldn’t admit it but she really like whatever Georgie did with her hair. Her mom often played with her hair, when they were sitting surrounded by books. Her mom and Elenna would read each a book, other people would say it is rude and not really spending time together but for mother and daughter that was the perfect way to spend their time together. Elenna would be laying on her belly in Lorelai’s lap, while Lorelai played with her hair.

“Georgie did you ever read The Three Musketeers?” Elenna asked shy, she wondered if Georgie would like to read it together.

AU: How the life could have been. ArielButtercup
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8AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 19:28

(OOC: the pajama is ADORABLE!!!)
“No, I haven’t read the book yet, I only saw the movie that came out two years ago”, Georgie replied. “Although I think Charlie Sheen was not a good choice for Aramis.”

Elenna had no clue who Charlie Sheen was, she just nodded and opened the book.

“You mind if I read out loud?”
Georgie couldn’t hold back a grin. “Not at all!” The last person who read something to her was her mother. Shortly before she died she read Georgie’s favourite book, Alice in Wonderland, to her. Her dad wasn’t really fond of reading books to her, but they often sat together and watched the Disney version of the books. She sat on his lap, her head pressed against his chest, and despite the fact that he usually fell asleep soon after the movie started it was still her favourite time of the day.

Georgie listened closely and paid attention to every word Elenna read. For the first time this evening her young friend seemed to be relaxed, almost happy while she got lost in the world of literature. After an hour both girls got tired, and Elenna had a dry throat from reading. She yawned heartily and pressed Tigger against her chest.

“We’re like the three musketeers, don’t you think?” She looked at Georgie whose blonde hair was falling perfectly over her shoulders and didn’t look like it could ever get messy.

“Yes, we are. But we’re missing the third musketeer.”

“Maybe we’ll meet him or her one day.” Elenna yawned once more. “Georgie?”


“Who are all these men on the posters?”

“You don’t know who they are?” She looked surprised at Elenna. “Jesus, girl, have you been living on the moon until now?”

“I just don’t care for…old men.”

“They are not old. That one man with the really nice teeth is Hugh Grant.”

“Is he a singer or something?”

“No, he’s an actor, silly! He’s from England, and he has a really nice British accent.”

“And who’s that?” Elenna pointed to a poster of a boy who looked younger than that British guy, but still too old for either one of them. Georgie however didn’t seem to care.

“That’s Leonardo DiCaprio. Come on, you must know him!”


“He’s not that famous yet, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to be huge one day! Next year there’s a movie coming out with him where he plays Romeo.”

“From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet?”, Elenna asked.

“Yes. I’m not interested in boring old Shakespeare, I’m only going to watch it because Leo is in the movie.”
Her friend raised an eyebrow. “You’re weird.”

“Why is that weird?”

“Because you like boys.”

Georgie chuckled. “Of course I like boys. Sooner or later you’ll like them too.”

“Eww!” Elenna made a face. “Do you have a boyfriend?”



“He’s in 8th grade, and he plays football. I haven’t told Uncle Lewis yet because he doesn’t like it when I talk about boys, he thinks I’m too young for that…” Georgie rolled her eyes. “I’ll be thirteen in a couple of months! In other cultures girls marry at that age.”

“That’s gross”, Elenna mumbled. “But you don’t kiss or anything like that, right?”

“Of course we do. That’s what boyfriend and girlfriend do.”

“Oh, that’s even grosser!”

Georgie giggled and threw a pillow at Elenna’s head. “Grow up, girl! Kissing is totally normal.”

“I don’t want to talk about that anymore, that’s freaking me out.”

“You’re adorable.”

“Good night, Blondie.”

“Good night, Brownie.”

“You do realize that we call each other names of desserts?”, Elenna asked.

“That’s the whole point.”

The two fell asleep soon after, both were extremely tired, especially Elenna who hadn’t really slept since her parents’ accident. She felt a little weird in that pink room, being stared at by some British dude and that Leonardo DaVinci guy or whatever his name was, but after she closed her eyes it didn’t take long to fall asleep.

On the next day, Christmas day, snow fell, which was normal in Boston at that time of the year. Georgie was up before Elenna and didn’t want to wake her up, so she put on her pink Calvin Klein bathrobe and tiptoed downstairs into the living room. Under the giant Christmas tree were countless of presents, all of them wrapped in pink, golden and silver paper, and all of them for her. Georgie sat next to the presents, but she wasn’t as happy as she usually was when she saw them, because none of them belonged to Elenna. Suddenly she noticed two presents wrapped in different paper, and when she got closer she saw little notes, To Elenna written on them. It was her aunt’s handwriting. There was no way Helen could have gotten something for her yesterday night or this morning because all shops were closed, but Georgie knew that her aunt possessed beautiful and valuable books, and she once told her that one day she would give them to somebody who would really enjoy and appreciate them. Georgie smiled as she took a step back. She wanted to share all her presents with Elenna but she doubted that her friend would like all the girly stuff that Georgie got for Christmas. So, after the holidays were over and the shops would open again, Georgie would get something for her that Elenna really wanted.

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9AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 19:29

((OOC: Yes I thought so too Smile Since we are writing AU I will change the past and Say Nick was with his parents in the car, because there is no reason why the siblings would be separated.))

Elenna woke up in a strange room, it took her a moment to remember where she was and why she was at Georgie's house. She knew Georgie all her live at least that’s how she felt, they were best friends even though when they haven't seen each other that often to be honest they have seen each other one more time since they first met. But Georgie and Elenna were pen pals, okay in the beginning before Elenna could write they were phone friends. It was just natural that the Gilmores were her godparents, and since they died a couple of years ago Lewis and Helen Gilmore took her in.

It was Christmas Day and normally she would have all her presents already, in her family it was tradition to open the presents on Christmas Eve. They always got a second round of smaller present on Christmas Day, Lorelai called them the American presents. And they would have breakfast in their pajamas. But this house looked so strict and so did Lewis and Helen, she didn’t know if she was allowed downstairs in her pajamas. She went back in her room got her Little Mermaid slippers and went downstairs. The Three Musketeers in her arm again. She didn’t expect any presents so she figured she could entertain herself while the Gilmores unpacked their presents.

