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SPN: Reanimated Villain Application Template

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1 SPN: Reanimated Villain Application Template Empty SPN: Reanimated Villain Application Template on 10th November 2011, 13:06

Calling all Darksides, Villains, and Anger Management Issues!

We need your great ideas to star in Supernatural: Reanimated!

You start with an idea: a character spotlight where you face your biggest demons, an urban legend you find awesome, a gothic monster you'd like to play not-so-nice with, or any other adventure or mishap you'd like us to have.

(REMEMBER! You do not have to be in the SPN:R game to play a Villain! Anyone can guest-star as a villain!)

Then you copy the following form into a PM to MissAusten, Maeglin and ArielButtercup. If you need to leave something blank, that's fine: MissA, Maeg and Ariel are more than happy to help you brainstorm and fill in the details!


[b]Villain Template Application:[/b]

[i]Please fill in all applicable fields:[/i]

[b]Name of Villain (list all):[/b]
[b]Race/Monster class:[/b]
[b]Portrayed by:[/b] ("actor"--optional)
[b]Image:[/b] (optional but preferable!)

[b]Personality and Motivation:[/b] (why you want to kill us, etc.)

[b]Strengths and Assets:[/b] (superstrength? invisibility?)

[b]Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities:[/b] (you can't cross salt lines or allergic to wolfsbane?)

[b]How you can be killed:[/b] (decapitation, silver bullet to the heart)

[b]Episode Title:[/b] (classic rock song title is preferable)

[b]"TV Blurb":[/b] (an exciting "tune in next week" description of the episode that doesn't give away too much!)

[b]Hunter "spotlight":[/b] (who's spotlight episode is this? if any)

[b]Vague Plot Outline:[/b] (will be more detailed later, brief bullet points okay for now)
Include: "Hook" (how we find out about the hunt)
Research (do your homework...the hunters will, too!)
Surprise/Upset (often we think we're hunting something, and it ends up being something else...just to keep us on our toes!)
Conclusion (how you die, preferably epically)
Upshot (do we learn something valuable? is someone gravely injured or killed? what are the lasting consequences of this hunt?)

**[b]Keep in mind[/b] that only the information you want the players to find out will be given to them. As the villain, you may choose what to surprise the PLAYERS with and what to surprise the HUNTERS with. MissA, Ariel and Maeg will know, of course, but your secret is safe with us!

 SPN: Reanimated Villain Application Template ArielButtercup
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