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Callum Murdoch

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1Callum Murdoch Empty Callum Murdoch on 18th November 2011, 13:09

Player Information:
Age: 19
Contact information (Skype/MSN preferred): lindseyjstirling (skype)
Time Zone: GMT
What attracted you to AoL? ArielButtercup and Maeglin
Do you have any role play experience? What kind? no
Do you have any creative writing experience? yes
Are you at all familiar with the world of the CW Series Supernatural and its canon? no

Character Information:
Name (Surname the name of a gun is fun, but optional): Callum Murdoch
Date of birth: 18 February 1980
Age (Keep in mind our game is currently set in late 2005): 25
Sex: Male
Hometown: Inverness
Religion: Christian (no specified denomination)
Profession: Archaeologist
Theme song (something from Dean’s cassette tape collection):

Physical Description:
Race / Ethnicity: white Scottish
Weight: 180lbs
Height: 6’2”
Hairstyle and color: short, brown, usually a mess
Eye color: grey/blue
Physical build: Tall, athletic, muscular (not in a crazy way)
Identifying Markings: scar on his left forearm from falling out of a tree as a child
Portrayed by (since we structure our game like a TV show, what actor “plays” your character? Optional, but fun): Hugh Jackman
Image of character (optional):

Callum Murdoch Hugh_jackman

Medical History:
Callum has never had any serious medical incidents. Broke his left arm as a child.

Top of the class student. Good at every subject he put his mind to. Finished high school. Went to university straight after school and got a first class degree in archaeology. Specialised in Scottish/Scandinavian archaeology and knows a good deal about Scottish/Norse mythology.

Languages (spoken, written): English, German, Old Norse and a bit of Scottish Gaelic

Skill Strengths: knowledgeable on the mythologies Scotland/Scandinavia, excellent field archaeologist, intelligent, good driver
Skill Weaknesses: not good at swimming, bad at planning

Personality Strengths: friendly, honest, understanding, very principled, determined, spontaneous, adventurous
Personality Weaknesses: always thinks he’s right, a bit shy, spontaneous, doesn’t plan ahead

Interests: archaeology/mythology, Indiana Jones
What makes you happy? Finding treasure
What scares the crap out of you? Leeches

History / Background:
Callum lived in Inverness, Scotland as a child. He had a happy childhood and a good family. His family took him camping, walking, cycling, backpacking and climbing/abseiling when he was young. He is the oldest of five siblings (James, Lorna, Skye and Iona). At the age of 17 he went to University.

Callum graduated when he was 21. He spent some time travelling after leaving university. He then got a job as an archaeologist, working for Historic Scotland. After turning 25 he took a break from his job and travelled to the USA to do some volunteer archaeological work.

How and why you became a Hunter:
While on an excavation in the USA he is attacked by something supernatural and saved by Lenna and others. He decides to stay with them and help them, despite his lack of knowledge.

Hunting specialties (anything you’re particularly familiar with and good at killing): He doesn’t really know anything about hunting
Hunter contacts (anyone important you know?): no one
Hunter assets (what’s in the arsenal in the trunk of your car? Which could be something like this): trowel, shovel,
Your character's "Patron" God from the Greco-Roman Pantheon: Apollo

Choose one of the following scenarios and write—in character-- a (two-paragraph minimum) scene in which your character deals with the problem. Feel free to go any direction you like with this. Your application will not be invalidated even if you screw with canon or it is full of mechanical errors, but a good submission casts a favourable light on your application, so please try to provide a professional-looking writing sample.

* You have stumbled across a cursed artefact. It’s not attached to you yet, so you have options. You could destroy it, use it for its power and then destroy it before the curse gets you, or you could sell it. Which (if any) of these options do you choose?

* A poltergeist traps a small child in a refrigerator. You have almost finished the banishing ritual to expel the ‘geist, but before you finish, the child may suffocate. It you break the ritual now, your work will be lost. What do you do?

* A dear family member or friend has been acting weird lately. Maybe it’s locking himself away three days per month, complaining of weird nightmares, or sneaking around at night and returning smelling like blood and sulfur, but whatever it is, you’re sure something is very wrong. What do you do?

Callum scraped his trowel through the earth and felt his heart leap as something glinted up from the soil. He marked the position and then lifted the silver object from the ground. It was a ring, big and chunky, with a band of runes carved around it. Callum felt a sudden urge to put the ring on but some second instinct warned him against it. He studied the runes closer. They spoke of a curse.

Callum held the ring in his hand, unsure of what to do. Something about the ring unnerved him, although he was not usually one to believe in curses. The ring was destined for the museum, he reasoned with himself. But if there was a curse, could he bear to be responsible for the devastation it might cause. Callum gulped. Getting rid of the ring could lose him his job. That was better than people getting hurt, he thought. Callum got to his feet and casually walked away from the trench. There was a river there, fast flowing and deep. With one last look at the cursed ring he tossed it into the water.

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