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The Immigrant Song

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26 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:31

Lenna didn’t like how Rome looked and for that matter she also didn’t liked Georgie being cold. There was something going on with her and Rome. Knowing how much Rome hates it when she cock-blocks him she kept her distance. She lost Georgie for a moment in the crowd, but Lenna didn’t bother when she bumped into Mr. Scotland. He was tall and even better looking from the nearness.

“Hi.” Lenna mumbled and smiled shy, before she felt someone grab her hand and pull her away.

“Stay close by. I don’t want that you embarrass yourself or us. Do you think Rome knows the woman?” Georgie seemed to have seen to whom Lenna was talking and Lenna was too busy searching the crowd for him. But suddenly Georgie took a closer look at her, so she tried to distract her. “Geez, how long to we have to wait to get something to eat here?”


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27 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:31

Georgie sighed. "How many times do I have to remind you not to say words like geez?"

"Give me a break! I heard you saying it too..."

"Yes, but not among high society. When I'm on a trip with you guys and don't hear anything but swearing and rough language I might say geez once in a while but not here."

"Hey, we don't swear all the time!"

"If our trips were made into a movie it should be PG 18. And not because of the scary creatures..."

"I actually agree with you, dear sister", Elenna said with a sassy smile. "Everytime you and Rome-"

"Would you please not talk about my private stuff in front of these people?", Georgie interrupted her quickly.

"I'm just saying..." ELenna shrugged her shoulders. "Geez, I'm hungry!"

"What was that?"

"Damn, I'm hungry!"

"What was that?"

Elenna rolled her eyes. "Oh dear, I'm hungry!"

"That was better." Georgie nodded proudly. "But you should stop moaning."

"I'm a hungry kid- and the hungry kid wants to be fed!"

"That was a fancy description of your current state", Georgie said dryly. "Maybe we can distract you a little bit..." She nodded in the direction of the handsome guy in the kilt. "You could introduce yourself to him."

"What?" Elenna blushed. ""

"It's nothing unusual. You smile at someone, offer your hand, introduce yourself, ask for his name and get into a little conversation. No big deal."

"But...I...that's kind of..."

"After all you are too shy, I was right."

"No, I'm not!"

"Oh my God, he's looking at you!", Georgie grinned.



"But I-"

"Smile, Elenna!"

"Okay, okay!" Elenna finally managed to smile shyly, and when he smiled back she heard Georgie giggling.

"Gosh, I feel like we're in Junior High School!", Elenna turned to her.

"But since we're not", Georgie said while touching Elenna's shoulders and turning her back to look at the cute guy, "you might as well go over to Mr. Scotland and talk to him."


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28 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:35

Callum still wasn’t sure how he had managed it but his status as an archaeologist had somehow allowed him into the auction on the premise that he would examine the artefacts. And that was the extent of his plan. I mean, he wasn’t even sure that the sword would be there.

The evening was extremely formal, not something that Callum did well. Luckily he had brought his kilt to America with him, although he felt extremely out of place amidst men in their suits and women in long dresses. Still he’d rather be wearing his old kilt than any other uncomfortable suit.

At first he had thought it would be difficult to find the sword. But once inside that same protective urge he had felt when he first found it took over. It was like he instinctively knew where to go. And there it was. Sitting beside other rather lethal looking implements.

Callum checked it over. He could see that it had been cleaned further since its discovery. No signs of corrosion. Good. At least whoever had stolen it had the good sense to look after it. Callum picked it up carefully. Maybe he could just walk out with it? But as soon as his skin touched the hilt his desire was not to escape but to use the sword. He swung it experimentally.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to put down the sword,” said a rather large, black suited man. Auction security.

Callum apologised. “Sorry. I’m the archaeologist.” He futilely tried to explain.

The man gave him a hard stare and Callum put the sword back down, no longer compelled to swing it into something. He escaped into the crowd and tried to keep a low profile. He would have to think of another way to get the sword out. In the meantime he was going to keep a close eye on it.

Many people admired the sword but there was one group of people in particular that seemed to have a special interest in it. Two girls and a guy, and a bodyguard. Callum shook his head at the bodyguard. Typical high society! Still he watched these people closely. The man walked away, leaving the two girls alone. One blonde, the other brown haired. Eventually they too moved away.

Callum followed them with his eyes. He lost sight of the one with long brown hair but he could still see the blonde one. Then before he knew it he had walked into the brown haired girl. She mumbled “hi” and then was dragged off by her friend. Callum was too surprised to react.

