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Make it Fun for Everyone. This is the greatest commandment, the prime directive, the most important rule of all, as all others are related to this one. This may include:
• Limit your fun only when it limits the fun those around you are having
• Be generally nice and forgiving on an individual basis
• Be team-minded—remember you are part of a group, and if that group falls apart, everyone misses out, so you want to ensure that the group comes before you
• Be patient and don’t try others’ patience—wait for your fellow players to post (don’t leave anyone behind)
• But on the flip-side, keep in mind how long you’re making others wait on you to post
• Remember that this is a game, complete with do-overs, so don’t take it too seriously

Respect Others. Don’t be a jerk to someone based on their race, gender, religious beliefs, annoying personality traits, or silly ideas. The point of an Online Roleplaying Site is to have fun, so make an effort above and beyond the call of duty to get along with your fellow site-mates.

Swearing. Basically, be an adult about it, and use your own judgment. The F-bomb during a high-tension fight scene is appropriate--the same F-bomb at the dinner table asking for the salad, not so much (unless it’s a strong character trait). Cuss to make a point, but keep it classy. There should be no under-18s on the site to worry about, but try not to act like one all the same.

No porns or explicit content. Just keep it elsewhere, people. Not because we don’t enjoy it, but because it could get our site shut down. Keep those sex scenes tasteful (or hilarious).

Homework. Please make an effort to take note of all posted rules and procedures before nagging the Admins and Mods. While we love talking about ourselves and our site, it’s more time efficient for everyone to simply make yourself aware of all the rules & regs, and seriously: it’s not like there’s a lot.

RP-Specific Rules. Each individual Role Playing Game may have its own rules (Supernatural, etc.). Please follow those just as you would site-wide rules.

Now go back and read the first rule again. Remember that one. There will be a quiz.

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