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AU: How the life could have been.

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26AU: How the life could have been. - Page 2 Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 7th November 2011, 21:34

“You know what?” Georgie looked from the handprints to her friend. “That’s what I call art!”

Elenna giggled. “So do I!”

Georgie walked around the room to look closely at the walls. “You really have talent in painting. It all looks so amazing.”

The younger girl smiled shyly. “Thank you. I learned it from my mom.”

“My mom would never have done that with me. She wanted every corner of the house to look spotless. My dad would probably have done that with me but since neither he nor I could paint it’s definitely better that we didn’t do any experiments with the walls.” Georgie smiled as she turned around. “I once got in trouble because I painted over a really valuable, antique painting that my mother had inherited from her family in France. I hated that picture because the woman looked kind of creepy, so I took my finger-paint and painted a huge smile, big eyelashes and rosy cheeks over her ugly face.”

“How old were you?”

“About six, I think.”

“And what happened?”

“My mother was always really calm and never raised her voice or anything, but that day she really upset. I was lucky that my dad always defended me, because if it would have been for my mom I would have been grounded for at least a month.”

“Wow…” Elenna raised her eyebrows. “Was your mom that strict?”

“I wouldn’t really use that word to describe her but she was way more disciplinary than my dad. She was a bit like-“

“What on earth are you doing here?” Lewis just walked in, looking anything but friendly.

“Yes, she was a bit like Uncle Lewis, although they are not related”, Georgie said, ignoring the strict glance of her uncle. Elenna, on the other hand, felt her heart racing and she reached out for her friend’s hand.
Lewis stared at the fairies and mermaid as if he’d never seen anything more absurd.

“Auntie allowed us to paint the walls.”

“I know she did. And it looks…it is...nice.” He didn’t really know what to say because on one hand he was impressed by the little girl’s painting skills, but on the other hand he was shocked what they had done with a room that had cost him more than a good car. Instead of the expensive wall paper that was worth a fortune he now looked at half-naked women with wings and fins.

“Don’t you like it?”, Georgie asked.

“No, it’s…it’s very interesting.” He cleared his throat.

“So why are you mad?”

“Have you looked at the time, Georgina? It’s past midnight.”

She blinked innocently. “Already?”

He crossed his arms, looking strictly at the young girls. Elenna stared at the floor because he frightened her. “Go to bed now, both of you.”

Georgie sighed. “It’s not like we’re staying up that long every night. You’re always so buttoned-down! ”

“Do not talk to me like that, young lady.”

She rolled her eyes and mumbled ‘I’m sorry’, then she turned to Elenna. “You’re going to sleep in my room tonight, and tomorrow we’ll clean up the rest, okay?”

Elenna nodded. “Okay.”

“Good night, grumpy”, Georgie said teasingly as she walked past her uncle who didn’t show any reaction.

“Elenna”, he said, ignoring Georgie. The younger girl held her breath as if he pointed a gun at her. “I talked with the director of the school, and in the first week of January you will take the exam so they can evaluate your level. Is that okay for you?”

She nodded, obviously relieved.

“Do you need help with the studying? I’m afraid I can’t be of much help because I will barely be at home the next weeks, but I could hire a tutor. There are also many books in the library, just have a look. I don’t think Georgina will be much help either…” He looked at his niece who was very tempted to stick out her tongue at him, but she didn’t want to cross the line. She knew that provoking chief prosecutor Lewis Gilmore was not the best idea.

“Thank you, sir”, Elenna replied shyly. “But I think I can do it on my own. As long as I have books I'm fine. “

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27AU: How the life could have been. - Page 2 Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 8th November 2011, 09:08

Lenna followed Georgie very shy to her room. She got changed and was waiting for Georgie to return from the bathroom, and even though when she was hoping to be able to learn a lot of new things in the new school, there was still a part of her scared.

What if I'm not smart enough for this school? What if my mom taught me so much at home because I was not smart enough for any school? I know private schools are extremely expensive, I don't think I'm good enough to go to such a fancy school. I'm just a poor Reverends daughter nothing more.

"...Elenna! Are you listening?"

"I'm sorry, I was thinking."

"And I told you that I bought you a cream for your face. And... Lenna what's wrong? You are very pale."

"Georgie?" Lenna was standing lost next to the bed. "Maybe I should go to a normal school, like my old school. I don't think I'm smart enough for your school."

"Oh Lenna." The blond girl puller her into a tight hug. "You are the smartest person I know you will be fine. You don't need to be scared of the test it is just to find out what you know it is okay if you don't know all the answers. It is just to find out in which class you belong."

Lenna held on to Georgie her voice was muffled against Georgie's shoulder.

"I was in forth grade why am I not going back?"

"You did say that it is boring, didn't you?"


"See so the test will see if you know enough to go into the fifth grade."

"You think I can?"

"Of course, come on let's go to bed you need to sleep and tomorrow you will study for the test."

Lenna nodded and let Georgie push her into bed and pull the covers up to her chest. "Sleep now little genius."

The next morning Aunt Helen had already some example tests for Lenna. So that she could have a look at them after breakfast. But Lenna had another thought, she was more for skipping breakfast and start studying right away.

"Can I go in the library and study? Please."

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28AU: How the life could have been. - Page 2 Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 10th November 2011, 19:39

Helen smiled at the young girl. “Of course you can, dear. Feel free to study wherever you want to.”

“Except in Uncle Lewis’ study, that’s where he keeps all his boring lawyer stuff, and he doesn’t like it when other people go in there”, Georgie explained. “Two years ago I went in there to put Christmas decoration in his room, it looked really nice, and when he came home he almost fainted! There was glittery tinsel and candles everywhere, and lots of the glitter ended up on his important documents…so it’s not hard to guess how pleased he was about my little surprise.”

“I swear I won’t go in his room”, Elenna said. “I would rather study in the dark basement or the dusty attic.”

Georgie giggled. “You’re still scared of him, aren’t you?”

Elenna didn’t want to admit it, but yes, she was. Although he was nice to her he still frightened her. She had never met a man with so much authority, it was totally intimidating for a 10-year old girl.

A bit later Elenna went to the library to study while Georgie turned on the TV to watch her favourite television show.

“Don’t you have to study for a biology test, Georgina?”, her aunt asked shortly after Georgie had turned on the TV.

“How do you know?”

“You know that I’m friends with the wife of your headmaster.”

“And she tells you everything? Even that 7th grade has to take a biology test after the winter break?” Georgie sighed. “Can’t I have a little more privacy?”

Helen laughed. “I think you have more than enough privacy.”

“Not when Mrs Harrods spies on me and tells you everything afterwards.”

“She doesn’t spy on you. There are just a few things that she overhears, and since you’re the head cheerleader of the Junior High School cheerleading team she happens to hear a lot about you.”

Georgie held her breath for a moment. She didn’t like the weird smile on her aunt’s face. She knew that smile. It was Helen’s ‘There-is-something-you-didn’t-tell-me-but-I-know-it-anyway-smile’. Georgie tried to play cool, focused on the TV screen and shrugged her shoulders. “I guess that’s the prize you have to pay for being popular.”

