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Acronyms and Abbreviations

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Reanimated (as in, this very site) - RA

Supernatural: Reanimated - SPN:R (also just SPN)

Project Angel - PA

Spy Games - SG

Doctor Who - DW

Jane Austen Fight Club - JAFC

Spy Game Spin-Off (Geek loves geek production) - GlGp

A Tale of Lords and Ladies - LaL

Supernatural Episodes:
Pilot Episode - Pilot
"The Animal" - TA
"Gimme Shelter" - GS
Between "Gimme Shelter" and "Welcome to My Nightmare" - RR
"Welcome to My Nightmare" WTMN
"Fuel" - Fuel
"The Man Who Sold the World" - TMWSTW
"Pretty Woman" - PW
"What Goes Around Comes Around" - WGACA
"Head Games" - HG
"The Immigrant Song" - TIS
"Alice" - Alice
"Shakin All Over" - SAO
"Whiskey in the Jar" - WITJ
"Calm before the Storm" - CBTS
"For Whom The Bells Toll" - FWTBT
"Minus Human" - MH

Project Angel Issues:
"Daedalus and Icarus" - D&I
"March of Mephisto" - MoM

Spy Games Missions:
"License to Dress to Kill" - LDK
"The Peter Pan Syndrome" - TPPS

Merlin Episodes
"The Odd Couple" - OC
"The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship" - BBF
"The Unquiet Castle" - UC

Doctor Who Adventures
"Time Storm" - TS

Spy Game Spin-Off (Geek loves geek production) Books
"Until I Have To Go" - Geek 1
"One Step At The Time" - Geek 2
"Growing Up" - Geek 3]
"A little bit of Heaven and a little bit of Hell" - Geek 4
"Another Way, Another Life" - AWAL

A Tale of Lords and Ladies Chapters
"The Tale of William Wallace" - WW
"The Tale of Great Fire" - GF
"The Tale of the King and his Women" - KahW

Acronyms and Abbreviations ArielButtercup
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