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The Immigrant Song

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76 Re: The Immigrant Song on 7th November 2011, 22:38

Lenna turned around in time to see the hungry look on Callum’s face.

“Shit we are in even bigger trouble then I thought.”

And then he had the sword in his hand, for a moment Lenna thought it was glowing for a second, but it might just had been a reflection. Callum started swinging the sword and already had beheaded one of the guards. He now went to attack Richard and Georgie. Lenna had no idea what to do, it wasn’t Callum’s fault it was the curse so she couldn’t just kill him. Another group of guards came down the stairs. She threw another fireball and a wall of fire blocked their way.

“Georgie? Richard? It’s not his fault it’s the sword!”


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77 Re: The Immigrant Song on 7th November 2011, 23:29

If there had been any doubts about whether the sword was cursed, the unfortunate body of the security guard was proof enough. And now Callum was advancing on them, looking worrying like his ancestors may have done centuries ago. Richard grabbed Georgina and pulled her out the way as Callum swung for the two of them.

“Get everyone out of his way. I’ll see if I can get the sword away from him.” Easyer said than done.

Richard grabbed the nearest wrapped artefact that look wieldable, and brought it up to deflect Callum’s blow. He felt the object shatter in its package, so swung out of the way trying to make out another sword in the piles of wrapped objects. Putting a case between himself and Callum, Callum charged straight through, sending the cabinet and its contents flying. Richard leapt back while ducking, picking what he guessed to be a more solid weapon. This time the parry was firm. For a few moments the two of them sparred, then Richard saw a gap and pushed forward, trying to force the sword out of Callum’s hands. But Callum pushed back with surprising strength, sending Richard though another cabinet. As he landed he rolled out of the way as Callum brought the sword down next to his head.

‘I really hope the others have some kind of plan now.’ Though Richard. ‘I don’t think I can hold him off forever.’

Almost at that same moment, as Callum swung the sword down in an overhead chop and Richard brought his up to parry, there was a blur of motion behind, a smashing sound, and Callum slumped unconscious to the floor. Behind him Georgina looked shocked at the priceless vase she had just smashed over Callum’s head.

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78 Re: The Immigrant Song on 8th November 2011, 09:08

“This is so not cool! I hate wasting nice things…”, Georgie mumbled at the sight of the hundreds of little pieces that once were a pretty vase, but then she quickly reached out her hand for Richard to grab it. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, so far…” He looked from the unconscious Callum to Elenna. “What was with the fire? How did you-“

“No time to explain!”, Elenna said. “We have to get out, like, now! And we have to take the sword with us.”

Georgie scrutinized the sword sceptically. “After what it did to Callum I don’t want to touch it.” Before she said anything else Richard took some of the wrapping paper that was spread across the floor and carefully picked the sword up. “Okay, let’s get out of here”, he said, followed by Georgie, but Elenna hesitated.

“Let’s go, Lenna!”, Georgie looked impatiently at her. “What is it?”

“We can’t just leave him there. I know he’s cursed but…oh, he’s moving!”

“And he looks angry.”

“Crap!” Elenna ran to the others, her eyes still set on Callum who got up slowly. Blood was running down his forehead. “That’s like a freaking zombie movie!”

Callum walked towards them, his eyes fixed on the sword. `They ran out of the room and locked the door behind them. They heard him banging on the door.

“This won’t keep him away for long”, Georgie said. “He’s going to find a way out.”

“Dammit!” Elenna thought of a way to stop Callum without actually hurting him, but she didn’t know what to do. “Okay, we really need to get Rome.”


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79 Re: The Immigrant Song on 9th November 2011, 01:00


"Money first, Remington. I thought you knew that."

"Sure," Rome said, pulling on his only slightly wrinkled pants. "I just didn't want you to get the wrong idea." He winked and went to his coat, which was slung on the back of a chair, and pulled out his phone. "I assume electronic transfer is acceptable?"


She was watching him carefully. Too carefully. But that was to be expected. And he wanted to know what she knew about Raws. And he needed to keep her busy, so if she was watching him, all the better.