“It seems so…” Helen crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. “And I also heard that my 12-year old niece is dating a boy in 8th grade…”

“Jesus, so much for privacy!” She turned her face to Helen. “Rumors. That’s all I have to say.”
“Well, I hope it’s only rumors because I most certainly don’t think that a 12-year old girl should date, and I highly doubt your uncle will be pleased to hear about that.”

“Can I watch the show now?”, Georgie asked annoyed.

“Yes, you can. But afterwards you’re going to study for your biology test.”

“Come on, auntie, if I’m going to be a lawyer I don’t need this stuff!”

“But you’re going to need a good high school diploma and an even better college degree, and in order to get that you need to pass biology.” Helen smiled at her and got up. “I’m going to see how Elenna is doing.”

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29AU: How the life could have been. - Page 2 Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 11th November 2011, 14:17

Lenna was sitting in the library surrounded by the text books for the 4th grade of her new school Eleanor Roosevelt Academy. They looked a lot better than the books she had in her old school. It was fun to read them. She was lying on a a huge pillow, dressed in her Red Sox sweat pants and her favorite Tinker Bell shirt. Sarah had brought her a plate with carrot sticks and had filled her drink bottle with apple juice.

"Miss Elenna, I would like to let you know that your room is all set, I even made your bed"

Lenna didn't look up, she nodded. She didn't mean to be impolite, but she had no idea how to speak to servants.

But this was some time ago, Lenna was lost in time when Helen came in the library. She had to smile when she saw how hard Lenna was studying.

"Elenna I'm sure you will do fine in the test. It is just to see what level you are." She said gentle so she wouldn't startle the young girl. But she didn't succeed, Lenna jumped up, looked scared and was heavenly breathing.

"I..." She tried to hide the book she was reading. "I study a lot and I think I'm ready for the test so I wandered around this library and I..."

Helen walked closer, looked curious at the girl. She was holding the book in her arm, looking guilty. It was Native American Magical Creatures. The book was pretty much about how to do it and how to kill them. "I was just curious..."

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30AU: How the life could have been. - Page 2 Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 12th November 2011, 19:51

At first Helen looked very surprised at the sight of Elenna reading that particular book, but then she reminded herself to act normal, otherwise the little girl would get suspicious.

“Where did you find that, dear?”

Elenna stared at the book and avoided any eye contact with her. “I found it somewhere between other books. I’m really sorry…”

“You don’t have to apologize, Elenna.” Helen smiled at her. “But I think this book is not appropriate for a girl your age. Would you mind giving it to me, please?”

Elenna had hoped she could continue reading because it was incredibly fascinating, but Helen obviously didn’t want her to keep the book, so she had no other choice and handed it to her. The older woman frowned for a short moment when her eyes wandered over the title page, but then she smiled again.
“My brother-in-law must have put it here. I never understood why he was interested in that sort of stuff.” She looked at Elenna who sat back down to her study books. “Anyway, I’ll have to go to a meeting with the DAR. If you need anything, just ask Georgina.”

“What is DAR?”

Helen chuckled. “The Daughters of the American Revolution, it’s an organization for women whose ancestors participated in the fight for America’s Independence in the 18th century. Both Lewis’ and my ancestors were involved in the Boston Tea Party.”

Elenna looked a bit confused. “And what do the members of this organization do?”

“We meet up and organize various charities and important events, and everything is related to American history.” Helen briefly glanced at her expensive watch. “I really have to hurry. See you later.”

After she left the library Elenna continued with her study, but one hour later she got really tired and hungry at the same time, so she went downstairs and found Georgie in front of the TV, watching MTV.

“There you are!” Georgie turned around. “I was worried one of the very big books had swallowed you or something.”

Elenna sat down next to her and stared at the weird guys in the TV. “Who is that?”

Georgie made a face. “The Backstreet Boys. I don’t really like them.”

“They look stupid.”

“Yes, they do.”
Elenna watched her friend for a moment. “Ahem…Georgie?”


“I found a book in the library. It was about-“

“Georgina Gilmore, how many times have I told you not to leave your shoes everywhere?” Lewis had just entered the huge living room and almost stumbled over a pair of her countless shoes.


“No, not sorry. Get here and pick them up.”

“Why are you already at home? You usually don’t come home until 8.”

“I’m going to meet a client here…And your shoes are everywhere!” He looked from the shoes to the TV. “And turn off that vulgar show before my client gets here.”

Georgie sighed, switched off the TV and got up to collect her shoes. “That’s Sarah’s job”, she mumbled.

“Excuse me?”

“She’s paid for cleaning the house, so she should put my shoes away.”

Lewis didn’t look very pleased about his niece’s comment. “It’s your mess, so you clean it up. Period.”


“Don’t argue with me, Georgina.”

Elenna didn’t even dare to look at him, she kept her eyes on the floor. She would have to ask Georgie about the book sometime later, maybe her friend knew something about it.

“When I’m older I’m going to sue you for treating me like a slave”, Georgie complained.

That was the first time Elenna saw Lewis actually laughing. “Like a slave? I think you got spoilt more than enough in your last 12 and a half years…”

“Or better, I’m going to become one of that very nasty kind of lawyer and then we can carry that fight out in a real courtroom.”

Lewis still smiled. “I’m really looking forward to this.”

Georgie rolled her eyes and grabbed her shoes.

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31AU: How the life could have been. - Page 2 Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 13th November 2011, 01:02

Lenna took the remote, turned down the volume and changed to the history channel. A documentation about the World War Two was running. Lenna sat straight and watched interested. She didn't dare to look if Lewis was still there.
Lewis had watched the little girl, he saw that she tried very hard to please him.


The young girl jumped up and looked guilty at the floor.

"How is your preparation for your test going?" He didn't mean to startle her but he understood that he must appear very authoritarian to her. Lenna actually was slightly shivering when she whispered. "They are going very well. I think I'm prepared, well maybe. I don't know. I had a look at Georgie's forth grade books and I was studying this with my mom... before she... she know - knew how much I liked to learn new things and my school was really not good, the topics Georgie had in her forth grade I would have had in my fifth and not even everything."

A not visible smile appeared on Lewis face. "I don't think you need to worry about the test. You will like the Eleanor Roosevelt Academy, it is a very challenging school but each student will have a timetable perfectly suited to her or his needs."

"Thank you Sir!"

"For what?"

"For everything. I appreciate all you do for me. And I hope you are not offended what I did with the guest room." Lenna looked up briefly with innocent eyes.

"It is your room now and your welcome, child. Now I really have to go. And Elenna, I'm not to be interrupted."

Elenna nodded. She waited until Lewis was gone when she turned off the TV and raced up to find Georgie. She found her in her huge walk-in closet.

"Georgie! Georgie, I... you need to help me. I found a book in your uncle's library. Your aunt didn't like at all that I have it. It was called Native American Magical Creatures and there were more books like this, and I not just mean the religious books from my dad. There was a book about demons called Key of Salomon. I think... I think monsters are real. We are all in real danger. I saw them before there was a ghost in my room back at home, and I'm pretty sure once I saw a real fairy. And one day there was this man he pushed an old lady out of the way, and he had this eyes... Georgie we have to warn your Aunt and Uncle..." Lenna was very excited, her cheeks were blushed and she looked worried.

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32AU: How the life could have been. - Page 2 Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 13th November 2011, 19:19

First thing Georgie thought: sh*t!
Second thought: act normal.
Third thought: I have to lie to my friend…that sucks.
Fourth thought: It’s better that way.

