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Character biographies

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1Character biographies Empty Character biographies on 4th November 2011, 11:39

You will find here the character biographies of players that are not active at the moment.

Character biographies ArielButtercup
"I hate witches! Spewing their bodily fluids everywhere. It is insane! No, downright unsanitary!"
My super cool characters:
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2Character biographies Empty Rawson"'Raws" remington on 4th November 2011, 11:59

Rawson “Raws” Remington

DOB: January 3, 1983
Age: 23 (spring 2006)
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: American
Weight: 172
Height: 6’ ½”
Hair: Dirty blond/light brown tints
Eyes: blue-green with hints of hazel
Build: Athletic, toned, lean muscle (swimmer’s build)
Markings: tattoo of a wolf (hidden by clothing), scars
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Profession: Mercenary; Former Marine Lance Corporal
Portrayed by: Alec Newman
Theme song: Don’t Fear the Reaper, BÖC

Character biographies Paul

Rawson is, in many ways, the opposite side of Rome’s coin. Especially since The Incident, he prefers jeans and jackets that let him hide enough weapons on his person to make him feel somewhat safe. Don’t get the wrong idea though, he can dress up for a job when he needs to.
Usual attire: Heavy jeans, t-shirt, unbuttoned shirt, brown biker jacket

Rawson is very good at observing people and reading them, but he has trouble fitting in places, and is even uncomfortable with people he knows well. A Merc with marine training, he enlisted with his brother at eighteen.

He’s extremely loyal to family, but outside of that he has no ties, and doesn’t intend to make any. He’ll do protective details, test security, move things… really he’s in the business for the money. Don’t get any romantic notions about his life. The only romantic aspect he has is his vendetta against anything paranormal… if that even counts.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
He is a survivor, first and foremost. He’s more than happy to take out Supernatural crap that comes his way, but since Rome’s accident, he tends to be most focused on whatever his current job is. A mercenary, he does protective details, tests security, and moves almost anything that needs to be transported. He’s incredible with a rifle, and more than decent with a shotgun or pistol. He’s good in brawls and proficient martial arts; he put a great deal of effort into studying Krav Maga, the system used by the Israeli military. He’s proven calmand focused in combat, good with outdoor survival, and can be covert when necessary. Enough jobs have leant him a bit of a sixth sense when it comes to danger, and though he isn’t particularly close to the family anymore (his way of protecting them; besides, without Rome the family wouldn’t’ be the same) but he could still go to them if he had to.

Rawson does, of course, have his downsides. While he’s very perceptive, he is socially awkward and doesn’t ‘get’ people. It’s hard for him to get close for them, and for them to get inside his shell. He’s also out for blood, he may even turn down a job if he scopes out something supernatural to test his skills against. This proves especially dangerous as he has little knowledge of supernatural lore and creatures. He’s obsessed with revenge on those who intentionally harm him or Rome, and a perceived threat to Rome can prevent him from thinking clearly. As well, ever since that… incident, the military hasn’t been particularly pleased with this deserter. His affluent family managed to smooth things over with the government, of course, but that doesn’t mean the military would be happy to lay eyes on him again.

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3Character biographies Empty Alison "Aly" Wesson on 4th November 2011, 12:12

Allison Wesson

Age: 27 (Fall 2005)
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Profession: former Special Agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, now Hunter
Portrayed by: Sophie Bush

Character biographies Sophia-bush-64963


Jena and Allison were daddy’s little girls, until one night Allison woke up screaming. Her older sister, by a year, came in to see what was wrong and walked in on a kidnapping. Both girls were taken. Allison and Jena spent 3 weeks tied up in an old warehouse near Puget Sound. At night he would take them into the woods where a group of people did strange things, chanted and cut themselves and spoke in strange voices. Jena was the lucky one—he only starved and beat her. Her sister on the other hand…one day he simply never brought her back to their cell. She went after her sister to find her tied to some ritual altar. Jena took her sister's place and told her to run and never look back. She never saw Jena again. She managed to escape and ran to a marina where she was recognized and taken to a hospital. Her sister’s body was never recovered along with four other girls.