Callum found a good vantage point to keep watching the girls. If he had been in his right mind he would have felt a bit stalkerish but now all that really mattered was the sword. He needed to find out what these people wanted with the sword. He continued watching, his attention drifting more towards the small (and as he now realised, pretty) brown haired girl.

Suddenly Callum realised that the girls had seen him. They were whispering excitedly to each other. Then the brown haired girl smiled at him. He really had to get a proper name for her. He couldn’t keep referring to her by her hair colour. He smiled back. This was something new, he thought. Usually muddy archaeologists didn’t attract many glances from girls.

Well, thought Callum, this was his chance to find out more. And maybe it didn’t have to be all about the sword. It couldn’t hurt to make some new friends on the way. So taking a deep breath he stepped through the crowd and began walking towards the girls.

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29 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:36


It was a good thing Rome was well-practiced in the art of deception, because damn! Like he needed that to think about tonight, too!

"Mr. Remington?"

He coughed to cover up his anxiety. "Ah, yes. I'm sorry. I actually haven't heard from my cousin in a long time. I was just a little surprised, is all. You know how the Remingtons are, don't ask, don't tell," he smiled lightly, but the gears in his devious little mind were working full-throttle on a plan to get this chick alone--and, for once in his life, not for that reason.

Well, not only for that reason, anyway.

Rome spotted Georgie and Lenna sneaking around nearby, probably trying to spy on him or to execute an elaborate cock-block, which they always found to be terribly amusing. He mustn't let them screw this up: this was his only lead on Rawson in over a month.

He was just about to pull the woman aside in order to speak to her privately, when the kilted figure actually approached Georgie and Elenna! What luck! Stifling a grin as Elenna blushed to the ears, he quickly took advantage of the distraction:

"You know, Ms. Cohan--"


"Bela." He smiled warmly, and she smiled back. "I would be willing to pay handsomely for any information regarding the whereabouts of Rawson Remington. Shall we continue this conversation later tonight?"

She smiled invitingly, like the spider to the fly. "But of course. After the auction, meet me at the top of the north stairs. Perhaps we can lay some other negotiations out on the table."

Was that a double-score she just proposed?

That was a double-score!!

Rome swallowed the giggle, and nodded stoically, but letting his eyes sparkle as he took her hand and kissed it again. "Until tonight."

"Until tonight. Enjoy your dinner, Mr. Remington."


She dipped her head. "Enjoy yourself, Romulus. I look forward to our negotiations..."

"As do I."

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30 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:38

Lenna blushed. She never felt that shy, but okay she normally doesn’t flirt with guys that stink of money.

She whispered nervous to Georgie. “What do I have to say to him?”

Georgie grinned. “What about: Hi?”

“Smartass!” Georgie didn’t have time to tell her that it wasn’t appropriate for a young lady to say smartass but McDreamy reached them. Lenna smiled shy when he took her hand and whispered. “Hi.” And that was it, both side just looked at each other and were silent. Georgie shook her head pushed Lenna aside and shook his hand herself.

“Good evening I am Georgina Gilmore and this is my sister Elenna. I am sorry I didn’t catch your name. I have to admit we,” Lenna looked at her shocked, she shook slightly her head. “okay I noticed that your are wearing an interesting evening suit.”

“Georgina I told you that this is a kilt, and the traditional festive dressing in Scotland. The kilts always have the colors and pattern of the clan.”

Lenna felt more confident talking about facts and not doing small talk. “So what is a Scotsman doing here in Maine?”


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31 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:49

Callum smiled as Georgina and Elenna discussed kilts. They, or at least Elenna, seemed nervous, but then so was he. He had no idea what to say, or how to behave among such a glamorous group of people.

“My name is Callum Murdoch,” he said, feeling that his accent was totally out of place. “My kilt is Murdoch tartan – so yes, my clan colours so to speak.”

Elenna gave Georgina a look that said I told you so. Callum tried to hide his smile. When they turned back to him he continued.

“I’m an archaeologist. I was working near here and I heard that there were some interesting artefacts on display here.”

Callum hoped that he could draw out talk about the sword. “Do you have a favourite?”

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32 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:49

Lenna eyes sparked with joy. “An archaeologist? That sounds so interesting, digging for long forgotten treasures and I don’t mean gold and silver. I read once an article that you try to find anything to proof the Vikings were here first, which others think is totally hideous. But my favorites are the book the in action. There is one about the early ritual of the Christians. I must be fascinating to learn how much the religion’s traditions have changed.”