Georgie put on her biggest smile. “Oh, Lenna, you’re adorable!”

“Georgie, I’m serious! Something’s going on here, we’re all in danger and-“

“Elenna, calm down.” Georgie touched her friend’s shoulder.

“But the book!”

“What about it?”

“All the things were real.”

“Do you have proof?” Georgie pursed her lips.

“No, not really. But-“

“So, don’t drive yourself crazy. I bet it’s just a simple book about horror stories that aren’t real. You know, like Stephen King.”

“No, it’s not like that at all!” Elenna shook her head. And that Key of Salomon-“

“Sounds like a really bad title for a book”, she interrupted her and walked out of the giant closet.

Elenna was quiet for a moment. Maybe her friend was right and she freaked out over nothing. But she couldn’t get rid of the feeling that something wasn’t right, that the Gilmores tried to hide something from her, even Georgie acted weird.

“That one book about the magical creatures …your aunt said it belonged to your dad. Why was he interested in that stuff?” Elenna looked at her friend who suddenly seemed very tense.

“Ahem…I don’t know. He just…was interested. There’s not always a specific reason. You might as well ask me why I’m interested in Leonardo DiCaprio.”

“Why are you interested in Leonardo DiCaprio?”

“Hello? Have you seen those eyes?” She thought of the poster next to her bed and grinned.

Elenna stared at her with raised eyebrows. “Ahem…”

“And that hair! I swear, if we’d get married and I had his baby, it would be the most beautiful baby in the world with the most beautiful hair and the most beautiful eyes!”

“Ahem…okay….”, Elenna mumbled. “Can I ask you something else?”

“If it doesn’t contain monsters and weird books, sure.”

“What did your dad do?”

“What do you mean?”

“For a job. You never really told me, you just said he travelled a lot.”

“He was a…archaeologist. And so was my mom. That’s why they travelled all the time.”

“Really? That’s-“

“Anyway...” Georgie smiled, although her smile seemed a bit forced. “Don’t freak out about those weird books. Let’s go to the kitchen and get something to eat, I’m hungry.” She threw her long, blonde hair back and walked out of the room. Elenna followed her, still not giving up on her discovery.

“I know there’s something you’re not telling me! I’m not that stupid.”

“I know you’re not stupid, but there’s nothing to tell.”

“Georgie, monsters are real! I know they-“ Elenna suddenly stopped when she realized that she just walked into Lewis and his client who sat at the table. Lewis looked rather serious while the other man only looked confused. Elenna felt her heart racing and blushed.

“I’m…I’m…sorry, sir…”

“Monsters?” The man grinned, then turned around to Lewis. “Your daughter has a very vivid imagination.”

“She’s not my daughter, she’s the friend of my niece.” Lewis cleared his throat. “Are you feeling well, Elenna? Did Georgina tell you ridiculous horror stories?”

“No, sir.” She stared at the floor. “I’m going now!” She turned around and ran into the kitchen. Something was wrong in this house…or around her. And she was sure that her friend knew something she didn’t want to tell her.

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33AU: How the life could have been. - Page 2 Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 16th November 2011, 23:18

She helped herself to a glass of apple juice and started thinking. She was good in it. She knew that her dad had weird books, but he was a man of God, he told her that he wants to know the Christian Church history because it shaped the Christianity believes today. He wasn’t a Catholic priest, obviously, but he still had a lot of books of the Catholic Church and it’s practices, she remember that she read once in one of those books about an exorcism and now the books in Lewis’ library. And she might suck in people skills, but Georgie was hiding for sure something. And the innocent look on her friends face didn’t stopped Lenna from knowing something was up.

Fine when you wanna play games we play games.

“I better go back and study for my test I don’t wanna disappoint anyone.”

Lenna disappeared out of the kitchen. She wouldn’t give up that easily.

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34AU: How the life could have been. - Page 2 Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 21st November 2011, 19:27

Georgie felt actually relieved that her friend went back to the library because she didn’t know for how long she could continue lying to her friend. While Elenna studied in the library she took the phone to her room and called one of her friends in school. Georgie often got into trouble for talking with her friends on the phone too long and unfortunately she couldn’t lie to her uncle since he was the one who received the phone bills at the end of the month.
But that didn’t mean she stopped talking almost two hours on the phone…
After about an hour Sarah knocked on the door. “Dinner is ready, Miss.”

“Yes, thanks, I’ll be down in a second.” She waited until the maid was gone, then talked for another ten minutes until she heard her uncle’s impatient voice. When she walked into the dining room she saw that everyone was sitting around the table.

Lewis raised an eyebrow when his niece sat down and put the napkin on her lap.
“Who were you talking to?”

“Why do you think I was talking to someone?”

Lewis looked at her without any expression on his face.

Georgie rolled her eyes. “Oh yes, because you’re Mr Chief Prosecutor and you know everything.”

“Georgina”, he said strictly, then turned to Elenna who quietly stared at her plate. “How did your study go, Elenna?”

She startled. “I…I’m sorry?”

“How was your studying?”

“Good, thank you. It’s very nice to study in the library”, she said, looking at Georgie who took the knife to check her reflection. Elenna took a deep breath before she dared to ask Lewis the question that was on her mind. If Georgie wouldn’t give her an answer, maybe her uncle would.

“Ahem…Mr Gilmore, um, Lewis, sir, ahem…”

Everyone at the table looked at her, and she felt uncomfortable.

“When I was in the library I saw a book, actually a couple of-“

“Elenna”, Helen interrupted her with a smile. “Lewis doesn’t know that he actually has those books in the library.”

“What books?”, he asked.

Helen cleared her throat. “Your brother’s books, you know?”

“Oh…” Lewis nodded, then smiled, although it seemed a little forced. “Don’t waste your time on those books, they only keep you away from your study, and we don’t want that, right?” He turned to Helen and left Elenna still confused and curious at the same time.

“I don’t know why the books are in the library in the first place”, Helen whispered so that only her husband could hear it.

Elenna tried to catch some of the things she said, but she had no chance.

“So, Lenna!” Georgie grinned, trying to distract her. “Do you want to do anything special for New Year’s Eve?”

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35AU: How the life could have been. - Page 2 Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 26th November 2011, 13:25

Lenna looked at her salad which had more lettuce, beans and cucumber in it so that her salad was green. It looked for everyone else at the table as if she was thinking about what she would like to do for New Year's Eve, but the truth was that she was working out a plan to find out more about those books. Until she suddenly remember the people starring at her.

“Oh um no, I don’t know. At home we never did anything special. We were at church, dad was giving a midnight sermon, and there was a big potluck dinner.”

“That sound lovely Elenna.” Helen smiled at her while she signaled Sarah to refill Lenna’ glass of milk.

“We are always in the country club, there is a party. It is a lot of fun.”

Lenna looked skeptical at Georgie, but nodded. “Yeah I guess that can be fun too.”

Over the next couple of days more boxes of Lenna’s things arrived and her room became more and more her room. Georgie and Helen knocked at her door shortly after lunch.

“Come in.” Lenna was sitting in her comfy chair, reading.

Georgie knew the chaos in Lenna’s room, books lying around, her desk chair worked as second closet and her bed wasn’t made.

