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Gimme Shelter

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226Gimme Shelter - Page 10 Empty Re: Gimme Shelter on 5th November 2011, 10:48

I hate the Florida plates. And she picked them from all the plates he picked the stupid Florida plates, I always feel like a Playboy bunny when I use them.

It was not easy for Lenna not to check her phone again. Even so it was totally useless to look at it. She had it in her hand and she would have felt the vibrating of an incoming text or call.

Damn it Aly is nicer than I thought. I thought she is just this type of girl that falls for Rome and can’t think of her own.

“Normally I am not, Rome and Raws do that and I am the brain behind them, even though I would like to be more helpful than I am at the moment. I mean I know how to protect myself, I had to normally I don’t hunt with others. But Rome can be pretty convincing and a year ago when I met them I planned to hunt a siren and well it is hart to kill it when you are on your own. But since then we stayed together. Oh no I talked again too much. Sorry when I nervous I can’t shut up. I know I can’t call them in case they are in trouble, it would make it easier for the FBI to find us, because right now our phone are no real use to find us. All our contacts are pseudonyms. Okay I’m quiet now.”

Lenna looked at Aly’s hand on hers. When a small smile appeared on her face.

“You know one fake ID will not be enough. The stuff we need is not just normal ID’s. We have all kinds of different ID, the newest ID’s say that we are FBI agents. My favorite one is the CDC. But we also have ID that say we are from the Homeland security, Federal Marshalls, Students from a lot of different Universities, oh and in case we need to talk to kids we are Teddy Bear Doctors. How funny it is that I was too scared to pretend to be from the FBI and now I shot two agents, I wonder what is worse.” Lenna was for a moment quiet. “I wonder how long we should wait here. We all know that we will stay for a while at the Safehouse. I know where is, I just wonder it if we should just drive to it and wait there?”

Frack, where the hell did we lose Georgie? We were supposed to stay close. What if she is in trouble?

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227Gimme Shelter - Page 10 Empty Re: Gimme Shelter on 5th November 2011, 12:21

Why on earth did this freaking thing of a GPS lead me in a completely wrong direction? These things are MEANT to help drivers who cannot read maps, just like me! After Georgina got lost and drove around for a while without having a single clue where she was she finally managed to find her way back on the highway and was more than relieved when she spotted Elenna and Aly. She saw Lenna's impatient glance while she was pulling her shiny pink car right next to hers.
"Jeez, where the hell have you been, Georgie? Did you go shopping or what?"

"I got lost."

"What do you mean you got lost? Doesn't your expensive car have something like a GPS perhaps?"

"Well, yeah, but it didn't quite work properly", Georgina replied. "After it lead me into a wrong direction I tried to fix it, but instead it started barking at me in Greek and Russian and God knows what language, so I turned it off and found the way back myself."

"Well, congratulations."

"No need to be so grumpy, Lenna."

"Sorry, but I'm a little stressed because the boys don't show up and I'm really worried."

Georgina sighed and checked her cell phone. She wanted to say something encouraging, but she couldn't really think of anything.

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228Gimme Shelter - Page 10 Empty Re: Gimme Shelter on 5th November 2011, 12:22

Lenna was nervous, she walked up and down like a tiger in a too small cage.

"Did you hear anything, Georgie?" Georgie checked again just to be sure her cell and shook her head.

That was for Lenna the sign to keep walking back and forth, in the desert and back to the cars. She picked up a stone. She suddenly tossed it far in the desert and yelled.

"That is not fair." Her shoulders dropped and she said more quiet. "They just came back, where the hell are they?"

Gimme Shelter - Page 10 ArielButtercup
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229Gimme Shelter - Page 10 Empty Re: Gimme Shelter on 5th November 2011, 12:23


((OOC: New plan. Visons, premonitions in quote boxes, because it's easier to differentiate. Razz I'll go back and edit previous posts when I have time.))

Okay, grand, Rome thought to himself. And when did I think this would be a good idea?

Stupid pieceofsh*t car. Those handbrake turns weren't actually supposed to break the handbrake. Okay, so no braking sharply. Awesome.