Lenna smiled shy, as usual when she passed the quieted nervousness she couldn’t stop talking and for once her opponent seem mildly interested in what she says.

“I’m sorry my sister always talks that much when she found someone who is kind enough not to stop her. We should go into the dining room the dinner will be served very soon.” Georgie didn’t sound that interested anymore.

Unbelievable you barely can see in her face that she thinks this is boring.

“Finally, I started to think they never gonna feed us more than canapés and champagne.” Callum offered Lenna his arm and she took it a bit stiff. “My other favorites are the swords daggers and things like that. They look amazing. I just which they could tell us their story about the fights they saw.”


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33 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:50

Georgie had a hard time holding back a grin while she watched Elenna and Callum. When he offered her his hand he proved to be very gentlemanly, and if this would be High School Georgie would tell them that they looked like the most adorable couple but she knew Elenna would kill her -or even worse, cut her hair while she was asleep!- if Georgie would say something like that so she kept her thoughts to herself. The two definitely fit together, since both were interested in that ancient stuff that Georgie didn't really find fascinating but Lenna seemed totally into it. Even now they were still talking about swords and God knows what other ancient things. Even if Georgie wasn't really interested in their conversation she couldn't stop watching them because it was too adorable.

A match made in heaven! Georgie smiled as she followed the two. Before they entered the dining room she quickly turned around to see if she could find her super unfaithful husband but it was hard to see anyone in this big crowd of Armani suits and Prada dresses.


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34 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:51


"Where have you been, darling?" Georgie asked as Rome came up behind her in time to push in her chair for her. The dining hall was enormous, with circular 8-seater tables that seemed to go on for miles and were dressed to the nines. The wait staff stood ready.

"Just taking care of some business, my sweet angel," Rome replied smoothly, leaning down to kiss her cheek. He straightened just in time to see the Scot helping Elenna into the chair next to Georgie. He watched the man work with an overprotectiveness he couldn't quite explain--or, okay, he could explain, but he didn't want to. The man seemed out of place but well-meaning: absolutely without any practiced or natural suavity, but a basic level of earnestness that seemed to make up for it.

And yeah, okay, the kilt was sexy.

As he straightened, he glared polite holes into the man: they were roughly the same height, the same build, the other man a bit older perhaps, and not nearly as attractive. But Rome could spot a player and this goody-two-shoes-number certainly was not that.

So he offered the man his hand. "Romulus Remington," he said. "Like the empire, and the gun." He squeezed the man's hand with warning strength.

"Em, Callum Murdoch," the guy replied, matching the grip of the handshake but never going over.

Rome was still scrutinizing him carefully, and absolutely wanted him to know it. "I'm Elenna's brother. In law." There was a hint of warning in there, too.

"Oh. Oh!"

Rome nodded, and finally let a smile show through. "Glad we understand one another, Mr. Murdoch. Enjoy your dinner."

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35 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:53

Callum felt like he had been pulled apart and then put back together again. He had most definitely been warned. Warily he took the seat next to the seat next to Elenna.

“May I sit?” he asked her, discreetly glancing in the direction of Mr. Remington. He didn’t seem to be watching.

Elenna smiled, slightly shyly. “Of course.”

Callum took the seat and gazed, dismayed at the tabletop. There must have been about ten items of cutlery set out before him. And five different glasses to choose from. What was he doing here? The sword came back to his mind. How on earth was he going to get that back?

One thing at a time, Callum thought. I have to get through this dinner first. So pushing the sword to the back of his mind again, he turned to Elenna.

“I have no idea which fork to use.”

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36 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:53

Lenna looked to Rome, was he jealous or just being again an annoying big brother? She looked from Rome back to Callum and then for the first time at the table.

“What the hell. I feel like the cutlery cupboard exploded and all the cutlery is around my plate. I have no idea where to start. In Titanic they said to use it from the outside to the inside.”

Lenna shook her head and peered at Callum again, a quick smiled hushed over her face. She had the feeling that he didn’t belong here as much as she didn’t belong here.

“You’ve never been a super fancy auction before have you? So what are you really doing here?”

Georgie who was sitting next to her was talking to Rome, Lenna didn’t paid attention about what. They would find a way to get the sword and she found a way to enjoy this annoying evening.

“I wish we could get out of here go somewhere fun with just one set of cutlery if any, but me and my family have a job to do. And I’m the smart one as they say so I can’t leave.”


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37 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:53

Georgie leaned a little closer to Rome to make sure other people wouldn't listen to their conversation.
"So, what does she know?"