“Oh dear, what happened here?” Helen sounded slightly irritated, but not enough for Lenna looked up.

“The maid has her free day today.” She answered but forgot that in this house there was actually a maid.

“Elenna Sarah works until 5PM this afternoon and it is not her responsibility to tidy your room. That is yours.”

Now Lenna looked up, realizing that people where in her room, and even worse she realized where she was.

“Oh. Um, Shit… I mean sorry. Yes. I was on my way to tidy my room. I thought I finish the Fellowship of the Ring before someone comes in.”

Georgie giggled when she saw the mentioned book next to Lenna on the floor. “You are reading the two towers.”

“Oh, I… oops I guess I finished reading the fellowship and started the next one without realizing it.” Elenna jumped off the chair and started collecting the clothes from the floor and piled them on her desk chair, and the books were stuffed with love in the book shelves, just before she pulled the covers of her bed up so that no one saw the messy pillows and sheets under them.

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36AU: How the life could have been. - Page 2 Empty Re: AU: How the life could have been. on 16th December 2011, 20:11

A couple of days went buy until it was New Year’s Eve. Before they went out in the early evening to go to the country club Georgie had two ‘duties’ to fulfil. First, she had to help Elenna get ready (which included picking out a nice dress, fixing her hair, making sure she would look ‘appropriate’ for the country club), and second, while she was helping her getting ready Georgie needed to explain the rules of the county club and warn her from the people. Elenna needed to be prepared, there was no way Georgie would let her friend walking into the country club without mentally preparing her.

“Are these all your clothes?”, Georgie said rather shocked after she peeked into Elenna’s wardrobe.


“You only have jeans and shirts that people wear when they know that they are about to get dirty.” Georgie turned around to look at Elenna. “I don’t mean to criticise your style, but we really need to find a nice dress for you, there’s no way you can go to the country club like this.”

“I’m sorry…”

“You don’t need to apologize.” Georgie smiled. “I’ll check my wardrobe, I’m sure I’ll find something.”

“But you’re taller than me.”

“I hate throwing dresses away, so I still have some that fitted me when I was your height, so don’t worry. I’ll be right back!” Georgie left Elenna’s room and returned a couple of minutes later with five dresses in her arms. Three of them were, of course, pink.

“Dude, I’m not going to wear pink!”, Elenna said before her friend could say anything.

“Don’t call me dude”,Georgie replied while laying the dresses out on the bed and scrutinizing them closely. “And I don’t force you to wear the pink ones. Here, how about this one?” She held up a dark blue velvet dress.

“Well, that’s okay, I guess…”

“That’s okay? It’s a Chanel!”

“Ahem…yeah…whatever…” Elenna took the dress.

“No, not whatever!” Georgie sighed. “Come on, put the dress on, I need to get started on your hair…”

“My hair?”

Georgie smiled at her. “When I’m done with you, you will look like a princess!”

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Lenna looked worried at Georgie. “Can’t we just leave my hair like it is?” It was lose hanging in big curls or more waves around her face.

“No it will look very pretty, trust me. Go get changed, please.”

Lenna looked another annoyed time at Georgie. “Fine.” She took of her t-shirt, jeans und undershirt of without caring that she was standing now in her panties in front of her. Georgie looked a little embarrassed but handed Lenna the dress. Lenna smiled and pulled the dress over her head.

“I look hideous.” She sounded uneasy and pulled at the skirt but it just reached her knees.

“No you look very cute, let me get you some tights.” She smiled and left the room again to get some tights. While Georgie was gone Lenna looked at herself in her mirror in the inside of her wardrobe. She felt weird she was not used to wear dresses at least not dresses like this. Georgie came back with tights and handed her them. “You do know how to wear them right?”
Lenna blushed and took the tights. “Yes I do, not that I like them but I do.”

Georgie handed Lenna the book she was reading right now, and started brushing her hair. She planned to put Lenna’s hair up but in a way that it still looked very lose. Georgie’s idea worked Lenna sat patiently reading while she did her hair, until Lenna looked suddenly up.

“You will not put make-up in my face will you?”

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Georgie smiled and shook her head. “No, you don’t need make-up. Maybe a bit of lip-gloss and rouge, but nothing major.” She continued brushing Elenna’s hair like a big sister did with her little sister. “You have really nice hair, by the way. If you would brush it more often someone would probably hire you for a shampoo commercial.”


“So, Lenna, you really have to pay attention now because I’m about to warn you…”

“Warn me from what?”

“The ladies and gentlemen of the country club.”

“The way you’re saying it makes it sound like they are a bunch of serial killers.”

Georgie giggled. “Well, not exactly. Some of them are very nice, but some are just…well, difficult. I get along with the men, they always pay me compliments and are very nice to me, but some of the women are constantly complaining about the most ridiculous things, so just ignore them. You’ll probably find most of the arrogant anyway.”

“Do I have to watch what I say?”

“You always have to watch what you say, Elenna.”

“Well, yeah, but do I have to act the way I have to act when your uncle is around? Are they all like Lewis and Helen?”

“The men are pretty much like Lewis, yes, and some of the women are like Helen, but there are also women you should stay away from because all they talk about is plastic surgeries, and believe me, I heard some really disgusting stuff that I would rather like to forget…” Georgie put the brush aside, grabbed a satin ribbon and put it in Elenna’s hair. “Now you look like a brunette Alice in Wonderland.”

Elenna looked rather sceptical, but she was glad that her friend didn’t force her to wear pink.
“Are there any people our age?”

Georgie grinned. “Yes, some of them are really nice. And there are cute boys too.”


“Come on, boys are not that bad. And stay away from Missy and Brittany, they are high school freshmen and think they own the world. They aren’t even that pretty. You should see Missy’s hair….so not pretty at all!”

“Aha…” Elenna stared at her book.
“Georgina?” Lewis knocked on the door, and then peeked in. “Are you girls ready? We don’t want to be late.”


“Almost? That usually means another thirty minutes.” Lewis crossed his arms. “Last year we were too late because you spent an hour on your hair alone.”

“I swear I’m done in a second!” She looked at her uncle. “Can you go, please? You’re distracting.”

Lewis sighed and looked at his Rolex. “Five minutes. I’m counting.”

“Okay, okay!” She quickly looked for the matching purse (also Chanel, of course) and handed it to her friend. “God, you’re so pretty!”

Elenna blushed. “I still feel ridiculous.” She was about to stuff the book into the purse when Georgie snatched it away from her.

“You’re not taking the book with you, honey.”


“No arguing, Lenna.”

“Georgina, the time is up!”, she heard her uncle’s impatient voice in the hallway. Elenna waited until Georgie turned around, then she quickly got out another book that she secretly squeezed into the expensive purse and hid it well behind her back.

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The two girls went downstairs.

“Oh Elenna you look so lovely tonight.” Helen brushed some lose hair out of Lenna’s face. Lenna smiled shy at her feet. The drive to the club was not long. Lenna got nervous seeing all the pretty dressed people. She took scared Georgie hand and walked close to her.

“Georgie about what shall I talk to all those people?” The younger girl whispered.

“I’m pretty sure you can talk about the books you read.” Georgie smiled, she felt it was a little bit silly to be scared of those people but she knew that Lenna still got used to the new world she lived in.