Aly turned inward. She made it through counseling and support groups and eventually found herself a normal girl. Yes her high school sweetheart was seriously injured in a freak storm when he’d had a bit too much beer and started to grope around—but things like that happen right?

After high school came college. She graduated top of her class in Forensic Science. From there she shipped off to Quantico for training with the FBI. Normally, with a past like hers, the FBI wouldn’t place her in missing persons—but she was the best of her class and that was where she requested to be.

After two years working missing persons she got a case that seemed similar to her own. The more she looked at it the more she felt connected. She became obsessed with finding the group who’d killed her sister—and dozens other children in satanic cult rituals across the country. Once she could swear she saw Jenna at the crime scene--but the mind does play tricks and had been having intense nightmares involving her sister. While still investigating that case she is working on a current double homicide. Her only suspect is one Romulus Remington.

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4Character biographies Empty Danila Dragunov on 4th November 2011, 12:17

Name: Danila Dragunov.
Age: 43(But looks to be in late-20s).
Hair/Eyes: Black/Grey.
Height: 183.7cm.
Weight: 76.4kg
Build: Muscular, but slim, very athletic and agile.
Nationality: Russian.
Strengths: Excellent marksman and tracker, also very stealthy.
Weaknesses: Doesn't know much of the lore, only what he gleaned from children's stories and old horror novels.

Danila has worked for various branches of the Soviet government his whole life.

He was originally in the Russian army. However, after showing very unique skills in tracking enemies down, he was recruited into the Russian secret service. After intensive training and a short time serving as a normal operative, he was assigned the position of tracker and assassin.

Since then, for the past fifteen years of his life, Danila has tracked down and eliminated innumerable targets - both within the borders of his homeland and without.

Recently, he was contacted by his government for a special job in America.
He was asked to work with the Americans.

At first he balked at this. To him, America was a sworn enemy. A great roadblock in the path of his nation's success. But then he heard the nature of the mission.

Tracking down supernatural beings? This would be a prey worth his mettle. Unlike the normal men he was used to dispatching like so many dirty rats.

Actually, Dalina had experience in these things. After fifteen years of this grisly kind of work, and being the best at what he did, he'd come across some odd cases. He'd once hunted down a man suspected of being a vampire, complete with the hunt ending in a bloody staking in a creepy old castle. Of course, surprisingly to him, the creature hadn't died. . . so he'd used the old-fashioned method: filling it with enough lead to contain a nuclear warhead and dumping tho body in a river. He'd also had several other supernatural cases, from the ability to evade him unusually well to one with telepathic abilities to any of a variety of odd traits.

Of course, those were always his favorites. The most challenging. And obviously, someone of great skill loves a challenge. They'd even given him a chance to actually work to his full potential, to use his natural intuitions and skills to track down targets that weren't quite... human.

Needless to say, Danila accepted the request. He is now in America, hunting down supernatural prey and waiting to meet up with a team of hunters. He was given a contact (Tex Moseley), whom he plans to meet with soon.

Outfit & Armament:
Typically wears black combat boots, black cargo pants, a dress shirt, vest, and tie - all well-fit and slim, but with enough room to work in. Also usually wears a Russian Army-issue trenchcoat, even on warmer days. Carries any assortment of pistols, knives, and rifles depending on the occasion, al discretely hidden inside of his coat and various different pockets on his person.

Has a withdrawn, laid back attitude. He is very sarcastic if coaxed into speaking. Also, of course, has a very thick Russian accent, though he speaks fluent, nigh-perfect English.

Typically takes long strides. He will go for the quickest, cleanest kill in any combat situation, leaving acrobatics and showy fighting to the young and weak.