She found Georgie in the living room at the bottom of a Christmas tree as tall as her old house.

“Wow, this is an enormous tree. I bet under this huge tree were plenty of presents for you. Did Santa bring you anything good?”

Elenna sat down of the couch and tried to hide that she was hungry, but she didn’t expect in this house she would find and pop tarts. She wondered if she was allowed to have that instant cappuccino her mom allowed her. Since there was just three percent coffee in it.

I wonder what they eat for breakfast. If it involves as many cutlery as the dinner last night.

She saw that Georgie was wearing a bathrobe, something she wasn’t sure if she owned one. But it was nice and cozy in the living room, so not necessary to wear more clothes then she was wearing.

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10AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 19:32

“I thought I would never get to see you running around in a bathrobe, especially in this house”, Elenna said.

“Well, it’s Calvin Klein, so that’s okay.”

“Who’s that?”

“That’s a brand, not a person”, Georgie explained.


Georgie smiled. “Don’t worry, you have the best teacher when it comes to fashion. Soon you’ll know all the important designer brands- alphabetically, of course.”

“Do I have to?”

“Come on, it’s an important part of life!”

“So is the invention of the telescope”, Elenna said dryly. “Georgie, are you sure it’s okay that I’m wearing pajamas and a bathrobe? I mean, your uncle-“

“Relax, Elenna. There’s only one day of the year when I can run around in my bathrobe and he won’t say anything at all- and that’s Christmas day. Well, at least in the morning, by the time we have Christmas lunch I have to be dressed. But I can assure you he won’t say anything in the morning.”

“I just don’t want to…you know, mess up.”

“How could you possibly mess up? You’re such a great person.”
Elenna blushed a little.”Everything here is so different. You all talk and act differently, your clothes look different…”

“Different than what?”

“Different than what I’m used to. And I don’t want to upset your aunt and uncle because I’m not like you.”

Georgie smiled. “Don’t worry about it, honey. They know that you come from a different background, and they don’t expect you to change your personality just because you moved in with us. And yes, Uncle Lewis probably seems a little strict and intimidating to you now, but you’ll soon see that he’s a really nice guy, he just shows it differently than your dad or my dad. He’s not a person who shows a lot of emotions, you know.” She sat next to her on the couch. “And I can give you a little tip. Just talk with him about all the books you read, and he’ll be very impressed. He’ll be glad that he finally has a young girl who likes literature as much as he does, because all I’m talking about is Vogue magazine, but he doesn’t think that’s ‘high class literature’. So, I have no doubt you’ll be fine here.”

Elenna nodded slightly. Her friend gave her the encouragement that she really needed.

“And by the way, Santa put also something for you under the Christmas tree”, Georgie said and grabbed Elenna’s hands. “He happened to notice that the Gilmores have a new family member now.”

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11AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 19:32

Elenna looked surprised at Georgie. “I got presents?”

“Of course, or do you think Santa forgets about you?”

“You do know that Santa is not real right? I mean…” Elenna didn’t know what to say what if she was just about to destroy Georgie’s believing in Santa? She was the last one that didn’t believe in things no one else did. She was still sure that she saw once a ghost and that under her bed once lived a monster, not to mention all the monsters she read about in books. But she was smart enough not to mention any of this to a normal person. Not that she considered Georgie to be completely normal.

“Haha yes I know that for some years now, don’t worry.” Georgie giggled while she went back to the tree and started unwrapping another presents of hers. Elenna followed her slowly and looked questioning at the pile of presents. She found the two only not pink and figured they would be hers. She picked them up and felt already what was in them and a huge smile appeared on her face. For the first time she felt the rush of excitement in her.

“Can I unwrap them?”

“Yes of course, they are yours.”

Elenna saw the precise and writing that said To Elenna. Very carefully she unwrapped the first present. It was a first edition of The Lord of the Rings, just like the copy her dad owned until she accidently dropped it in the Mississippi when they were on one of their many trips. But this one was in a much better condition. It was a real beauty and smelled awesome like old paper should smell. The second present was a huge book, it was the newest edition of the Oxford English dictionary.

“Oh those are so awesome.” She flipped through the dictionary to the right page and read. “Awesome. Adjective. Extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring awe: The awesome power of the atomic bomb. Informal extremely good; excellent: The band is truly awesome!” She giggled. “I will learn so much from this book. I love them!”

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12AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 19:40

Georgie raised her eyebrows. True, the books looked beautiful and valuable…but the newest edition of Oxford English Dictinary? Seriously? Strangely, her friend seemed incredibly happy…about a huge dictionary! That was weird... But Georgie was glad to see her smiling. She knew she could never replace her family, but she wanted to be as close a sister as she could possibly be, and she really wanted Elenna to feel as part of her family, even if the younger girl still seemed a bit intimidated by the life of high society.

Georgie unwrapped a couple more presents. She got tones of new designer clothes, jewellery, shoes, purses, a completely new CD player with CDs from bands Elenna had never heard of, a couple of movies, and two (yes, two!) books.

“Can I see the books?”, Elenna asked. Apart from the CD player the books were the only thing she was interested in.

“Sure”, Georgie handed her the books. She was pretty sure Gone with the Wind was from Helen (it was one of Helen’s all-time favourites), and A Tale of Two Cities was from Lewis because he was constantly talking about Charles Dickens. There was only one Dickens book Georgie really loved, and that was A Christmas Carol.

“They give me books every Christmas and birthday because they want to get me more involved with literature, especially Uncle Lewis.”

“Do you actually have something like a favourite book?”, Elenna wanted to know.

“Yes, I do. Alice in Wonderland and Little Women.”

Her friend smiled. “To be honest, I didn’t picture you as someone who enjoys either one of those books.”