Helen made sure everyone in the club met Elenna; it made her feel like a valuable painting everyone had to see. The dinner was served at eight and after a week at the Gilmore’s she started to learn how to eat in an appropriated way. They had salmon with rosemary potatoes and roasted winter vegetable. Lenna was not font of the carrots and parsnips she moved them aside.

“Elenna please eat your vegetables they are good for you.” Helen said politely at her. Lenna thought about to answer Helen back but she didn’t and just stuffed all vegetables at once in her mouth. Georgie giggles. “I’m not sure aunt Helen meant it like that.”

“Sowwy.” Lenna said with a full mouth. The other guests at the table knew the background Lenna came from and just smiled at her. For dessert they had Crème brûlée. “Georgie do you think I can have seconds of the dessert? I love cream brewlay?” Lenna had troubles in saying the French name of her favourite dessert.

Georgie giggled. “Yes I’m sure you can have seconds of Crème brûlée.”

Lenna got two more bowls of dessert before Georgie took her hand. They went together with Helen into the bathroom.

“Georgie will you take Lenna along and introduce her to your friends?”

“Of course, Aunt Helen.”

Helen smiled and the nervous looking Lenna. “Just try to have fun my dear.”

In another room of the country club the young members had a party, it was a disco party. First Georgie introduced Lenna to a few friends but Georgie got quickly distracted. At first Lenna was mad at her that Georgie seemed to have forgotten about her but then she realized that it be like this. Georgie and Lenna were very different, and Georgie enjoyed parties and being in the spotlight while Lenna enjoyed staying home having tons of tea and reading one book after the other and being very far away.
So the little brunette sat down in a corner and took out her book. She had started to read Sherlock Holmes, and she loved it.

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Georgie was glad to see her friends from the country club, many of them were already in high school, some of them were Georgie’s age, and only a few were about Elenna’s age. The younger ones remained in their own circle and didn’t talk to the older ones. Georgie, of course, went immediately to the high school students and started talking to the boys, who were at least three years older than her, but none of them seemed to care that she was only twelve.
Lenna looked briefly up from her book and watched her friend. Georgie played with her hair and giggled while the older boys kept asking her questions. Lenna knew that Lewis wouldn’t be happy about his niece’s flirty behaviour, but as always she remained quiet and was about to get back to her book when one of the high school boys nodded in her direction.
“Who’s that?”

Georgie turned around. “Oh, that’s my friend Elenna, she just moved in with us.”

“Why is she reading? Is she punished for something and has to read the Bible now?” The boy laughed, but Georgie felt strongly protective about her friend.

“That’s not funny, Kyle”, she said. “She just likes to read, that’s all.” She walked to Elenna. “Hey, I know you love your books, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you socialize a bit, you know…”

“Socialize?” The younger girl looked at her as if she’s never heard that word before.

“Yes, put your book aside and come with me, I’ll introduce you to everyone.” Georgie grabbed her hand and pulled her to the other kids. “Hey everyone, this is Elenna.”

“Hi Elenna”, the older kids replied.

“Hi…” Lenna blushed. She felt a bit uncomfortable.

“I know it’s lame…”, one of the high school girls said while she held up a bottle. “But come on, it’s a classic!”
Everybody cheered except Lenna who didn’t know what was going on.
“What are we doing?”, she asked Georgie.

“Spin the bottle.”


“Just sit down with me!” Georgie pulled her down to the floor, and all people except the kids that were Lenna’s age sat down in a circle. The younger ones just stayed in their corner and talked about other things. Elenna looked uncomfortable, she felt completely out of place and just wanted to get back to her corner and read her book.
“What do I have to do?”

“Nothing. The one who spins the bottle has to kiss the one the bottle is pointing at. You’ll see.”

“But I don’t want to kiss anyone!”

“Don’t worry”, Georgie smiled at her. “Nobody forces you to do anything. You can just watch.”

“Okay…” One of the high school guys who looked at least sixteen moved the bottle, and it pointed at Georgie who seemed happy about it, because the boy was cute. Elenna just watched in horror how the older boy grinned, got up and kissed her 12-year old friend. On the mouth, not on the cheek!

“Eeew!” Lenna said when he went back to his spot. “That’s gross!”

“That’s not gross, Lenna.”

“Yes, it is. Does your uncle know that you kiss boys?”

“No, he doesn’t, and he doesn’t need to know”, Georgie said and shrugged her shoulders. “And besides, I’m old enough, so he can’t say anything…although I know that he would say a lot if he knew about it.”

Lenna pressed her lips together. “Georgie, can I read my book? Please?”

“I told you nobody forces you to kiss someone.”

“But I really want to read my book now.” She looked pleading at her, and Georgie knew that Lenna didn’t feel comfortable.

“Okay. Do you need anything else? Something to drink maybe?”

The younger girl shook her head, got up as quickly as possible and went back to her corner where she felt safe.

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Midnight came closer, Lenna was still reading her book corner but one boy with really pretty blue eyes was watching her. He was one of Georgie’s friends.

“Hey you guys, come on I is nearly midnight! 1995 is nearly over.” One of the oldest girls shouted.

Lenna sighed, she put her book away, put on one of those silly party hats and took the children party bomb. She even smiled a little. This was silly.

I will never get used to this whole country club thing.

“Three, two, one… Happy New Year!” Lenna shouted with the rest of the children that had turned on the TV to the see ball drop on Times Square. When suddenly the boy with the pretty blue eyes and the brown hair came over to her, bent down and kissed her. But he not just kissed her on the lips for some very weird reason he pushed his tongue into her mouth. Lenna was shell shocked for several seconds before she pushed him away and fell backwards. The boy grinned sheepishly at her and said “Happy New Year!”

Lenna was shaking a little and she was scared. She didn’t understand why he had kissed her like that, if this even was a kiss.

“Georgie!”Lenna pulled at Georgie arm so hard that the older girl took her worried aside. “This boy over there he put his tongue into my mouth.” Lenna was out of breath, and scared because she didn’t like when things happen she didn’t understand.

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Usually Georgie didn’t make fun of Lenna when she saw her scared like this, but this was something else, and she started laughing.

“What? That’s not funny!” Lenna had a hard time calming down.

“Relax, Lenna, he just kissed you, that’s no biggy.”

“Yes, it is! It was so gross, I never want to be kissed again! Eeew!” Elenna pressed her lips together and crossed her arms. Georgie could tell that her friend really felt uncomfortable, so she turned around to the boy who kissed her. She knew him from school, he was one grade over her.

“Hey Alex, what the hell is wrong with you?”

“What?” He grinned sheepishly. “I didn’t do anything.”

“She’s ten years old, you idiot! So leave her alone.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Okay, I didn’t mean anything by it…She just sat there by herself and that looked kind of pathetic.”

Georgie shot him a furious glance. “Pathetic? You will be pathetic when I’m through with you!”

“I’m sorry, I take that back!”, he quickly said, this time rather nervous. Everybody knew one shouldn’t mess with Miss Gilmore, no matter if she was only twelve and looked like a little Barbie doll, but that girl had too many chief prosecutor genes from her uncle in her.

Georgie pursed her lips and scrutinized him. “Apologize.”

“To whom?”

“To Lenna.”

“For kissing her?”

“Yes, for kissing her.”