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5Character biographies Empty Caleb "Dog Soldier" Daly on 4th November 2011, 12:45

Caleb "Dog Soldier" Daly

DOB: January 3, 1973
Age: 30 (begin 2005)
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: American (Scotch-Irish Descent)
Weight: 225 lbs
Height: 6’ 3"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Build: Athletic, lean muscle
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York City, New York
Profession: Hunter, Piano Teacher, Former SFOD-D First Sergeant (Weapons Sergeant) and Hand to Hand Combat Instructor
Portrayed by: Colin Farrell
Theme song:


Character biographies Colin_farrell_08

Caleb is calm and stoic, his face usually set in a neutral, emotionless expression of mild disinterest. He is tall, proportionally broad, and his mass is mostly lean, functional muscle. His body is a typically rectangular build with a strong core to complement his shoulders, arms and chest as opposed to a "Gym Rat" upper body. His dress manner is unassuming, a black jacket, grey shirt, charcoal slacks and Enforcer brand steel-toed shoes. These clothes conceal a Glock 22, a Glock 23, and a large Silver-Alloy Bowie Knife.

Caleb's eyes are bright, alert and intelligent. His hair is shaggy and dog-like, and his beard usually goes unshaven long enough to leave stubble on hischeeks and neck, surrounding his moustache and goatee. And despite what some Werewolf legends say, he is not in possession of excessive, unsightly body hair.


Caleb is quiet, calm and apparently unflappable. When he jokes, it is usually sarcastic or similarly dark or pessimistic. While not outgoing or flamboyant, Caleb is nonetheless strong-minded and has a Steel Will that puts Wills of Iron to shame. His time in SFOD-D, better known as Delta Force, has made him a good team player, despite his drifter-induced isolation.

He speaks with an air of calm, relaxed authority, giving the illusion of total control of the situation - even if trapped in an out-of-control train or in a chopper going into a groundwards spiral. This is a double-edged sword, however, as it irritates people as often as it calms them. Caleb holds himself to a strict code of personal honour and is extremely loyal to his few friends and allies.

In spite of his cool, calm, collected head, Caleb clings to one sliver of hope like a drowning man to driftwood. The hope that there is a cure for, or at the very least a means of gaining control over his Lycanthropy. While his years of research have made him knowledgeable on a variety of Supernatural Beings, and several ways to kill other Werewolves, Caleb has yet to draw close to a means of curing or controlling the Wolf.


Caleb's calm, clear and politely authoritative demeanour can often soothe other people, even under dire circumstances. His position of First Sergeant in SFOD-D has led to a good amount of knowledge with regards to keeping people under control, assessing skills and delegating appropriate tasks to those skills. It has also given him more obvious combat and survival skills, and his training as a Weapons Sergeant has given him a good knowledge of the use and maintenance of a myriad of weapons.

Caleb's "Resident Wolf" leaks into his human form, even when not close to the Full Moon, giving him significant physical and sensory advantages over normal humans. This becomes more pronounced as the Full Moon approaches. His senses are more acute, including Night Vision, though his sense of touch is somewhat hampered by the damage inflicted by his transformations. He is also slightly physically stronger, tougher, faster and possesses superior reactions to normal humans.

Caleb's strong will, fostered over almost a decade of attempting to fight his transformations, makes him an extremely difficult target for demonic possession and psychic influence - a fact no doubt helped by the presence of the Wolf. His tranformations have also given him an immense resistance to pain - mundane physical torture being a mild irritance in comparison to his transformations.


Caleb's calm aura is a double-edged sword. He does not mesh well with explosive or reckless personalities, and they in turn find him abbrassive and arrogant. His strong will and personality also tend to make him stubborn when confronted with such people - which in no way helps with them seeing him as arrogant.

The Wolf touching his human form also has it's downsides. He is sensetive to sensory overload, as loud noises and strong smells can provoke an extreme, often painful reaction. He is also sensetive to silver, even in human form, and even eating off silver cutlery can incite a reaction not unlike food poisoning or an allergic reaction. The Wolf also affects his mind, even when not close to the Full Moon, and he has an almost-unhealthy attraction to raw or nearly-raw meat. His first reaction to dead animals and even humans is often "I wonder if that's still edible".