"Okay, here we are. Just put your account number in here--" he said, handing the phone off to her, watching as her fingers moved receptionist-fast across the smartphone before she handed it back. "And that's a five with four zeroes, and...boom."

Rome's spidey-sense was tingling.

"Do you smell fire?" He sniffed at the air and looked up.

At the barrel of a gun.

Of course.

"Sh*t," Rome said.

She smiled.

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80 Re: The Immigrant Song on 9th November 2011, 01:59

Lenna still tried to figure out how to safe Callum, when suddenly the door crashed next to her. Callum had pushed a piano through the door. Lenna was standing there in shock, Callum had a crazy look in his eyes and it scared her. He pushed Georgie harsh out of his way, passed the shocked Lenna and attacked Richard. The sword’s curse gave him strength that it was an easy task for him to get his sword back.

“Callum don’t we have to destroy it. It is cursed!” Lenna shouted.

“I would love to see you try.” That was the last they saw of Callum he jumped through the window.

The house around them was now really on fire.

“I might overdo it a little with the fire.” Lenna looked innocent at Georgie. When suddenly it hit her. “Sh*t Rome! He is still with Bela. You two get to the car, I’ll go and get Rome.”

“The hell we let you go alone. Just make sure the fire does not harm us.” Georgie looked determine at Lenna.


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81 Re: The Immigrant Song on 9th November 2011, 10:31

Callum landed on the ground outside with the sword in hand - finally. The cold air seemed to shock him out of whatever had just happened. But what had just happened? He couldn't remember. But turning back he saw the building with smoke pouring from the windows. He hesitated. Was Elenna still in there?

But then he remembered the strange encounter with the man named Richard. Who were these people? What on earth was he mixed up in? He looked at the sword in his hand. It had something to do with this Viking sword. He took the hilt firmly in his hand. Red flared before his eyes. He seemed to forget everything again.

Suddenly a man lunged out of the darkness at him. It was one of the auction attendants. He was after the sword. The same crazed look was in his eyes. Callum and the man wrestled for the sword but Callum had the upper hand. He slashed the man across the chest. Blood spurted everywhere. The man fell to the ground and the crazed look left his eyes.

Then pulled by some instinct he didn't understand, Callum ran into the night.

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82 Re: The Immigrant Song on 9th November 2011, 17:38

“Do you seriously think I let you- the clumsiest person I know- run around in a burning building? I don’t think so…”

“Okay, but don’t complain if your hair catches fire.”

“That’s okay, my hair is insured for $ 10 000”, Georgie answered, shrugging her shoulders.

Richard and Elenna exchanged confused glances. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Of course I’m kidding, I would never insure my hair for $ 10 000!”, Georgie grinned. “It’s insured for $ 50 000!” She turned around, leaving the two even more baffled.

“Ahem…that was still a joke, wasn’t it?”, Richard looked at Elenna.

“I’m actually not so sure anymore.” She cleared her throat and followed her friend. “Okay, let’s find Rome!”

“I hope he’s dressed…and not, you know...”

“Dude, as if you’re not used to-“

“Shut up, Lenna!” Georgie tried not to blush. “There are other people listening.”

“Other people?” Elenna grinned playfully. “Oh, like your uncle?”

If there wouldn’t be fire that started to spread, and if they wouldn’t have to save Rome, Georgie would think of anything to tease Elenna as well, but she didn’t have time for that now…
They went upstairs, opening some doors but there was no trace of Rome.

“Maybe he’s already outside?”, Richard asked.

Elenna shook her head. “No, that would be too easy! And there’s one thing you have to remember: If it comes to Rome, it’s not going to be easy.”


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83 Re: The Immigrant Song on 9th November 2011, 23:41


It wasn't that she made him handcuff himself to the bed. You know, the heat of the moment, certain girls were into that sort of thing, so, yeah, whatever, nothing new. It was a little embarrassing in this context, sure, but nothing he couldn't handle.