He didn’t react.

“Move it, Alex!”

“Okay, okay!” He quickly turned to Elenna who stood in the corner, her book tightly pressed against her chest. “I’m sorry…”

She just nodded and stared into a different direction.

“Can I go now?”, he asked, he almost sounded intimidated.

Georgie rolled her eyes. “Yes, go.” She waited until he was gone, then walked back to her friend. “Are you okay? Don’t worry, that guys isn’t going to kiss you any time soon…”

Elenna nodded and smiled shyly. “Thanks, Georgie.”

“Let’s see what kind of snacks they serve at the table over there.” She took Lenna’s hand and pulled her to the other side of the room. Although Lenna had already eaten more than enough crème brûlée to feed a country, she was in the mood to have some of the cake they offered. She was just about to turn to Georgie when she saw her already flirting with the high school boys again. Lenna couldn’t understand why her friend was so interested in boys, especially in boys who were so old.

When it was twelve everybody went outside to watch the firework, and the two girls had their arms around each other while they enjoyed the firework. After that they went back inside for another half an hour, but shortly after one o’clock Helen appeared in the youth room, already in her coat.

“Georgina, Elenna, we’re leaving.”

“Okay!” The girls followed Helen and took their coats. Lewis was already waiting at the car.

“So girls, did you have fun?”, Helen asked. The two nodded. “Did you like it too, Elenna?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“There were many high school boys this year…” Lewis looked at his niece. “They stayed away from you, didn’t they? Or wait, I have to rephrase; you stayed away from them, right?” He raised his eyebrows.

Georgie sighed. “Whatever, Uncle!” She got into the car.

“Whatever is not an answer, Georgina.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not pregnant.”

Lewis gasped. “Don’t you ever make jokes about that, young lady.” He looked at his wife. “Do you hear that?”

Helen smiled. “Don’t take it so seriously.”

He looked in the rear-view mirror. “Sometimes I wish I could lock you up in your room for the rest of your life. The worst years are yet to come…”

“Worst years?” Georgie giggled. “I can’t wait for the next years! High school, parties, finally a driver’s license…”
Lewis looked at Helen. “Brilliant...”

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Just two days left before school started and Helen drove Lenna to her entry-level test. Helen was a little bit worried because the test would take two hours. She wasn’t sure how Lenna would handle such a long test, which included also oral questions. Helen knew that Lenna was shy, especially with strangers. The young girl was sitting in the backseat looking a little pale.

“Elenna darling, everything will be alright. You will do fine. The test is just to determine if you are going into fourth grade or fifth grade. There is no way of failing.” Helen smiled at her. “I will be in the cafeteria a couple of mothers meet with parents of new students.”

“Okay.” Lenna was shy and intimidated. She was wearing pretty winder boots, warm tights, a skirt, a blouse and a matching jacket and it wasn’t even Sunday. And of course a warm wool coat. She looked like a doll or more she felt like one.

“Mr. Harrods very nice to meet you. Here is the newest addition to your students, Elenna Fee.” Helen had her hand on Lenna’s shoulder, and little Lenna was pressing herself tight against Helen’s side.

“Hello Elenna, it is very nice to meet you. Did you have a good holiday?” Mr. Harrods smiled and shook her hand.

“My family died in a car crash on Christmas Eve.” Lenna mumbled.

Mr. Harrods looked from Lenna to Helen. “I’m sorry it is all still a little bit overwhelming for her. There are many things she still has to get used to. And one thing is to learn when to be honest and when to answer with a simple but polite, Yes thank you.”

“Oh that is quite alright. Shall we start with the test?”

Lenna nodded shy and followed Mr. Harrods. She turned around to Helen. The woman squatted and hugged her tight. “You will be fine. I’ll see you in a little while.”

“Okay.” Lenna followed Mr. Harrods in the small classroom. “Take a seat we will start with the written test okay?”

Lenna sat down in the really nice wooden furniture. There was no were any graphite and at the end was a bookshelf with books. The young girl took off her hat, coat, scarf and gloves and folded them very carefully she didn’t want to make anything dirty or worse break it.

“I’m ready. Sorry the things are all new and were very expensive and… I shouldn’t have told you this hadn’t I?” Lenna looked at the floor. She really like this school and she didn’t want to let the Gilmores down.

“That is alright. You are honest that is not a bad trait. Sit down Elenna and we will start the exam.”

Two hours later Elenna came out smiling. She was skipping down the corridor to the cafeteria. “Helen! Helen! I’m done. And Mr. Harrods really liked my oral answers and oh Helen this school is so cool.” Elenna was so excited that she hugged Helen. “I can’t wait to go to this school. It is frigging awesome. When does school start? I can’t wait to learn here. But I think the uniforms are stupid.”