"You know exactly who I'm talking about. That untrustworthy brunette with that Versace dress...which is really nice, I have to admit, but that's not the point."

Rome chuckled. "Untrustworthy? Don't you think you're a little too judgmental?"

"I can feel it, I'm serious. I can feel that something is wrong with her. Well, this entire evening has been kind of weird because I felt a strange mix of emotions I never felt before, but when it comes to that woman I'm absolutely positive that something is wrong with her..."

"Honey, are you pregnant?", Rome asked with a grin.

"Excuse me?"

"Strange mix of emotions you never had before..."

Georgie wanted to punch him, but since they sat at the dining table surrounded by many people the only thing she could do was to shoot him an evil glare. "Don't ever joke about that."

Rome chuckled again. "I'm sorry, but the idea was just too hilarious."

"Hilarious? I want to see if you think it's still hilarious when I let you change the baby's diapers..." Georgie cleared her throat. "And I don't want to talk about babies right now...great, now I lost my train of thought!"

"You're adorable when you're angry."

"Stop laughing!" She pinched him, then quickly looked around to check if nobody was listening. "So, does that untrustworthy woman know something that might be helpful for our investigation?"

Rome was quiet for a moment, he almost seemed lost in his thoughts. She remembered how shocked he looked earlier, and when she was about to say something he quickly said: "No."

"No? Are you sure?"

"Not yet, but I'll find it out. By the way, she is the hostess."

"Seriously?" Georgie raised her eyebrows. "Okay, then I have no doubt she's hiding something..."


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38 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:54


Rome was prepared for conversations about himself that had gone on for too long: turn the tables. Also, just, what?

"Since when do you just 'feel' something's wrong anyway, Princess Leia?" He laid his hand over hers and fixed her with a probing look, and for once--well, hardly for once--Rome wished his powers had an actually useful manifestation like being able to read minds. "What aren't you telling me, Princess?"

She paled slightly. "It's none of your business," she said quietly.

Rome recognized the look: the don't-talk-about-it-and-it-might-go-away look. Which, okay, he could respect that, he had to. She'd tell him when it mattered. He squeezed her hand comfortingly and then went back to his gazpacho.

...Unless she really was pregnant, Jesus. Not a pleasant thought.

"Okay, fine," he whispered. "Let's just get through dinner and move on to the third phase of the plan. Make sure Lennie doesn't actually drink too much, and," he turned to Aly, "then you two see what you can manage out there, safely."

A waiter came by. "Wine for your table, sir?"

"Ah, yes. The Cabernet for myself and Smith, here. And I think Champagne for the ladies. And whatever the Scotsman's drinking, also on me."

"Very good, sir."

For the first time Rome glanced past Georgie to Elenna, who was staring at the table dressing like it was a row of handguns, and all but freaked out as the waiter cleared the two wine glasses away, leaving only the Champagne flute. As the waiter retreated to bring their drinks, "You better watch out for your sister, there, dear, before she embarrasses me."

Right on cue, Elenna burst out: "Gross! My soup's cold!"

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39 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:55

“Elenna please. It is suppose to be cold.” Georgie tried to explain, but she got distracted by the shock on her face.

“What? You pay what $100 for soup and then it is cold? Rich people are insane.” Lenna shook her head. Callum chuckled next to her. “What? Aren’t I right?”

“Yes I think so and I think you are using your dessert spoon to eat the cold soup.”

Lenna looked at her spoon. “Do you think it tastes better with a bigger spoon?”


Lenna took another sip of her champagne. She looked at Rome and knew she had work to do, but before she would go she would enjoy for a little while longer the company of Indiana Jones.

“So what is your favorite object on sale?”

((OOC Freki I can change things that Callum does or say if you don't like it.)


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40 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:57

“My favourite object…” Callum mused. He tried to look relaxed but his mind was racing. What was safe to say? He could tell just by looking that half of the objects here were priceless, and not just because of their value in gold. In the hands of the right archaeologist they would reveal a wealth of knowledge about the past. Callum’s stomach sank as he realised that most of these objects would never make it into the right hands.

But should he take the risk and reveal his interest in the sword? If he wanted to find out more he was going to have to take that risk.

“I think my favourite would have to be the eleventh century Viking sword. One of my specialities when it comes to archaeology.”

“Viking sword?” said Elenna, frowning slightly, inviting him to explain further.