“Well, I think they are especially important to me because they remind me of my parents. “My mom read Alice in Wonderland to me at least a thousand times, and my dad read Little Women to me when I was sick. He usually didn’t read much to me, but since I was sick he wanted to cheer me up and started reading the book to me, and afterwards I always called him Teddy…” Georgie seemed lost in her thoughts for a moment, but then she shook her head. “Whatever… that’s a long time ago.” She looked at her presents.

Elenna grabbed a couple of the CDs. “Take That? Never heard of them.”

“They are from England. And you never heard of anybody”, Georgie replied with a smile.

“And who are *N Sync?”

“Oh my God, you don’t know them? They are huge at the moment!”

“Really?” Elenna stared at the five men on the cover.

“I admit, they are not as cute as Hugh and Leo, but they have good songs.”
Elenna put the CDs away. She didn’t really have a favoutite band, she simply listened to the songs that were playing in the radio.

“Helen has to take me bra shopping”, Georgie said out of nowhere.
Elenna stared at her, obviously in shock. She didn’t really know what to say.

“Why are you looking so surprised? I really need a bra. There is a very nice Victoria’s Secret collection for teenagers. I’m not sure if they’ll completely fit yet, but my boobs will grow anyway.”

Elenna blushed. She didn’t really feel comfortable talking about…that stuff.
That moment they heard somebody walking in, and Georgie didn’t turn around, she assumed it was her aunt, so she loudly said: “Auntie, I need new bras!”

Elenna held her breath when she saw that it was Lewis who just walked in. Georgie finally turned around to look at her uncle who looked rather uncomfortable.

“Oh, it’s you.” She shrugged her shoulders. “You don’t want to go bra shopping with me, do you, Uncle Lewis?”

He cleared his throat. “Georgina, this is a rather inappropriate subject…”

She rolled her eyes. “Come on, I’m not a child anymore. The times when you bought stuffed animals and toys for me are long over.”

Lewis sighed. “I know, but you don’t have to make it so obvious.” He looked at Elenna whose cheeks were still red.

“Did you sleep well, Elenna?”

“Yes, sir.” She nodded.
Georgie got up and hugged her uncle. “Thank you very much for the presents, Uncle Lewis.” She smiled at him with her most lovely and innocent smile which made it only harder to believe that the same girl was talking about bras.

“You’re welcome. But you have to thank your aunt as well.”


“Mr. Gilmore”, the maid appeared in the living room. “Breakfast is ready.”

“Thank you, Sarah.”
Elenna’s stomach started to rumble. Breakfast, finally! She was starving!

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13AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 19:41

“Mr. Gilmore, Sir. Thank you so much for the books. I love them.” Elenna looked shy at Lewis but smiled.

“You’re welcome. I saw that you brought quite some books with you yourself.”

“Some? I took the entire library of my… father. If I remember right eight boxes in each are between 70 and 90 books. The stupid social worker was really annoyed to pack them all.” Elenna babbled away. Talking about book was the favorite thing she did. She was already wondering what books Georgie has.

Lewis looked surprised at Elenna, he wasn’t used to a girl speaking like this. She nearly sounded like a rough boy.

“If you wish we can mark all books and then put them in the library and one day when you are grown up and move out you take them with you. And Elenna the social worker is not stupid, we don’t call anyone stupid.”

Elenna blushed, she looked as if he had shouted at her. “I’m sorry Sir.” She whispered.

“Lewis what did you do to the poor girl, she looks as if you slapped her.” Helen pulled Elenna in a tight hug. “Merry Christmas Elenna, did you like the presents Santa brought you?”

“Yes Ma’am, but um I don’t believe in Santa anymore. I’m kind of too old to believe in such stupid Fairy Tales.”

Helen smiled. “Then you are very welcome. Here I also have this for you one of Georgina’s old bathrobes, you shouldn’t just run around in your pajamas, you will get a cold.” Helen put a white robe on Elenna. She had to laugh when she saw her surprised face.

“Yes a client of Lewis thought she would look pretty in white, she didn’t like it. The robe is therefore unused.” Helen smiled.

“But Auntie why didn’t he bought it in pink from the first place.” Georgie Pulled Elenna to the table and pushed her in her seat. The table was stuffed with so many things, toast a couple of different kinds, pancakes (different kinds), French toast, waffles, fruits, yogurt, cereals and so much other stuff.

“Miss Elenna what would you like to drink?” Sarah asked.

“Um my mom always lets me drink cappuccino.” Elenna looked innocent at Sarah.

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14AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 19:47

“Cappuccino?” Helen looked surprised at her. “Aren’t you a little young for that?”

“I’m allowed to drink the instant cappuccino because it has not much caffeine at all.”

“Oh, I see.” Helen nodded. “I’m afraid we don’t have instant cappuccino, do you care for anything else? I could make you our very special Christmas hot chocolate.”

“What’s that?”

“Oh, you’ll love it!”, Georgie said. “It has marshmallows in it and cinnamon, and Helen always sticks a little candy cane in the mug, so it both looks and smells like Christmas.”

“That sounds good. Could I have some, please?”

“Of course.” She turned to her niece. “Do you want one too?”

“Yes, please.”

They watched Helen go to the kitchen, then Elenna turned to Georgie. “Don’t you have a cook who makes the food and the drinks?”

“Yes, but nobody makes hot chocolate like Aunt Helen. She doesn’t leave that to the cook because she knows that he won’t get it right.” Georgie looked at her uncle who read The Wall Street Journal everyday, but there was no newspaper today.

“Where is the most boring newspaper in the world today?”, Georgie asked.

“There is no post delivered on public holidays”, Lewis said. “And The Wall Street Journal is not a boring newspaper, Georgina, it just takes more focus on finances and economy.”

“Precisely.” She scrutinized the beautiful napkin that had her initials in the right corner, written in pink and gold. “There is not even celebrity news in that newspaper.”

“Thank God…” Lewis mumbled.

Helen came back with two cups of hot chocolate for the girls. Elenna thanked her and was glad she could finally start eating, she felt like she could eat a whole bear. She was just about to get some of the pancakes when she noticed that none of the Gilmores had moved, they just sat still and folded their hands.

“We give thanks before we eat”, Georgie whispered in her ear.