Caleb has difficulty maintaining friendships and alliances, as he often skips town to avoid drawing attention to himself during the Full Moon. He also has great difficulty when it comes to his fellow Hunters, as they attempt to kill him for being a Werewolf more often than trying to tie in with him as a human being.

Becoming a Hunter:

Caleb and his unit were sent as part of a Black Book Operation in the northern Rockies, attempting to capture a Werewolf. As soon as the ten-man team trekked up into the mountains, they were being hunted. They were attacked and massacred in the second night of their sortie, Caleb only managing to get a bead on the Werewolf when it attempted to tear his throat out. He received an Other Than Honourable Discharge.

He then took to Piano Teaching and Hunting Supernatural Beings as a means of making ends meet, relentlessly pursuing Paranormal Beings in a heavily-modified Ford F 550 Super Duty truck. Modifications include heavy armour, a tuned engine, additional diesel tanks and storage space for bladed weapons and firearms (including a number of heavy-calibre pistols, automatic weapons and high-powered, long-range rifles).

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6Character biographies Empty Lily Benelli on 4th November 2011, 12:49

Lily Benelli

DOB: September 19, 1986
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: American Italian
Weight: 93 pounds
Height: 4'11
Hair: Reddish Brown, mid back, usually in a ponytail
Eyes: Green/gray/blue mixture
Build: Slim and slight
Hometown: Her RV
Profession: Hunter, college student
Portrayed by: Alyson Hannigan- Season 1 or 2 of Buffy

Character biographies 3346046112_2459c87b23

Theme song: Blackbird

She's far more at home in jeans and a teeshirt or sweatshirt than a dress and heels. She can wear the dress and heels, and even manage to not fall. They're just not her preference. She's prone to sticking pencils through her ponytail to keep track of them, making her look even more like a student. Her facial expression tends to stick to "cynical" or "focused".

She's tiny, and looks like a strong wind can blow her over, which is why she does her level best to not have to fight. She knows how, but if she's ever against anyone who also knows how, she's screwed.

She looks younger than she is, which causes people to underestimate her- a surefire way to annoy the crap out of her and cause her to either use as many big words as she can, or show that she knows her way around Hunting, whichever would work best in the context of the situation.

Lily is, above all else, calm, focused, and determined. She works hard to be this way. She's smart, and her first reaction to something- or at least, somewhere along the first five- will invariably be to hit th books and look it up. She's a bookworm to the enth degree, and she's okay with that. She's secure in who she is and what she is, and while she's not insanely confident, she's also not not-confident.

It's really hard to get a rise out of her. She reacts the same way to "Call 911!" as she does to "Do you have a nickel I could borrow?"- which is not to say that she doesn't care, just that she takes everything in stride. She prides herself in being fairly unflappable. Since being "an adult", she's only fallen apart once, and she refuses to lose her cool exterior for anything short of that ever again.

She's reserved, and holds herself back. She refuses to care about other people on an intimate level, because she refuses to allow herself to get hurt again.

"I've come to the conclusion that what is obvious to me is not always obvious to other people. I then followed that to it's logical culmination, and realized that the rest of the world is made up of idiots."

-- She's clairvoyant, and worked hard to train that ability. So she has control with it.
-- Simply put, she's brilliant.
-- Determined and focused.
-- Very hard working- drives herself hard.
-- Perfectionistic tendencies, which means that the quality of anything she does is top notch.
-- Can play just about any stringed instrument, and her favorite is her old beat up guitar.