“It’s on display over there,” Callum pointed vaguely in the direction of the other room. “It’s an old iron thing, runes on the hilt, hard to miss. It reminds me of one that was supposedly found near here not that long ago. Of course if it is the same sword, it belongs in a museum. It would be a massive discovery.”

Callum gazed through the door to the other room where the sword sat, waiting for him. His cold soup was forgotten. A sharp sound broke his reverie. He turned to find Elenna watching him closely.

“And do you have a favourite, Elenna?” he asked, hoping to discover why she had also been so intent on the sword.

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41 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 18:58

Lenna starred at him for a few heart beats, this was somehow surreal. Didn’t the EMF react in front of this sword?

Is it possible that he is a hunter, are we here for the same reason?

Lenna nearly forgot her mission, but she needed to know this before she could go along with her act.
“I like the sword too. Do you know anything about it? It looked very special. Romulus collects all kind of weapons like that, I think he said he was interested in it.”

He seemed nervous. Could she risk and tell him the truth? Maybe not the entire truth.

“He really wants this sword and he will do anything to get it.”

Lenna finished another glass of champagne, for a moment the pain of the last time she had champagne made her heart stop.
She nodded to Georgie that she knew the game would start. She started giggling for now reason.


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42 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 19:00


For a moment, Rome's mind wandered back to the last time he'd seen Elenna drinking champagne: although this stuff was infinitely more expensive and very different and actually from Champagne, he regretted the move too late as he thought of crazy-Elenna throwing champagne glasses against the wall. He was prepared, then, to reach across the table and keep her glass upright as it toppled while she giggled.

All according to plan.

"Whoa, sis, I think you've had enough..." he said loud enough for anyone listening or watching to hear.

"I'll tell you when I've had enough!" she cried, gleefully dumping her water carafe out into the ice bucket and proceeding to fill it with champagne, giggling.

Now he appeared to snap: might as well make this Romulus Remington famous for his temper, you know, it went well with his outburst earlier this evening and his wanted-felon status. "Jesus Christ--Georgina, control your sibling! I knew we shouldn't have brought her along!"

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43 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 19:00

Although Georgie knew it was part of the plan it was still kind of embarrassing that everyone was staring at them like animals in the zoo.

Georgie cleared her throat and touched her 'sister's' hand. "Elenna, what did I tell you about-"

"Oh, relax, sis! Let me have some fun, will ya?" Elenna grinned widely at her.

"Elenna, I am serious. Pull yourself together, young lady!"
There was no person at the table who didn't look at the laughing girl who grabbed the sleeve of one of the waiters and held up her empty glass. "Another one, mister!"

Georgie shook her head. "No more drink for you, Elenna."

"Why do you always have to boss me around? If I want another drink I will have another drink, got it?"

"If you can't behave yourself you should leave the table, sister...", Georgie said with a warning voice.

"Actually, that's a good idea", Rome said, looking from Georgie to Elenna who started humming a song. "Smith", he turned to Aly. "I think it's time to accompany Miss Hart outside."


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44 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 19:04

Lenna got up stumbling, not waiting for the waiter move her chair for her. “I can walk on my own. “ She babbled drunk. She giggled and was glad that it just made her appear more drunk. Aly took her at the arm and led her out of the room. “Don’t worry about it I’ll take care of her. She just needs some air.”

“And another drink would be nice.” Lenna walked drunk out of the dining room and into one of the rooms with the objects on sale.

“It’s the sword. I’m pretty sure.” She whispered to Aly. “Considering of the situation I need more then pretty sure.” Aly whispered back.

“Okay, I’m really pretty sure.” Lenna grinned and pulled two of her hairpins out or her hair. “Let’s get to work. You keep watch I get the sword as soon I have it you give Rome the signal to leave the party.”

Aly stood watch while Lenna started to pick the lock of the showcase.


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45 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 19:05

Callum was very confused by the rather sudden change in Elenna’s behaviour. He didn’t think had drunk that much. Maybe it just didn’t take her much to get drunk. Anyway, her overly proper sister had her whisked out of the room before too many people could notice. But Callum wasn’t convinced. Something was up.

He excused himself quietly a few moments later and went in the direction that Elenna and the bodyguard had gone. The artefacts room. That was strange. This was not the way to the main door, or the toilets for that matter.

There was a strange noise as well. A kind of scraping.

Then he saw them. And Elenna was definitely not drunk. Either that or she was so drunk she was trying to steal the sword. His sword. Callum felt his temper flaring, which was unusual. He strode over to Elenna.

“What on earth are you doing?”

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46 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 19:07

“Um…” Lenna looked innocent at him.