New plan. New new plan.


Rome's eyes glazed over with a plan briefly as the SUV came into his rearview mirror once again, and began to grow steadily.

But even he wasn't that stupid. No. Bad plan. Need a better plan.

But according to the road markers, he had less than forty seconds to come up with a better plan. A plan that didn't involve him driving his car over the edge and throwing himself out of a vehicle doing eighty on a dirt road.

Then again, that little ledge was perfect. A small curb in the way, but other than that...

No. No. You'd be killing people. Different plan, different--

Rat-tat-tat-tat! Bling! Cling! Blam!

Okay, point taken.

The setup was perfect, anyway. They were approaching at a slight angle, the suburban on the inside along the cliff, trusting, presumably, to its great size, or not having any clue that there was even a cliff edge there. Rome's seatbelt was already undone.

Then his vison began to go white around the edges...

No, not now!

Breaks: slammed. Wheel: turned sharply to the right. Rome saw himself launching himself out of the car just as the two vehicles collided and spilled over the cliff.

And then he was back, with literally two seconds to make a decision or figure out some other way to be a heroic retard...

So he slammed on the breaks, jerked the vehicle to the right, and used the momentum of the crash to throw himself out of the vehicle. He'd seen this done on a movie somewhere, something like a swan dive, but he realized at the last second that that probably wasn't how it was done in real life. So he tucked and rolled instead, as the SUV folded around the tiny car and skidded off the edge with a resounding screech!

Rome was scrabbling for a hold now as he realized his roll was taking him dangerously near the edge, accepting more than a few scrapes and bruises for his efforts. When he stopped moving, all was silent. He didn't even hear the cars hit the ground.

Now that the fear, adrenaline, and general stupidity had faded, his conscience caught up with him:


Rome's eyes went wide and, ignoring the annoying amount of pain he was in, struggled to his feet and scrambled to the edge of the cliff--

Where, not ten feet below, on a ledge that protruded from cliff face, saving them from the hundred-foot drop, the SUV lay on it's side, the car like a crumpled tin can beside it. He heard groans from within.

They were alive. Thank God!

But you wanted them dead.

"No, I didn't..." Rome began, out loud, before ducking back before anyone spotted him. He thought about it for a minute: What was with that vision right before? Did I know they would survive, and that was the only way to get them off my back? Did it matter if they had died?

"Of course it matters," he tried, out loud again, but to himself, because it sounded more convincing when he said it out loud. "I...I don't want to..."

But you wanted them dead.

"No!" he shouted, getting to his feet. It was like he had another voice in his head that wasn't him. Anyway, he was sick of this crap. They were alive, and that was all that mattered.

And now he was stranded in the desert. Time to call in for back up. He pulled out his phone--dear God how did this thing survive?--and pushed speed dial 1 with shaking hands.

"Heya, Rawson. Yeah, listen. I sure could use a ride right about now..."

"Where are you, you moron?"

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230Gimme Shelter - Page 10 Empty Re: Gimme Shelter on 5th November 2011, 12:23

Lenna was staring in the desert, hoping the other two would not see how worried she really was. She felt lost in the hospital, when Rome just let her get her way. They left her behind no matter what she had said; they should list agued with her. And here she was again, with strangers on the way to another stranger.

This just gets better and better.

“Lenna your phone.” Said Georgie.

Lenna turned around and sprinted back to the Mustang, just to swan dive after her phone that just vibrated its way off the hood of the Mustang.


“Elenna. Hey. Rome. We're...” Lenna didn’t let Rome finish the sentence she just interrupted whatever he wanted to say which was probably answer some of her questions.

“Where the hell are you? I stuck here with Barbie and the FBI in the friggin desert. We are waiting since hours and I haven’t got a life signal from you guys. I had to shoot two friggin Agents because they had guards in the ambulance and... and where are you?” Lenna’s voice was trembling and she hated herself for sounding so helpless but she couldn’t help it, she got too used to those two boys.

“Lenna, girl why don't you try slowing it down and breathe. Come on deep breath, for me.”