Even the fact that she made him cuff himself to a bed in a house that he was pretty sure was on fire wasn't that big of a deal. She was a duplicitous, money-mongering whore, so, you know, can't expect much less, really, than cold blooded murder. And he told her as much, which was how he ended up with this pistol-butt-shaped-shiner on the side of his head. It wasn't even that that really got him though.

No, what got him, what really pissed him off in all of this, was that she made him take his pants back off first.

That was just childish.

So the fact that she even took his clothes with her, in addition to absconding with his phone and his gun, didn't much faze him. In fact, the anonymous tip to the police that a certain federal fugitive was up to his usual tricks of murder, theft, and arson didn't strike him as uncharacteristic for her.

"Well, I must say I had a lovely time, so good luck getting out of this one. If you survive, look me up sometime."

"Oh, I'll do that," Rome said. "Next time I want a night with a really expensive hooker."

She didn't hit him that time, which was nice. Instead, smiling, she said, "Well, if you survive and evade the police, of course." Her phone beeped quietly, and she picked it up. "Now. I'm off to go see which maniac has stolen one of my auction pieces prematurely. Ta-ta!"


It was very lonely when she left, and he could really only sit and ponder his mortality. That, and how, with like 200 other females at this party, how on earth he had managed to nail the one who ended up nailing him.

Wow, Rome, you sure know how to pick 'em.

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84 Re: The Immigrant Song on 10th November 2011, 12:51

Suddenly Lenna heard footsteps, high heel footsteps.


She grabbed Georgie and Richard at the arm and pulled them in the shadows, just in time to hide from Bela. She looked pleased and…

Dammit, she has Rome’s stuff. That can’t be good.

They waited a moment to let her pass and then sneaked down the corridor. Lenna had slight trouble in walk her high heels. It might be good for Bela’s business to have maids dressed like sluts, Lenna felt now rather stupid in her maid’s uniform, opening door and searching for Rome who probably will be dressed very little. Richard kept looking weirdly at her, was it because of her outfit or…

Oh snap I shouldn’t have used my magic in front of a stranger…

It was the last door at the corridor, behind them they saw the flames coming up the stairs they came, Lenna hoped Rome was in there. It was obvious they couldn’t go out the way they came in. But Lenna stopped in the door seeing Rome cuffed to the bed… naked cuffed to the bed one arm on each side. It looked a lot like in a movie. She started giggling. “You know Rome if you want to show off, you are doing a great job. Would you like us to help you or leave because you hope she comes back, this…” Lenna grinned and spoke in a very bad British accent. “British-Bela-Bastard!”


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85 Re: The Immigrant Song on 10th November 2011, 22:48


"Yeah, tell me about it," Rome grumbled, refusing to blush. It wasn't like he was ashamed of anything. Don't want to make the new guy uncomfortable, though, right?

"So is anyone going to uncuff me? I'd kinda like to get out of this, you know, burning building, find that bitch Bela, kill her, twice, and find some pants. In that order. And, Lennie, baby, put some clothes on, you look like a slut."

"Oh, and you look like, what, a monk?" she snapped, coming forward to begin working at the cuffs.

But Rome ignored her, and looked at the group again.

"Hey, where the hell'd the Scottish guy go?"

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86 Re: The Immigrant Song on 11th November 2011, 00:12

Lenna took one of her bobby pins and started picking at the handcuff on his right hand. She shifted uncomfortable.

“Rome there is another problem. Callum took the sword he is cursed, I think that is why he was here. He killed at least one guard and ran away. I don’t know where he went. We lost him.”

Lenna looked sad away, she really enjoyed talking to him and it bugged her alot that she didn’t notice that he is cursed.

“I think the curse makes you kill people. It is not his fault that he attacked us. I’m sure he is a good guy.”

The cuff opened and Lenna tried to smile, she went around to the second cuff.


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87 Re: The Immigrant Song on 11th November 2011, 09:05

Georgie stood uncomfortably in the room while Elenna uncuffed Rome. She suddenly noticed a really nice and definitely valuable antique jewellery box, but she reminded herself that they had no time for ‘shopping’. But that box looked so pretty… Like, really, really pretty.