“Oh…” Elenna blushed and quickly folded her hands. She waited (impatiently, because she was starving) until Helen was done giving thanks, then she waited for a sign that she could finally start. As soon as Georgie moved, she politely asked her if she could pass her the pancakes.

“So, Elenna…”, Lewis started, and she almost froze at the sound of his strict voice because she thought she had done something wrong. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know it is tradition in Germany to celebrate Christmas and unwrap the presents on Christmas Eve, is that right?”

Elenna immediately calmed down when she realized she didn’t do anything wrong.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“That’s weird”, Georgie said. “In America you tell children that Santa Claus travels around the entire night to bring presents, but what do you tell them when you already get your presents on that same evening? Does that mean Santa travelled during the day so that you can have your presents by 8 pm?”

Elenna shrugged her shoulders. “Actually, not many children in Germany believe in Santa Claus. We have a figure called ‘Christkind’, and most of the time it’s depicted as angel or something like that, and the Christkind is supposed to bring all the presents.”

“That’s interesting”, Helen said. “It just fascinates me how different the traditions in every country are.” She smiled at looked at Georgie. “When you were little you slept in the living room next to the Christmas tree every year, so one of us always had to dress up as Santa. And that one time-“

“Oh no, auntie, you don’t need to tell that story to Elenna!”

“Why not, it’s funny.”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“No, it’s cute.” Helen turned to Elenna. “So, that one night, I think Georgina was about six, her dad dressed up as Santa, and she was already waiting for him, and he told her to turn around and go back to sleep, but Little Miss Gilmore is very stubborn and refused to go back to sleep. So while ‘Santa’ put the presents down she didn’t leave him alone, she was pulling his sleeve and asking him if he brought her the new Malibu Barbie that she wanted. He told her she has to wait until tomorrow, and then she pulled out her bow and arrow and threatened him to shoot if she wouldn’t get the Malibu Barbie.”

Georgie sighed. “I admit, I was a little…”

“Spoilt?” Helen smiled at her niece. “You wanted to shoot Santa Claus if he didn’t bring you that Barbie.”

“Come on, the bow and arrow wasn’t even real, it was a toy that I got from one of my friend’s birthday parties.”

“You got bow and arrow at a friend’s birthday party?” Elenna looked surprised.

“It was a Robin Hood-themed birthday party. I came as Lady Marianne”, Georgie explained.

“Anyways”, Helen said. “After that little incident Santa didn’t come anymore.” She looked at Georgie. “The next day Adam had a little talk with her…”

“Yes, that was when he told me there was no Santa Claus and I should never threaten anybody again just because I wanted a certain toy”, Georgie said.

“Did you still get presents after that?”

“Oh sure, plenty, but nobody would dress up as Santa anymore and I wasn’t allowed to sleep next to the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.”

“It’s good to see that your parents showed you consequences once in a while”, Lewis said. “Adam was always too easy on you.”

“Says the one who spoils his niece endlessly…” Helen looked at her husband.

“I do not…”

“Oh, Uncle Lewis, you have to go the Cheerleader competition this time!”, Georgie said. “All Junior High Schools in the Boston area compete to each other, and our school is part of it.”

“Georgina, it is good that you do sports, but can you pick something where you actually wear more clothes? What about fencing?”
She rolled her eyes. “Sure, because for fencing I need a suit that covered every inch of my body. No way, Uncle, I’m the head of our cheerleading team, I won’t change that.” She turned to Elenna. “You probably won’t care for cheerleading?”

She shook her head. “No, thanks. I’d rather play football.”

“Weird girl… Oh, by the way, I have a great idea! We could decorate your new room!”, Georgie said, ignoring the fact that she should ask her uncle first, who, after all, put a large amount of money in ever part of the house. “We could paint it in the color you want, and buy some great decoration. As soon as the public holidays are over I’ll take you shopping. What do you think?

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15AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 19:48

((OOC: I have a picture in mind how the wall looks like but couldn't find one online. But I also think Elenna would have taken a picture of it and sent it to Georgie, just maybe not from every new detail in it. Which will be little things like a new flower, a new animal, the clothes changed color or even the dragon got new colors once in a while.))

Elenna looked up from her French Toast, which she just called fancy sugar toast, Lewis look a little lost without his newspaper, Helen smiled at her and Georgie nearly jumped up and down by the thought of going shopping. Her room which was in a light yellow and a lot of old furniture was okay, but not at all like her room at home. She remembered her room very well, the wall opposite the window was a huge painting. Her mom did it for her when she was pregnant with her, It was a castle in the middle with a pretty princess locked in the tower, a dragon in the right corner spying fire and a knight at the left corner, when the sun hit the clouds in the morning they would sparkle and the sky would glow pink and orange. At night the star sparkled just like the real star. Lorelai always told her that as soon she thought it was to childish they could paint it over. But Elenna would have never let her. So all Lorelai did was add little details in it, and Elenna would love to find new flowers, beetles or a new twinkling fairy.
She missed her super comfy and old armchair in which she could sit hour and disappear into other worlds.

“Um I’m not a big fan of shopping and I don’t wanna cause you any inconvenience.” She mumbled shrinking in her chair.

“You are not causing any inconveniences, it is your room now and it should look like it.” Helen assured her.

“I had a painting from my mom on one wall in my old room. You would have liked it Georgie, there was a princess in a tower and a prince.”

“Oh I remember how good your mom could draw.” Georgie looked excited. There were just a couple of things she valued high that actually had a low value in form of money. One was a drawing of Elenna that Lorelai had made, Elenna was sleeping in the fancy dress Georgie had bought her for her first day at school. She looked like Sleeping Beauty.

“But you can draw like her we can paint it at the wall again.” Georgie said.

“NO!” Elenna shouted. “I mean, no I will never have a painting like this again. Ever!” Elenna mumbled.

“I think redecorating the room is a very good idea. I don’t think it is your style. We will go tomorrow and look for new things.” Helen said calm, as if Elenna hadn’t just shouted at the breakfast table.