How did he pass Aly without her noticing it?

“Um…” Lenna tried to think of an answer that would make sense to him. But there was none. So she went with the one way she could go. “Okay I know how this sounds but, this sword is cursed. When you touch it you are forced to kill, to spill blood. And I know that this sounds crazy but we are just trying to stop other people getting hurt. I know think it is horrible to say but we can’t let anyone have this sword. I’m sorry.”

He looked angry, nearly furious at her.


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47 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 19:07

“It belongs in a museum!” Callum was furious. Someone was trying to steal his sword. It was the best find of his career and he was not going to let it go easily.

“I found that sword and someone stole it once so I’m not letting you steal it again. That sword will change known history. You can’t just take it.”

Callum took a menacing step towards Elenna. A look of fear passed over her face. Callum blinked. He wasn’t sure what had just come over him. Why was he so angry?

“I’m sorry,” he said. He frowned. “I don’t know if I believe in your curse but the sword is better if it’s not at this auction. So I’ll help you steal it but… on the condition that it doesn’t leave my sight.”

Callum decided that if these people stole the sword he could get it from them later. Still, what on earth was he getting into? And what was the curse Elenna had spoken of?

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48 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 19:08

Lenna was scared of Callum, it felt as if the air around him was burning.

He said he found it, and he doesn’t fit into this society at all. It looks a lot like he touched the sword and is under its curse. Better I don’t mention we want it to destroy it.

Lenna nodded. “Fine it stays with you. But for now you keep an eye on the doors and I’m getting it.” She turned around and went back to pick lock of the glass cabinet. It was a tricky lock, cussing, turning and picking but nothing worked. When suddenly Aly came back in, she stopped confused for a moment when she saw Callum at the other door standing. “What is he doing here?”

“He is helping us.” Lenna went back to pick the lock.

“Someone is coming.” Aly pulled Lenna just in time away from the glass cabinet, at least so far that it looked like she was observing the weapons and not trying to steal them.

“Excuse is everything alright?” One of the waiters/guards was looking curious at Callum, Aly and Lenna.

“Yes Miss Hart just needed some air and she got distracted by the jewels on the weapons. She had a bit too much champagne.” Aly explained and Lenna started grinning like a manic again.

“You should go back in the dining hall the next course is about to be served.

“Yay more cold soup, I can’t wait.” Lenna stumbled out of the door back in the dining hall. Georgie and Rome looked at her but she shook nearly not visible her head. That meant they have to buy the sword.


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49 Re: The Immigrant Song on 2nd November 2011, 19:09

As soon as Elenna sat down, Georgie turned to her. "What happened?", she asked with a lowered voice.

"First, Callum showed up and then some of the guards or whoever those guys in the ridiculous penguin suits are." Elenna made sure that Callum couldn't hear her.

"Yes, I saw him getting up."

"Couldn't you hold him back or something?"

"Sure, I could have pointed my gun at his head and force him to remain in his seat", Georgie replied sarcastically.

"He wants the sword as well."

"What? Does he know..."

"No." Elenna shook her head. "Apparently that thing has an important meaning to archaeologists."

"Great." Georgie sighed. "We have to come up with another plan to get the sword."

"You can buy it, you have enough money. Or ask your husband. If someone owns a Ferrari he can buy a valuable sword as well."


SPN: Georgina (Georgie) Gilmore
SG: The Kid
LaL: Willow
PA: Skadi
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During coffee, Rome received a tap on his shoulder:

"Mr. Remington, is everything to your satisfaction?"

Rome turned to find Bela standing behind him. "Ms. Cohan!" He stood hastily. "Absolutely. We are nothing if not entirely impressed."

She eyed his companions, and he started.

"Of course, how clumsy of me. My wife, Georgina; her sister, Miss Elenna Hart; our bodyguard, Ms. Smith. Ladies, Ms. Bela Cohan, our distinguished host."

She smiled warmly. "Oh, hardly, Mr. Remington. It is a pleasure to meet you all. I hope you are enjoying yourselves? The auction will begin in a few minutes, in the great hall just through there. I hope you are planning to stay?" She flashed a queer look at Elenna, but Rome ignored it and attempted to dazzle her with a brilliant smile.

"Wouldn't miss it."

She smiled and offered him her hand. Rome took it, brought it to his lips, but stopped short of kissing it this time. "I'm glad," she said, and swept away again.

Rome waited until the ladies returned to their dessert before covertly looking at the slip of paper she had placed in his hand.

$50,000 for information on R.

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