“You gotta be kidding me! The Scottish dude is cursed? This evening is getting better with every second!” Rome sighed. “Did he hurt anyone of you guys?”

Elenna shook her head. “We got away, but he killed some of the staff.”

“And now he’s running around with that sword?”

“Yepp.” Elenna nodded. “But he’s not a bad guy, I’m-“

“Yes, you already said that. But truth is, he’s cursed, and he’s going to kill more people… Hey, G, will you hand me my pants?” Since Bela had taken all his clothes there were obviously no pants, but he wanted to tease Georgie a little, and he also wanted to draw her attention away from that box she was eying.

“Very funny, Rome", she said dryly, then picked up the curtain that fell down and threw it at him. "I heard that's the new fashion in Paris."

Rome stared at the curtain, but since he had nothing else he grabbed it. "If this would be ancient Greece, we would all run around naked."

"Fortunately this is not ancient Greece...", Georgie mumbled.

Rome knew that he looked like Mother Theresa with that ridiculous curtain, but he had to worry about other things. Like finding that killing man in a skirt. And chopping of Bela’s head.
“Okay, let’s get out of here before we end up like grilled turkey.” Before he went out the door he turned to Richard. “Sorry man, for all that weirdness you had to witness here.”

“That’s okay. It’s not that I’m not used to weirdness…”

“By the way, watch your little niece and make sure she’s not taking that ridiculous box with her. We’re not at a sale at Macy’s!”

Georgie crossed her arms. “Jerk.”


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88 Re: The Immigrant Song on 11th November 2011, 14:14


The curtain he was wearing--although it hardly spoke of Hector or Achilles--it turns out, was flame retardant, which was really frakking handy when you walked out a door only to be met by a wall of flame that went "ooh! More oxygen to consume! I want to be in this room!" and exploded in your face.

As he dove backward to the floor and kicked the door shut behind him, Rome wasn't even sure he had eyebrows anymore, but was more than a little pleased to find his "garment" hadn't caught fire.

"Okay. Can't go that way," he coughed.

"The window?" Richard suggested.

"Sure, we're only on, like, the second story." And they certainly didn't have time to knot sheets. "This is a nightmare!" Rome groaned.

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89 Re: The Immigrant Song on 11th November 2011, 14:55

Lenna looked guilty, it was her fault that the house was an inferno. She considered if she could extinguish the fire, but knew it was to much fire. She never controlled such a large fire.


"I think I have an idea."

Lenna opened the window and leaned out very far, she nearly fell. "Erde die uns traegt, erhebe dich uns hilf uns!"

Lenna looked confident, but when the house shook and she nearly fell out of the window she lost her confidence. The lower floors below them collapsed and they crashed down like a free-fall-tower. Georgie screamed behind her, Richard and Rome didn't seem to enjoy the ride either. But in the end their room was on the ground floor and they could climb out of it.

"Well that is not how I planned but it worked." Lenna grinned.

Spell translation:
Earth that is carrying us, lift up and help us!


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90 Re: The Immigrant Song on 11th November 2011, 15:10


"A little warning next time? Unless you ladies want another peep show," he winked as the curtain kept almost-slipping from around his waist. "Okay, let's go find the--"

There was the roar of an engine, and the screech of tires as the Ferrari pulled up in front of them.

"Get in!" Aly cried. "I saw our hostess take off in a black Mercedes."

Rome pushed Elenna into the back seat and leapt in after her. He shook Richard's hand. "You got a car?"

"Um, sort of..."

"Take your niece with you, and follow us. Welcome to the family."

"Rome, do you have a plan?" Elenna asked.

"I only saw her heading east, Rome, I don't think--"

"Yes, and I know, just hang on. Lennie, get me my laptop. And put some clothes on. And find me some pants. Aly, head east."

"What are you doing?"

"She's got my phone right? We can assume she's got some way to track her artifacts since she took off after McMurdoch like that. So we track my phone, we track her."

Elenna looked surprised at him. "You really thought all that up on your own?"