“Thank you I think that will be very nice.” Elenna looked uneasy at Georgie. “But please nothing in pink, it is not really my color. I like green and purple. And Mr. Gilmore I think it would be really nice if all my books are an addition to your library.”

Elenna looked at her plate wondering how her life will now look like, if she had to wear dresses from now on and you know act like a princess that has a stick in her ass, not that she would say it like this to the Gilmores. But there was one thing she wondered a lot.

“Will I go to a new school?”

“Yes my dear, your old school is too far away and there are plenty of good schools in the area.” Lewis wondered if she asked because of her friends.

“Good I never like this school anyway, it was crap, the teacher were stupid like a piece of bread, and the other kids think I am a freak. So I’m glad to get away from that piece of crap school.” Elenna didn’t thought about her speech.

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16AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 19:51

Georgie tried not to laugh at the sight of her uncle when Elenna said ‘that piece of crap’. Her friend suddenly realized that she once again used rough language, and quickly cleared her throat. “Ahem…what I mean is…my old school was not very, ahem…sophisticated.”

Georgie giggled.

“Yes, indeed”, Lewis said. “Public schools never offer the education that private schools do.”

Elenna bit her lip. Why were lawyers always so scary? She was sure he didn’t want to intimidate her on purpose, but he was a man with one hell of authority, and that was kind of scary.

“Are you interested in sports, Elenna? The private schools in this area have a great reputation when it comes to sports.”

“Well, I wanted to play basketball in my former school but I was too small, so I started soccer.”

“She could go to my school, Uncle Lewis”, Georgie said, then she turned to her friend. “Our campus consists of three buildings. One building is for the elementary school, the other for grade 5 to 6 and Junior High School, and the third for High School. You would have to do a test to prove that your good enough for the school, but I bet you won’t have any problems with that. Oh, and yes, we wear school uniforms, our blazers are dark red.” She smiled. “At least no awful green, I’m not Irish so I don’t have to run around like one.”

“School uniforms?” Elenna didn’t seem really happy about the thought. “Like the ones that British students wear?”

“Pretty much , yes. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. I had to get used to the fact that I couldn’t wear pink every day. Well, I always wear pink, but sometimes the only pink piece of clothes on me is my underwear…”

“Georgina.” Lewis looked at her warningly.

She rolled her eyes. “Inappropriate subject?”


“You’re such a prude. Anyways…” She looked at her friend. “It would be great if you were going to my school, so we would see each other a lot on campus, and I could defend you if anyone is bothering you.”

Elenna didn’t want to admit it but she was actually relieved if she had at least one person she knew at this new school.

“I think that sounds like a good idea”, Helen said. “What do you think, Lewis?”

“I can make a call tomorrow and talk to the headmaster and set up an interview with him.“ He looked at Elenna. “Mr Harrods and I are in the same golf club and know each other well. I’m sure he will be glad to meet a smart, young girl like you.”

Elenna smiled shyly.

“If the interview with Mr Harrods and the test goes well you can enrol in January, when the new semester starts.”

“That would be good”, she said.

After they were done with breakfast the girls went upstairs to take a closer look at Elenna’s room.

“Yes, there is much potential here. We have to get rid of the scary old portraits though, I don’t know why my uncle is so much into that antique stuff.”

Elenna giggled. “I don’t get it either. It’s really creepy. Who wants some dead woman hanging over your head?”

“Tomorrow we’ll hit the mall and give this room a serious makeover!” Georgie was so excited about decorating Elenna’s room that her friend couldn’t resist giggling.

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17AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 19:52

Around noon Lewis brought Elenna to the library. She was standing speechless in the room full of the biggest treasure she can think of… books. The boxes she brought along were standing in the middle, while the sun was shining through the large windows. Lewis had to call her name a couple of times before she heard him.

“Elenna! Are you listening?” Lewis sounded stern, that she winced and looked apologetic at him and very small.

“I’m sorry Sir, I was admiring you collection. It is the most beautiful private library I ever saw.” She spoke in a soft voice, nearly as if the books would disappear.

A small smile appeared on Lewis face. Georgie never looked that happy about books, but Elenna seemed to have found her heaven. She didn’t even ask if she can unpack the boxes she just started. Lewis saw that she would be fine on her own in the library. He left the library, and made Elenna really happy.

Aunt Helen found her at dinner time sleeping between piles of books. She laughed, lifted her up and carried her in her bad. She would tell the cook to make her a sandwich and bring it up to her in case she wakes up hungry.

Elenna dreamed of a huge library and all the books were hers. Slowly she started to calm down and understood that she would be staying here. This house would be her new home and the Gilmores would be her family, somehow everything would be alright. And in her dream she got an idea what she would like to paint on that wall opposite the window. She would ask tomorrow if she could paint the wall.

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18AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 19:55

The next morning the girls woke up early – Georgie, because she was so excited to go shopping, Elenna because she had slept so much the day before that she couldn’t sleep anymore. At eight both girls met downstairs in the dining room, and Georgie told the cook to prepare breakfast for them.

“Did you have a good night, Elenna? After you disappeared in the library I didn’t see you anymore.”

Elenna smiled. “The library is awesome, I could live there! I read so much I didn’t even notice that I fell asleep after a while.”

“Well, I’m glad you enjoy the library so much.”

The maid brought the breakfast to the table, and disappeared again.

“Don’t we have to wait for your aunt and uncle?”, Elenna asked.

“Helen doesn’t mind if we already start without her, and I think by now Uncle Lewis is already on the way to the law firm, the Wall Street Journal is on the table, so he must have read it.” Georgie grabbed the newspaper and was already bored from reading the headline.

A bit later Helen came downstairs and joined them for breakfast, and at nine everybody was ready to go. When the girls went outside to the driveway Elenna noticed for the first time that they had more than just one garage.

“How many cars do you have?”, Elenna asked her friend.


“Four? You are three people, why on earth do you have four cars?”

“My uncle likes cars, so he has one for his work, his Jaguar, and two oldtimers as some sort of hobby. And that’s Helen’s car…” Georgie pointed to the silver Mercedes.

“Georgina, are you wearing your scarf?” Helen locked the door behind her and grabbed her car keys.