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Easter time 1996

Sagaponack, New York
Aunt Helen -by now Helen was also for Elenna Aunt Helen, just made it easier and it gave the young girl the feeling of belonging- Georgie and Elenna had just arrived in this very nice, large house right at the beach in the Hamptons. The house was nice; Aunt Helen and Georgie went to visit some friends down the road Helen didn’t mind that Elenna asked if she could go out on the beach instead. Helen was kind of glad that Elenna asked to go outside, it wasn’t often that the little girl asked to play outside.
Elenna had taken off her shoes and was running through the water by the ocean. She was giggling, the wound of the loss of her family was still there but she adjusted. She loved Georgie, and Helen and even Uncle Lewis. Uncle Lewis was always challenged her, something that she liked; he gave her books to read and would ask her really complicated questions about them afterwards. Sometimes she would even help him to look up law quotes.
She had her key for the house in her pocket but for now she enjoyed the beach. Her parents used to take her to the beach but nothing like this. Elenna was chasing the seagulls, crawling with the crabs and feeling the waves play around her feet when suddenly she stepped into a water hole and felt face first into the shallow water. Some older boys were laughing their asses off not concerned that she might had hurt herself or that she was soaking wet. At first Lenna wanted to ignore them but when she managed to get up they pushed her back in the water. “Look at her, she can’t even stand. What an idiot…”
She wasn’t the little helpless girl anymore, well she was but the months at the Gilmore house taught her many things, and one was how to stand up for yourself in the right way. Though every time she got up they pushed her back into the sand again until…
“Hey, not really fair if six guys beat a little girl is it? I just suggest you let her be; I informed the lifeguard he is considering calling the police because you are harassing this young lady. Just walk away.” The boy’s green eyes sparkled as he offered Lenna a hand to get up, she was covered in sand and felt miserable.
The other boys ran off as the lifeguard stood up from his stool.
“Are you okay? I’m Rome Remington.” He grinned as he put his hoodie around her shoulders it looked huge on her.
“I’m wet and I ate sand I think. Thanks. I’m Elenna Fee.” Her teeth were shattering it was just April and not yet that warm.
“Come on I walked you home, it is your lucky day my brother broke his leg so he had to stay home but Mom said we are driving her crazy so she took me to come here. Where do you life?”
“Normally in Boston, we are here over Easter. My Uncle is still in Boston he is a prosecutor, my Aunt and my foster sister are staying …” Lenna looked suddenly panicked along the beach at the houses. She wasn’t sure anymore which of the houses she was living in.
“Let me guess you are not sure what house you live in. Come on lets walk along the beach you might remember it when you are closer. What does you key look like?” Rome smiled charming at the young girl.
Lenna was searching through her pockets to find the key but she just went pale -if that was even possible- “No, no, no, no! I think I lost the key! Aunt Helen will be so angry with me. I was doing so well! I finally started to fit in and stopped acting like a stupid, clumsy, blind, fat elephant.”
“I take it you are not that long living with them?” Rome said calmly.
“No… my family died… long story. So our house has a white banister around the balcony. There are fifteen steps from the balcony to the beach. And in the window on the second floor there is this huge pink crystal dream catcher hanging. Not mine, it’s Georgie’s room. My room well it’s the first time I am here so I still have to decorate my room.”
“Sure thing, oh look ice cream, want some?” Rome pointed at the ice cream van at the top of the beach.
“I love popsicles, but I didn’t bring any money. Still getting used to all the pocket money I get. Usually I put it on my saving account Uncle Lewis set up for me.”
“Do you always talk this much?” Rome laughed as he jogged over while holding my hand.
“Yeah pretty much unless I got a book to read.” Lenna took the popsicle from Rome. For a while the two walked along the beach, ate ice cream, had iced tea and were laughing as they kept spying into the houses to find Lenna’s.
“There, fifteen steps, white banister and the pink crystal dream catcher, this is your house. When do you think your Aunt and Georgie will come back?” Rome led the young girl up the stairs while he followed her with his hand on her back.
“Not sure, they are gone a while.” Lenna smiled she had seen gentlemen and even some boys do this for Aunt Helen and Georgie.
“I would offer you food or anything but…”
“The doors are locked, don’t worry. So Boston, it must be cold. Did you always live this side?”
“Yeah New York state. You never said where you are from.”
Rome laughed. “You know a part of me wishes he could say California or something warm but I am from Seattle, just as cold as Boston.”
“But at least you are closer to California.”
“True.” The two youngsters talked about movies -they both enjoyed Star Wars (Lenna wasn’t able to talk to Georgie about those movies) and Rome told her she has to watch Princess Bride, not at all a chick flick movie. It was easy for the two to talk, they just clicked.-
“Elenna? Who is your friend?”
“Oh Aunt Helen, this is Rome. He…”
“Lenna had a little run in with the ocean and lost her key. I offered my help to keep her company to make sure she is safe. Rome Remington, Ma’am.” Rome offered Aunt Helen his hand and kissed hers when she returned his hand.
“That is very kind of you Mr Remington. May I offer you some refreshment?” Aunt Helen smiled at the young gentleman that aided her foster daughter.
“Lenna! Gracious look at you! You got to change or you catch the death.” Georgie pulled her young friend into the house but Lenna didn’t miss the flirtatious way Georgie through her hair over her shoulder. “Very much obliged Rome.”
Lenna shook off Georgie’s hand and ran upstairs, of course Rome just had eyes for Georgie once she showed up and did her stupid hair thing!
“Lenna? Your friend had to leave but he says bye and is glad that you are safe now. Lenna, are you alright?”
Lenna turned around with a furious look. “Did you have to do it?”
Georgie looked confused at her friend. “I’m sorry I don’t understand.”
“Your stupid hair thing! He was my friend first! And then you did the hair thing he and he lost all interest in me and just saw your stupid golden hair flying in the wind all sexy and seductive! He was my friend.” Lenna whispered sulking as she went into her bathroom. Georgie waited a second and then followed her, the shower doors hid her friend from clear sight.
“Lenna, do you like, like Rome?”
“No!” Lenna looked determined at Georgie. “No! I do not but… all friends, my entire life… it all was yours before and even when my things are not really your old things. But… I’m the intruder, I’m the new one in every situation meeting people, and just this once I wasn’t. I met him first, I had to introduce you… but you did your hair thing and he forgot I even exist! I… I sound pretty ungrateful… I’m sorry.”
Georgie shook her head. “I never thought about how it must feel for you to leave everything behind and have nothing of your old life around you. You said you didn’t have friends back in Chesterton?”
“No I didn’t but I also not always felt out of place, sometimes I am sitting in the living room watching TV when I suddenly jump up thinking I am not correctly dressed to sit in my own home. Everything…” Lenna sighed while she washed her hair. “Even now standing under the shower I see that you disapprove how I wash my hair. I can never be myself… with Rome I was just me.”
Georgie looked away, she did want to mention that Lenna would tangle her hair if she scrubbed it like this but suddenly she thought about it.
“What do you want to do?”
Lenna looked confused at Georgie. “Do you think we can use more candles? And maybe I could play soccer for school?”
“Candles? Very romantic. I will talk to Aunt Helen that you would like to try out for the soccer team. Are you any good?”
“I don’t know I only played with… Nick.”
“I bet he let you win that’s the job of a big brother.” Georgie wrapped the large towel around Lenna’s little frame. “And I never meant to take away your Rome.”
“He isn’t my Rome. Actually I don’t even know if I see him again. I know he if from Seattle and he has a twin brother. I think he mentioned that he is leaving tomorrow but no idea where around here he stayed.”
“If it is meant to be you will meet him again! Now let me see if I can fix this tousled hair of yours.” Georgie grinned while Lenna rolled her eyes. Of course did Georgie bother, would used loads of gunk to fix the brunets hair which would be fine without it, but it also meant the two girls boding because usually Lenna was reading out loud while Georgie beautified the little girl. At the moment they were reading Three Musketeers, the girls decided they were missing their third musketeer and one day they would find her or him.