Rome was not amused. "Aren't you supposed to be finding me clothes?"

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91 Re: The Immigrant Song on 11th November 2011, 15:34

"Yes I'm on it. Wait you don't like my new outfit, I thought you want me to dress more like a girl."

"A girl? Yes maybe. A slut? No way!"

Lenna found one of his sweat pants and threw it at him. While she was searching for a jeans and a shirt for herself, oh and while she was at it her bra, since her dress didn't allow her to wear one. She tried to open the dress in the back but couldn't.

"Rome? I need your help, open my dress I can't reach the laces in the back." Lenna turned around to him, so that he could open the laces that held the corsage of her dress.


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92 Re: The Immigrant Song on 11th November 2011, 15:53


"What? Out of the way, chica, I'm trying to work, here." Rome said, pushing her back into the back seat as Aly shifted gears, climbing up to 70. "Here we go. Yes. Okay, left here, Al," he ordered.


"Yes, here!"

The car almost spun out, but she made the turn that led them to a freeway. "Okay, looks like she's heading north. Is she trying to get to Canada? What the hell?"

"Rome, if you want me out of this dress you'll have to help me!"

"How the hell did you get into it, then?" Rome was still ignoring her, but now in favor of getting pants on himself.

"The real maid helped me."

Rome tried not to think about how hot of a picture that was.

"Well, then, get her to help you! I'm busy!" He looked back at the computer screen. "Okay, yeah, she's definitely rabbiting off to moose-land. Step on it, Al, she's only about twenty miles from the border."

"I am stepping on it!"

"Okay, okay, sorry. We're fine. I mean, who ever heard of a Mercedes outrunning a Ferrari, anyway, right?"

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93 Re: The Immigrant Song on 11th November 2011, 16:14

Lenna giggled. "Only if you join us."

She took her knife and managed to cut one lace which let her open the rest of the.

"That was easier then I thought. I think I'll keep the dress. I bet the guys love me wearing it."

Lenna managed to get into her clothes without showing of her boobs.

"We have to separate Callum from the sword and find a way to destroy it. My first idea would be salt and burn it, not sure it works."


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94 Re: The Immigrant Song on 11th November 2011, 20:08

This was turning into a very interesting evening. Richard had been expecting a boring job, and now he was chasing a sword wielding manic with a group of hunters. One of whom could collapse a building with a few words. He was still trying to work out how that fitted in the middle of a group of hunters. Something was off with the picture. It might mean they were after the sword to use it themselves. He’d have to keep a good eye on them. Outside, through the crowd of shocked aristocrats Richard luckily spotted Hendricks. Just as well, he didn’t really have enough room for the crest and a passenger.

“First, the good news. I managed to get the crest, fair and square.” Richard handed the package over.

“What’s the bad news?” Hendricks asked.

“Nothing you need to worry about,” Richard turned to look at the house, “but your crest wasn’t the only cursed thing in that place. I’ve just good another job to work on.” Richard started to hurry back to the car park. “But don’t worry, the plan still stands. I’ll meet you back at the family home when I’m done.”

He led Georgina through the car park while rummaging through his inside pockets.

“Not exactly the quiet time to catch up I was expecting. But that’s always the way in this job. Here, you’ll probably want these.” He handed Georgina a pair of goggles.

“Why would I wear these? They’ll mess up my hair.” Georgie complained. She looked up from the goggles and saw Richard wasn’t getting in a car. He was getting on a bike.

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95 Re: The Immigrant Song on 12th November 2011, 09:46

Georgie stared at the bike. “Seriously…? Seriously?!” She looked at Richard, still hoping he was joking or playing a prank on her. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”


“You know…I think I’d prefer one of those ice cream trucks, those that play one really annoying song over and over again. At least I’m less likely to die if I’m in that truck.”

“I’m sorry but I don’t own an ice cream truck”, he said. “And you won’t die, I have my driver’s licence for 12 days already.”

For a moment Georgie really believed him and she could picture her own tombstone (white marble, of course, the most expensive marble they could find in the country), but then he couldn’t hold back a grin anymore.