“I don’t need one.”

“Yes, you do, it’s cold.”

“But we’re in the mall the entire time, it’s warm in there.” She turned to Elenna. “She always makes me wear a stupid scarf.”

“Watch your language, Georgina.”

Georgie rolled her eyes. “Sorry…”

The girls got into the car, and after they left the luxurious area of Boston where the wealthiest lived, they drove for about twenty more minutes and then reached the big shopping mall. Georgie’s eyes sparkled just at the sight of the mall.

“Helen, can I get-“

“We are here for Elenna, remember?” Helen looked at her niece, then smiled at Elenna.

“Of course, we’re going to spoil you today!” Georgie grabbed her friend’s hand.

Elenna smiled nervously. “Ahem…sorry, but I really have to pee first.”

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19AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 20:06

Elenna went to the bathroom. Helen and Georgie had already a plan what she all needed. New furniture whatever she wanted, a new carpet, curtains, and paint for the walls and of course a suitable new wardrobe. Elenna had enough casual things to wear, but nothing for fancy occasions. They would start with the clothes, a few dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes, and tights. Around noon Elenna had a hard time to maintain friendly.

Helen smiled when Georgie just found a store where they could look for coats. “What about taking a break and having lunch?”

“But Aunt Helen it is not even one yet.” Georgie said.

“I know, but I could have some lunch. What about you Elenna?” Helen put the arm around the little girl, she looked exhausted and a little lost. She shopping malls she was used was different from this one. The brands were much cheaper and less impressive.

“I think I’m hungry too.” The younger girl said shy. She knew what she wished to have for lunch but she wasn’t sure if she would get it here and with the Gilmores. “Could I have Bacon Cheeseburger for lunch? It’s what my mom and I would have on a shopping day and many other days, since she can’t cook.”

Helen smiled. “I’m sure we will get them here.”

“But Aunt Helen shouldn’t Elenna eat more healthy, maybe a salad?” Georgie said.

“I think it is okay to eat once in a while cheeseburger, as long she eats a side salad.”

“Do I have to? I not really like salad; I like lettuce but not all the other stuff.”

“If that is the case you would like Caesar’s salad that is just lettuce with a marinade and cheese.” Helen said encouraging.

Elenna didn’t want to offend anyone so she nodded and hoped that salad was alright.

“Mrs. Gilmore, I wanted to ask you something. I was wondering if I could paint a huge picture on one of the walls. I promise it will be something I will like a long time. I was thinking of the ocean and the little mermaid and a magical forest with Tinker Bell.”

Elenna looked shy at the floor, she was worried that Helen would say now to her idea.

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20AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 20:10

“That’s a wonderful idea”, Helen said to Elenna’s surprise. “It is really creative.”
Georgie nodded. “Yes, and it’s girly too.”
“Don’t get too excited, I won’t have any pink on my walls”, Elenna said.
“Actually, that is alright we me because there can only be one pink room in the Gilmore house, and that’s my room, the Princess Chamber”, Georgie said winking.

“But Elenna, don’t you think you might find your walls childish in a couple of years? You’re only ten now, but when you’re fifteen there might be a chance you won’t like the walls anymore.”

“That’s okay, Auntie, when that time comes I’ll buy Elenna some nice posters of half-naked Calvin Klein models and put them over Tinkerbell.”

“Georgina.” Helen looked warningly at her niece.

“I’m just kidding!”

“I’m not so sure about that…”

“I don’t want naked men in my room…I mean, posters of naked men on my wall”, Elenna said. She was scared that her wall would look like Georgie, with old guys staring at her.

“Come on, Elenna, Calvin Klein modelsare cute."

Helen cleared her throat. “I hardly think you should spend your thoughts on male Calvin Klein models, Georgina. You’re twelve years old…”

“So? You sound just like Uncle Lewis!”

Helen turned to Elenna. “Don’t worry, we’ll get you a beautiful, man-less wall.”

Elenna smiled shyly. The three stopped in front of a Wendy’s. “Would you like to eat here, Elenna?”

Elenna looked surprised at Helen. Was she really willing to eat in a fast food restaurant?

“Well, only if you don’t mind…”
Helen laughed. “Well, I don’t think I will stop here every time I’m here but since it’s ‘your’ day today I’m going to make an exception.”

“Wendy’s?” Georgie raised her eyebrows. “Seriously? Do they even have salads?”
Elenna nodded. “Yes, they do.” She didn’t admit that she never ordered salads when she stopped at Wendy’s.

“I can’t afford to eat all that unhealthy food”, her friend said.

“Georgina, you’re skinny enough. And a girl your age shouldn’t worry about that”, Helen said. “I’m old, I have to watch what I eat.”

“But I’m a cheerleader and my costume would look horrible if my thighs are too big!”

Her aunt rolled her eyes. “Let’s go in, shall we?”

When the three sat down Elenna tried not to laugh because Helen and Georgie looked so out of place. Helen didn’t know where to put her black Chanel purse and Georgie complained about the uncomfortable plastic seats. Elenna had to explain to them how to order at Wendy’s because neither one of them had been inside of one before, and both picked a salad and diet coke while she had a bacon cheeseburger with a little side salad and a coke.

“Do they have silver wear?”, Helen asked Elenna when she saw that the girl behind the counter put plastic forks and knives on the tray.

“No, it’s all plastic.”

“Aha…” They walked back to the table and Helen stared at her the plastic knife. “This is going to be interesting…”

“You can’t even kill… something with that”, Georgie said.
Helen shot her a strict glance. “What would you want to kill anyway, Georgina?”

“Bugs”, Georgie said, realizing that she wasn’t allowed to talk about certain things in Elenna’s presence.

“So, Elenna”, Helen turned to the younger girl. “You’ve been rather quiet so far and didn’t tell us much about yourself except that you like books. What about friends? Do you have some? They can come here if you want to invite them.”

Georgie noticed immediately that Elenna looked a bit uncomfortable. Were the books really the only friends Elenna had?