-- She's clairvoyant, and while she has control, she isn't very strong with it.
-- Because of her intelligence, it doesn't always occur to her that someone else might have an answer worth listening to.
-- Is uncomfortable around people she doesn't know, and doesn't care to get to know them, so 9 times out of 10, she comes across as snobbish.
-- Determination and focus leads to tunnel vision. When she's focused on a problem, she will not stop working on it until she's dealt with it- which means that other things like "food" and "sleep" goes by the wayside.
-- Very hard working- usually drives herself too hard.
-- Perfectionistic tendencies that borderline on OCD. If you hand her a piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler, and tell her to draw two lines, she'll spend hours trying to get it "just right".

Lily was part of a family of Hunters. It was the only life she'd ever known, really. She and her older brother, Keith, had grown up in the RV, being homeschooled while her mom, Mariah, researched and her dad, William, went out and fought the things that her mom found. As soon as she and Keith were old enough, they started helping their parents. First in the researching of things, and then later, Lily stuck with research and Keith joined their father in the fighting. That wasn't to say that Mariah and Lily couldn't fight- they could, and could even outshoot the boys- or that William and Keith couldn't research- they could, and never let the girls live it down if they found crucial information first. It was just where there natural inclinations lay. Because they had more practice at it, Mariah and Lily were better at First Aid, but the guys were no slouches in that department, either.

When she was seven or so, she started to realize that she sometimes knew things she shouldn't know- mostly where things were or if someone was telling the truth. It didn't take her long to realize that she was showing flashes of clairvoyance. Lily being Lily, she read up on it. After a disastrous two weeks of trying to suppress it and making it worse, she decided to embrace it and focus on control. She's gotten good at the control, and can do it whenever she needs to. Unfortunately, she's not very powerful, so getting anything clearly is an issue. In the act of gaining control, she also lost her "gut feelings" that talk to her.

Lily and Keith thought about going to college, but in the end, they decided to stick with their family. The Benelli's were a happy family, and Lily joked that they put the "fun" in "dysfunctional". For all of the fact that they weren't "normal"- which, in Lily's opinion, was only a setting on a dryer- they were one of the healthiest families Lily knew. Most of the friends that Lily made came from divorced families, or if the parents weren't divorced, they might as well be, considering how they treated each other. This was not so for the Benelli family. Sure, Mariah and William had some doozy of some fights. But they always patched them up, and tried to find the best answer.

After a few months of doing online college, though, Mariah and William managed to convince Lily to stay in one spot and really go to college when the next semester started up. They told her that she could always come back to Hunting with them if she wanted to, but they would prefer her to have a real college experience. So Keith stayed with their parents, and she went to Dartmouth. She was getting used to being in one place for longer than two weeks, and starting to enjoy having friends that she wouldn't have to leave right after meeting them, when she received a phone call from a friend of the family. She was able to make it back for the funerals, and she didn't return to Dartmouth.

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7Character biographies Empty Theodore Randolf "Father Theo" Colt on 4th November 2011, 13:07

Theodore Randolf "Father Theo" Colt

DOB / Age (Fall 2005): December 17th, 1946. 69yrs old.
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: American (born in America; parents are from Canada)
Weight: 200lbs
Height: 5' 7"
Hair: What's left of it is silver
Eyes: Grayish Brown
Build: Is old a build?
Hometown: Undisclosed
Profession: Catholic priest
Portrayed by: Carl Reiner

Character biographies 6a00d83451e8b569e20147e2c80935970b-pi

Wrinkled and kind, Theo looks like the grandfather you always wished you had. He keeps his his hat and cane with him constantly. Cardigans are part of his charm, inside the pockets he keeps with him a roll of Lifesaver mints, a silver rosary, and a handkerchief with the letters K.J.C. stitched in the corner.

A good and kind man, Theo tends more towards listening then sharing. His own life is shrouded in secrecy, but he does share stories when they apply. He always has time for a confession or to give advice, but that doesn't mean he won't deal out a good tongue lashing if need be.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Spirituality is his strength, anything physical is his weakness. He has a strong limp in his left leg from an injury years ago.

Theo was born towards the end of the great depression. His parents immigrated from Canada in the late 30s.

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