“That’s not funny!” Georgie crossed her arms.

“If we want to catch the others we should be going now.”

Georgie sighed. “Screw this!” She tried to climb on the bike and looked just as clumsy and helpless as a person who got on a horse for the first time in their life. On top of that her dress was very long, so she had to pull it up somehow, and she tried very hard not to crease her dress.
“This is a Valentino dress”, she mumbled. “A Valentino is not supposed to ride on any sort of bike.”

“Really? I had no idea…”, Richard said slightly sarcastically.

“It’s too late anyway. The dress got already ruined when Elenna decided to play around with the fire.”

“Yeah, that’s something you guys really have to explain to me later.” He turned around. “Goggles?”

“Do I really have to?”


“Can I pay you not to wear them?”


Georgie sighed, then put the goggles on. “I never felt so ridiculously stupid…”

“They suit you.”

“Yeah, sure…” She tried not to think of the fact that her hair would be completely ruined as soon as she would take the goggles off, when she suddenly started chuckling. “There’s one thing my uncle has always been really scared of, and that’s seeing me on the back of a guy’s bike. He would totally have a heart attack if he’d see us right now.”


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96 Re: The Immigrant Song on 13th November 2011, 15:19

Callum found a car pretty quickly. He knocked aside a chauffeur and jumped in the front seat. For a moment he was disorientated. There was no steering wheel. Then he remembered he was in America!

“Nobody drives properly here,” he muttered to himself as he shuffle across into the driver seat. “And it’s an automatic. What sort of a car is this?”

Callum got the hang of it quite quickly and was soon cruising away from the burning house. The sword lay in his lap and he fingered it protectively. It was leading him somewhere but he didn’t know where. North though. He was going north. And he had never driven so fast in his life.

The darkness sped by around him. There were no lights to be seen in any direction. He entered a thick forest. Suddenly a sharp corner loomed out of the road ahead. He swerved but was going far too fast. The car rolled off the road and was stopped only by the thick trunk of a tree. Miraculously Callum was still alive. But he was bleeding from somewhere and hanging upside down from his seatbelt. The sword had fallen somewhere.

Callum’s senses returned slowly. He did not know where he was or what had happened. He could not even remember getting in the car. The last thing he knew was that he had jumped out a burning building. And left. He had left Elenna behind. Why? he thought, what’s wrong with me?

He unbuckled his belt and fell onto the upturned roof of the car. He winced at the pain. Something was bugging him. He wasn’t being himself. And he was caught up in something very weird. He just wanted to get away.

Scrambling out of the car, broken glass scraping his limbs, he emerged into the night. He stood and brushed himself off. No serious injuries but he was going to have some tender bruises the next day. His black jacket was ruined but his good old kilt had stood up to the battering.

Callum took one step from the car and then stopped. The sword had caused all his problems but he couldn’t just leave it. It was his archaeologist’s duty. And so he went back and raked through the ruins of the car. There it was. He picked it up.

Suddenly he heard another car on the road. It was going fast – too fast to be normal. He fled into the trees and once at a safe distance stopped to look back. The car sped past and then screeched to a halt not far from his wreck. A woman stepped out and she did not look pleased.

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97 Re: The Immigrant Song on 13th November 2011, 19:39

Abigail "Bela" Talbot was not pleased.

Actually, she was bloody cheesed off.

The smell of Frat Boy of the Year was still strong in her nostrils, and the mud she now found herself trekking through was going to destroy her Chanel pumps.

Oh, she wasn't at all concerned about the sword. Did these soft-headed bluebloods actually think she hadn't taken liberties to microchip each one of these infernal objects? Not only was it handy if they were stolen, but what good was a cursed artifact if you only sold it once?

Frat Boy's Desert Eagle was a thing of beauty, and she bore it now. She had envied the weapon ever since her encounter with it's owner's twin. "Romulus"--if that was really his name, it sounded fake to her--may have been the superior shag, but at least "Rawson" wasn't a moron. She had better not let him get wind that she had killed his good twin.