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21AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 20:16

Elenna shifted uncomfortable in her chair. She wanted to tell Mrs. Gilmore that she had lots of friends and they would all miss her, but to be honest she couldn’t even think of one person in her age that will miss her. She was friends with all the old people in her dad’s church. But some of them forgot her between two Sundays. She didn’t expect a lot from them; maybe a little because after all she was the Reverends daughter. But friends at school? Well the geeks thought she was a know-it-all, the cool kids thought she was a geek and a freak, and the list went on and on.

“All I do is read. The kids at school never liked me, I don’t think anyone will miss me. No my friends are Elizabeth Bennett, The March Family, Teddy, Elfes and Orc’s.”

She sighed and had tears in her eyes, it wouldn’t be long and the Gilmores would discover that Elenna Fee was not a person you need around. Maybe she should have told them to let her sleep on one of the big armchairs in the library.

“I’m sorry.”

And then it happened, Elenna didn’t know how to handle a situation she didn’t know the answer to a question. She stood up from her chair. “Mrs. … I…” She was breathing very quickly and the fight against her tears was long lost. She was shaking, turned around and run as fast as she could. Normally if she would have been with her mom in their mall she would run and hide in the second hand book store, but she didn’t know where she was running right now. All she found was a Barnes & Noble. And to her own surprise she was hiding in the children’s department. She had found Little Women, her mom’s favourite book. She knew she shouldn’t have run away, but… “I want my Mami!” The little girl cried quiet. “Pleeaaasee!”

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22AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 22:25

“I knew this would happen sooner or later”, Helen said as they left Wendy’s to look for Elenna.

“What do you mean?”

“Elenna just lost her parents, and since she arrived at our house she didn’t show how she feels at all. Nobody can just ‘forget’ about it and live on like nothing happened. She kept all her feelings inside but that doesn’t always work…” Helen looked at her niece who stared at the floor. “You did the same thing. You kept everything inside, and that’s not a good way to deal with situations like that.”

Georgie crossed her arms and looked into a different direction. “I swore myself that I wouldn’t cry, and I didn’t. So, what’s wrong about that? I hate crying, I don’t want people to think I’m weak.”

“Firstly, when you cry after both your parents die nobody would ever think of you as weak, and secondly, we’re talking about Elenna, and she’s a completely different person than you.”
Georgie nodded. “I know. And I also know that it’s good for her to show her feelings, I just hope we’ll find her.”

“I don’t normally like it when we separate in this big mall, but I’m afraid we have no other choice. You’re going to look in every store on this floor, and I will go upstairs and look there”, Helen said. “Do you have a watch with you?”


“Good. We’ll meet at 1.30 in front of the Chocolate store, you know where that is?”

Georgie nodded, then turned around to begin her search. She knew the mall by heart, but her friend didn’t, and she was worried that Elenna would get terribly lost. Georgie ran in every store she passed, but at the end of the ground floor she suddenly stopped when she spotted the green Barnes and Nobles sign. The only place Elenna would feel ‘safe’ was among books, so there was a good possibility Georgie would find her in the bookstore.
Georgie went into the store and started looking everywhere, ran through every aisle, almost ran into an old man who was looking at books about gardening, and she almost gave up when she suddenly spotted a brunette girl in jeans, a purple sweater and chucks, sitting in the corner of the children’s department, reading a book.

“Elenna.” Georgie approached her carefully and sat down next to her. Her friend didn’t look up, her cheeks were flushed. “Are you okay?”

“I’m sorry…”

“For what?”

“For acting so weird. That’s embarrassing. Your aunt probably thinks I’m crazy…”

Georgie shook her head and smiled at the younger girl. “She would never think you’re crazy, and neither do I. You acted the way you are supposed to act when you lose someone who is important to you.”
Elenna finally looked up. “I’m pathetic, Georgie. Seriously…”

“What are you talking about?”

“I never had any friends except books, and now I lost my family. I have no one left…”

Georgie touched Elenna’s hands. “You’re not pathetic, Elenna. You’re the best friend I have. Gosh, I never had a friend as smart as you. I hang out with a lot of people in school, and not one of them is as clever and lovely as you are. And you haven’t lost everything….you still got me.” She smiled at her warmly. “What does it matter if you didn’t have friends in the past? The past is the past, don’t think about it. You have a friend now, a real one, and I might not be as interesting as some of the characters in your books but I’ll do my best to be a good friend to you, that’s a promise.”

Elenna looked into her greenish blue eyes and had to fight her tears. She was so happy to finally know what it felt like to have a friend. Especially in a time when she needed one so desperately. “Thanks, Georgie…” She couldn’t say more because her voice was trembling.

“It’s an honor to be your friend, Elenna Fee.” Georgie winked at her, then looked at the book in her friend’s lap. “Little Women…one of my favorites.”

“My mom loved it”, Elenna said with a lowered voice.

“Who of the March girls do you identify with?”, Georgie asked. “Let me guess… You’re definitely Jo March. And a little bit of Beth as well.”

A weak smile appeared on Elenna’s face. “And you’re Amy, the ‘princess’.”

“You’re probably right. My dad always said that too. But I admire Jo the most, and I admire you for being so brave.”

Elenna blushed. “I’m not that brave…”

“Yes, you are.” Georgie looked at the pictures in the book. “You know, we still got a little time left until we meet with Helen. We could read a bit together, what do you think?”

Her friend smiled. “Good idea.”

“By the way, have you seen the movie that came out last year?”

“There’s a Little Women movie?”

“Yes, it came out last year, with Winona Ryder and Christian Bale.”

Georgie rolled her eyes. “Oh, Lenna, I have to teach you so much! I’m going to buy the video as soon as we get out of the store, and then I’ll show you.”


“By the way, is it okay if I call you Lenna from now on?”
Her friend smiled. “That’s okay.”

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23AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 3rd November 2011, 22:26

When Georgie and Lenna went to the Chocolate Store, Lenna felt very small. She was scared of Mrs. Gilmore and was hiding behind Georgie.

Helen looked at the young girl. “Elenna are you alright?”

Lenna just nodded silent, tears wear running down her face again.