Lenna rolled her eyes she could see without seeing Rome that he was grinning. She did what he told her and took a deep breath, it didn’t help to be less worried but she knew that she had to calm down a little.

“We’re on our way. You’re still at the point we wanted to meet in the desert?”

“Yes. We are. Hurry up I wanna go far from Gallup and delete it from my map forever. Rome? Don’t you ever let me have my way that easily okay? Next time I wanna stay with strangers hit me over the head and drag me far away from them. Or I dunno, just don’t ditch me that quickly, or just say that I get on your nerves and I leave.”

Lenna faced the desert again. Even they were still in New Mexico she was wearing a hoddy and tried to disappear in it. She wanted was to know they are all save.

Okay since when I am such a baby? I was alone before I met the boys and now I get scared when they are out of my sight? Got get a grip Lenna that is ridiculous.

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231Gimme Shelter - Page 10 Empty Re: Gimme Shelter on 5th November 2011, 12:33

As the unconscious or incapacitated cops piled up, Caleb dropped the now-empty rubber bullet drum from his shotgun and reached into the back seats, pulling a fresh drum of far less benign ammunition from the bag, returning his eyes to the road just in time to swerve and avoid a collision with one of the trashed police cars. There was still a live one, its engine still running as cops tried to get back to it. Caleb rolled down his window again and pulled up, taking long enough to load and aim at his shotgun at the live car. He squeezed the trigger. He smiled as the shotgun kicked back against his shoulder. As the shot impacted the patrol car's engine block, it detonated, utterly ruining any chance of following the group. Caleb grinned and rolled up the window, turning and gunning the engine before the highway patrol chopper arrived.

"Frag-12 high explosive rounds. Carrying them breaks so many laws it crosses from funny to not funny, and back into funny again," Caleb chuckled as he set the shotgun down in the rear footwell and took off down the dark New Mexico roads.

He followed the directions to where Elenna and Georgina were supposed to meet them, deliberately turning early and travelling the last mile and a half or so off-road. He slewed the monstrous pickup to a halt behind the Mustang, bailing from the driver's seat as soon as the parking brake was engaged and the ignition off. He jogged to the front of the Mustang, tapping the roof.

"Where're the Remingtons?" Caleb asked, glancing around - they'd bailed before him and Danila, and should be here by now.

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232Gimme Shelter - Page 10 Empty Re: Gimme Shelter on 5th November 2011, 12:34


The car ride was...silent.

Okay, so all the destruction and mayhem had worked off some of the aggression, sure, but not all of it. It wasn't a hostile car ride.

But it wasn't friendly.

Raws didn't even ask how Rome'd gotten rid of his boatload of SWAT guys. Then, Rome didn't ask how many vehicles Raws had blown up and how he'd gotten out of town. Probably better not to know. On both counts.

His call to Elenna hadn't gone well, either. Though he grinned fondly at the memory, she'd flipped a pancake at him for not calling earlier. That kid....well, shouldn't be left alone for more than ten minutes at a time, for one.

They pulled up to the rendezvous point just behind Caleb and Dan in Cal's behemoth of a truck, judging by the dust still in the air. Or maybe that was normal around here. Whatever.

"Yo, what's the haps, peeps?" Rome grinned cheaply. And, duly deserved, received in return glares which ranged from confused to unimpressed.

And then, out of nowhere...


"OW!" Rome cried, holding his offended cheek. Elenna's face was livid, and she was holding her hand from slapping him so hard.

"I can't believe you left me--again! With people who make me use guns! You are such a...a..." she swung back to hit him again but Rome grabbed her wrist and tried a tentative grin:

"A slob? A creep? A misogynistic bastard who cares only about himself?"

She stopped, at that, at least. And she blinked. So he kept going:

"I have bad breath? I drink nothing but Mountain Dew and complain to you when my piss turns green? I steal all the hot water in the motels? I'm out all night and sleep all day?"

Then she laughed. Rome let himself relax a bit: Dodged that one, he sighed, relieved.

"You're mean," she laughed, snatching her hand back and shoving him. She was doing the grinning-but-pretending-still-to-be-mad thing. Which was frankly adorable.