But, first things first. Get the sword.

The signal was coming from around here somewhere, loud and clear. Her hand torch would have to do, though it was a wet section of land on the coast, heavy with bracken and plenty of places to hide. Still, it wasn't as if she was on a tight schedule. The only thing that concerned her was the money she was losing in that house--

She flicked her bluetooth on and called her butler.



"How is the evacuation going?"

"Very well, madam. The artifacts were salvaged as well as most of your art collection. The fire department and police are here both. They will want a statement from you."

"Of course, you know what to tell them. Have they apprehended the fugitives?"


"The Remington case? The Federal one?"

"No sign of them yet, Madam. A few of your guests and the staff are as yet unaccounted for."

"Damn. The reward was for 'alive,' Alex, not 'burnt to a crisp.'"

"Apologies, Madam. I shall endeavor to locate them."

"See that you do. I'm after the sword. I'll contact you within the hour."

Bela did not wait for a reply before she hung up. Over the course of the conversation she had crept nonchalantly up to a suspicious patch of scrub she was sure housed her artifact and its thief. As soon as the line went dead the hammer on the gun went back.

"All right, I know you're in there. I'm going to have the sword either way, so let's just make this easier for you, shall we?"

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98 Re: The Immigrant Song on 15th November 2011, 23:41

Callum watched as the woman advanced upon his hiding place. He could feel that his hands were sweaty. The sword lay on the ground beside him. He glanced at it, wondering if he should use it. He shook his head. The sword had a strange hold over him. He was starting to put the pieces together. When he held the sword he forgot things and then there were those people who were after the sword for some reason. Some reason that Elenna was not willing to share with him.

And now this woman. He heard her footsteps. He heard the click of the gun.

"All right, I know you're in there. I'm going to have the sword either way, so let's just make this easier for you, shall we?"

Callum didn't know what to do.

It was something outside his own control that saved him. Another car came zooming along the road and screeched to a halt. Was that Elenna? Callum couldn't be sure.

But it was enough to turn the woman's attention away from him.

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99 Re: The Immigrant Song on 16th November 2011, 02:09


Rome was out of the Ferrari before the tires had stopped spinning, and gravel kicked up and hit him in the legs as the car stopped. He was more or less dressed, now, but more importantly, his Tanfoglio Witness was out and loaded, and the safety was off. Because yeah, crazy Scottish guy had already iced a couple civvies and Rome wasn't about to let him kill any more people. And if he shot Bela--if that was really her name--he'd be doing the world a favor.

Bela looked no worse for wear for tramping through the icey sludge in this terrain. But she looked pissed.

And when Aly had gotten out of the car with her gun, too, and Richard and Georgie had pulled up on a bike--and what a bike!--with their own sidearms, their hostess definitely found herself outgunned.

"Put it down!" Rome bellowed, crab-walking closer to her, trusting to the others to follow. "Drop the gun!" he told her, and then shouted into the brush: "Callum, if you're in there, man, don't make me shoot you, I really won't enjoy it as much as I would enjoy shooting this bitch. So I want both of you with your hands where I can see them, and I do mean now."

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100 Re: The Immigrant Song on 16th November 2011, 09:10

As usual Lenna didn’t have a gun, she sneaked around the Ferrari and right between the guns of her team and more Callum than Bela.

“Callum? Listen to me, no one will do you any harm. I know how this all sounds, but you are an archaeologist. There are a lot of curses most people think they are just myths but they are not. You must have noticed that something is wrong with the sword, do you even remember how you got here or what you did?”

She walked slowly closer to where she suspected him, between the trees in the dark away from the street.

“Let me help you, I know how to deal with this kind of stuff and as soon you are alright again you never have to see me again. I just walk away with my friends. Or… if you want I’ll explain what’s going on and then you can call me crazy and walk away.”

Lenna bit her lip she had no idea why she cared so much for Callum, yes he had the sword and was a victim but she never really care that much.

“Everything will be alright, no one will shoot you unless there is really no other choice, I know you are not dangerous.”


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