“You shouldn’t have run away.”

Lenna opened her mouth to speak but no sound came out of it, she didn’t even dare to look at Mrs. Gilmore. If she would she would have seen her smiling, because Helen knew that Elenna wouldn’t do that again. She pushed Georgie friendly aside and hugged a surprised Lenna. She first was very stiff but then she relaxed and held on to Helen tightly and felt for a moment like she should a little girl that just lost her family and had to change her entire life.

The rest of the shopping trip went smoothly, they bought mainly simple white furniture since Helen had the idea Lenna could paint on them as well. Lenna picked at colour in her room lilac and purple which gave Georgie hope that there was actually a girl under all this tomboy- Lenna.

They arrived back at the house at the same time the delivery service, and the people that would take down the old furniture and would build up the new furniture. While they did this the girls were sitting in the living room. They were watching the movie Little Women. Lenna was thinking about everything. Her thoughts came to the issues of the new school. She never liked her old school, she thought school was boring but she never understood why. She loved learning with her mom, but at school she never learned anything new she knew all the answers.

“Georgie? Is your school boring too? My school was so boring! I knew all the answers sometimes even before the questions were asked. I really don’t like school.”

Elenna never knew but her parents tried to send her to a better school a school where she would have been challenged and surrounded by children as intelligent as she was. But they didn’t have the money or were willing to let her go to a boarding school in South Dakota. So Lorelai did everything she could to challenge Lenna, she gave her tasks and homework besides her school work. And now that she was gone Elenna was worried she would get bored and not learn anything new.

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24AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 4th November 2011, 19:31

“I thought you love school since you spend every spare minute with reading”, Georgie said.

“I like studying and learning new things but I never liked being in school because the others are mean.”

“The others?”

“You know, the other students.”

“Were they mean to you?”, Georgie looked at her friend.

Elenna seemed to have a hard time talking about it. She nodded slightly and avoided any eye contact with her. “Nobody likes geeks, and that’s what they called me."

“You were unpopular because you’re smart?”

Elenna sighed. “You’re a cheerleader, right?”


“And do you and your friends hang out with those who sit in the library during their lunch break?”


“There you have it.”

Georgie didn’t want to admit it but her friend actually had a point. Although Georgie herself never had anything against those kids who sat in the library all day long, she still didn’t hang out with them simply because they didn’t have anything in common . In fact, she didn’t have much in common with Elenna either, but she was an exception.

“Well, when it comes to education you will like my school because you will learn a lot! It’s a very hard school but at least you will learn stuff that you can actually use in the future, and it’s pretty sure you’ll go to a very good college after you graduated from this school.” Georgie smiled at her friend. “I know that you still have a couple of years ahead of you and don’t think about college yet, but I’m just saying.”

“Do you want to go to college?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Really? I thought you would become an actor or a model or something like that.”

Georgie chuckled. “That all sounds nice, but if I would ever model I would do it as a side job, it would never become my real job. I don’t know exactly what I want to do yet, but I definitely want to go to Yale like Uncle Lewis did. I want to make him proud, you know… Or I’ll become a hunter, but Lewis wouldn’t like that so much.”

“A hunter? Why would you like to shoot animals?”

“Oh…” Georgie suddenly remembered that she wasn’t allowed to say anything to Elenna. “That was just a joke!” She giggled. “Yes, why would I like to shoot animals? That’s stupid…”

After the girls finished watching the movie they went upstairs to start with Elenna’s room. They covered the furniture with plastic covers and removed the antique (and somehow creepy) paintings from the wall. Georgie got changed because she was wearing her expensive clothes, so she got out one of the very view jeans she owned and a Red Sox sweater that was at least two sizes too big for her.
When Elenna saw her friend dressed like that she raised her eyebrows. “Wow…I think I’ve never seen you like this. I didn’t know you owned jeans.”

“Yes, I do, and I got this sweater from my dad when I was about seven, and it was so big that I used it as a blanket. It still doesn’t fit.”

Elenna smiled. “At least it’s not a blanket anymore.”

The girls got out the paint, the brushes and everything else they needed.

“Okay, I’ll just watch you because I have absolutely no idea how to paint a wall”, Georgie said to her friend.

“That’s okay.” Elenna grabbed a brush. “I just really hope your uncle won’t mind if I paint fairies and mermaids on the wall…”

“And you’re still sure you don’t want posters of Calvin Klein models on your wall?”, Georgie asked.

“No, thanks. “

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25AU: How the life could have been. Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 6th November 2011, 12:34

Lenna smiled at all her pretty colors, this time she had all the good colors. The young girl got to work, while Georgie had the power over the ghetto-blaster. She did comment all bands she was playing for Lenna, but the younger girl didn't listen very closely. She was wearing her mom's favorite painting Metallica shirt and her Red Sox sweat pants (which were still to long for her). Helen came in the room shortly before dinner, to tell the girls to change but she saw them happy together so she decided as an exception they were allowed to have sandwiches in Lenna's room.

Sarah brought half an hour later the sandwiches and a salad for Georgie, Helen had ordered that on all sandwiches has to be lettuce, tomato and cucumber. So that Lenna would eat some vegetables as well.

It was late when Lenna stepped backwards, to be precise nearly midnight. On all her new white furniture where purple butterflies and on the wall opposite the window were her magical underwater and Pixie Hollow world. It looked amazing, on the door were a huge pink shell, just like Ariel's. She was nearly done when she went to Georgie. "Hey Georgie I have a great idea, but I need your help. I want us to eternize here. So we will put our hand imprints on the wall. Yours can be pink."

"Okay, but only this time and you better know how to get the paint from off my hand."

Lenna smiled. "Sure."

She covered Georgie's hand with a thick coat of pink pushed her fingers in the right position and pressed the hand tight against the wall. It looked as if two fairies were holding Georgie's hand imprint. Lenna handed Georgie a slightly stinky wet wipe and went to straighten the imprint a little, before she covered her own hand with a thick layer of green and pressed it on the painted earth next to Georgie's. She took a wet wipe herself and looked proud at her work.

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