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Soccer Team

After spring break Lenna did try out for the soccer team and to Georgie’s surprise she was rather good. Lenna is small but quite fast and not scared when the opponent girls ran towards her. She became a defender and apparently her coach said it had been a while that they had such a strong left defender that was left footed but nearly just as strong with her right foot. The season was pretty much finished sp they had a few friendly games and the big tournament in Portland the second week before school breaks up. Lenna was always in the garden training, Uncle Lewis got after three week a landscape architect in so that she would get a decent size of trainings ground in the large garden, including correct size goal and soccer worthy grass. He would have preferred of she would have done a more lady-like sport but once he saw her -a recording from his assistant from a trainings session- he decided to support the young girl.
Lenna had settled into school really well but now that she joined the soccer team Lenna actually became popular. Lenna loved the hard work she had to do to follow her classes, she was challenged in every lesson. The youngest in her year group was always one that understood the topic the quickest but she stopped being bored in school after the first week especially when teacher caught on how clever she is. However now her fellow peers also realised how great she was. Lenna had training two days after school and two other days she had clubs one was mythology and folklore and the other was German. Aunt Helen had suggested that one so that Lenna would not lose the ability to speak German.
Lenna preferred not to bring friends home, despite her having a few now in the soccer team. One evening after soccer practice Lenna had a quick shower before she sat down at the dinner table.
“Is that the new dinner attire to wear?” Uncle Lewis said as he saw Lenna wearing jeans shorts, a purple t-shirt with a cheeky picture and text (Beware of the Hellhounds) on it and her hair still wet. Georgie was giggling seeing Lenna in her attire.
“I’m sorry Uncle Lewis I didn’t have much time training went longer. We were discussing the travel arrangements to Portland. I am still allowed to go right?” Lenna said calmly. She wasn’t freaking out anymore when Lewis spoke to her but she was not there yet to speak as cocky and cheeky as Georgie did.
“Yes you are allowed to go. However I think this shirt is not appropriated. Not sit still while you eat.” Lewis said is his calm strict voice.
“Elenna, darling why do never bring home any of your friends. Georgie tells me you have several by now. You started out with only Georgie as friend and now you are quite busy lunch times. You do now that your friends would be very welcome to join us for dinner.” Aunt Helen said while she handed the young brunette the salad bowl with a strict but kind look on her face. She was expecting Lenna to have some salad.
“Only if they were proper dinner attire though.” Uncle Lewis mumbled.
“Lewis!” Helen sounded shocked as she looked at her husband. “They are welcome in any attire.” She ensured Lenna.
Lenna however thought about the question for a while before she answered. “I know I can but I like it the way it is. I have my friends at school and here at home I can read all day long and train soccer but not have to… entertain I think is a good word for it.”
Georgie grinned at her young sister. “She is such a darling in school, overly polite and a lot less cheeky. I like having her at home just to myself.”
“I am not sure I like the sound of that Georgina.” Aunt Helen said but let it slide.
Two days before the trip to Portland
“I can’t believe it. This is just shit!” Lenna grumbled as she got in and slammed the door of the car that was picking Georgie and her up. The girls were used to call a driver when they needed to go anywhere, although when Lenna was coming home alone from school she took quite often the subway and bus. Not something she will tell anyone any time soon. She knew neither Aunt Helen nor Uncle Lewis would approve of that.
“What’s the matter?” Georgie asked smiling she loved Lenna so much especially how vivid and kind of rough she is, keeping in mind she is a ministers daughter… one with the dirtiest mouth ever.
“The team in Portland got disqualified from the tournament. They got in a fight with the fan of another team and now the tournament is possibly getting cancelled. I was really looking forward to the tournament. I would even possibly play in a match not all and not in the starting team but still. This is really fucked up!” Lenna huffed loudly and she threw herself back into the seat.
Georgie looked sorry at Lenna, she was genuine sorry but the way Lenna explained the misery was just too funny. Lenna didn’t grew up in an area like Brooklyn, Queens, Pittsburg or other rough areas but in New York State area though her family travelled a lot around the US. Lenna believed because her parents were missionaries, the sort of national missionaries however Georgie knew the actual reason why her parents travelled. Especially with the school year nearly over and Lenna having a proper education that doesn’t include partial homeschooling elements Georgie wondered how long it would take Lenna to find out the truth.
“You could ask Uncle Lewis he might be able to do something to get them to rearrange.” Georgie suggested.
“I don’t know what he can go the tournament is meant to be in Oregon. It’s just fucked up!”Lenna was looking at the roof of the car trying so hard not to cry. She was just so disappointed.
Georgie looked out of the window trying to figure out how she could help Lenna.
Turns out so did the coaches off the teams. It was Uncle Lewis that got the phone call and that was rather good because he made sure that the coach knew how much his niece wanted and deserved this trip. The coach told him that the trip is one the tickets will be changed but at the moment they don’t know yet to were.
“Georgie come on, we got to go! I gonna miss my flight!” Lenna yelled up the stairs before she ran back into the kitchen. Aunt Helen had bought Pop-Tarts and she was eating one while running back and forth to check that all her things were in the car that she got her passport and the tickets.  Lenna was wearing her team track suit.
“I had to make sure I look stunning you are after all going with the boys’ soccer team.”
“Georgina! I hope you are not really implying what I think.” Lewis said strictly considering to leave Georgie home while they dropped off Elenna at the airport.
“Can we just go?” Lenna nearly shouted but remembered in the last second that Uncle Lewis would not approve of this kind of behavior.
“I agree, Georgie get in the car, Lewis calm down Georgie will see the boys barely ten minutes and Elenna darling please calm down you are going to be sick how many of your Pop-Tarts have you eaten?” Aunt Helen ushered the girls to the car while she took her husband’s hand to come as well.
At the airport seeing her team Lenna was suddenly a bit shy actually taking Aunt Helen’s hand. Helen smiled it was easy to forget that Lenna was just 10 years old. “You will have a wonderful time Elenna. It is five days your coaches will be responsible for you and I want you to listen to them. You will have a great time. And we will be here when you are coming back.” Helen embraced Lenna tightly. Lenna closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Just for a moment she needed the safety and nurture Aunt Helen.
Lenna still smiled as she walked into the lounge of Alaska Airlines. Uncle Lewis didn’t think it was right they her team flew with Alaska Airlines, he trusted more the traditional major American Delta Airlines. Lenna didn’t mind and neither did anyone of their team, they even flew premium class. When her family was still alive they didn’t fly often and Lenna liked that, she liked driving everywhere. And she had to tell her coach that she was rather nervous of flying. The airline had given her a yellow wristband to identify her as nervous flyer. The lounge was nice, some of the older kids went for a wonder through the airport while the younger ones stayed in the lounge until it was time to board their flight. It was a flight of good six hours but they had fun.
The hotel was nothing special -again Uncle Lewis complained that he is paying good money for it so he expect us to stay at a decent hotel not a youth hostel- Lenna liked the hostel. It looked really funky and was pretty much right in downtown. As promised once they checked into the hostel and unpacked and had a moment to themselves she called Aunt Helen from the pay phone. Lenna didn’t admit to anyone, not even Georgie that she did hope she would somehow run into Rome Remington; however she wasn’t sure how.
It didn’t happen the day of their arrival but… “Chica? What the frak are you doing here?”
Lenna’s little heart did a little jump when she heard his voice. She turned around and saw those green eyes again and saw the cheeky grin, this tie his twin was next to him -his fraternal twin brother- who didn’t look cheeky he just kind of had an angry look on his face.
Lenna looked down at herself in her soccer kit. “Attending clowns college, clearly.”
Rome laughed as he hugged the little frame of the girl he defended in the Sagaponack. Rome and his brother Rawson usually were rather attached to each other but he already had summer holidays so he could hang out all day on the pitch, not something Rawson wanted to do. He didn’t understand why his brother wanted to hang out with the little ten year old weird girl. But Rome did, it was odd for the two of them. It was the last day of the tournament when Lenna noticed that next to Rome was a woman standing, clearly his Mom.

“That’s her Mom.” Rome said pointing at Lenna.
Lenna never thought she was able to read people, most of the times she didn’t get people but this time was different. Rome’s Mom, Mrs Remington was so easy to read. She was so angry seeing the young girl, and Lenna did not understand why.
“Hello Mrs Remin-“
“You two listen to me now very closely!” Mrs Remington interrupted the young girl with a harsh undertone in her voice. “You will forget that you ever met, you will never talk to each other again! This is not meant to be like this! Romulus get in the car, now!” Without further explanation Mrs Remington pushed her loudly complaining son to the car so fast that neither he nor Lenna were able to stop her.  
“And then my coach was concerned that something was wrong so she accompanied me back to the hostel until it was time to go to the airport. We didn’t swap phone numbers or addresses. It was just so weird Georgie.”
“It sounds weird. Tell you what I think there is something wrong with the family. I think you are better off without him. We find you some friends here.” Georgie smiled while she was gently brushing a facial mask on Lenna’s face -clearly something a ten year old needs-.

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