"And I'm mean, that's right," he said, pulling her into a hug. "I'm mean..." Rome trailed off, trying not to think about what that truly meant. He quickly voided the vacant stare when Elenna pulled away from him, poking at the cuts and scrapes that covered his body.

"Rome, you're all..." she began.

"Yeah," Rome replied. "Gravity sucks, remind me to tell you about it sometime. So," he turned to the others. "Everyone here? Healthy? Happy?"

"Yes, barely and not really," someone said.

Rome clapped his hands and laughed. "That's good enough for me. Move out. Last one to Protection, Kansas is a Wendigo's bitch!"

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“I would be surprised that you listened when I told you about a Wendigo. I remember that in that it was in the library in Kankakee, Illinois and the hottest girl on the planet was sitting not far behind me.” Lenna smiled, hoping Rome hadn’t heard the bit of jealousy in her voice, while she got in the Mustang.
She wasn’t really jealous that he called other girls the hottest girls on the planet, she was more jealous that this girl could catch his attention with doing nothing and she couldn’t even catch his attention with the lore about some evil monster. But that’s the way it is and always will be.

Rome will always act like a big overprotective brother as soon I am hurt, or in danger and as long I am okay he trust that I will know the lores when we need them so that he doesn’t have to listen to me when I teach them before we need them.

She had no idea what took Georgie so long her car was so closest to that street but each other car had left the spot in the desert long before she appeared in Lenna’s wing mirror. Aly looked a little less sick, so she let the Mustang fly and headed north, she didn’t plan to take the normal route which would lead them back through Gallup. This town was from now on a hole in every map she will own.

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"Tell the FBI board I submit my resignation. Oh and, Holyfield--if my friends had wanted you dead, you would be. They aren't who you think they are."

That was Holyfield's last conscious thought as the blow to the back of the head overpowered him.

When he opened his eyes what seemed like seconds later, the place was swarming with additional hospital staff and a few teams of cops--though where a town this size kept pulling these guys from was anyone's guess--and no sign of Allison, the Remingtons, or any of their accomplices.

"Sh*t," he said, batting away the paramedic who was tending to his head and got to his feet. "Where are they? Where are they?!" he demanded of the world at large.

"They are at least an hour out of town, in God know's what direction. But that's to be expected."

The voice was smooth, deep, and freakishly calm, affectedly calm. Holyfield hated it when people gave him the "calm down" voice. It took everything in him that wanted to keep his job not to haul off and break this guy's face open.

"Who the hell are you?" He wheeled on the voice to discover it belonged to a man in an immaculate suit, a black man with short-cropped hair and soul-piercing eyes. He looked like he never smiled. He looked like you never wanted him to.

"I am Agent Justice, and I am here to recruit you."

Holyfield's mouth hung open slightly. "What?"

"More accurately, you are being reassigned, or you are being let go. We have a man to replace in Agent Smith, recently deceased in the line of duty."

"For what? What department are you in?"

Agent Justice smiled. And Holyfield was right: it wasn't pretty. "Security, Holyfield, same as you. Now we know you want to bring Remington and his accomplices down. We know you know there's something not quite right about them. That they're dangerous. Inhumanly so. We want to help you re-build your reputation. And you'll be saving many innocent lives from monsters that--"

"Monsters!" Holyfield barked out a laugh. "What is it with everyone these days?"

Agent Justice was giving him a deadpan. "Why don't we talk about this over coffee and leave it to the locals to sort all this out? I'm afraid what I have to tell you is greater than a few police officers and federal agents killed by one crazy serial killer in small-town, New Mexico. There is a much larger picture to be seen here."

And I'm calling that a wrap (unless anyone else wanted to post, let me know). Congratulations, we survived our first run-in with the law! bounce

((For those of you who don't know, me and Run are creating an agency called SWORD (a private organization, though they claim to be backed by the FBI and the Vatican), for Supernatural, Witchcraft, and Occult Reconnaissance and Defense, which our man Holyfield has just been recruited to.))

Thanks to all those who participated in or read Gimme Shelter!

Stay tuned for the next episode of Supernatural: Reanimated Rest and Recuperation

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